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Dr. Darrel Crain

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Thank you, Darrel, for the wonderful work that you do. And for your
heart-felt letter of support. - Sandy

Hi Sandy,

I am guilty of procrastinating on sending you money, shame on me and all the
others. I have placed a check in the mail for $150 today and will send more


Words fail to express my gratitude that you have put your heart, soul and
bankroll into this project that has helped me write about vaccination. I
consider mass vaccination to be THE defining issue of the century regarding
medical freedom.

Several of my columns that I write for my local newspaper (Alpine,
California, population 18,000) and get posted on Planet Chiropractic have
been picked up by you, for which I am also grateful, because people from far
away places have contacted me from your postings.

So anyway, the check is in the mail, hope the other slackers such as myself
who have been benefiting from Vaccination News but have not chipped in will
wake up and send you some money!

Thanks, good luck, and take care,
Darrel Crain, DC