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All the News Posted September 9, 2009

►September 23, 2009 - Characteristics of patients with H1N1 influenza - journal article (Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Changes of mind in decision-making - journal article (Nature)

►September 10, 2009 - Co-translational mRNA decay in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - journal article (Nature)

►September 10, 2009 - Building a Bridge from Fragmentation to Accountability — The Prometheus Payment Model (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - The End of Fee-for-Service Medicine? Proposals for Payment Reform in Massachusetts (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Fiscal Responsibility and Health Care Reform (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - Reform, Regulation, and Research — An Interview with Gail Wilensky (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - Reemergence of PML in Natalizumab-Treated Patients — New Cases, Same Concerns - journal article (NEJM)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Fiscal Responsibility and Health Care Reform (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - Setbacks and Fissions — Reconsidering the Scope and Timing of Reform (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - Asymptomatic Reactivation of JC Virus in Patients Treated with Natalizumab - journal article (NEJM)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Treatment of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Associated with Natalizumab - journal article (NEJM)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy after Natalizumab Monotherapy - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - Health Care Reform and Clinical Culture (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►September 10, 2009 - All exposed to H1N1 flu have developed antibodies: NIV study - Times of India

►September 10, 2009 - Teens directed to seek measles shots - Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

* ►September 9, 2009 - US FDA panel backs Glaxo cervical cancer vaccine - FDA advisers say Cervarix safe, effective - Panel to vote later on wider use of rival Merck vaccine - Glaxo shares gain 0.5 percent - Reuters

* ►September 9, 2009 - HPV Vaccine Endorsed for Males - Studies Found Gardasil Effective at Preventing Genital Warts, Some Cases of Cancer in Men (includes video) - CBS News

* ►September 9, 2009 - FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Approval for Use of GARDASIL® in Boys and Men - Committee Agrees that Clinical Data Support the Efficacy and Safety of Merck’s GARDASIL in 9- to 26-Year-Old Boys and Men - press release - Merck

* ►September 9, 2009 - FDA panel urges HPV vaccine be given to boys - CNN - "At Wednesday's advisory committee meeting, pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co., maker of Gardasil, presented data from three clinical trials that the company claims supports broadening the distribution of the vaccine to include males. The trials included more than 5,400 boys and men from six continents and 23 countries."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Two Giants Vie for Billions in STD Vaccine Market (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Indeed, because of the limited audience of young women, American sales of Gardasil have recently stalled, said Tim Anderson, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein. In the first half of this year, Gardasil had sales in the United States of $363 million, a decrease of 34 percent compared with the same period in 2008, according to a Merck financial statement. Mr. Anderson said that Merck will find it harder to persuade parents and health insurers to pay for Gardasil shots to reduce the chance of developing a nonfatal condition like genital warts in boys than to market the vaccine to reduce a potentially deadly disease like cervical cancer in young women. 'You are asking a healthy teen to come to the doctor three times in six months,' Mr. Anderson said in an interview Wednesday. 'Pretty much no healthy teen would ever do that, let alone to come back and get a shot, a shot that can cause a lot of pain.'"

►September 9, 2009 - FDA Panel Votes to Approve Second HPV Vaccine - MedPage Today

* ►September 9, 2009 - Glaxo Cancer Vaccine Recommended; Merck Shot Backed for Boys - Bloomberg

* ►September 9, 2009 - Glaxo Wins US Panel's Backing for Competitor to Gardasil Shot - Bloomberg - "Glaxo’s Cervarix was ruled safe and effective by a panel of outside advisers to the Food and Drug Administration meeting today in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Cervarix is being considered for girls and young women ages 10 to 25. The FDA usually follows its panels’ recommendations, though it isn’t required to do so. ... While most of the FDA’s advisers supported Glaxo’s plan to register patients and monitor pregnancies after Cervarix is on the market, one panel member called for strong warnings in the prescribing information about the potential safety risks. 'I’m hoping there will be some indication about what is known and not known,' said Vicky Debold, the panel’s consumer representative and the only one to vote against the safety or effectiveness of Cervarix. 'My concern is that we make sure we are vaccinating people as safe as we can.' The agency is scheduled to make its decision on Cervarix by the end of September."

* ►September 9, 2009 - FDA panel backs Cervarix for women, Gardasil for men - Booster Shots Blog via Los Angeles Times - "Critics of the vaccine claim that Gardasil was associated with 6,723 adverse events in 2008, including more than 1,000 considered serious and 142 that were considered life-threatening. The panel concluded, however, that it was "unlikely" that most of the events were related to the vaccine."

