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All the News Posted October 6-8, 2008

Posted October 8, 2008


* ►October 9, 2008 - Antigenically Distinct MF59-Adjuvanted Vaccine to Boost Immunity to H5N1 (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►October 9, 2008 - Effectiveness of Maternal Influenza Immunization in Mothers and Infants (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►October 9, 2008 - Insights into Inflammation and Influenza - journal article (NEJM)

►October 9, 2008 - Modern Health Care for All Americans (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►October 9, 2008 - Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care for Every American (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►October 9, 2008 - Immunotherapy on Trial for New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes (includes video) - journal article (NEJM)

►October 9, 2008 - Health Care in the Next Administration (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►October 9, 2008 - Girls suffer side effects of immunisation shot - Fiji Times - "The headteacher of Tacirua Primary School, Josateki Silatolu, confirmed a Class Three pupil and two Class Four girls aged between 9 and 12 had experienced the expected side effects. 'They all felt weak,' Mr Silatolu said. 'One of the girls said she felt like vomitting and one almost fainted. They were later taken to the Children's Ward at CWM and treated by the doctor."

* ►October 9, 2008 - S Africa quarantines 100 over mystery virus - Health authorities in South Africa are on high alert, quarantining more than 100 people who are suspected of coming into contact with a mysterious virus that has killed at least three people in Johannesburg. -

* ►October 9, 2008 - Measles not worth the risk - Prevention from diseases outweighs MMR side effects - guest column (requires registration) - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "In the scientific community, the controversy over whether the MMR vaccine causes autism essentially ended by 2001. Much to their credit, local and state public health officials have consistently been editorializing in local newspapers throughout the country about the safety of vaccines and their importance for child health. But despite the evidence, federal public health officials have remained almost completely silent on this issue."

►October 9, 2008 - UCH declares anti-HIV drug ineffective - The Punch, Nigeria

►October 9, 2008 - HIV/AIDS: FG to test 52.1 million Nigerians - The Punch, Nigeria

* ►October 9, 2008 - Vaccine law change - Arkansas Times - "A change in state law to allow pet owners to vaccinate their dogs and cats against rabies every three years instead of one may be part of the state Health Department's legislative package next year."

►October 9, 2008 - China sets limits on melamine levels in milk products - China Daily

* ►October 9, 2008 - Vaccine can protect against bird flu in seven days - A new vaccine could offer protection against bird flu in just one week, instead of the usual six. - The Telegraph, UK - "The 'primer' jab can be given up to eight years before an outbreak and needs only a 'booster' injection to innoculate fully....The second vaccine contains the bird flu strain H5N1, while the first uses a strain known as H5N3."

►October 9, 2008 - Alarming rise in polio cases a cause for concern - GulfNews - "Dr H.B. Memon, National Manager for Pakistan's Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), has pointed out that one of the causes is polio drops are not absorbed if they are given when the child is suffering from diarrhea. Allegations have also surfaced in the media regarding the use of sub-standard vaccines."

►October 9, 2008 - Gulshan Nazim concerned over increasing polio cases - The News International, Pakistan

* ►October 8, 2008 - $8.5 million polio case judgment upheld - AP via St. Louis Post-Dispatch - "A Missouri appeals court Tuesday upheld an $8.5 million judgment for a St. Louis man who contracted polio after receiving an oral vaccine as a child. A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals' Eastern District also ruled that the vaccine's manufacturer owed about $2.8 million for prejudgment interest on top of the award because it refused to accept a pretrial settlement offer that was less than the amount awarded by a jury. Cortez Strong contracted polio in June 1987, shortly after receiving a second dose of the vaccine Orimune, which was made by American Cyanamid Co."

* ►October 8, 2008 - Court Upholds $8.5 Million Polio Judgment - Missouri Man Contracted Polio After Taking Vaccine - KMBC Kansas City - "American Cyanamid was purchased in 1994 and is now part of New Jersey-based Wyeth. The vaccine given to Strong was discontinued in 2000. A spokesman for Wyeth said Tuesday the company is studying its next step. 'We are considering our appellate options and recourse for further review,' spokesman Doug Petkus said. 'We still believe the case was wrongly decided.'"

►October 8, 2008 - DCO Hyderabad to chair meeting regarding Polio eradication today - Regional Times

* ►October 8, 2008 - New Evidence Highlights Dangers of Mercury Toxicity in Fish - press release - Island Press via PRNewswire - "Dr. Jane Hightower -- widely acknowledged as the first US physician to recognize low-level mercury poisoning in patients who regularly consume certain types of fish -- today released new evidence showing that the FDA has failed to inform and protect the public from the risks of mercury poisoning due to consumption of certain types of seafood. Dr. Hightower has released a new book, Diagnosis: Mercury: Money, Politics, and Poison, which is widely available in stores starting October 7, 2008."

* ►October 8, 2008 - Olmsted on Autism: How the Media Misses Mercury By Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism

* ►October 8, 2008 - Why Do We Treat Our Kids' Autism? By Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

►October 8, 2008 - Autism Linked to Genius? Well, of Course! - Autism Blog via

►October 8, 2008 - Major Court Rules That Parents of Children with Autism May Sue Vaccine Makers - Autism Blog via

* ►October 8, 2008 - Be wary of vaccination - letter - The Jersey Journal via - "Would you let your readers know about the Vaccination Choice Rally that is being held in Trenton this Oct. 16?...The annual flu shot is required for children as young as 6 months of age. We are the first place in the world to mandate the flu shot to children. There are insufficient supplies of mercury-free shots, so many children are forced to be vaccinated with 25 mcg of mercury. When added with the multidose meningococcal vaccine and Sanofi Pasteur's tetanus shot, the total contains 25,000 times more mercury than the EPA will allow in our drinking water! The rally will be held Thursday, Oct. 16, noon to 2 p.m., outside Gov. Jon Corzine's office at the New Jersey Statehouse 125 W. State St., Trenton."

