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Daily News 2012-04-30

vacciination news sandyPertussis vaccines not found to increase bactericidal activity – American Society for Microbiology by The Refusers

Why Are These Fraudulent Papers Unretracted? – Counterpunch
by The Refusers

Build Trust to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy By Claiming Adverse Reactions Are Coincidences – Family Practice News Counterpunch by The Refusers

Ongoing surveillance needed to monitor trends in HPV rates after vaccination

Four important reasons to vaccinate your child

Cutting Vaccinations Could Prove a Costly Mistake

Vaccine institute seeks to resume operations in N.K.

Cleveland Clinic researcher's breast cancer vaccine gets attention, financial boosts

Forms blamed for students' poor vaccination rate - A task force determined that far more students had been properly vaccinated than previously thought, the result of confusion by healthcare providers.

NIMH's Insel Needs a Lesson on PANDAS, PANS, Paresis and Autism - Age of Autism

Jon Edwards Video Trailer: A Story of Hope and Autism - by John Stone - Age of Autism

Autism “Awareness” and NOT born with It. Now What? by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

Vaccines are closing a gap that shames the world - A milestone has been reached in the war against deadly diseases in Africa.

GSK welcomes GAVI's decision to introduce Rotarix in vaccination programme in Ghana

Project Is Helping Physicians Fight Immunization Pushback - California AFP Joins Vaccine Safety Communication Project, Helps Combat 'Pseudoscience'

Another View: Immunization bill hurts parental choice

Physician Insights: Vaccination Increase (video) - We caught up with leading experts and attendees during the 2011 Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium in New York to discuss the increase in the vaccination of children and how it is affecting daily practice.

Major New Issues with Vaccines Are Surfacing

Galena's Breast Cancer Vaccine Doomed to Fail

Monkeys Get Autism-like Reactions to MMR & Other Vaccines In University of Pittsburgh Vaccine Study

Ethical Concerns On The Study, Effects Of Community-Wide Vaccination With Pcv-7 On Pneumococcal Nasopharyngeal Carriage In The Gambia: A Cluster Randomized Trial by Dr Amitav Banerjee, MD Professor, Department of Community Medicine D Y Patil Medical College, Pune – 411018, India - The One Click Group

University of Oklahoma MD gets ethics reprimand

Non-polio paralysis cases going up by Shalini, CNN-IBN - The One Click Group

Vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over a hundred years

Anti-Vax Rewrite - Vaccines Based on 100 Years of Medical Fraud

India Serves Up Costly Cocktail of Vaccines by Ranjit Devraj - The One Click Group

More than 1,200 county students to soon be banned from school

Human 'herd' threatened by declining inoculation rates

Allied Healthcare Group increases stake in Coridon to 44%

Effects of Maternal Screening and Universal Immunization to Prevent Mother-to-Infant Transmission of HBV - (full text) journal article  (Gastroenterology) via Medscape

Title: Yeast-based vaccines as immunotherapy (patent)

Title: Rhinovirus vaccines (patent)

Nigeria: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Science writing in an age of denial

A Call for Autism Hearings Autism is a National Emergency!

Unavoidably Unsafe

UF Professor Wins National Award for Flu Vaccination Efforts
PhRMA speaks out against FDA biosimilar flexibility - PhRMA has spoken out against FDA plans to allow biosimilar manufacturers flexibility in delivery device and formulation choice.

Interactive map of fiscal 2011 FDA cGMP warning letters - In-PharmaTechnologist presents an interactive map showing the global distribution of US FDA cGMP warning letters in fiscal 2011

Federal Court Puts Barrett/Quackwatch/Skeptics "On Notice..." Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen - Bolen Report

Child/Adolescent Health - Increased child hospitalizations are associated with the mother's mental state and confidence in parenting

Baby's parents demand rickets death hospital inquiry - A young couple acquitted of murdering their four-month-old son have called for an inquiry into two London hospitals responsible for his care.

A new autism theory Early exposure to toxins may help explain the increasing percentage of kids diagnosed with autism

Dementia cases set to triple by 2050 but still largely ignored

Nuneaton man convicted of killing his partner's 22 month old baby speaks of his battle to clear his name

American Medicine--No Trace of Compassionate Care by Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) Advancing Honest and Ethical Medical Research - The One Click Group

Can patients trust new drugs ?

Longislandexchange National Meningitis Association Interview Sara Herbert ...

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Sara Herbert Galloway and Supermodel Carol Alt at the National Meningitis Association Gala.
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Longislandexchange National Meningitis Assoc. Interview James Naughton and Dr ...

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Actor James Naughton and Dr. Ruth Westheimer at the National Meningitis Association Gala at the New York Athletic Sports Club on Central Park South.
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Conscientious Caregivers And Supporters Attend National Meningitis Association ...

