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Hilary Butler

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Thank you, Hilary, for the amazing work you have done over these now so many years, and your (always off-beat but ever canny words of!) support. - Sandy

About Hilary Butler

Dear Sandy, 

Your website is too invaluable to allow it to become just an archive.   

I confess to having a love/hate relationship with your site.  Too long on it and my blood pressure starts to rise, with the across-the-board lack of common sense so often displayed in the content of the items I find on your site.  So my bile starts to rise, and I get upset.   

But the good side to that is that it makes me go for a long walk to let off the steam coming out the various orifices, and helps keep me fit.  My blood pressure is right back down to normal an hour after a five mile hike! 

So not only does your site work me over mentally, it works me over physically. 

Now, if a whole lot more people would support this site, and make it their first port of call in their researching issues, I'm sure that both their mental/physical fitness would vastly increase! 

A donation is a small price to pay for such broad benefits. 

I'm sure that people will start to see that ownership of the whole issue is important if they are to retain their freedom to make a choice. 

Talking of freedom, we were talking about where the word came from the other day.  My "guess" is being "free" from "domination".  USA is supposed to be based on principles of freedom.   The problem with that concept is that freedom is something that has to be hard fought for, vigilantly defended, and upheld.   

It seems that most people don't realise that their freedoms have gone, until they see that they forgot the basic principle of vigilantly defending and upholding their RIGHTS.   

That really is the crunch issue.  If people don't take ownership all the time of what they hold dear, instead of leaving that to a few individuals, if a time comes when , say, forced vaccination become law, how will people take ownership then? Will they know how to do it?  That's why that saying I think...  "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance". 

If there ever was a call of our time, this issue (vaccination and supporting those who make information available) is a priority in that regard.  (And because I wish to become part of the solution, not part of the problem, my Paypal contribution is on its way.)

If it means anything, then surely people will see that.  Well, I'd like to think so anyway.