* ►September 9, 2009 - With All Eyes On Swine Flu, Thousands of Parents Ask President Obama 'How Much Longer'... - press release - National Autism Association via PRNewswire-USNewswire via Reuters - "Just since midnight, over 50,000 letters have gone to President Barack Obama and others as part of a new campaign to bring attention to the rising numbers of autism cases. The National Autism Association (NAA) declared today as National 'How Much Longer' Day for Autism, a day of letter-writing to the media, health agencies, Department of Education, lawmakers and the Obama Administration asking for such things as health insurance coverage, federal laws to protect special-ed students from dangerous restraint and seclusion practices in schools, safer vaccines, and for autism to be declared a nation health crisis. Seeing how much attention is being paid to the H1N1 virus, many parents are wondering why autism is the fastest growing disorder, yet has received very little aid."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Most Germans don't want swine flu vaccinations - The German government has ordered 18 million more vaccinations against swine flu. But two-thirds of Germans say they don't want to be immunized. - Deutsche Welle

* ►September 9, 2009 - Drug firms not liable for flu vaccine claims - State must compensate for any jab complications - The Irish Independent - "Officials from the Department of Health said it had granted indemnity to the two companies, which would leave the State picking up the bill in the event of anyone being damaged by the vaccine. However, they stressed that the World Health Organisation had been reassured that no significant adverse reactions to the vaccine -- due to be licensed in October -- were expected and nobody here would be offered the jab if the risk outweighed the benefit."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Union opposes vaccine program - Iowa City Press Citizen - "The Service Employees International Union Local 199 has asked the court to prevent the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics from implementing a mandatory influenza vaccination program. According to releases from the SEIU Local 199 and UI spokesman Tom Moore, the union filed a prohibited practice complaint Tuesday in Johnson County. Union president and registered nurse Cathy Glasson said the union is opposed to the mandatory vaccination and would prefer the hospital use employee education programs to achieve compliance."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Local union seeks to block mandatory shots - The Daily Iowan - "Last week, UI officials announced a mandatory vaccination program for all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers at UI Health Care. Vaccinations against the seasonal flu will begin Sept. 25 and continue through Oct. 16."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Group opposes Swine Flu quarantine bill (includes video) - WWLP 22News - "The Liberty Preservation Association of Massachusetts , which has ties to Springfield, held a 'lobby bomb' Wednesday at the State House to oppose a bill regarding Swine Flu. Bill S-2028, which recently passed the Massachusetts Senate, says if there is a Swine Flu pandemic and you do not get the Swine Flu vaccine, you can be ordered into quarantine. If you refuse the quarantine, you can face a fine of $1,000 per day that you resist."

* ►September 9, 2009 - NIAID Launches 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Trial in Pregnant Women - NIH News

* ►September 9, 2009 - Sanofi deal to supply H1N1 vacc to Brazil - Sanofi Aventis says it has been contracted to supply the Brazilian government with up to 33 million doses of H1N1 “swine” flu. -

* ►September 9, 2009 - Solvay cell-based vaccine facility validated - Dutch authorities have completed validation of Solvay Biologicals cell-based production facility which the company will use to meet growing worldwide demand for influenza vaccines. -

* ►September 9, 2009 - Influenza Virus Vaccine for the 2009-2010 Season - Cumulative 2009/2010 Season Lot Release Status (Updated 9/9/2009) Flu vaccine lots that have been released by FDA and are available for distribution by the manufacturers. For information on flu vaccine distribution schedules, please contact the manufacturers directly. - FDA

* ►September 9, 2009 - Nurses Applaud New H1N1 Flu Safety Recommendations and Call on CDC to Maintain Stringent Safety Guidelines - Infection Control Today - " Nurses at 15 percent of hospitals report they do not have access to the proper respirator masks, exposing nurses and patients to infection; at up to 40 percent of the hospitals, nurses are expected to reuse masks, in violation of Centers for Disease Control guidelines and IOM recommendations. In addition, at more than one-fourth of the hospitals, nurses cite inadequate isolation of swine flu patients, increasing the risk of infection to others."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Providers having trouble getting seasonal flu vaccine - CIDRAP News

* ►September 9, 2009 - Experts to tell H1N1 flu truth in live broadcast to world Saturday - - "The revolutionary conference where experts are presenting to the world truth about the H1N1 military agenda and what to do, Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé / Health Freedom Conference, is this Saturday in Quebec. ... Slated conference presenters in Quebec Saturday include: Me Shawn Buckley, Dr Shiv Chopra, Trueman Tuck, Roland Lauzon, ND, Me Jean Dury, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur, Ghis, Dr. Carol Vachon and Dr. Andrew Moulden, BA, MA, MD, PhD."

