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Starting in July 2018, Vaccination News will no longer be manually updating the news because I can no longer afford to do it and I get almost no financial help.  I have tried numerous solutions, including charging $10/yr but even that was too much for but a few people.

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I welcome the opportunity to continue as before by receiving the necessary funding, so am giving everyone enough of heads up to possibly come up with it.  Costs, including legal and technical fees, are about $20,000/year, most of which I have been covering for many years.

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Daily News 2012-04-16

Grade 6 science project47,500 paralysis cases after polio vaccine – Deccan Chronicle by The Refusers

French official study group on vaccination proposes removing aluminum from vaccines and investigating Gardasil safety and efficacy
by The Refusers

New Lupus Study Questions Aluminum in Vaccines – Dr. Mercola by The Refusers

Post vaccination levels of thimerosal harms brains – Journal of Neurochemical Research by The Refusers

Vaccines, Neurodevelopment, and Autism Spectrum Disorders – Russell L. Blaylock, MD, neurosurgeon by The Refusers

HPV Vaccine VAERS Reports March 2012

10,000 Crazy Vaccines! by Sandy Lunoe - Vactruth

Autism Awareness - Not For Sissies by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

America's Men: Are Marriage and Children Literally Driving Them Crazy? by Julie Obradovic - Age of Autism

CBER on Twitter

Best of AofA: CDC Infectious Disease Policy and The End of an Era by K Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM - Age of Autism

The Titanic Wave of Autism: “You will lie there and drown!” by Jake Crosby

Understanding the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (pdf)

Understanding Thimerosal, Mercury, and Vaccine Safety (pdf)

SGS-Clinical-Influenza Clinical Trials…

PharmAthene Presents Update on SparVax(TM) rPA Anthrax Vaccine Program at the 2012 World Vaccine Congress

Improve patient compliance by designing trials around real life, says expert - (audio) Designing trials around patients' habits is the key to success in patient compliance, according to online recruitment specialist Rebar Interactive.

Notice: Availability of an Environmental Assessment for Field Testing Feline Interleukin-2 Immunomodulator, Live Canarypox Vector

“But Officer, The Car Drives Itself…Make the Ticket Out to Ford…”

Vaccinations Begin in a Cholera-Ravaged Haiti

Elk Grove clinics to bring students' vaccinations up to date

Pass the New California Vaccine Bill

Autism – Why Autism Research Goes Nowhere – The Researchers Who Takes Us Down All The Blind Alleys by ChildHealthSafety

Mark & David versus Goliath... Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen  - Bolen Report

Merck Takes Another Shot At Promoting Shingles Vaccine

Advaxis Awarded Best Therapeutic Vaccine - Presented at the 5th Annual Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards

Brand damage by De Lorenzo and Poggiolini will have to pay 5 million apiece to the State - Final judgment of the Supreme Court at the end of trials for corruption and bribery after the scandals of the early eighties. Also confirmed that compensation will be paid officials and employees of the ministry is in total almost 13 million and a half

Why Does Donald Trump Think Vaccines Cause Autism?

First Steps Toward the Last Mile in Nigeria

Swine flu has mutated, vaccine is not sufficient: Guj health minister

Immunovaccine Inc. Named "Best Early-Stage Vaccine Biotech" at the 5th Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Awards - Award Presented During the World Vaccine Congress Washington 2012

Hepatitis A vaccinations offered after berry recall - Western Family Pomeberry Blend frozen product may contain virus

Elk Grove clinics to bring students' vaccinations up to date

FDA asks farmers to reduce animal vaccinations

County spared pertussis epidemic, but officials urge vaccinations

Collaboration with drug industry won’t affect clinical decisions, says new guide journal article (BMJ)

Only tots face risk of seizure with MMRV vaccine: study

In Mice, Drug Reverses Symptoms of Condition Linked to Autism - It works by acting on a neurotransmitter tied to Fragile X syndrome, researchers report