(Long Island, NY) Conscientious caregivers, physicians, media and celebrities gathered to give their support for the National Meningitis Association (NMA) annual Give Kids a Shot Gala at landmark New York Athletic Club located in the affluent ...
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Family history increases liver cancer risk

The study also showed 70-fold elevated risk of HCC in those with liver cancer in the family and markers for hepatitis B (HBV) or hepatitis C (HCV). Liver cancer ranks sixth in incidence and the third cause of mortality worldwide.
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Health Watch: Talk to your doctor about the shingles vaccine

Shingles, also known as zoster, is a painful rash that occurs in individuals who have had chicken pox in their lifetime. The name is derived from the Latin word "cingulus," or belt, due to the characteristic distribution of the rash.
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Measles confirmed in Rayagada

BHUBANESWAR: The Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) in Bhubaneswar on Monday confirmed measles in the blood samples that it received for testing from Rayagada's Kasipur block. The block has witnessed 10 children deaths in the past 20 days, ...
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Area is seeing increased cases of whooping cough

Since mid-April there have been dozens of cases of pertussis (also known as whooping cough) reported in Western Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota and Eastern Iowa. If you or your child develops any symptoms, see your healthcare provider for further ...
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Rubbish Reduces 40 Percent of Efficiency of Polio Vaccination

Luanda — Great amount of rubbish near by the sanitary units reduced 40 per cent of the effectiveness of vaccination against poliomyelitis in the country, says the Health Minister, José Van-Dunem. The official said so during the "Espaço Público ...
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Gujarat govt to launch campaign against post-polio syndrome

Vadodara: Following the eradication of polio from Gujarat in 2007, the state health ministry is going to launch an awareness campaign on Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) Tuesday, on the 53rd Foundation Day of the state. PPS is a condition which affects polio ...
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Zee News

Gardasil second injection | Pharmacy | Student Doctor Network

I recently got the first injection of Gardasil and the nurse told me to come back in 62 instead of 60 days Is there a physiological reason for that ...

dr andrew wakefield barbara loe fisher supporters we will not be ...

Fast and free download of dr. andrew wakefield, barbara loe fisher, supporters - we will not be silent! part 1 of 2.mp4 from on ...,%20ba...

Latest Autism Research Gets Closer to Root Cause, Treatments

It says it is not related to mercury exposure from fish, coal-fired power plants, thimerosal, or dental amalgam, but the consumption of high fructose corn ...

University of Kent student from Norwich closes in on her £2500 fundraising ...

The world's tallest free-standing mountain is set to be tackled by a Norwich fundraiser later this year, as she attempts to raise £2500 for the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF). To send a link to this page to a friend, simply enter their email ...
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Norwich Evening News

Is HPV vaccine safe?

By Shelley Page, Postmedia News April 30, 2012 6:46 AM The three-course vaccine prevents four strains of the human papilloma virus, including HPV 16 and 18, thought to cause 70 per cent of cervical-cancer cases, as well as some cancers of the anus, ...
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Dynavax: Let The Show Begin!

On April 26, 2012, Dynavax Technologies Corporation (DVAX) announced it submitted a US Biologics License Application, or BLA, to the FDA for Heplisav, its treatment for hepatitis B. The company is pursuing an indication for immunization against ...
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A helping hand

So was smallpox vaccine – when scientist Edward Jenner learned that people who had cowpox never contracted smallpox, he started experimenting – his discovery fuelled the eradication of smallpox. The discovery of the x-ray was similarly made on the road ...
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State begins campaign to get parents to vaccinate newborns

That's 10 times the number of pertussis cases from 2010. Participating health care institutions are offering free doses of the T-Dep vaccine – which covers tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis – to caregivers and relatives of newborns.
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New rules set for school immunizations

"The Centers for Disease Control has always recommended the Tdap vaccine, but it has never been required by schools until now," she said. "There are a huge number of people that will need immunization - more than 22000 in Madison County alone.
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AP story about measles vaccinations shows media do report good news

By Lane Williams, For the Deseret News The AP is reporting that millions of lives have been saved as part of a vaccination program for measles, a program the LDS Church continues to play an important role in. One of the most common complaints about the ...
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Guj govt to launch campaign against post-polio syndrome

PTI | 06:04 PM,Apr 30,2012 Vadodara, Apr 30 (PTI) Following the eradication of polio from Gujarat in 2007, the state health ministry is going to launch an awareness campaign on Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) tomorrow, on the 53rd Foundation Day of the state ...
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NHS Surrey experts issue vaccinations reminder

The organisation said that, according to the latest figures, one in ten children living in the county have not been immunised against childhood illnesses such as diphtheria, tetanus and polio by their second birthday. This, it said, means those ...
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Vaccinate your kids? It might not be best for all children

At this time there are 13 kindergartners that are in non-compliance, but most of them are on a catch-up schedule … they do have 28 kindergartners that have a form on file exempting them from all or certain vaccinations. All vaccines have side-effects ...
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Immunization clinics scheduled

APPLETON — New dates have been set for upcoming immunization clinics in Greenville, Seymour, Grand Chute and Kimberly, according to the Outagamie County division of public health. Since January, immunizations are given by appointment only by calling ...
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Does skipping vaccinations matter?

