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Daily News 2013-03-25

Research: From the Superb to the Questionable by F Edward Yazbak MD

Influenza vaccination should never be made compulsory – by Dr. Daniel O’Roark by The Refusers

A Flu Shot in the Dark - Does 9 percent success rate in the elderly justify universal vaccination?

Alleging a conspiracy, vaccine maker demands lobbyist records

Scientific Evidence Says Vaccinating With HPV Vaccine Is Ineffective, Dangerous For You And Your Daughters & Wrongly Promoted As “Anti-Cancer” by ChildHealthSafety

The Gary Null Show – Special on Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines, Specifically Gardasil – 03/22/13

Vaccinations can mean better health, more opportunities for your kids

Scream #43: Chronic Hepatitis B - Vaccine Research Library

Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children – And Why Vaccine Supporters Shouldn’t Care

Alleging a conspiracy, vaccine maker demands lobbyist records
Failing Our Weakest Newborns: Poisoning with Aluminum

The Sudden Death of Your Child After Vaccination May Be Written Off by Researchers, Here’s How… by Wendy Lydal - Vactruth

Vaccine billboard in Tucson misleads, health officials say - Group's sign ignores shots' benefits, says Pima medical chief

Child-vaccine bill becomes less universal

Guest column: Influenza vaccination should never be made compulsory

Will Flu Vaccines Be Required For All U.S. Health Employees by 2020?

Scientists suffer for trying to make vaccine side effects public

HPV Vaccines: Betrayal of the Public Trust? - by Norma Erickson, President

A survey showed that parents are increasingly worried about the safety of the HPV vaccine, and some 44% said they won't have their teen daughters vaccinated.

U.S. Government has paid out more than $5 million for claims against HPV vaccines
Scientific Evidence Says Vaccinating With HPV Vaccine Is Ineffective, Dangerous For You And Your Daughters & Wrongly Promoted As “Anti-Cancer”

2 Studies Show Inflammation in Pregnancy Linked to Autism and Vaccines - by Jeffry John Aufderheide Vactruth

Mandatory flu vaccinations considered in Connecticut

Vaccines May Wear Off: Consider Getting Your Childhood Vaccinations Again

Are Vaccines Safe? - Bracing Ourselves for More Sham Vaccine Studies

Protective Properties of Influenza Vaccines Revealed

Deadly meningitis hits gay men in NYC, mass vaccinations recommended

Keep it from the parents: what the government doesn’t tell you about vaccinations

Popular Over-The-Counter Pain Killer Effective At Blocking The Flu - An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain killer available at every corner store has been shown to block flu replication in cells and in animals. Researchers hope this finding could lead to more powerful flu treatments.

Meeting to Report on Progress toward Tuberculosis Vaccines

Research reveals protective properties of influenza vaccines - Collaborating scientists from Nationwide Children's Hospital, Baylor Institute for Immunology Research, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine have identified an important mechanism for stimulating protective immune responses following seasonal influenza vaccinations. The study was published in Science Translational Medicine, a journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Vaccine victory: Widespread resistance from parents to HPV jab for daughters shows truth is spreading far and wide

The reluctance to acknowledge adverse reactions to vaccination

Proof that Big Pharma Doesn’t Care About Vaccine Harm - Gaia Health

Zydus Cadila set to launch HPV, anti-malaria vaccines

Still Want Your Vaccine After Watching This Video

One-month-old baby girl dies after receiving first round of childhood vaccinations

More Than 400 Innovative Medicines in Development For Top Chronic Diseases Affecting Older Americans

Study offers new way to discover HIV vaccine targets news

CDC Seasonal Influenza (Flu) What’s New on this Site

Prostate Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise

Protective Properties of Influenza Vaccines Revealed

Vaccinations: Workshop held by UNICEF

Free vaccines for kids sought

Incyte says Jakafi patient developed brain virus - Investigation to determine if myelofibrosis drug is linked to PML

Cangene's botulism antitoxin receives FDA approval

Is mercury in the body from fillings or fish?

Urge lawmakers to increase access to vaccines

Country Comparison :: Infant mortality rate

Cincinnati infectious disease practice disbands

NIH names Dr. Jon Lorsch director of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Two Trailblazers in Immunization Join the Immunization Action Coalition

SAINT PAUL, Minn., March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), one of the nation's premier sources of immunization information, is proud to announce the addition of two team members, Doctors William Atkinson ...
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URI professor gets pneumonia vaccination grant

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — A University of Rhode Island pharmacy professor has received a $703,000 grant to help boost the state's pneumonia vaccination rate for seniors and people with compromised immune systems. The university said Monday ...
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READER SUBMITTED: Rotarians Honor Polio Survivors at Rock Cats Game

Rotary District 7890 which includes 62 clubs in Masachusettes and Connecticut have teamed up with the New Britain Rock Cats to host "End Polio Now" Night on May 10 at the New Britain Stadium. A portion of every advanced ticket purchased through Rotary ...
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Local Rotarians help in polio fight

That work is inoculating children with polio vaccinations, and thanks to the determination of doctors, Rotary members, government agencies and volunteers it has been helping eliminate the crippling disease that once covered the planet. In Canada polio ...
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Serious Reported Adverse Effects With Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Serious Reported Adverse Effects With Gardasil HPV Vaccine was added to by Admin. This high quality wallpaper is a jpg image with 8:5 ratio.…/serious-reported-adverse-effects-with-g...