National Immunization Week

Each day nearly 12000 babies are born in the United States who will need to be immunized against 14 vaccine preventable diseases before the age of two. Infants are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases, such as polio, measles, mumps, ...
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Parker Live

San Antonio hires infectious-disease expert as chief epidemiologist

He previously worked as the lead epidemiologist at the Indiana State Department of Health, as the director of infectious disease and immunizations and the acting state epidemiologist for the state of Georgia and as the co-president for the United ...
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Bolivia holds rubella and measles campaign

The Health Expanded Program on Immunization in Bolivia immunized approximately 200000 children against measles and rubella on Sunday in an effort to declare the country free of the two diseases. The “Vacunation 2012″ campaign will occur in 44 ...
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Vaccine News Daily (blog)

Odisha: Vedanta supports Govt. for Pulse Polio Immunisation Drive at Lanjigarh

Report by bureau; Lanjigarh: A total of 1525 children of Lanjigarh periphery below the age group of five were covered in the Intensive Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme conducted by the Govt. Health Department, Kalahandi and supported ...
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MOH to launch two new vaccines in Ghana

The Ministry of Health (MOH) and its partners, would launch two new vaccines Pneumococcal and Rotavirus as part of activities to mark the African Vaccination Week celebration on Thursday, April 26. A statement signed by Dr Frank Nyonator, ...
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Whooping cough cases soar across WA

"The number of new cases is now declining, but there is still significant pertussis transmission in the community," the spokesman said. The highest rates of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, are occurring in primary school aged children.
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Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Andrew Wakefield Exclusive interview on American Investigator ...

Dr Andrew Wakefield will be interviewed Tuesday April 17 as a guest on ... autism researcher Dr Andrew Wakefield says recently announced numbers on the ...

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act[1](NVICA) was established as a means of diverting lawsuits away from vaccine manufacturers and health care ...

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Students Recognized for Innovative Human Rights ...

Assessing Barriers, Risks, and Opportunities of the HPV Vaccine with Boriken School Health Centers: The HPV vaccine remains underutilized and eligible adolescent patients often miss the opportunity not only to be vaccinated at the ideal time but also ...
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Can HPV vaccine benefit more people?

By Nadia Kounang (CNN) — A new study released in this week's British Medical Journal finds that the human papillomavirus, or HPV, vaccine, Gardasil, given to young women to help prevent cervical cancer may have some additional benefits for women who ...
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Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City

Toddlers waddle their way to £2600 for Meningitis Trust

More than 70 children and parents took part in the sponsored “Toddle Waddle” which was organised by mum-of-two Heidi Hayes, 33, of Lyndon Way, Stamford, in aid of the Meningitis Trust. More than £2600 was raised from the event which also featured ...
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Rutland and Stamford Mercury

Powerful strain of measles reaches Bogota from Europe

Bogota health authorities Sunday discovered a highly contagious form of measles rarely found in Colombia, most likely brought over from Europe, reported Radio Caracol. The capital's public health watchdog made the discovery and immediately issued a ...
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Over 97 pc children covered in polio campaign

The district administration has managed to administer oral polio vaccine to 97.5 per cent of the 3.18 lakh children on Sunday, the day the 17 nationwide pulse polio campaign was held. A release from the district administration said that it had ...
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The Hindu

Shingles Vaccine 2012: Ample Supply, Plus TV Commercials

Last year, older Americans were told that the shingles vaccine was effective at cutting their risk of getting the painful red rash caused by the chicken pox virus. The only problem: A paltry supply meant few people could get the shot.
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AARP News (blog)

Blood type may increase risk of 'stomach bug' infection

Rotavirus causes gastroenteritis, or inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and is the leading cause of severe diarrhea in infants and young children worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Until a vaccine against ...
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Time to get tough on vaccine refusal

The recommended vaccination schedule issued annually by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is no longer sufficient. Although parental autonomy should be respected in many situations, vaccine-preventable illnesses are a public health issue, ...
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This Day in History