* ►September 9, 2009 - The Narrow Scope of Flu Vaccine Usefulness By Byron J. Richards, CCN - NewsWithViews

* ►September 9, 2009 - Encorium says it won $8.7M in vaccine contracts - AP via Forbes - "The Berwyn, Pa.-based company said the new business also includes work on an avian flu vaccine and other vaccines. Those tests will involve about 12,000 patients altogether."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Province plans big vaccine buy - Winnipeg Sun - "The NDP government's plan for a potential H1N1 outbreak this fall and winter includes buying more than 1.8 million doses of a yet-to-be-approved vaccine."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Is swine flu pandemic' - letter - Ukiah Daily Journal - "Many independent doctors and researchers have already objected to the speed with which this untested vaccine is being marketed: Nigel Dimmock, professor of biological sciences at Warwick University (UK) says 'The scale and speed of the planned vaccination program is insane given that the overwhelming majority of those who have contracted the virus have had very mild symptoms.' 'This is over reaction' said Barbara Lee Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center: 'There is no national security threat here, why are we operating like this? This is not polio, this is not smallpox.' In Germany, Health Minister Ulla Schmidt admitted on TV on August 25th that 'the swine flu vaccination campaign was a hoax and the largest ever inoculation experiment in history.' The Chair of the Health Committee in the German Parliament, Dr. Wolfgang Wogarg, warned about potential swine flu vaccine safety. 'Novartis' vaccine contained cancerous animal cells. It is a great business for the pharmaceutical industry' he told Neuten Presse on August 22nd...' 'I fear that a rush towards vaccinating the population without completing trials risks leading to the harmful outcome that we witnessed during the 1976 swine flu scare' wrote Dr. A. Afkhami of George Washington University. He warns that 'we must learn from lessons of the past and be mindful of not jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire by putting people's health at risk without adequate safety monitoring of the vaccines'."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Leading U.S. Epilepsy Organizations Unite on H1N1 Virus “Swine Flu” Public Health Recommendations for Children with Epilepsy - AES, CURE, Epilepsy Foundation, Epilepsy Therapy Project and FACES Support Public Awareness of H1N1 Virus Risks in Response to New CDC Data for Children with Epilepsy - press release - Epilepsy Therapy Project via Business Wire

* ►September 9, 2009 - China issues world's first warrant for A/H1N1 flu vaccination - Xinhua via China View

* ►September 9, 2009 - H1N1 Flu Is Still a Threat - NeuroLogica Blog

* ►September 9, 2009 - Had the Flu? It Was Probably Swine Flu - Despite Fears, Many Have Had – and Recovered From – the New Strain - Good Morning America via ABC News

* ►September 9, 2009 - 2,500 suspected cases of H1N1 reported at university (includes video) - CNN - "An outbreak of flu at Washington State University showed few signs of slowing down as more students continued to report symptoms suspected of being from the H1N1 virus, school officials said Wednesday.  About 2,500 students have come down with possible cases of H1N1 since classes began August 24, said James Tinney, WSU director of media relations. He added, 'It takes about three to four days to get over the virus, so many of the people who have had it are already feeling better and are back in class.'"

* ►September 9, 2009 - Most U.S. campuses already reporting flu-like sicknesses - USA Today - "Most schools are not testing to confirm the virus is H1N1, or swine flu. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says nearly all the flu virus now circulating is H1N1. So far there has been only one flu-related college death. Troy University freshman Andrew Salter, 18, of Valley, Ala., died on Sept. 4 after fighting first H1N1 and then pneumonia, says university official Herbert Reeves."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Swine flu isolation dorms hit campuses nationwide - Fairfield Mirror

* ►September 9, 2009 - Made-in-China H1N1 jab fails to enthuse WHO - Times of India - "'We advise different countries on our benchmark standards for vaccines. But we do not evaluate the vaccines,' Vivian Tan, spokeswoman at WHO’s China head office told TNN soon after the Chinese health ministry announced it will begin giving shots of the newly made vaccines to selected groups of people. ... A Chinese company, Sinovac Biotech Ltd., has outpaced 24 companies engaged in the research and production of H1N1 vaccines including Sanofi-Pasteur in France, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Britain, Baxter in the United States, and the Swiss group Novartis. China's State Food and Drug Administration has approved the vaccine and placed an order of seven million doses for inoculating vast segments of the population. ... 'Special safety issues may arise when a new vaccine is administered on a massive scale,' Tan said while speaking to the local media. 'Adverse effects that are too rare to show up in a large clinical trial could become apparent when much larger numbers of people receive the vaccine,' she said."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Concerns arise over safety of H1N1 vaccination (includes video) - KXII-TV