* ►October 8, 2008 - AFP author--Day 8 - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

* ►October 8, 2008 - Thimerosal Vaccine Lawsuit Can Go Forward, Georgia Supreme Court Says -

* ►October 8, 2008 - Vaccine State Mandates - How School Vaccine Mandates Came About - Exploring Vaccines

* ►October 8, 2008 - Vaccination program needs cash - Northern News Services - "The Government of the Northwest Territories will need more cash if it is to fund a vaccination program against a virus that causes cervical cancer in women....'In order for us to implement it we have to spend more than what the federal government is giving us,' said Gregory Cummings, deputy minister for the Department of Health and Social Services. He added the GNWT will not proceed with the program until it can sustain it long term."

* ►October 8, 2008 - Call to restore axed vax incentives - Child vaccination rates may go back to those of the ‘dark ages’ following the axing of incentive payments this month, a GP immunisation experts says. -

* ►October 8, 2008 - AAP National Conference and Exhibition October 10-14, 2008 - press release - American Academy of Pediatrics via PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch - "MONDAY, October 13 9:15 a.m. Panel Discussion on Autism Spectrum Disorders Learn the latest news in diagnosis, treatment and research of Autism
Spectrum Disorders and pose your questions about autism to a panel of experts."

►October 8, 2008 - Students Must Meet State Immunization Requirements To Stay In School - The Daily Kenoshan

►October 8, 2008 - CDC gives School of Public Health $8.2 million - Minnesota Daily - "The project, “University of Minnesota: Simulations and Exercises for Educational Effectiveness” will identify ideal preparedness training and translate research results into improvements in public health preparedness systems."

►October 8, 2008 - Vaccine Coverage Rates for Children Remain High - Vaccine Rx

►October 8, 2008 - Booster Immunizations Needed For Full Protection -

* ►October 8, 2008 - Two firms win NIAID support for Ebola-Marburg vaccines - CIDRAP News - "The AdVac technology is also designed to avoid problems with preexisting immunity to the most commonly used recombinant vaccine vector, adenovirus serotype 5, according to the company. Instead, the new technology is based on adenoviruses that don't regularly occur in humans, such as Ad35, which may enable the vaccine to provoke a more robust immune response."

* ►October 8, 2008 - 2m women targeted in tetanus war - Daily Nation - "Women aged between 15 and 49 years are expected to get the jabs during the Sh45 million campaign."

* ►October 8, 2008 - RNA Molecules, Delivery System Improve Vaccine Responses, Effectiveness - University of Texas at Austin via ScienceDaily

►October 8, 2008 - Protein key in new uni TB vaccine - Ground-breaking research by scientists in Wales and Russia is being used to develop a new vaccine for tuberculosis. (includes video) - BBC

►October 8, 2008 - Decoding of malaria parasite's genome could lead to vaccine - USA Today

►October 8, 2008 - Pneumonia vaccine safe, says WHO - The Statesman - "The report by the WHO comes in the wake of media reports expressing concerns about the risks and benefits of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. According to the WHO, the concern in the media was due to incorrect interpretations of a discussion about ‘clinical pneumonia’ versus X-ray confirmed pneumonia."

►October 8, 2008 - Base personnel conduct Wounded Eagle exercise - Greene County Dailies via Xenia Gazette - "Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Personnel across the base Wednesday experienced the challenges of a full-scale exercise featuring a simulated smallpox emergency."

►October 8, 2008 - Breakthrough in Avian Influenza Vaccine - The Chosun Ilbo

►October 8, 2008 - Tri-Cities Task Force Takes On Influenza - Bristol Herald Courier

* ►October 8, 2008 - New Avian Flu Vaccine Strategy Proposed - Advance shots protect those most exposed in possible pandemic, researchers suggest - HealthDay News via U.S. News & World Report

* ►October 8, 2008 - New Study Determines Double Flu Jab Needed Against Bird Flu Pandemic -

* ►October 8, 2008 - Double Flu Jab Needed Against Bird Flu Pandemic - An international study led by University of Leicester researchers has determined that vaccination will be the best way to protect people in the event of the next influenza pandemic – but that each person would need two doses. - University of Leicester, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

* ►October 8, 2008 - Drive-through flu shots available on Thursday - Gwinnett Daily Post - "'For vaccinations, we would do a drive-through if there was an emergency,' said Vernon Goins, spokesman for the East Metro Health District, 'so this is a test of our capabilities to dispense vaccinations to a very large population quickly.' The department will attempt to administer the vaccine to 1,000 people over the course of three hours."

►October 8, 2008 - Truckers, hydro workers crucial in flu pandemic, study - Health care staff aren't the only ones who should get top priority (requires registration or subscription) - Toronto Star

►October 8, 2008 - Flu Shots for Pregnant Women (includes video) -

►October 8, 2008 - Flu season could be a rough one - Anderson Independent-Mail

►October 8, 2008 - Flu kills kids, says CDC (includes video) - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

►October 8, 2008 - Official: Prepare for pandemic influenza outbreak - St. George Daily Spectrum

►October 8, 2008 - Flu vaccination encouraged -

►October 8, 2008 - Now’s the time to get a flu jab - The Press, UK

►October 8, 2008 - Influenza Virus Vaccine 2008-2009 Season - FDA/CBER

* ►October 8, 2008 - She lost son; now stresses flu shot value - Beckley Register-Herald - "When Diane McGowen of Nazareth, Pa., gave her son Martin Tylenol before putting him to bed on Feb. 8, 2005, she never imagined it would be the last time she would say goodnight to her son."