On this day in 1782, Newburyport constables were notified by selectmen to remove all persons infected with smallpox "to the pest house in common pasture" and to prohibit vessels from coming up to the wharves of the town without permission of the health ...
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Additional immunization against polio to be conducted in Dagestan

The republican Public Health Ministry intends to conduct two phases of supplementary immunization against polio. The additional live polio vaccine immunization for the children, regardless of prior vaccination against polio is one of the most effective ...
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Meningitis support plea

I will be fundraising for the Meningitis Trust - a charity very close to my heart - and would like to invite your readers to join me. My late brother Vito contracted bacterial meningitis when he was just two and a half years old.
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Broward Whooping Cough Cases Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

By Chris Sweeney Mon., Apr. 16 2012 at 5:00 AM The Broward County Health Department on Friday afternoon announced that it has confirmed four cases of pertussis, three among school-aged children and one case in an adult. More commonly known as whooping ...
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Broward-Palm Beach New Times (blog)

Drive against polio to continue at urban health centres

The second round of the national pulse polio immunisation programme was held in the district on Sunday. The programme was launched at urban health centre in Giripuram here. Vijayawada (West) MLA Velampalli Srinivas, Vijayawada (Central) MLA Malladi ...
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The Hindu

Kiran takes part in Pulse polio drive

Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy administered polio drops to children at the polio booth in Siripuram junction in the city on Sunday. The second round of Pulse polio immunisation campaign was launched at 3000 polio booths in the district.
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The Hindu

Transcript of World Autism Day Press Conference | Elizabeth Birt ...

First, we will hear from Mark Blaxill, Editor-At-Large of the Age of Autism newspaper, chair of the Canary Party and board member of the Coalition for SafeMinds.

Measles outbreak in Ukraine – vaccination advice

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that unvaccinated people traveling to the European Football Championships in Ukraine and Poland who have not previously had measles should take the vaccine in good time before they travel.
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Measles outbreak warning

Parents in Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire are being warned about the possibility of a measles outbreak in the area. A warning has been given this week that the ongoing measles outbreak at a school in north Wales could easily be repeated ...
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Childhood HPV Vaccinations : : Target Jr.

As parents in the UK today, even if you are heading to a divorce lawyers UK, our primary concern in life is the health and welfare of our children. From the time they are born we worry about their well being. The UK is one of the countries where ...
Target Jr.

Physical Intervention Eases Vaccination Pain in Infants

The vaccines were for rotavirus (oral Rotarix, GlaxoSmithKline) and hepatitis B (Pentacel, Sanofi Pasteur; Prevnar, Wyeth, marketed by Pfizer), injected intramuscularly into the thigh. Pain scores ranged from 0 to 9. Mean pain scores were 4.46 for the ...
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Silent killer plagues Chinese immigrants

BC has tested pregnant women since the mid-'80s, vaccinated Grade 6 students since 1992 and began an infant immunization pro-gram in 2001. All have pushed the number of hep B carriers down to about one per cent of the population.
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America's Men: Are Marriage and Children Literally Driving Them Crazy?

By Julie Obradovic As of this week, I now know five people my age who have been married to or are married to a man with a mental illness. Five.

83% coverage in Pulse Polio immunisation programme

The district has achieved 83.16 per cent coverage in the Pulse Polio immunisation programme held on Sunday. This was the second phase of the programme. The district has a target of immunising 2,41068 children below five years, and of them, 2,07727 were ...
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The Hindu

Center designed for fitness enthusiasts with disabilities

by Luci Scott - Apr. 15, 2012 10:53 PM At age 14, Nick Springer was hiking the Appalachian Trail when he came down with a bout of meningitis that left him a quadruple amputee. But that hasn't deterred him from participating in sports.
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Berkeley College student contracts bacterial meningitis

myFOXny Berkeley College officials say a potential case of bacterial meningitis has affected one their students, myFOXny reported. Officials said it is working with the Westchester County Department of Health to identify and evaluate students who may ...
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Meningitis: Nicola and Tony Busby back campaign after losing baby son Kadyn