The benefits of immunization in public health

I am as skeptical of government as the next person but I have never even heard of anyone having an autistic child as a result of a vaccination. Scientific?

Zydus Cadila working on HPV, anti-malaria and pentavalent vaccines

Ahmedabad based drug major Cadila Healthcare (popularly known as Zydus Cadila) is close to launching a vaccine for cervical cancer in women. The company is actively working on developing a vaccine for the human papilloma virus (HPV) which causes ...
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Business Standard

FDA delays approval of GSK bird flu vaccine

There is growing evidence of a link between GSK's earlier H1N1 flu vaccine, Pandemrix, and an increase in narcolepsy cases among children who received it in Europe - a fact which has raised questions as to whether the FDA should approve the similar ...
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Really? The Claim: The Flu Shot Can Worsen Asthma

Every flu season, people with severe asthma are among those urged to be particularly diligent about getting vaccinated. Having asthma does not make one more vulnerable to getting the flu. But it does raise the risk of pneumonia and other serious ...
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Local public health response to vaccine-associated measles: case report

The most appropriate public health approach to vaccine-associated measles in immunocompromised patients is unknown, mainly because these cases are rare and transmission of vaccine-associated measles has not been previously documented.
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National Infant Immunization Week

April 20-27 is National Infant Immunization Week, a call to action for parents, caregivers and health care professionals to ensure that infants are fully immunized against 14 vaccine-preventable diseases. Pediatricians can help highlight the importance ...
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Agencies measuring how many health workers get flu vaccine

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) provided an update on its effort to ensure that more health care personnel receive the annual influenza vaccine. A key element of the effort is to track how many health care personnel are immunized against ...
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Vaccination: Incomplete dose as good as none...

Vaccination protects your baby from various diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella. Immunisation is successful in nearly all cases. However, some children do not build up the immunity that the vaccine aimed to provide, the reason they su ffer from ...
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Questions about vaccination, obesity

Cats have a natural resistance to leptospirosis and therefore are not vaccinated against this disease. Humans are also at risk for leptospirosis. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that up to 200 human cases are ...
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Suicide due to smallpox

Police suspect the 55-year-old vice-principal, who had been suferring from small-pox for the last six days, shot himself dead with his own gun. The incident occurred in Ghosh's bedroom where his son, Jayant was also sleeping. Jayant was awakened by the ...
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Parents' Worries About HPV Vaccine on the Rise Study -- WebMD

Parents' Worries About HPV Vaccine on the Rise Study -- WebMD. WorIdAudioNews·9,455 videos. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 0. No views. Ratings have been disabled for this video. Like ...
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A Flu Shot in the Dark

Type “Are flu shots dangerous?” into Google and tinfoil hats will dance across your screen. People distrust vaccinations for reasons ranging from the paranoid (they cause autism and diabetes) to the quasi-religious (a “natural” approach is always better).
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Dangerous bacterial meningitis outbreak in New York City with 22 people ...

There are a lot of different types of bacterial meningitis. I've had Pneumococcal Meningitis (a bacterial menigitis) five times thus far in my life. I was born without a working immune system, much like David Vetter, AKA The Boy In The Plastic Bubble ...
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Daily Mail

Deadly Meningitis Has Spead To All Five New York City Burroughs

ABC News reports that a recent outbreak of deadly bacterial meningitis has now infected men in all five boroughs of New York, apparently spurred by anonymous sexual encounters facilitated by social mobile apps and Internet sites. 22 New Yorkers have ...
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Meningitis Outbreak in New York: Health Officials Issue New Call for Vaccinations

Heath department officials say four new cases of meningitis among men who are sexually intimate with other men have been reported since the beginning of January, so far bringing the year's total to 17 cases. There have been 22 known cases in the ...
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Canadian Hysterics and the Vaccine Dilemma

The great nation of Canada is experiencing birth pangs and an identity crisis induced by the free exchange of vaccine information. In January, I gave a vaccine presentation to a large group of holistic farmers in Ontario, Canada. There were about 250 ...
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Health watch: Immunization clinics to extend some hours

"The change to our operational hours will make immunization services more accessible to working parents without having to miss work; in addition, children will not miss school when they need immunizations," public health supervisor Alejandra Rodarte ...
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With Success of Rotavirus Vaccine, Norovirus Now a Greater Threat to Kids

Until recently, rotavirus was the leading cause of gastrointestinal illness in young children in the United States. Before a vaccine was developed for the virus in 2006, “almost all children in the United States were infected with rotavirus before ...
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Food Safety News