►October 8, 2008 - Mom in the news arguing for more careful public policy on vaccines - NewsReleaseWire via

* ►October 8, 2008 - 10 dead after Group A strep outbreak sickens 75 in Thunder Bay - The Canadian Press via Google

* ►October 8, 2008 - Little-known E. coli strain O111 starts gaining notoriety - USA Today

►October 8, 2008 - Structure Of 'Beneficial' Virus That Can Infect Cancer Cells Solved - The 3-D structure of the virus, known as Seneca Valley Virus-001, reveals that it is unlike any other known member of the Picornaviridae viral family, and confirms its recent designation as a separate genus "Senecavirus." The new study reveals that the virus's outer protein shell looks like a craggy golf ball — one with uneven divets and raised spikes — and the RNA strand beneath it is arranged in a round mesh rather like a whiffleball. -  Scripps Research Institute via ScienceDaily

* ►October 8, 2008 - New Vaccine May Help Type 1 Diabetics in Future - Early study finds it appears to sustain insulin production in the newly diagnosed.- HealthDay News via U.S. News and World Report

* ►October 8, 2008 - Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Pfizer issued a statement Tuesday denying that it had manipulated Neurontin data, saying “study results are reported by Pfizer in an objective, accurate, balanced and complete manner, with a discussion of the strengths and limitations of the study, and are reported regardless of the outcome of the study or the country in which the study was conducted.” The expert reports, unsealed Monday in a federal court in Boston, add to accusations that the pharmaceutical industry has controlled the flow of clinical research data, blurring the lines between science and marketing."

* ►October 8, 2008 - ADHD drugs cut risk of drug abuse - Girls who take stimulants to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are less likely than others with the condition to start smoking or to abuse alcohol or drugs. - Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine via - "The research team also included Dr. Joseph Biederman, a Harvard psychiatrist who has been accused by Iowa Republican US Sen. Charles Grassley of not fully disclosing payments from drug companies. Biederman in this study disclosed ties to Novartis, Shire and other companies. The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and by the Lilly Foundation."

* ►October 8, 2008 - Vaxin begins pandemic flu study using Birmingham volunteers - The Birmingham News

* ►October 8, 2008 - Health: WHO Warns Against 'Bird Flu Fatigue' - So where is the pandemic? This is a question most often asked of health experts years after they warned about a pandemic influenza that could infect up to 35 percent of the world's population. - IPS

* ►October 8, 2008 - Europe Mulls Easing Drug Rules - Pharmaceutical Firms Would Be Able to Give 'Objective' Information to Consumers - The Wall Street Journal

►October 8, 2008 - GSK, Merck drug gifts reining in tropical disease - AP via International Herald Tribune

►October 8, 2008 - Pandemic scenario poses care questions - News Press

►October 8, 2008 - Scientists attend forum on infectious diseases - VietNamNews

►October 8, 2008 - Merck to begin HIV clinical trial - HAYS Pharma

►October 8, 2008 - Infectious, Lifestyle Diseases Pushing on Indian IVD Market - PR Minds

►October 8, 2008 - WHO Enlists Drugmakers Merck KGaA, Glaxo to Combat Parasites - Bloomberg

►October 8, 2008 - Nano-Terra and Merck extend nanomaterial development partnership - MIT The Journal of New England Technology

►October 8, 2008 - Food safety minute: Avoidance is the only way to prevent food allergies -

►October 8, 2008 - FDA Warns Bayer Over Birth Control Pill TV Ads - Pharmalot

►October 8, 2008 - Owning a pet reduces risk of developing type of cancer - Owning a pet could reduce the risk of developing a potentially fatal type of cancer by almost a third, according to a new study. - Telegraph, UK

►October 8, 2008 - Wild Blueberries Take Top Spot in New Antioxidant Research Study - Cornell University Food Scientists Expand Testing Using Cellular Antioxidant Activity Assay - PRNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 8, 2008 - 7th-Grader's Death Last Week Attributed to Bacterial Meningitis (requires registration) - Maryland Briefing via Washington Post

►October 8, 2008 - Aid Group Puts Elephantiasis on the Run - Wall Street Journal Health Blog

►October 8, 2008 - 'Fingerprinting' method tracks mercury emissions from coal - University of Michigan researchers have developed a new tool that uses natural "fingerprints" in coal to track down sources of mercury polluting the environment. The research is published in today's online issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology. - University of Michigan via

* ►October 8, 2008 - Medical Mystery: Only One Person Has Survived Rabies Without Vaccine--But How? - talks with the first known survivor of rabies four years later - Scientific American

* ►October 8, 2008 - Lilly Gets Off Easy - Motley Fool

►October 8, 2008 - FDA Says LabCorp Cancer Test Is Illegal (requires registration) - The New York Times - "In its new letter, which was sent Sept. 29, the F.D.A. said the test, called OvaSure, required agency approval before it could be marketed."

