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My take on Autism Awareness Day

by David Foster


I coached Special Olympics for over 20 years, and I have been a vaccine safety advocate for about 20 years, so I may have a different take on Autism Awareness Day than most.

Through Special Olympics I was exposed to many children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, although those involved with an organized activity like SO would necessarily be relatively high functioning. My point is that there are many many autistic individuals, who are very low functioning, that you will never see, some cannot take care of themselves in any way, some wander constantly and many cases of wandering end up in their death. Autism impacts families in profound and sometimes very damaging and dangerous ways.

So please, media and pundits, stop referring to autism as a "gift".

I fully support the intent of Autism Awareness Day to foster both awareness of and tolerance for those with autism. We need to work on both social programs as well as treatment regimens to deal with the exponentially growing number of autistic people in our midst.

But what we ALSO need to do is stop creating new autistic children.

We need to all recognize what has been in front of our faces for years, for indeed the Emperor really does have no clothes. New numbers were just announced by the CDC and it is now 1-in-68 overall, 1-in-42 boys (and this is 4-year-old data). Keep in mind this was 1-in-10,000 just 20 years ago. What changed?

Most of the recent research is pointing in the same direction, that autism is the result of a combination of genetic vulnerabilities coupled with environmental insults that target the immune system and then, through various pathways, the brain. So when officials assure you that we know vaccines definitely do not cause autism because research is showing there are genes involved, they have just proven themselves too stupid to comment on the subject. There most likely are genes involved, but here is a very simple concept: THERE WILL NEVER BE A GENETIC EPIDEMIC, it is by definition not possible.

Below is a 2003 article from the late Dr. Bernard Rimland, he literally wrote the book on autism, the one which dispelled the original "Refrigerator Mom" hypothesis. His son has autism, I coached him in various sports and he was delightful. His disability inspired his father to devote his life to studying autism and its possible causes.

Please please please look into this issue before making decisions regarding your children's vaccinations. In a perfect world, a parent should only need to listen to their pediatrician and follow all of their advice. That's what most of us do. I am simply trying to convince you that the world is not perfect.

Check out what Dr. Bernadine Healy said...she was not some kook, she was the former head of the National Institute of Health:

Who did the first study that found a strong link between mercury in vaccines and autism? The CDC, that's who. (Oh but then they covered it up.)

Has there been any other credible research supporting a vaccine/autism connection? Why yes, here are 40+ pages of study summaries:

But they took mercury out of vaccines right? Sort of. They took them out of most, but then recommended flu shots for just about everyone, even infants, and these are annual shots. More than half of them still contain mercury.

Is mercury the only concern? Hell no. More and more vaccines are being put on the recommended (mandated) list, and most of these contain aluminum to boost the immune response. Sounds like a great idea. It isn't.

What can we do to help stop creating more autistic children?

* Stop giving a vaccine to protect against a sexually transmitted disease (Hepatitis B) at BIRTH.

* Dont let your kids get any flu shots with mercury. Better yet, avoid annual flu shots completely so you can avoid the aluminum as well.

* If you want vaccines for measles, mumps and/or rubella, split up the MMR shot and get them at separate times. Ditto for varicella (chickenpox), which is now added as a 4th vaccine in the MMR-V shot.

* Split up and delay the shots in the recommended schedule, otherwise your child will be getting vaccines for up to 9 diseases in the same day.

* Do not vaccinate your child while at all sick. The CDC says otherwise. F*** them.

Or you might want to consider avoiding most or all vaccinations, it is definitely a risk-benefit equation. This option is not for all, but consider the lessons of the Amish, who don't use vaccines and whose children are healthier than general US children on any scale you wish to consider (including nearly zero autism).

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