►September 9, 2009 - Burst Media Research Reveals High H1N1 Concern- Particularly Among Parents - Customized Ad Network Provides Marketers with Targeted Opportunity to Reach Health Information Seekers - Business Wire via Reuters

►September 9, 2009 - Douglas County schools seek higher priority for H1N1 vaccine - The News-Review

►September 9, 2009 - Pregnant Women at High Risk for H1N1 - Officials Warn Preganant Women of Swine Flu (includes video) - MyFoxMemphis

►September 9, 2009 - A Dozens St. Scholastica Students Quarantined For Flu Symptoms - Northland's NewsCenter

►September 9, 2009 - Warnex's Influenza A H1N1 Virus Test will be Distributed by Biron - FOX Business

►September 9, 2009 - Officials give pandemic flu advice for high-risk kids - CIDRAP News

►September 9, 2009 - Back to school: NYC students get swine flu advice - AP via Newsday

►September 9, 2009 - Harvard study: Most cos. not ready for H1N1 flu - AP via Seattle Post-Intelligencer

►September 9, 2009 - H1Ni virus widespread in Alabama - Scottsboro Daily Sentinel

►September 9, 2009 - College 'swine flu' cases continue to grow - Booster Shots Blog via Los Angeles Times

►September 9, 2009 - 6-year-old dies from swine flu in southeast Kansas - AP via Kansas City Star

►September 9, 2009 - Blue Shield of California to Cover H1N1 Flu Vaccine Administration for All Members - press release -  Blue Shield of California via PRNewswire-USNewswire

* ►September 9, 2009 - 'We thought she was on her deathbed' - Hutchinson slowly rebounding from summer bout with killer disease - The News Tribune - "She had received an immunization, but the vaccine only protects against four of the five strains and she was afflicted by the fifth."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Should scientists declare conflicts of interests when talking to the public? - Science Central via The Times, UK

* ►September 9, 2009 - Merck loses effort to dismiss 24 Fosamax cases -  * Judge allows testimony by two experts * Judge rejects Merck motion for summary judgment * Merck shares rise - Reuters

►September 9, 2009 - US judge warns mistrial possible in Merck case - Reuters

* ►September 9, 2009 - Polio in Pakistan: Inoculations resume as government erases Taliban ban - Chicago Tribune - "In Swat, government official Khurshid Khan, a doctor, said the last inoculations against polio were administered nearly a year ago. Six cases of polio have been discovered since vaccinations resumed Monday. About 215,000 children are a target of the three-day campaign, he said."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Marlboro school officials ready to deal with H1N1 - News Transcript - "On the first two days of school — Sept. 3 and Sept. 4 — pupils will be instructed on how to cough into their arm (near the elbow) rather than into their hands. Abbott said if a teacher sees a student coughing into his hands, the pupil will be reminded to cough into his arm."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Crucell M&A appeal dented as Quinvaxem loses ground - Reuters - "Crucell's Quinvaxem vaccine, a cocktail of vaccines against five childhood diseases, has been a strong driver of sales growth in recent years, but the emergence of Indian rivals in this year's tendering process has severely dented its strength."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Prevalence of ghostwriting spurs calls for transparency - journal article (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

►September 9, 2009 - Biological Approvals by Year - FDA

►September 9, 2009 - HHS and USDA Unveil New Food Safety Consumer Web Site at - HHS

* ►September 9, 2009 - New malaria 'poses human threat' - An emerging new form of malaria poses a deadly threat to humans, research has shown. - BBC

►September 9, 2009 - October 9, 2009: Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement - FDA

* ►September 9, 2009 - CDC Links Data on Health and Environment - journal article (JAMA)

* ►September 9, 2009 - Research Laboratory Security - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - Is There A Drug Lag? Polls NOW Open - The IN VIVO Blog

►September 9, 2009 - Effect of Procalcitonin-Based Guidelines vs Standard Guidelines on Antibiotic Use in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (full text) - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - Measurement of Serum Procalcitonin - A Step Closer to Tailored Care for Respiratory Infections? - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - A Century After Chagas Disease Discovery, Hurdles to Tackling the Infection Remain - journal article (JAMA)