►October 8, 2008 - Illegal Botox Scammers a Public Threat - Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety via PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 8, 2008 - Many Chinese doubt food scandals will end - USA Today

►October 8, 2008 - Melamine Contamination in Powdered Milk Test: 6,196 ppm - China powdered milk tests 2,500 times higher than FDA safe limit - The Epoch Times

* ►October 8, 2008 - Latest update from Rabies Challenge Fund - Good Bloggie! - "November marks the one year anniversary since the concurrent 5 and 7 year challenge studies began at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and the fund has raised $120,700 of the $209,000 needed to fund the studies’ 2nd year budget."

►October 8, 2008 - More adolescents get HPV vaccine (requires registration for full article) - Billings Gazette via Therapeutics Daily - "'All my friends have gotten (the vaccine),' said Tayler Eubank, a sophomore at Central High, who was inoculated after her sister read about the vaccine in a magazine."

* ►October 8, 2008 - Another school board rejects HPV vaccine - Division won't offer it - Canadian Press via Winnipeg Sun - "The Red Deer Catholic Regional School Division won’t offer a vaccine that has stirred up controversy around the province."

* ►October 7, 2008 - HPV vaccination and the coercion of our 13 year old diabetic daughter - Tall Skinny Kiwi - "On the day, our 13 year old daughter, who by the way has Type-1 Diabetes, was taken aside from the other girls and told by the doctor that she was the only girl in her year who had handed in a consent form with a cross in the 'No' box. As they started to talk, and without being asked if she wanted it, the doctor jabbed her....After the jab, our daughter and 2 friends had immediate side effects, including a hot and cold flashes and dizziness, but they was told it was in their minds. Headaches have continued almost daily since the jab and a few days ago she had a very serious seizure during the night."

►October 7, 2008 - Mother concerned after daughter faints - Saskatchewan News Network; Canwest News Service via - "Laplante said the family doctor told her daughter she may have had a seizure."

►October 7, 2008 - Framing vaccines, revisited: The "empathy" gambit - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

►October 7, 2008 - Myth, Religion, and Jenny McCarthy, False Prophet of Autism - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

►October 7, 2008 - Flu Pandemic Possible, So Vaccines Needed, Officials Say - Mailings, TV Ads Advise Public To Get Flu Shots (includes video) -

►October 7, 2008 - Spreading the word - Polio survivor clues up cross Canada ride - The Charter

►October 7, 2008 - Polio: Not gone, not forgotten - Haven, Rotary Club shocked that immunization no longer a priority - Nova News Now - "Haven is an active member of the provincial Polio Support Group. This group, in partnership with Post-Polio Health International is marking October 12-18 as 'We’re Still Here' week. They want to remind everyone that that the daily struggle with the disease didn’t end with the discovery of the Salk vaccine."

►October 7, 2008 - Rotary teams up for “Pennies for Polio” - Danville Commercial-News

►October 7, 2008 - More than 4,000 got free tetanus vaccine -

* ►October 7, 2008 - Toddlers' Focus on Mouths vs Eyes Predicts Autism Severity (requires registration) - Archives of General Psychiatry via Medscape

* ►October 7, 2008 - High-risk individuals get first shot at flu inoculations - Health unit taking appointments for seniors, chronically ill - The Belleville Intelligencer, Canada

* ►October 7, 2008 - Update: The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative Begins Work on New Compounds to Fill Early-Stage TB Drug Pipeline - Lilly TB Drug Discovery via PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - Corrected - Update 1-FDA approves Oxford, Sanofi cancer trial changes - Reuters

* ►October 7, 2008 - Guilty: stem cell researcher (requires registration) - The Scientist - "A former member of a high profile stem cell biology research team at the University of Minnesota has been found guilty of falsifying data, a university investigatory panel has ruled."

►October 7, 2008 - Drug stocks turn south in afternoon trading - Drug stocks reversed course Tuesday, ending the session in negative territory after beginning the day on a bullish note. - MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - Court clears cull by suffocation - New Scotsman, UK

►October 7, 2008 - Statement from CHPA on the Voluntary Label Updates to Oral OTC Children’s Cough and Cold Medicines - Consumer Healthcare Products Association

►October 7, 2008 - Flu season: CDC says vaccinate children early - Gannett News Service via Norwich Bulletin

►October 7, 2008 - University provides flu vaccines - Health Services to distribute free medication at Joyce Center - The Observer

►October 6, 2008 - School board approves flu mist - Hattiesburg American

►October 6, 2008 - Supreme Court to rule on drugmaker's immunity - San Francisco Chronicle

►October 6, 2008 - Palfrey Elected Chief Of Pediatrics Group - Adams House Master to juggle being a physician and children’s health leader - Harvard Crimson

►October 6, 2008 - Program will vaccinate students for flu in city schools - Lynchburg News and Advance - "A pilot project to provide flu vaccine to Lynchburg schoolchildren in grades 4-8 will be launched in mid-November by the Central Virginia Health District."

►October 6, 2008 -  Public Health Emergency Practice (includes video) -

►October 6, 2008 - Newark Beth Israel Gives Flu Update -

►October 6, 2008 - Gardasil vaccine - good or dangerous? - Mills Campanil

* ►October 4, 2008 - Graphic Timelines - Exploring Vaccines

►October 4, 2008 - Types of Flu Vaccines - Exploring Vaccines

* ►October 3, 2008 - Alberta boards deny access to HPV vaccine - Catholic Register

►October 3, 2008 - Lorne Tyrrell 'a shining light in U of A's first 100 years' - Honoured medical scientist says cures for hepatitis B and C are achievable soon, but the illnesses are overlooked in funding process - Edmonton Journal via - "Tyrrell is the co-founder of ViRexx, a local company developing hepatitis B and C vaccines, and KMT Hepatech, which uses the hepatitis C mouse model to evaluate small molecules and vaccines. Both are U of A spinoffs."

