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Edda West

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Dear Edda,
Thank you for an incredible letter and the amazing work you do.  I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this, but it arrived shortly before my beloved dog Deena suddenly showed signs of serious illness and had to be put down.  I was seriously incapacitated for many months following this and your letter unfortunately fell through the cracks.  But I’m happy to say it was lost but not permanently forgotten.  Thank you again.
All the best,

Dear Sandy,
I recently read your recent Scandals article, Is Changing the Vaccine Schedule Enough? /Scandals/2008/Apr_11_08/Scandal89.htm  Thank you for articulating the worry many of us "old timers" have - that once the vaccine/autism link is conceded, the broader spectrum of vaccine injuries will be swept aside and once again forgotten. 
Over the years, those of us who have counseled and consoled families whose children were catastrophically injured by vaccines have wondered "how bad is it going to have to get before the world wakes up to the collapse of children’s health?”
We were assured that once they fixed the problem with DPT vaccine and substituted the old "dirty" whole cell pertussis vaccine with the "cleaner", less reactive acellular vaccine the problem would be fixed. But it didn’t fix the neurological injuries – they still kept happening but were delayed. Now there was a lag time of a couple of weeks rather than a few hours or days after vaccination, making the onset of seizures or neurological decline even more difficult to link to the vaccine.

Then the next thing we knew, DPT morphed into DTaP,Polio,Hib (many combos had hepatitis B instead of Hib), so babies at two months were now getting 5 vaccines in 1, as well as a slew of other shots at the same time. Vaccinologists consider it normal for 8 or 9 vaccines to be injected at one go into tiny bodies, insisting that it’s safe, when clearly it is not.

We all held our collective breaths waiting for the bomb to drop.  It didn't take long for the fallout to reveal itself - a fallout that has devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of families whose children are now in the autism spectrum. 
Autism and it's related brain disorders, the epidemic of allergic diseases, the explosion of asthma and anaphylactic disorders, diabetes and other chronic diseases now so common in young children is a medical catastrophe unprecedented in human history.
Except for the various plagues that decimated populations in the past, nothing on this scale of brain and complex immune injuries has ever happened before.  The plagues of old were acts of nature often precipitated by terrible living conditions, lack of hygiene, contaminated water supplies etc. 
But this disaster is man-made, forced on us under the pretext of disease "protection" while catastrophically disabling huge numbers of children. It is nothing less than a wholesale biochemical assault on the entire child population.  What will it take to stop the carnage?
For a long time there were so few of us holding the candle of hope that someday, the truth would be known, that brave and honest researchers would find the biomedical mechanisms of vaccine injury.  The vision you have held has inspired us all - that basic research comparing the long term health of vaccinated with never vaccinated children will reveal critically important information about the true state of children’s health today, that medical rule by fear and tyranny will give way to a new paradigm of health which will give all families true freedom of choice in all health care decisions.
Over these many years Sandy, your voice has never faltered in speaking the truth so fearlessly and eloquently.  Your superb writing style weaves the many nuances of this complex issue into highly readable articles, always backed with excellent research. I look forward to reading every article you write and hunger for more of your insights and wisdom. Your website is a leading resource that enables access to a goldmine of information on this issue, and deserves to be supported by everyone concerned about the impact of vaccines on human health.  
Thank you for holding that candle steadfastly and surely over these many years. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and truth for so many of us who may have felt alone and unheard in this struggle. 

With gratitude,
Edda West
VRAN – Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)