* ►September 9, 2009 - Evaluating Dopamine Reward Pathway in ADHD - journal article (JAMA)

* ►September 9, 2009 - Eight Rights of Safe Electronic Health Record Use - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - Regional Variation and the Affluence-Poverty Nexus - journal article (JAMA)

* ►September 9, 2009 - Electronic Medical Records at a Crossroads - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - Comparisons of Citations in Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar for Articles Published in General Medical Journals - journal article (JAMA)

►September 9, 2009 - Cystic Fibrosis - journal article (JAMA)

* ►September 9, 2009 - ImmuneRegen BioSciences(R) Partners With University of Rochester in BARDA Funding Bid - ImmuneRegen BioSciences via Earth Times

* ►September 9, 2009 - Fosamax Judge Rejects Merck Bid To Exclude Experts' Testimony - Dow Jones via CNN Money - "A federal judge denied a bid Wednesday by Merck & Co. ( MRK) to exclude the testimony of several expert witnesses and dismiss 24 personal-injury cases over its osteoporosis drug Fosamax."

* ►September 9, 2009 - Nearly Ninety Percent of Surveyed Neurologists Indicate They Will Prescribe Merck Serono/EMD Serono's Oral Cladribine for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis - However, Most Surveyed MCOs Will Give Emerging Oral Therapies Non-Preferred Tier Status on Their Formularies, According to a New Report from Decision Resources - PRNewswire

* ►September 9, 2009 - Targeted Genetics to receive $7 million for secrets to making virus vectors - Targeted Genetics has struck a $7 million technology deal with Massachusetts-based Genzyme, extending the life of a long-surviving Seattle biotechnology company whose money was close to running out. - Seattle Times

* ►September 9, 2009 - Vaccines could halve sickle-cell deaths in Africa - Reuters

►September 9, 2009 - Louisiana infant immunizations skyrocket in national ranking - Daily Comet

►September 9, 2009 - Shingles vaccine debate - WLS

►September 9, 2009 - Tools for pediatricians on vaccines - AAP Smartbrief

►September 9, 2009 - Charlottesville-Right Now: Coy Barefoot Asks "How Much Longer" Must These Kids Wait? - Adventures in Autism

* ►September 9, 2009 - Dr. Bob Sears: Vaccines And Autism: What Can Parents Do During This Controversy? - The Huffington Post

►September 9, 2009 - CHOP Workshop for parents of newly diagnosed autism spectrum children - - "The Center for Autism Research (CAR) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has an ongoing series of lectures and events on research and issues regarding autism and the autism spectrum."

►September 9, 2009 - Are vaccines the cause of Autism? (part 1) -

►September 9, 2009 - Special Autism Issue Published by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development - Optometry & Vision Development, Volume 40, Number 3, 2009 - press release - PRNewswire-USNewswire

►September 9, 2009 - Autistic boy's parents allege bus threat - United Press International

►September 9, 2009 - Dr. Bob Sears Talks Autism and Vaccines on HuffPo - Age of Autism

►September 9, 2009 - Join the National Autism Association "How Much Longer" Campaign - Age of Autism

►September 9, 2009 - Marc Rosen of Examiner.Com: Why Autistic People Don't Like Autism Speaks - Age of Autism

* ►September 9, 2009 - Africa passes milestone for children living past 5 - The number of African children dying before their fifth birthdays each year has fallen below 9 million for the first time on record, a significant milestone in the global effort to improve children's chances of survival. - New York Times via Minneapolis Star Tribune

* ►September 9, 2009 - Plan to halve baby deaths - 3 million vaccinations in two weeks - The Times, South Africa

* ►September 9, 2009 - Vita-Tech International, Inc. Donates One Ton of Vitamins To Polio Treatment Centers in Guinea, West Africa - Vita-Tech International, Inc. via PRNewswire

►September 9, 2009 - Polio Vaccination Resumes In Pakistan's Swat Valley - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

►September 9, 2009 - Editorial: A legacy of the Taliban -- polio - Scripps Howard News Service

►September 9, 2009 - Over 300 cases of measles recorded - AngolaPress

* ►September 9, 2009 - NJ: 29 hepatitis cases tied to 1 doctor's office - AP via San Francisco Chronicle

►September 9, 2009 - Whooping cough outbreak noted in Grants Pass - Illinois Valley News

►September 9, 2009 - State vet calls local EEE case increase 'extraordinary' - The Republican Journal Reporter via VillageSoup

* ►September 9, 2009 - Study Shows 1% of Americans Have Been Infected With West Nile - HealthDay via Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Several West Nile vaccine trials are under way or are being planned, and these findings could not only help yield needed antibodies to the virus, they may help determine future vaccines' effectiveness, said the study authors, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Baxter Bioscience."