►October 2, 2008 - Bringing autism to light - WALKdo aims to educate - Mankato Free Press 

►October 2008 - Case-Control Study of Clinical Features of Influenza in Hospitalized Patients - journal article (Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2008 - Clinical Utility of Infection Control Documentation of Prior Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Colonization or Infection for Optimization of Empirical Antibiotic Therapy - journal article (Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2008 - Derivation and Validation of a Clinical Prediction Score for Isolation of Inpatients With Suspected Pulmonary Tuberculosis - journal article (Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2008 - Cyclophilin D deficiency attenuates mitochondrial and neuronal perturbation and ameliorates learning and memory in Alzheimer's disease - journal article (Nature Medicine)

►October 2008 - Divergent TLR7 and TLR9 signaling and type I interferon production distinguish pathogenic and nonpathogenic AIDS virus infections - journal article (Nature Medicine)

►October 2008 - JC viral loads in patients with Crohn's disease treated with immunosuppression: can we screen for elevated risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy? - journal article (Gut)

►July 2008 - Trends in autism prevalence: diagnostic substitution revisited. - journal article (Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders)


Posted October 7, 2008


►November 2008 - Summer influenza outbreak in a home for the elderly: application of preventive measures - journal article (Journal of Hospital Infection)

►October 15, 2008 - Uncoupling the Roles of HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DRB5 Genes in Multiple Sclerosis - journal article (The Journal of Immunology)

* ►October 8, 2008 - Drug Funding Questioned - journal article (JAMA)

* ►October 8, 2008 - Disclosing Genetic Research Results After Death of Pediatric Patients - journal article (JAMA)

* ►October 8, 2008 - Severe Fungal Infections Linked to Drugs - journal article (JAMA)

* ►October 8, 2008 - Needle Exchange - journal article (JAMA)

* ►October 8, 2008 - HIV Prevention Education and HIV-Related Policies in Secondary Schools—Selected Sites, United States, 2006 - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Reductions in Incidence of Invasive Group B Streptococcal Disease in the United States - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Reductions in Incidence of Invasive Group B Streptococcal Disease in the United States—Reply - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Comparisons of Safety-Net and Non–Safety-Net Hospitals - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Comparisons of Safety-Net and Non–Safety-Net Hospitals—Reply - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Postdeployment Screening - journal article (JAMA)

►October 8, 2008 - Prenatal Genome Testing Sparks Debate - journal article (JAMA)

* ►October 8, 2008 - H5N1 Human Vaccine Developed in Korea - - "Chungnam National University professor Suh Sang-hee said yesterday that his research team produced a human vaccine against the highly pathogenic bird flu strain by genetic recombination of H5N1 viruses transmitted to humans....Suh named the vaccine 'CNUK-H5N1-08-01' and reported it to the government."

* ►October 8, 2008 - ERMA’s GE Horse Vaccine Use Must Be Determined - Press Release: Soil and Health Association of New Zealand via

* ►October 8, 2008 - Environmental group raises concerns over GM vaccine - Horsetalk, NZ - "'If a wild water bird is affected by vaccine shed in the water, the devastating effects could not be contained and we would have a massive biosecurity problem on our hands. This would put at risk our farmed birds as well as our already endangered native birds. With the threats from 1080 and now canary pox what hope do they have?'"

►October 8, 2008 - Wyeth Says Newer Meningitis Vaccine Would Pack More Punch (free preview) - The Wall Street Journal

►October 8, 2008 - Measles fear in wake of Thai tragedy - The West Australian - "Hundreds of people in Perth may have been exposed to measles after coming into contact with a Year 11 Winthrop Baptist College student caught in a lightning strike in Thailand who has since been found to have the highly infectious virus."

►October 8, 2008 - Meningococcal nightmare leads to support group - South Western Rural Advertiser

►October 8, 2008 - Mayor rids city of mercury-based thermometers -

►October 8, 2008 - Take a shot - The elderly make up 90% of influenza deaths. With the flu in season again, vaccination can help to boost the immune system, especially for the aged. - Malaysia Star

►October 8, 2008 - Top Aussie flu expert Laver dies at 79 - AAP via The Age

►October 8, 2008 - Melamine found in new powder shipments - Bangkok Post

►October 8, 2008 - 'Therapeutic vaccine for AIDS by 2012' - Press Trust of India via Business Standard

* ►October 7, 2008 - Mother questions HPV vaccine - Daughter faints after receiving shot; health official says program safe - Saskatoon StarPhoenix via - "Louise Laplante, mother of a 10-year-old Grade 6 student at St. John School, said her daughter fainted in the hallway about five minutes after she received the vaccination last Thursday. Her classmates witnessed her kicking her legs and groaning briefly after she fainted, Laplante said....Laplante said her family doctor told her daughter she may have had a seizure. Laplante was concerned she wasn't told about the incident until the end of the day, when her daughter informed her of what happened. 'What is the protocol?' she said. 'Why wouldn't you call a parent if something like this happened? I don't know what to say, when somebody's kid falls down and starts shaking, you have to call 911. I didn't get a note, a message, nothing.'"