By Jeff Hansel Julie Gilkinson, lead immunization nurse, and Linda Haeussinger, Olmsted County Public Health nurse manager for the Immunization Clinic, offer vaccine advice. The Associated Press reported in late 2011 that an increasing number of ...
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Colin Craig: Free the fishermen

No, we're not talking about a vital product like isotopes for treating cancer or a new flu vaccine to treat a flu outbreak, we're talking about fish. Caught by fishermen. On the prairies. For decades, commercial fishermen in northwestern Ontario, ...
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National Post

Hemispherx Biopharma Announces Test of Ampligen(R) With FluMist

"This study advances the pioneering work of Dr. Hideki Hasegawa, Director, Department of Pathology, National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan, regarding a pandemic H5N1 flu vaccine delivered intra-nasally to rodents and primates along with ...
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Monday's medical myth: the flu vaccine will give you influenza

We hear it all the time: “I don't want a flu vaccine. It gives you the flu.“ The old, the young, and even health professionals make this claim. And it's usually followed by a personal example like, “the year I had a flu vaccine, I got the worst case of ...
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Five years later HPV vaccination rates stilldisappointingly low

Why wouldn't a parent rush to protect her child from getting cancer? That question has public.

Dedicated Sally dives into new charity challenge

Dedicated charity volunteer Sally Roberts, 42, who lives in Cunningham Gardens, Fishponds, has been swimming lengths of the pool at Horfield Leisure Centre to raise money for Meningitis UK. She said: "I wanted to support Meningitis UK's ground-breaking ...
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How 'cruel' meningitis left Sex Pistol John Lydon unable to recognise his parents

By Emma Reynolds Former Sex Pistol John Lydon has spoken candidly about how a severe bout of childhood meningitis left him unable to recognise his own parents. The punk rock legend admitted that the four-year ordeal, which began when he was just seven ...
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Daily Mail

Mothers who refuse vaccines slammed

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI)-funded project means the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines will be given to every child born in Ghana from now on. It comes as UK medics face sustained opposition to child vaccination, ...
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The Age of Autism Book

We're happy to announce a really terrific addition to the list of contributing editors on Age of Autism. Joining us is Natalie Palumbo, 17, from Lexington ...

Doctors slam mothers who refuse vaccines

Teams of medics have begun delivering the vaccines to infants in health centres across the West African nation in an immunisation programme driven by governments and philanthropists including Bill Gates. The Global Alliance for Vaccines and ...
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NIMH's Insel Needs a Lesson on PANDAS, PANS, Paresis and Autism

Many also have had occupations dealing with metals, mercury being a strong factor, and we can't ignore vaccines as a huge contributor to immune manipulation ...

Be sure your child's shots are up-to-date

Adults who have or expect to have close contact with an infant aged less than 12 months (parents, grandparents) should receive a single dose of Tdap (Tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis) vaccine.
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HLL Lifecare floats subsidiary for vaccine complex

With an annual capacity of 585 million doses, it will manufacture pentavalent combination (DPT plus Hep B plus HIB), BCG, measles, Hepatitis B, human rabies, HIB and Japanese encephalitis vaccines. "We have started onsite preliminary works at the 100 ...
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Five US federal agencies provide significant contributions each year to global ...

The report looks at two global health technologies developed with US Government support-a new meningitis vaccine and a new test to diagnose tuberculosis (TB)-and finds that US investments have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.
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5 prevention programs GOP hopes to target

The fight in Congress over the Prevention and Public Health Fund may rage on for a while longer. Republicans voted last week to eliminate what they termed as a “slush fund” as a way to prevent a large increase in student loan rates.
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India backs costly drug mix

Public health activists in Kerala, a state with 100% literacy and human development indices similar to those of advanced Western countries, quickly filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Kerala High Court asking for intervention in having the ...
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Rotary Ann is on the 'moo-ve' for a good cause

“Rotary Ann” is a fundraiser for Batavia Rotary to benefit the international Polio Plus Campaign. Don't be surprised one morning to look out and find a stray cow in the front yard. It doesn't mean a farmer's animal has gotten loose — it just means you ...
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Measles kills four kids, affects over 80 in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: An outbreak of measles has killed four children and affected over 80 people - mostly young ones aged below five - in Odisha`s Rayagada district in the past week, officials said Monday. The first case of the contagious viral disease was ...
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Zee News