►September 9, 2009 - Medicare may pay for HIV testing - Reuters

►September 9, 2009 - ARUP Laboratories' Scientist Tanya Sandrock Receives NIH Grant to Search for
Additional HIV Therapies
- press release - ARUP Laboratories via Reuters

►September 9, 2009 - HIV doesn't always kill - I object to an advert that likens the virus to a mass murderer. And I'm sure taxpayers will agree - Comment is free via The Guardian, UK

* ►September 9, 2009 - MS drug Tysabri reawakens brain virus -study - Reuters via Forbes - "The multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri awakens a virus that causes a rare brain disease, not only suppressing the body's ability to fight it but making the virus stronger, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday. But these changes take place even in patients who show no symptoms of the infection -- a finding that suggests scientists still do not fully understand why 13 patients taking Tysabri have developed the potentially fatal brain infection."

►September 9, 2009 - ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Enters into Research and License Option Agreement with Roche Group - ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd via Business Wire

►September 9, 2009 - HHS and USDA Unveil New Food Safety Consumer Web Site at - New site features the latest food safety and recall information from across the government - press release - HHS via Business Wire via Reuters

* ►September 8, 2009 - Expert group recommendations: limitations of prediction based on insufficient data - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

* ►September 8, 2009 - Is The DoD Paying Attention To Swine Flu & Vaccine Conflicts? - Autism Salutes

* ►September 8, 2009 - UIHC nurses union opposes vaccination program - Iowa City Press Citizen

* ►September 8, 2009 - Swine Flu Scare: The Vaccine Seems Scarier! - The Blog of Dr. Josh Axe

* ►September 8, 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Fearmongering - Science Based Medicine - "Claim: 4000 people were afflicted with Guillain-Barré Syndrome in 1976.  Fact: At least 1 in 100,000 people would have gotten Guillain-Barré syndrome anyway. The excess cases attributed to the vaccine were estimated at 532 (some sources say half of that number), and most of them recovered fully. 25 deaths were attributed to the vaccine."

* ►September 8, 2009 - French outrage at secret pandemic tyranny laws escalates - The Flu Case - "The French newspaper Liberation today published a major report, fiercely attacking the draconian legal measures the French government has put in place, in secret, to deal with a so-called 'pandemic', including detentions for up to six months without seeing a judge and the trial of children in adult courts. Under the headline, 'Flu A: menace to our liberties', the paper publishes the demand of 'us, politicians, union leaders, researchers, associates to the public authorities' to have a proper debate 'as quickly as possible' on the military-style emergency measures outlined in a secret document sent by the government to the heads of the courts of France in July."

►September 8, 2009 - Illinois governor set to receive seasonal flu shot - AP via Chicago Tribune

►September 8, 2009 - Sex, Shots And Pre-Adolescents: The HPV Vaccine - NPR

* ►September 8, 2009 - Students without shots concern state officals - Redding Record Searchlight - "In Shasta County, Bethel Christian School was at the top of a list for the number of students without vaccinations, according to numbers released by the state for 2008. That year, Bethel had 22 kindergartners, 12 of whom had received vaccinations. 'The biggest reason is ... most parents have a concern about the shots and side effects,' said Darla Mayberry, a Bethel Christian School official."

* ►September 8, 2009 - Risk from mercury in 'silver' fillings still prompts dental debate - The Plain Dealer via

►September 8, 2009 - Dental fillings: pros and cons - Plain Dealer Extra Blog

►September 8, 2009 - CDC to Present 5-Year Research Plan Oct 29-30 at CFS Advisory Committee Meeting -

* ►September 8, 2009 - Novavax’ VLP delivery tech could accelerate H1N1 vacc production - Novavax’ VLP delivery system has been the subject of industry excitement this week after the US firm released Ph II data showing that a combination seasonal influenza vaccine based on the technology is effective and well tolerated. - in-PharmaTechnologist

* ►September 8, 2009 - The Real Health Care Scare - The Huffington Post - "In America, we are generally of the belief that by the time a drug or vaccine has made it into the marketplace there has been enough testing conducted by the FDA and objective physicians and researchers that we can trust its safety. Frequently, we are wrong. Great profit tempts drug manufacturers to deceive or cut corners to get more quickly to the market. Pfizer recently agreed to pay $2.3 billion in fines as a penalty for marketing drugs "off label," which means for other than their prescribed purpose. Merck, too, has a $4.85 billion legal settlement for Vioxx, a painkiller that doubled the risk of stroke and heart attack, and Eli Lilly agreed to almost $1.5 billion in penalties for illegal marketing of its top-selling anti-psychotic drug."

