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Daily News 2017-02-27

Immunization bill fails, more action to follow

Vaccination bill passes after rebuke of opponents for flyers

Vaccination Bill 'Watered Down' In Oklahoma Senate Committee

Some anti-vaccination attacks on Oklahoma lawmaker are beyond the pale

Measles and Rubella vaccination scare: Bengaluru falls victim too

Calls to cancel anti-vaxxer talks in NSW

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe: Calls to stop anti-vaxxer and flat earther giving Sydney talk

Compulsory vaccines floated to tackle oncoming whooping cough epidemic

How Vaccine Mandates Put Vulnerable People’s Health And Lives At Risk

DTP-Vaccinated African Infants Had a Higher Death Rate than Unvaccinated Infants, According to New “vax/unvax” Study By Mark Blaxill - Age of Autism

Important to know risks as well as benefits

Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine, Study Says

CDC is a vaccine company, a “cesspool of corruption” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Why The Kennedy – De Niro $100K Vaccine Challenge Is So Important

#Nevada AB200 2/25/2107 #Vaxxed (video)

VaxXed Tour: Forrest and Dr. Suzanne on Genetics and Epigenetics (video)

CalJam #vaxxed #1 (video)

CalJam#vaxxed #2  (video)

Del #vaxxed (video)

Anthony Phan MD internal medicine/ geriatric medicine/ integrative medicine from Johns Hopkins #vaxxed #truth #PrayBig (video)

Andy on Europe and other stuff #vaxxed #truth #science #prayBig (video)

Daddy force vaccinated me #vaxxed #truth #science #praybig (video)

I had MMR while pregnant and my boy is injured -#vaxxed #praybig #truth #science (video)

2months vaccines gave my daughter sensory issues, GI issues, delayed gross motor skills #vaxxed #truth #science (video)

Vaccine injured and recovered #vaxxed #truth #science #praybig (video)

Australia Vaxxed peeps #vaxxed (video)

Amanda McKay #vaxxed (video)

Flu shot killed grandpa #vaxxed #truth #science #prayBig (video)

Vaxxed Auckland #vaxxed #truth #science #praybig (video)

One vaccine injured my daughter #vaxxed #truth #science #PrayBig (video)

People's Vaxxed Unvaxxed study #vaxxed #truth #science #PrayBig (video)

Hep B vaccine caused Lupus and vaccines caused ADHD and ODD in my son #vaxxed #truth #science #PrayBig (video)

Gardasil stopped me being the dancer I could have been #vaxxed #truth #science #prayBig (video)

HuffPo Blogger Sally Beck Shut Down by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Review of Recent Cases – Attorney Fees; Entitlements; Damages

Natural News endures wave of vile assaults from POISONED MINDS damaged by medication, vaccines and fluoride… as society becomes more deranged by the day

HPV Vaccine Paralyzes Little Girl, Leaves Family Fighting For Survival

Google gives in to quacks by censoring Natural News in order to silence scientific debate about mercury in vaccines

Petition to Ban Google's Blatant Suppression of Free Speech - Age of Autism

HuffPost, Slate and Salon all part of a massive vaccine cover-up “conspiracy of silence” to keep poisoning children with mercury

Cervical cancer is killing African American women at twice the previously reported rate in spite of the HPV vaccine

Best of: New Life New Hope By Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

Best of: Princess Pharma and the Pea By John Stone - Age of Autism

The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis in Health and Disease - Age of Autism

And They call US Emotional? The Autism Vaccine Conversation By Katie Wright - Age of Autism

Children Vaccinated With Flu Shot More Likely….To Get Flu

Flu Shots Have Led To Hallucinations, Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis

Watch: Vet Dramatically Takes On Pet Vaccine Industry

Public health officials call for better vaccine awareness

Vaccine Creates Fear, Is It Really A Life-Saving Shot?

Anti-vaccine crowd lacks perspective

The Strange History of Vaccines—And Why People Fear Them

The Vaccine Race: How Scientists Used Human Cells to Combat Killer Viruses by Meredith Wadman – review

New Calgary bishop weighs in on HPV vaccines, transgender guidelines and gambling

Would You Want Your Vaccine Produced by Supporters of Jihad?

Rubella vaccine of high quality, says WHO head

Researchers Assess Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors of Parents Toward Varicella Vaccination

Over 1000 students face suspension due to incomplete immunization records

Despite national mumps outbreak, N.S. doctors seeing more measles cases

News Scan for Feb 27, 2017 - H5N1 cases in Egypt; H5N8, H5N1 outbreaks; Chikungunya in Pakistan, Brazil


Rodin, Hutton and Canucks trainer Brian Hamilton showing symptoms of mumps

Two more Vancouver Canucks players Anton Rodin, Ben Hutton and trainer Brian Hamilton are experiencing symptoms of mumps, head coach ...