* ►October 7, 2008 - Wyeth Can Be Sued For Thimerosal In A Vaccine - Pharmalot - "Wyeth spokesman Doug Petkus tells the paper the company would appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court. He adds that other courts have agreed that federal law supersedes state claims for injuries if the vaccines are prepared with FDA-approved designs and are accompanied by the proper warnings."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Lilly To Pay $62M To States Over Zyprexa Suits - Pharmalot

* ►October 7, 2008 - Prostate cancer vaccine 'can stimulate body's own defences' - Scientists have hailed a prostate cancer vaccine which can stimulate the body's own defences against the disease. - Telegraph, UK

* ►October 7, 2008 - Fuming over formaldehyde (requires registration) - The CDC demoted a 'whistle-blower' who warned of contaminant in hurricane victims' trailers, a report says. - The Los Angeles Times

* ►October 7, 2008 - FDA and PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative Announce Research Collaboration - Grant will help develop tests to evaluate experimental malaria vaccines - FDA

* ►October 7, 2008 - North Carolina to get $1.8M in Eli Lilly settlement - Triangle Business Journal

* ►October 7, 2008 - Scientists Identify Diagnostic Biomarkers for Chemical Allergies - The Institute of Environmental Toxicology in Japan via American Chronicle

* ►October 7, 2008 - 3M Licenses Vaccine Adjuvants to Sanofi Pasteur - press release - 3M via Business Wire - "Under the agreement, 3M will provide its patented toll-like receptor (TLR) agonist compounds to sanofi pasteur for an undisclosed licensing fee, milestones and royalties for use as vaccine adjuvants."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Cervarix HPV Vaccine And The ASO4 Novel Adjuvant System - The One Click Group - "'Datamonitor sees combinations of immunostimulatory adjuvants with
efficacious delivery systems as a promising approach, but hurdles to approval for these combinations will be higher than for single-component adjuvants. The future regulatory performance of GSK's AS04 will have a crucial impact on the prospects of such combination approaches.' See HERE  The abstract of this study reveals that all eyes are on ASO4's regulatory performance which `will have a crucial impact on the prospects of such combination approaches'. In other words – there is a) uncertainty about its performance and b) a huge vested interest in seeing it succeed. This information also leaves an uncomfortable question – is Cervarix a cervical vaccine trial or is it an ASO4 trial?"

* ►October 7, 2008 - New Research Confirms Toxic Gas Theory For Cot Death - press release - T J Sprott OBE MSc PhD FNZIC via The One Click Group

* ►October 7, 2008 - Lilly to pay $62M in 32-state Zyprexa settlement - Indianapolis Star

* ►October 7, 2008 - Prescription Drugs | Eli Lilly Agrees To Pay $62 Million to 33 States To Settle Allegations of Improper Marketing of Zyprexa -

►October 7, 2008 - Eli Lilly and Company Resolves Investigation Involving Numerous States - Resolution Seen as Best Option for Company and Patients Who Rely on Zyprexa - press release - Eli Lilly and Company via PRNewswire-FirstCall via The Earth Times - "While there is no finding that Lilly has violated any provision of the state laws under which the investigations were conducted, the company will pay $62 million to be divided among the settling states."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Free Drug Samples Harm Children - AHRP via The One Click Group

* ►October 7, 2008 - Curbs sought on psychiatric drugs given to children - Kentucky Medicaid Official Says They Could Pose Health Risks - Lexington Herald-Leader via

* ►October 7, 2008 - FDA cites Bayer for misleading birth control ads - Reuters

* ►October 7, 2008 - Drug Companies Say No Cold Meds for Kids Under 4 - Pediatricians had argued the OTC medicines did more harm than good - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report - "Saying they were acting "out of an abundance of caution," the makers of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines said Tuesday that the medicines should not be given to children younger than 4 years old."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Acetaminophen warning issued for babies - International Herald Tribune - "After controlling for numerous factors, including breast-feeding, antibiotic use and parental smoking, they found that children given acetaminophen before age 1 had an almost 50 percent increased risk for asthma, eczema and allergy compared with those given none."

►October 7, 2008 - University to monitor babies through age 21 - SIU Daily Egyptian

* ►October 7, 2008 - CDC funds research on public health preparedness - CIDRAP News - "Seven universities will share $10.9 million in federal funds to study the ability of state and local public health systems to respond to emergencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced yesterday."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Georgia Supreme Court Denies Federal Pre-Emption in Thimerosal/Autism Case -

* ►October 7, 2008 - With 1 in 166 children having autism, parents are scared - The Plain Dealer via

* ►October 7, 2008 - Group demands funding for autism - Surrey Now via - "Autism NOW, a national coalition group, has targeted 14 ridings across Canada, including Newton-North Delta and Fleetwood-Port Kells, using its 'two per cent solution.' The tactic focuses on constituencies where current MPs won by two per cent or less in the last election, with the hope of influencing enough votes to elect supportive candidates."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Jenny McCarthy Mother Warriors NYT Best Seller - Age of Autism

* ►October 7, 2008 - Court Rules That Atlanta Family Can Sue Wyeth for Vaccine Damage - Adventures in Autism

* ►October 7, 2008 - Surviving Autism - Caring for an autistic child doesn't have to tear a family apart - Staten Island Advance via - "'Andrew was developing normally and then after his 12-month-old shot, he went from smiling and looking at a camera to a blank stare on his face and not acknowledging anyone,' Mrs. DeSoye said."