Violence, vaccine fears keep polio from disappearing

WASHINGTON: Sixty years after the first successful polio vaccine trial, the disease has been wiped out in much of the world, but violence, conspiracy theories and lack of cash keep it from disappearing. “The world is closer than ever to eradicating ...
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News Tribe

Infectious diseases: 'Get your young ones vaccinated at once'

On investigation, it was found that in some cases babies were vaccinated but did not develop immunity, he said. He added that the vaccination and surveillance drives had been stepped up to control the threat. It is also part of the strategy to mop up ...
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CDC: 90% Of All Children That Died From Flu Did Not Get Vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia is reporting that 90% of all children that died during this current flu season from influenza were not vaccinated, and indications are that this seasons influenza activity is ...
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DOH Asking All Gay New Yorkers To Get Meningitis Vaccine

In the six months since the Department of Health first issued a warning to the gay community in Brooklyn about a meningitis outbreak, the problem has only gotten worse and begun spreading to surrounding communities in other parts of New York.
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Cinema Blend

Anti-measles drive to be launched in 23 district

ALLAHABAD: With the objective of checking infant mortality rate (IMR), state health authorities have come up the Khasra Rakshak Abhiyan, a campaign to control spread of measles, as part of the national routine immunisation programme starting from April ...
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Violence, vaccine fears keep polio from disappearing

An Afghan health worker administers polio vaccination drops to a child on the outskirts of Mihtarlam on March 11, 2013. Sixty years after the first successful polio vaccine trial, the disease has been wiped out in much of the world, but violence ...
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Bangkok Post

Survey: More parents fear HPV vaccine

The CDC recommends all boys and girls get the HPV vaccine as pre-teens. But a national survey finds 44 percent of parents whose daughters are not up to date on their HPV immunization don't plan to have their daughters get the shots. About one in six ...
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NYC Gays Warned About Deadly New Strain of Meningitis Outbreak

The New York City Health Department has issued new vaccination recommendations today for persons who may be most at risk for developing an newly discovered strain of invasive meningococcal disease – commonly known as meningitis – after an ...
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Meningitis spreading via 'gay' sex

The dangerous strain of bacterial meningitis appears to be spreading through sexual encounters between men who meet through websites or smartphone apps, or at bars or parties, according to the City's health department. More than half of the infected ...
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immunization forms and vaccine shots for Austria - Austria Forum ...

Other than a passport, will there be anything else that is required to enter the country such as vaccine shots or immunization forms? I'm coming from the USA.

Reasons for Not Vaccinating Adolescents: National ... - Pediatrics

Abstract. The reasons why teens are not immunized are related to parental lack of knowledge and the need for provider recommendations. The reasons for ...…/peds.2012-2384d.abstract

PLOS Medicine: Strengthening the Expanded Programme on ...

Abbreviations: DTP3, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis third dose; EPI, Expanded Programme on Immunization; GAVI, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation ...…/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjourna...

Over 6000 measles cases reported in Punjab

Over 6,000 measles cases reported in Punjab. LAHORE: Over 6,000 cases of measles were reported in four months in different parts of Punjab, mostly in Lahore, during the current surveillance drive, said Director Health Services for EPI Punjab, Dr ...
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Six States Emerge Winners in the War against Polio

The selection based on series of polio and immunisation performance indicators, which according to him, included the quality of polio campaign, budget release for routine immunisation and adherence to the Abuja commitment signed by the governors in ...
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Feds pay millions due to deadly HPV shot

The documents show that HHS's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or VICP, has awarded $5,877,710 to 49 victims in claims made against the HPV vaccines. That includes payments for two claims of death caused by the vaccine ...

Passport to Immunizations & Health Fair, April 20 - Las Vegas

“Immunizations are among the greatest public health accomplishments of the 20th century and they are responsible for eliminating a disease as dreadful as ...…/032013-niiw-health-...

Parents Worries About HPV Vaccine on the Rise Study MedicineNet

Although experts recommend girls and young women be vaccinated against the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer, parents seem to be increasingly ...

Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Hits NYC Gay Community

New York City, NY – A deadly meningitis outbreak in NYC is significantly impacting gay men. New York health officials are recommending every sexually active gay man not in a monogamous relationship to get a meningitis vaccination immediately. The CDC ...
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Childhood vaccinations: What you may not have thought about for your kids

That preparation includes a series of required childhood immunizations. In fact, kids may not be able to enter kindergarten unless they receive five different vaccines – diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTaP); polio; measles, mumps, rubella (MMR ...
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Now it's the boys turn for Gardasil jab as Whittlesea rolls out free vaccination

Thousands of teenage schoolboys - such as Mill Park Secondary College year 9 student Cameron, pictured with Senior Nurse Louise Johnson - will be offered free vaccination against the human papillomavirus by the City of Whittlesea. Council's health ...
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