* ►September 8, 2009 - Australia’s swine flu vaccination plans come under fire (full text) - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 8, 2009 - LigoCyte tests ‘stomach flu’ vaccination - LigoCyte via Bozeman Daily Chronicle - “We will be giving human volunteers a test vaccine, then following with a dose of the live virus to measure protection from the vaccine,” Goodwin said. “It’s the first time this kind of study has ever been performed, and we are the only group in the world with a norovirus vaccine in clinical testing.”

►September 8, 2009 - Kids’ best shot - Vaccinations save lives and prevent suffering, say experts, citing studies of the benefits of inoculation. - Times Leader

►September 8, 2009 - Children With Asthma More Vulnerable to H1N1 Virus - Reuters

►September 8, 2009 - Novavax in talks with "half dozen" countries-CEO - Countries drawn to quicker, cheaper vaccine, CEO says  Method 80 percent cheaper than egg-based flu vaccine - Reuters

►September 8, 2009 - CDC Issues Guidance for Early Childhood Programs - H1N1 page (NEJM)

* ►September 8, 2009 - FDA Opens the Reportable Food Registry Electronic Portal for Industry - FDA

* ►September 8, 2009 - Shining A Light On Disease: Tracking Light-emitting Bacteria During Infection - By attaching light-emitting genes to infectious bacteria in an experimental system, researchers at University College, Cork, Ireland, have been able to track where in the body the bacteria go – giving an insight into the path of the infection process leading to the development of more targeted treatments. - Society for General Microbiology, via EurekAlert! via ScienceDaily

* ►September 8, 2009 - Reportlinker Adds Prescription Drugs Report - via PRNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

* ►September 8, 2009 - Merck Jury Told to Keep Deliberating in Fosamax Case - Bloomberg

►September 8, 2009 - HHS' Sebelius Counsels Kids with Asthma on Coming Swine Flu Season - Atlanta Journal Constitution

►September 8, 2009 - Health Highlights: - Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay - Atlanta Journal Constitution

* ►September 7, 2009 - Flu Pandemic Preparedness Planning Paying Off - EmaxHealth

►September 7, 2009 - Piece from childhood virus may save soldiers' lives - Eastern Virginia Medical School via EurekAlert!

►September 7, 2009 - Viral cause for prostate cancer? (requires registration) - Prostate cancer is increasingly looking like an infectious disease, a new study shows, and may be sexually transmitted - The Scientist

►September 7, 2009 - Moths as good as mice for many drug tests - study - Reuters

* ►September 7, 2009 - What Doctors Are Telling Patients About HPV Vaccine - audio and transcript - Morning Edition via NPR

* ►September 6, 2009 - Local Nurse Won't Comply with State Vaccination Order (includes video) - - "Just a word like pandemic is enough to scare anyone in the health care field. For registered nurse Deborah Gerhardt, there are words even scarier. 'Whenever you hear mandatory required, you start to get a little bit anxious,' says Gerhardt. She's been a nurse for 15 years and has never had a flu shot. 'I feel that everyone should have a choice,' says Gerhardt. She recently learned she doesn’t have a choice. 'It was just one day we were told you will receive the flu injection,' says Gerhardt. The New York State Department of Health is ordering tens of thousands of health workers be immunized against seasonal and swine flu."

►September 4, 2009 - CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza during the 2009–2010 Influenza Season - CDC

►September 4, 2009 - Technical Report for State and Local Public Health Officials and Child Care and Early Childhood Providers on CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza during the 2009–2010 Influenza Season - CDC

* ►September 4, 2009 - NIH Podcast Provides Insights on Autoimmune Diseases and their Impact on Women - Your body's immune system protects you from disease and infection. But if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. Autoimmune diseases are a category of disorders that can affect just about every organ system in the body -- from hair to toenails -- and are often chronic diseases that can go on for a lifetime. - Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH) via Biocompare

►September 2, 2009 - What doctors earn - BMJ Careers

* ►September 2, 2009 - Gardasil Requirement Effort Fell Flat -

* ►September 2, 2009 - HPV vaccine a suggestion, not mandate in Washington, DC, and Virginia - San Jose Mercury News

►September 1, 2009 - Group calls for mandatory flu vaccine for healthcare workers (requires subscription for full article) - MD Consult - "Hospitals should require all healthcare workers with direct patient contact to be vaccinated against both seasonal influenza and the pandemic A(H1N1) flu, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology has said."