 ►October 7, 2008 - Jenny McCarthy, Amanda Peet Square Off Over Vaccines (includes audio) - WBBM 780 Chicago

►October 7, 2008 - PETA's Controversial New 'Got Autism?' Billboard Yanked - Ad Highlighting Studies That Link Cow's Milk and Developmental Disability Taken Down - PETA Media Center

►October 7, 2008 - Unraveling the Mysteries of Rett Syndrome and the Brain - 6th World Rett Syndrome Congress gathers researchers from around the globe - press release - International Rett Syndrome Foundation via Business Wire via MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - KOMU's Ashley Reynolds Wins Emmy for Autism Series - Age of Autism

►October 7, 2008 - Girls get new cancer jab (includes video) - Bradford Telegraph Argus, UK - "We held assemblies for the girls and talked about how important it is to have the vaccination and how it will protect them later in life from the most common cause of cervical cancer."

►October 7, 2008 - Health services: HPV vaccine cost too sharp for some students’ budgets - The Post Online

►October 7, 2008 - Nobel Prize for Discovery of Cervical Cancer Virus - American Cancer Society

►October 7, 2008 - Scientist with Penn ties wins a Nobel - Philadelphia Inquirer

* ►October 7, 2008 - Examine This Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012 as the Market is Expected to Emerge as the Fastest Growing Therapy Area in the Next 5 Years - Research and Markets via Business Wire via MarketWatch - "'Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012', our new research report, states that vaccines, which were earlier thought as a low margin, low growth industry, have emerged as one of the most lucrative segments in the pharmaceutical industry."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Advaxis Incorporated Collaborates on Groundbreaking Listeria Moncoytogenes Immunotherapy Research Discovery - Highlights Potential Ability of a Live Listeria Monocytogenes Vaccine to Reduce/Eliminate Tumors in Many Different Cancer Types and Prevent Reoccurrence Using Immunological Methods Collaboration Team Comprised of Advaxis' Scientific Founder, And Investigators From The University Of Pennsylvania And The Hilman Cancer Center In Pittsburgh - press release - Advaxis Incorporated via Business Wire via MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - Many adolescents not up to date on their shots - Pediatrics via Reuters

* ►October 7, 2008 - Flu Shots for Tots Ineffective - Study: Flu Shots Don't Reduce Doctor Visits or Hospitalizations in Recent Flu Seasons (includes video) - ABC News

* ►October 7, 2008 - Mother whose son died from flu urges vaccinations - The Charleston Gazette - "Three years ago, Diane McGowan's 15-year-old son, Martin, died of complications from influenza. One afternoon, he was trying out for his high school baseball team in Nazareth, Pa. A day later, he was dead. 'A $24 flu shot could have possibly saved his life,' McGowan said Tuesday during a meeting of the West Virginia Immunization Network."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Vical and AnGes MG Sign Letter of Intent for Pandemic Influenza Program - press release - Vical Incorporated via PRNewswire-FirstCall

* ►October 7, 2008 - American Biotech Labs(R) (ABL) SilverSol Technology(R) Products Show Promising Results in Animal Studies Against H5-N1 Bird Flu and Related Influenza - ABL's ASAP 10 product double the survival rates in mice infected with Avian Bird Flu; in vitro test results show virtually complete elimination of Avian, Beijing and Vietnam Influenza - press release - Clifton Mining Company via CNW Group

►October 7, 2008 - Kristi Yamaguchi Chairs American Lung Association Christmas Seals Campaign - press release - American Lung Association via PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch - "Kristi is committed to supporting the American Lung Association in its efforts to promote lung health, not only through the Christmas Seals Campaign, but also as national spokesperson for the organization's Faces of Influenza educational initiative, which teaches families about the dangers of influenza and the need to be immunized."

►October 7, 2008 - National Pharmacy Association Highlights Community Pharmacy Contribution To Flu Vaccination, UK - Medical News Today

►October 7, 2008 - Flu clinic, emergency exercise - First District holds Point of Dispensing exercise and flu clinic - Minot Daily News

►October 7, 2008 - Medical Center Holds Flu Drill - Ingham County Regional Medical Center held a a pandemic flu drill Tuesday -

►October 7, 2008 - Time to Gear Up for 2008-09 Influenza Season - Expanded Vaccination Recs Target Infants, Toddlers, Health Care Workers - AAFP News Now

►October 7, 2008 - Plenty of flu vaccines available - WWSB ABC 7

►October 7, 2008 - Area clinics begin flu-fighting efforts - The News Leader

►October 7, 2008 - DR KNOW - When you know about flu, you'll get the jab too - Southwark News

►October 7, 2008 - October 2008 Mayo Clinic Health Letter Highlights Preventing Alzheimer's, Toenail Infections and Flu Shots - Mayo Clinic via PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - Get Your Flu Shot -

►October 7, 2008 - Two OAPs died during 'mild' flu season - The Irish Independent

►October 7, 2008 - Pregnant Women Missing Important Protection During Flu Season - National Women's Health Resource Center via PRNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - China steps up health monitoring in flu season - Xinhua via China View

►October 7, 2008 - Bird flu hits another province in Vietnam - Xinhua via China Daily

►October 7, 2008 - Be vigilant, say parents of meningitis baby - The Bolton News, UK

►October 7, 2008 - Staten Island hospital treated 2 more patients for meningitis in July - Staten Island Advance via

►October 7, 2008 - Prince George's County Student Dies Of Meningitis - School leaders say strain not contagious - 

►October 7, 2008 - Link between 15 cases of measles - Public health officials are investigating 15 cases of measles in Carmarthenshire and Cardiff. - BBC

►October 7, 2008 - Rotary: ‘We’ll match $100 million’ - Jacksonville Daily Record

►October 7, 2008 - Virus Spread Slows; Origin Still Unknown - Georgetown University The Hoya - "Georgetown is also not the only university plagued by the highly contagious virus this week. As of early this morning, approximately 200 students at the University of Southern California had also contracted the virus over the past four days."