Three takeaways: Sharks stand up for Karlsson; avoiding the mumps

That's one of the early warning signs of the mumps, meaning Sbisa could have exposed some Sharks to the virus, which is making its way through the ...

Social media 'myths' disrupt fight against Measles Rubella vaccine

New Delhi: The same mix of fear and mistrust is back with the launch of Measles Rubella (MR) vaccine. Days after the government launched the MR ...

Health briefs: Colorado reports increase in mumps cases

There has been a sizable increase in mumps cases, nationwide, with ... Severe complications from mumps are rare but can include swelling of the ...

Anti-polio drive starts in Larkana on Monday

image LARKANA: A four-day anti-polio campaign is going to be launched in Larkana district on Monday to vaccinate more than 300,000 children, said ...

Vaccines are the key

Oral cholera vaccines have recently been developed and have been used to control cholera outbreaks by global public health organisations in ...

Raccoon rabies: 'patient zero' to patient 284 in 14 months

Around 1,640,000 of these baits, containing rabies vaccine with a mixture of vegetable-based fats and oil, icing sugar and artificial marshmallow ...

Why The Kennedy De Niro $100K Vaccine Challenge Is So Important

Why The Kennedy De Niro $100K Vaccine Challenge Is So Important ... a peer-reviewed scientific study revealing that mercury in vaccines is safe.

5.6mln children to be vaccinated in anti-polio drive

Around 5.6 million children will be vaccinated in the province as the three-day anti-polio drive gets under way in all districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ...

Public urged to update vaccines after mumps, measles cases reported

McGeer said there was nothing overly worrisome about the recent mumps and measles cases but noted that they served as a reminder of the ...

Agency targets 1.7m children for immunisation in Jigawa Executive Secretary

The Jigawa State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (JSPHCDA) is targeting 1.7 million children in the current round of polio immunisation ...

Officials Warn of Mumps Cases at University of Alabama

Several students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa have been diagnosed with the mumps, according to state health officials. The Alabama ...

Three day polio drive aims to vaccinate 1.7 million children in Balochistan

At least 1.7 million children below the age of five would be vaccinated for polio virus during the upcoming three-day anti-polio campaign starting on ...

New DNA Vaccine Designed To Boost Immunity And Fight Off Tumors

A novel DNA vaccine developed by scientists at the Wistar Institute and ... Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines and hepatitis B vaccines are two ...

Maternal immunisation urged by expert

However, the New Zealand figure for maternal immunisation is estimated to be as low as 13 per cent compared to almost 80 per cent in parts of ...

Rangers check Canucks' schedule hoping to avoid possible mumps outbreak

After the Canucks announced Friday they had five players with mumps symptoms, including one player with a confirmed mumps diagnosis, the ...

Health Experts Consider Third MMR Vaccine Dose Because of Rising Mumps Cases

Federal health experts say the third dose of the MMR vaccine would only be ... U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials recommend ...

MR vaccination target could not be met

Coimbatore, Feb 26 (PTI) Of the identified 1.76 crore, only 76 lakh children were administered Measles and Rubella vaccination in Tamil Nadu, a top ...

Lead Developer of HPV Vaccine Admits It's A Giant, Deadly Scam

An expert involved in the approval process for the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, is speaking out about the dangers ...

The Strange History of VaccinesAnd Why People Fear Them

Yet people in different corners of the world are rejecting vaccines. ... Crazy History Lesson: How the Rabies Vaccine Came to Be A bite from a rabid ...

How Effective Is The Flu Vaccine? Number Of Cases Continues To Rise

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the flu vaccine is 48 percent effective against the most common strain of influenza. It is even ...

Trump is the ebola of 2017: Teju Cole

Nigerian-American author, Teju Cole, while speaking at a panel discussion at the Lahore Literary festival, said that Trump is the ebola of 2017.

5.6 million Children to be vaccinated against polio in high-risk areas

5.6 million Children to be vaccinated against polio in high-risk areas ... for good, said H.E. Dr Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health.

Mumps cases early warning

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mumps cases have declined by 99 percent since the introduction of the mumps vaccine ...

Sharks get 4-1 win while Canucks battle mumps

Vancouver Canucks center Bo Horvat (53) fights for control of the puck with San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns (88) during first-period NHL ...