The parents of a 10-month-old boy killed by meningitis on Christmas Day are backing a campaign to highlight awareness of the disease. Kadyn Busby died hours after being rushed to hospital from Neyland, Pembrokeshire. His mother and father, ...
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BBC News

2.98 lakh children given polio drops

The second round of pulse polio immunisation drive was conducted across Madurai district on Sunday with a target of covering nearly 2.98 lakh children in the district from 0-5 years of age through 1600 immunisation booths in rural and urban areas.
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The Hindu

Polio drops administered to over two lakh children

The second round of the pulse polio campaign was conducted across the district on Sunday with a targeted population of 2.54 lakh children below the age of five. The drive sought to cover about 1.65 lakh children in the rural areas and 88887 children in ...
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The Hindu

Boys and the HPV vaccine - Lonely Planet travel forum

The Little One received his first of three shots yesterday. Funny, didn't have him start for his health but so he wouldn't pass HPV to his partners. That was kind of ...

Parents group keeps fighting law on school

Another objection, voiced by some, is what Lee terms “the high rate of vaccine reactions and lack of risk to hepatitis B to infants and children.” Lee says a number of parents have removed their children from public schools in favor of home schooling ...
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April is STD Awareness Month

The HPV vaccine is a strong weapon in cancer prevention as it can prevent infection with the HPV types that cause cervical cancer and other less common cancers including cancers of the anus, penis, vulva, vagina, and back of throat, as well as genital ...
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Access to critical vaccines now easier

But pneumonia can be prevented through vaccination for a low cost of about $60, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vaccine Price List. Pharmacies are located in most communities, urban and rural, ...
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Rural masses main focus of polio drive

KANPUR: As many as 2,28519 children were administered polio drops at more then 2141 booths in the city on Sunday. According to the health authorities, the focus of this special monthly polio drives is specially on the children of migrant labourers, ...
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Polio campaign conducted

VARANASI: An intensive pulse polio campaign was carried in different parts of the district on Sunday. The campaign 'Saghan Pulse Polio Abhiyan' targeted administration of polio drops to a total of 6,15088 children upto five years of age in the district ...
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Time to get tough? States increasingly offer ways to opt out of ...

Only 62% of 2-year-olds in Boulder County received the pertussis vaccine in .... 15 organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the AMA ...

5K on Northwestern campus raises money, awareness for polio

By Ariel Yong Winner Reuben Keller of Evanston crossing the finish line in The Race to End Polio, sponsored by the Evanston LIghthouse Rotary Club on Sunday. Many people have forgotten about the deadly disease of polio, said John Osterlund, ...
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Pulse Polio covers over 5,83000 children in city

The second phase of the Pulse Polio drive concluded here on Sunday with health officials covering 5,83384 children below five years in the State Capital. District health officials said that a door-to-door mop-up drive to give polio drops to children ...
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South Australians urged to get flu shots

The minister lined up with doctors and nurses at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Monday to get his flu shot and has urged health workers and others at risk of the virus to do the same. "Every day, doctors and nurses are in close contact with patients ...
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Dr. Andrew Wakefield reveals real story behind vaccines, autism ...

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and surrounding areas are able to receive a medical marijuana renewal card. The law ...

New health-care mandate: Send parents to doctor

There's a potential new health-care mandate developing in the state of California, where lawmakers want to crack down on parents to have concerns over the state-required vaccine injections for their children. Unrelated to Obamacare, but instead coming ...
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American Academy Of Pediatrics | Doubtful Newsblog

Posts Tagged by American Academy of Pediatrics ... American Academy of Pediatrics California to help develop and distribute a vaccine safety communication ...