* ►August 31, 2009 - Limiting Cost-sharing on Drugs: A Big PhRMA Objective from Health Reform - Preventing big out-of-pocket expenditures by patients for health services and pharmaceuticals may be the antidote to the toxic bad publicity for health reform during August. At least, PhRMA hopes so. The trade association is helping to support an AMA campaign against copays. - The RPM Report

* ►August 28, 2009 - Gardasil Researcher Cautions Parents - In an unprecedented move, one of the lead researchers who tested Gardasil has spoken out against the vaccine. - Eco Child's Play

* ►August 27, 2009 - Gardasil - More alarming stories from mothers and grandmothers. - Readers tell of death, devastation, and disabilities caused to their young daughters after taking this vaccine. No one knows at this time the long term affects of this vaccine on 25,000,000 young women who have received this vaccine. Some states want to make it mandatory like DPT, polio, and chicken pox. Where has individual rights gone?  Should this vaccine be taken off the market? -

►August 26, 209 - Officials warn: Meningitis can kill your child in 24 hours - - "'Meningitis has cut short and devastated the lives of too many young people,' said Lori Loughlin. 'As a mother of three, I helped to protect my children against this disease by ensuring they were vaccinated.'"

* ►August 25, 2009 - Measles warning - Marlborough Express via - "A pre-schooler who had already received one immunisation for measles, mumps and rubella has become the first reported case of measles in Marlborough since December 2003."

* ►August 25, 2009 - Most HK Health Workers Seen Balking At H1N1 Vaccine (requires registration) - Reuters via New York Times

►August 24, 2009 - CSL starts U.S. swine flu vaccine trial - Reuters AlertNet

* ►August 24, 2009 - Gardasil is proven dangerous, yet it is still mandatory for immigrants - American Chronicle

* ►August 21, 2009 - Cancer vaccine reactions 'normal' - The Australian scientist who created the world's first vaccine for cervical cancer, Ian Frazer, warned against "scaremongering" yesterday after American researchers reported 772 cases of severe side-effects. - The Australian

* ►August 20, 2009 - The Proliferating Secrecy and Governmental Deceptions Surrounding Swine Flu Vaccines and Medications - American Chronicle

* ►August 19, 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine (includes video) - Medical Watch via - "Dr. Andrew Maniotis, UIC Adjunct Assistant Professor, 'There is no evidence that vaccines do anything but nothing or do damage.' ...  Dr. Andrew Maniotis, UIC [University of Illinois at Chicago] Adjunct Assistant Professor, 'It is lunacy at this point in time to inject foreign proteins into the bodies of children.'"

* ►August 17, 2009 - Beyond toxicity: aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated functions in the immune system (full text) - journal article (Journal of Biology)

* ►August 8, 2009 - Forced vaccinations? Just say NO! - YouTube

* ►August 8, 2009 - School sued for fake cancer test (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►August 8, 2009 - FDA weighs in on Gardasil, Cervarix - Fierce Pharma - "In preparation for this week's review by an FDA advisory panel, agency staff released its own analysis of data on Gardasil use in boys and young men. The verdict? Gardasil is effective in preventing genital warts caused by particular human papillomavirus strains."

* ►August 7, 2009 - Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Austistic - YouTube

* ►August 6, 2009 - Commercial Insight: Influenza Vaccines and Antivirals - The pandemic's long-term impact - FierceBiotech - "Datamonitor believes that the most likely scenario for the long-term impact of the current H1N1 pandemic is a transient boost for seasonal flu vaccination, expanding the 7 major markets' size from $2.8 billion in 2008/2009 to over $4 billion in 2010/2011, followed by a period of stagnation caused by immunization fatigue."

* The Engineering of "Pandemics" By A. True Ott, PhD, ND - VIC (Vaccine Injury Coalition) via

Practice Resources - Health Care Professionals’ Influenza Vaccination Commitment - Prevent Childhood Influenza, Childhood Influenza Immunization Coalition  - "We urge health care professionals to make their support of influenza vaccination known by displaying this statement in their practices and on their Web sites. ... CIIC is made possible by an unrestricted educational grant to NFID from sanofi pasteur."


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