I Watched This Game: Canucks 1, Sharks 4

Poor kid is really taking his mumps this season, probably because he's so cheeky. But like any pro, he'll take this setback on the chin and move on.

Sharks get 4-1 win while Canucks battle mumps

The big-name San Jose Sharks can push the strongest NHL team off its game. Ravaged by an apparent outbreak of the mumps, the Vancouver ...

Positive birth outcomes for flu vaccine during pregnancy

Mean maternal age of participants at birth of infant was 31.7 years, and most mothers who received the flu vaccine did so in the second trimester ...

Maldives making commendable efforts for measles elimination and rubella control

The World Health Organization commends Maldives for its unprecedented efforts to eliminate measles. The launch of the Measles and Rubella ...

Canucks GM Benning says mumps outbreak won't impact trade deadline plans

Now, how will this recent mumps outbreak impact Benning's plans leading up to Wednesday? I don't know if it will have any effect on that or not, ...

Over 22.8 Million Children to be Vaccinated against Measles

Children between 9 to 59 months nationwide and 5 to 15 years old in woredas not covered in April 2016 immunization campaign are the targeted ...

Sharks get 4-1 win while Canucks battle mumps (Feb 25, 2017)

Ravaged by an apparent outbreak of the mumps, the Vancouver Canucks could only do so much. Patrick Marleau scored the go-ahead goal late in the ...

Sharks get 4-1 win while Canucks battle mumps

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) The big-name San Jose Sharks can push the strongest NHL team off its game. Ravaged by an apparent ...

Officials to weigh third Mumps vaccine dose

Currently, the CDC recommends that children receive two doses of the MMR vaccine - for measles, mumps and rubella with the first dose at 12 to ...

Sharks 4, Canucks 1: Vancouver hits a big mumps in the road

The Canucks were without five regulars, all of whom were quarantined this week because of a suspected mumps outbreak. Philip Larsen was on the ...

Vintage photos show the terrifying first expeditions into the Congo to track down Ebola

The global health system was completely unprepared when the 2014 Ebola outbreak began, according to a newly published report by a panel of ...

State: Several students at University of Alabama have mumps

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) _ Several students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa have been diagnosed with the mumps. The Alabama ...

People asked to cooperate with polio teams

SHANGLA: The anti-polio campaign will start in 23 union councils of Shangla on Monday (tomorrow). The inaugural ceremony of the three-day ...

OC STONESTREET COLUMN: Search for Rock Crest School leads to gifted writer

John dreamed of becoming a professional prize fighter like his hero, Joe Louis, but he contracted polio when he was 21 years old and that dreaded ...

Five Vancouver Canucks quarantined with mumps

VANCOUVER Five members of the Vancouver Canucks squad have shown symptoms of the highly contagious virus mumps and are not expected ...

Meet the new guys: Canucks youngsters get their chance following mumps outbreak

The team is having to dig deep into its farm system after a case of mumps forced five players out of the lineup for its game against the visiting San Jose ...

The absurdity of racial discrimination that goes on

The audience couldn't stop themselves from laughing when Teju answered a question about his piece about 'Ebola' that was carried by CNN.

Flu virus shifting east, hitting older adults hardest

The CDC estimated that between 157 million and 168 million doses of injectable vaccine were manufactured for the 2016-17 season, a vast majority ...

3000 'persistently missed children' hampering anti-polio efforts

Three thousand persistently missed children whose parents always refuse to get them vaccinated against polio have emerged as the biggest ...

Colorado's vaccination rate holding, but funding fight ahead

Colorado's ranking for childhood immunization rates is improving despite coverage levels staying relatively steady over the past decade and national ...

Health Officials To Decide If The US Should Get 3 MMR Shots Instead Of 2

Federal health officials are convening to discuss whether Americans should have three vaccines for the mumps instead of two, The Washington Post ...

Mumps cases reported in cities across Canada

Public health officials and infectious disease experts are urging Canadians to ensure their vaccinations are up to date as clusters of mumps are ...

David Wolfe: Flat Earther brings anti-vax message to Australia

Mr Kingsley claimed vaccines cause autism because he is in the health industry, (he makes saukraut and fermented foods and sell organic products) ...

Health issues no barrier for two dahlia growers

According to, post-polio is "mainly characterised by new weakening in muscles that were previously affected by the polio infection ...

The Polio soldier

As the sun rises overhead in the midst of day, Khayal Muhammad; a young man with a limp in left leg, accompanied by a team of polio workers, knocks ...


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