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Contents of "Just a Little Prick" by Peter and Hilary Butler

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Contents of "Just a Little Prick" by Peter and Hilary Butler


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Welcome to Just a Little Prick

1                    Peter

2                    Hilary

3                    Will Justice be done

4                    What Does Any Parent Want?

5                    The Wake-up Call

6                    The Key

7                    Obstacles and Impossibilities

8                    The Quest for Information

9                    Invalidating the Warranty

10                What Causes Sickness?

11                The Big Disadvantages!

12                Whooping Cough – A “Disease Time-bomb”?

13                House Bus #1

14                Vaccinated Kids Don’t Get Whooping Cough?

15                How Parents can Whop the Whoop

16                Pearls of Wisdom

17                A Vaccine-Free Interlude

18                1986 – A Whole New World

19                The Truth Isn’t Always the Truth

20                Meningitis – then…

21                And Meningitis Now

22                Does the Talk Match the Walk?

23                Tuberculosis – a Foundation of Shifting Sands

24                1987: the Issue Gains Traction

25                Reaction, Side-Effect or Direct Action?

26                1987 – “Us” and “Them”

27                Choosing the Right Frame

28                Hepatitis B Publicity, a Runaway Train

29                Keeping Focused

30                1988 – Sinbinned

31                Other Sinbinned Voices in the Wilderness

32                There’s a Price to Pay

33                Fighting Hogwash – Dr J. Anthony Morris

34                Of Vaccine Contaminants – Monkey Business

35                Talking of Vaccines and Treatments of No Worth

36                One Thing Leads to Another

37                On Flu Epidemics

38                Flinging off the Bed Covers

39                So, Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

40                Owls and Roosters

41                The Fever-Pitch Bandwagon

42                1989 – The Battles Begin

43                1989 – More of the Same

44                1989 – Silenced

45                Getting it Right

46                When is a Reaction a Reaction?

47                Why do Vaccine Reactions Happen?

48                Ready Made for the Family

49                Hepatitis B – Alaska

50                Hepatitis B Reactions – a Saga of Lies?

51                An Encouragement for Those Who Get Lost

52                “No one is Listening”: A Mother’s Story

53                Benefits from Chickenpox

54               Dr Archie Kalokerinos

55                House Bus # 2

56                Measles 1985 – 1988

57                Today

58                Which Groups are Most at Risk of Measles?

59                Just Another Call

60                On the Matter of the 1991 Deaths

61                Collateral Damage

62                The Secret

63                Pita James Highland

64                The Day the Nurse Jabbed Herself

65                Diphtheria? Check-Mated

66                Auckland – Near or Far

67                The Making of a pariah

68                Behind the Scenes

69                In Front of the Scenes, Facing the Media

70                The Tip of an Iceberg

71                A Mother’s Diary

72                How do you Define “Responsible”?

73                Sebastian’s Story

74                There are Some Things in Life that You Never Forget

75                The Point That Isn’t Mentioned

76                Vaccines: How Safe? How Toxic?

77                A Challenge

78                Informed Choice – the Key Concept

79                Chuckles or Chortles

80                Reducing the Problem to Size

81                A Different Perspective

82                Nice Pat Answers

83                As Far as I can Go

Postscript, or the Last Straw


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