Roche, France Cooperating on AIDS Vaccine, Sonntag Says

Roche Holding AG (ROG), the world's largest maker of cancer drugs, started research on vaccines for AIDS, tuberculosis and Hepatitis C in early April, Der Sonntag reported, citing spokeswoman Claudia Schmitt. The research was begun in cooperation with ...
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Pulse Polio immunization programme held

Srinagar, Apr 15: Children below 5 years of age were administered Pulse Polio drops across the Valley on Sunday. Under the second phase of Pulse Polio immunization programme, the Minister for Health, Horticulture and Floriculture, Sham Lal today ...
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Polio: Abia govt assures on achieving set goals

He said the state government was determined to ensure that children were not affected and infected with the wild polio virus and other infant killer diseases. Represented by his Deputy, Chief Emeka Ananaba, Orji explained that the challenges of the ...
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An Autism Breakthrough?

Thiomersal, a mercury-based preservative used in routine infant vaccinations, was the most frequently invoked perpetrator. This too had contextual logic: ...

Gulf Greyhound back in business after canine influenza

A vaccine for dog flu is available, but track officials say it doesn't cover everything. "The animals that come here have to be vaccinated, but a lot of times it can be a different strain, so the vaccine they had many not have helped.
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2nd round PPI camp, 2012 begins

Imphal, April 15 2012: The 2nd round of Pulse Polio Immunisation camp, 2012 for the state of Manipur, organized by Directorate of Family Welfare, Government of Manipur under the Intensified Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme (IPPIP) began from today.
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Vaccination still best protection against whooping cough: IMAC

A story in the Timaru Herald this morning reports pertussis is striking vaccinated children in Canterbury and quotes a childcare manager saying "doctors are talking about a slightly different strain". Once vaccines are introduced, natural selection ...
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Age of Autism (@AgeofAutism) on Twitter

Sign up for Twitter to follow Age of Autism (@AgeofAutism). Tweets from the Editors at Age of Autism.!/ageofautism

Possible bacterial meningitis case at NY college

WHITE PLAINS, NY (AP) -- Health officials are investigating a possible case of bacterial meningitis at a suburban New York college after a student was hospitalized with possible symptoms of the severe disease. Westchester County Health Department ...
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Health Dept to have toll-free number this month

The declaration was made by state's Health and Family Welfare Minister Ahmad Hasan, who launched the pulse polio campaign by administering polio drops to a child at Jhalkari Bai Woman and Child care hospital today. Hasan also instructed the medical ...
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Indian Express

Good response to pulse polio drive

YAVATMAL: The ongoing pulse polio immunization programme has sreceived overwhelming response mainly due to active participation by parents in urban and rural areas. Pulse polio immunization programme is being organized in the district for the last 12 ...
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Second phase of polio vaccination held across Madurai, Trichy

MADURAI/TRICHY: The Madurai administration has fixed a target of 2.98 lakh children to be administered polio vaccines during the second phase of intensive police vaccination camp held on Sunday. During the first phase of the camp in February 2012, ...
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I just injected thimerosal into my veinsask me a question

man it feels good. glad i'm safe now.. i'm starting to stutter and get dizzy though, but i feel high.

New research on bird flu raises concern

By Ram Kumar Ramaswamy Anxiety was expressed by the global viral research fraternity about the recently developing “ferret”method of study to find a vaccine for avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu. The World Health Organisation called for a ...
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MMRV vaccine not tied to seizures in older kids

The combined vaccine against measles, mumps and chickenpox comes with a small risk of fever-related seizures in toddlers. That's not true in older children, according to a US study. Researchers, whose report was published in Pediatrics, ...
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Over 1 lakh kids given polio drops in city

COIMBATORE: Polio vaccines were administered to as many as 3,18697 infants in Coimbatore district on Sunday. Specially deputed health workers administered the drops to children below the age of five at primary health centres, railway stations, ...
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Briefly Region: 26.4 lakh kids get polio drops

HARYANA: As many as 26.4 lakh children, upto the age of five years, were administered polio drops during the second National Immunisation round of Pulse Polio 2011-12, on Sunday. A spokesman of Haryana Health Department said that the campaign will ...
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Indian Express

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