Strong profit growth and Zetia patent win for Merck & Co

Merck & Co's first-quarter earnings have been boosted by good performances from diabetes drugs Januvia and Janumet, the cholesterol drug Zetia and the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil. Net income came in at $1.74 billion, up 67%, while turnover reached ...
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Kenya ups immunization Coverage to Phase out Killer Diseases

The Kenyan government will re-activate immunization campaigns to reach the underserved in remote outposts alongside population groups vulnerable to fatal infectious and non-communicable diseases. Speaking during the launch of the 2nd edition of African ...
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Possible Meningitis Case Closes School

School officials in Tallmadge said a possible case of meningitis has forced them to close one elementary school in the district. Dunbar Primary School will be closed Monday, after officials said a student went home sick Friday, possibly because of ...
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Ohio News Network

Tallmadge: Meningitis concern closes elementary school

TALLMADGE -- Officials from Tallmadge City Schools made the decision to close the elementary school after a suspected case of meningitis. The student who is believed to have meningitis is currently hospitalized awaiting test results to determine ...
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Incorrectly filled-out forms blamed for pupils' poor vaccination rate

The statewide average was 91.1 percent, resulting in the Miami-Dade Schools having the lowest vaccine completion rate among the state's 67 counties. School officials could not explain the anomaly in August, which came to light after a story was ...
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Measles reach a 15 year high

YNN's Erin Clarke tells us why measles is becoming a concern again and how Americans can protect themselves. Then come back here and refresh the page. UNITED STATES – Two-hundred-twenty-two cases of measles were reported last year in the US An alarming ...
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Doctors in fix over another 'measles' death in Rayagada

KORAPUT: With the death of a 14-year-old girl on Sunday, the death toll in suspected measles reached 10 in Rayagada district's Kasipur block, unofficial reports said. Official figure, however, puts the toll at four. Significantly, the latest casualty ...
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The HPV Vaccine and Our Daughters | The Conversation

Recent advances in medical science, including the HPV vaccine, have left us more empowered than ever to not just treat disease but to actually prevent it, ...

Waterville graduate finds success in little things

“It sounds complicated, but it's not,” Cox said with a laugh. The discovery could have major implications in the treatment or prevention of hepatitis-C, she said. There is no vaccine for the infection and therapies have profound side effects.
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Shingles vaccination production increases; CDC recommending shot for Americans ...

— CUMBERLAND — Production of the vaccination against shingles has increased this year and the vaccine is being recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for people 60 and older. One in three Americans will develop shingles, ...
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Measles Attacks: How Vaccination Skeptics Gave New Life to an Old Disease

... were saved in the last decade because of redoubled vaccine efforts. But here in the Unites States, measles is on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US saw more measles in 2011 than at any time since 1995.
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Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate: Consider a shingles vaccine

Anna and Bud were shocked because most doctors, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, normally recommend a shingles vaccine to those over 60. Bud is 52. Shingles usually presents as a blister-like rash on one side of the body and ...
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Meningitis closes Dunbar Elementary in Summit County

Tallmadge City School District officials report that Dunbar Primary School (elementary) will be closed Monday due to a confirmed case of meningitis. Steve Woods, Director of Business for Tallmadge City Schools tells 19 Action News that a male, ...
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Anti-polio drive for Nepal urban children

The two-day campaign against polio, targeted mainly at urban children under five, began yesterday in Nepal. Shyam Ram Upreti, director of the Child Health Division under the Ministry of Health and Population, said the government campaign aimed to ...
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What evidence did andrew wakefield have to support his claims that ...

"What evidence did andrew wakefield have to support his claims that MMR vaccine causes Autism?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on ...

AB2109 would ensure informed parental choice

The bill, AB2109, requires the pediatrician or other health care professional to sign a document stating that he or she has informed the parent about the individual and public health risks of not immunizing a child. The California Department of Public ...
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State solely responsible for vaccine, says maker

THE MAKERS of the swine flu vaccine associated with an increase in sleeping disorders among children in Ireland has said the State is the sole bearer of responsibility for any compensation claims. Drug maker GSK manufactured the Pandemrix vaccine, ...
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14 reasons to vaccinate your kids

By the age of 2, most children can be ready to fight off no less than 14 vaccine-preventable diseases if they follow the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) immunization schedule. As a parent, that's 14 less things to worry about by the time those ...
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The Bridgeton News -

Measles Outbreaks 2011

By Vincent Iannelli, MD, Guide In the United States, rates of measles, a vaccine-preventable infection, are usually fairly low, with just 61 cases in 2010. Before the routine use of the measles vaccine (1963) and the MMR vaccine (1971), ...
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Vapostori sects adamant on immunisation

All her eight children have never been immunised due to her religious views. Dambudzo is oblivious to the fact that in Zimbabwe, the under-five mortality rate has, over the past few years, risen from 77 to 100 per 1 000 live births due to a number of ...
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