►October 7, 2008 - Stomach virus outbreak at USC may have peaked - About 275 students have been sickened, but officials say the number seeking medical care appears to be declining. (requires registration) - Los Angeles Times

►October 7, 2008 - Dendreon's latest test results won't speed FDA decision on prostate-cancer drug - Dendreon said Monday that Provenge, its prostate-cancer drug, improved patient survival rates — but not quite enough for the interim results it unveiled to justify an accelerated bid for Food and Drug Administration approval. - Seattle Times

►October 7, 2008 - UB tapped for HIV/AIDS work - Business First of Buffalo

►October 7, 2008 - No proof circumcision cuts gay male HIV risk-study - Reuters Africa

►October 7, 2008 - Questioning Whether Circumcision Protects Against H.I.V. - TIME Magazine

►October 7, 2008 - Mercury thermometers, sphygmomanometers banned in Munti - ABS-CBN News

►October 7, 2008 - Report on juveniles suspected in mercury case given to prosecutor - Joplin Globe

►October 7, 2008 - Wisconsin’s Mercury Rule to Become Law - Measure will Protect Health of Residents and Preserve a Strong Fishing Tradition - The Daily Kenoshan

►October 7, 2008 - FDA: New data show no stroke risk with inhaler - AP via BusinessWeek

►October 7, 2008 - Chemotherapy Doesn't Work, So Blame Vitamin C - press release - Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

►October 7, 2008 - International seminar on melamine to be postponed: Taiwan's DOH - eTaiwan News

►October 7, 2008 - Flu, pneumonia a deadly tag-team combination - Orlando Sentinel

►October 7, 2008 - £50m innovation project launched to fight infectious diseases - 7th Space

* ►October 7, 2008 - How to beat a cold - The sneezing season is already upon us – but a little inside knowledge can reduce our chances of being laid low. Professor Ron Eccles explains how to fend off the winter chills - The Independent, UK - "There may be genetic differences in our immune systems that make some people more vulnerable. Most viral infections produce no disease – this is the iceberg concept of infection. They do not cause symptoms and pass without notice. Or they may cause minor symptoms such as a throat irritation and a couple of sneezes which are not recognised as a cold. The "stinking colds" that cause severe symptoms represent the tip of the iceberg of infection. Genetic differences in the immune system may explain why the same virus causes severe symptoms in one person and mild or no symptoms in another."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Pneumococcal vaccination and risk of myocardial infarction (full text) - journal article (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

►October 7, 2008 - 'Deadly dozen' reports diseases worsened by climate change - Wildlife Conservation Society via EurekAlert!

►October 7, 2008 - UAE to raise prices of European medicines - Xinhua China View

►October 7, 2008 - French biotechs set to lure drugmakers - survey - Reuters

►October 7, 2008 - Regulatory norms, US crisis may hit Indian drug R&D - Business Standard

►October 7, 2008 - New CA Law Protects Farmers from GE Contamination of Crops - Beyond Pesticides

►October 7, 2008 - China Medical Technologies Acquires HPV-DNA Biosensor Chip and SPR-based Analysis System - Broadening Molecular Diagnostic Platforms and Product Offerings -- Strengthening the Company's Leading Position in the Molecular Diagnostic Market in China -- Increasing the Company's High Margin Recurring Revenues -- Expecting Accretion to Adjusted Earnings per ADS for FY2009 and Significantly Higher Accretion thereafter - China Medical Technologies via Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via MarketWatch

* ►October 7, 2008 - The Lilly TB Drug Discovery Initiative Begins Work on New Compounds to Fill Early-Stage TB Drug Pipeline - U.S. National Institutes of Health, The Infectious Disease Research Institute and Eli Lilly and Company Announce Launch and Board of Advisors - PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via MaketWatch

►October 7, 2008 - Online Support Groups Are Helpful For Coping With Health Concerns - American Chronicle

►October 7, 2008 - BioMed Central sold to Springer (requires registration) - The Scientist

►October 7, 2008 - Oral Vitamin D May Help Prevent Some Skin Infections - A study led by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine suggests that use of oral Vitamin D supplements bolsters production of a protective chemical normally found in the skin, and may help prevent skin infections that are a common result of atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. - University of California - San Diego via ScienceDaily

* ►October 6, 2008 - Why is there no vaccine against infectious mononucleosis? - The Boston Globe - "There are no vaccines against any other herpes viruses - and one reason is that all herpes viruses can, after an acute infection, hide in cells for decades. The Epstein-Barr virus not only hides, but can also trigger a rare kind of cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma. That means that any vaccine based on live Epstein-Barr virus could theoretically also carry this cancer risk, said Dr. Mark Pasternack [cq], chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital. Researchers have trying to get around this problem, with mixed results."

* ►October 6, 2008 - 'There could be an Aids vaccine in four years,' says Nobel Prize winner - Daily Mail, UK

* ►October 6, 2008 - Editorial: Publicly funded research should be publicly accessible - Collegiate Times

►October 6, 2008 - Another dies of mystery disease -

►October 6, 2008 - Govt denies negligence in killer virus deaths - SABC News, South Africa

* ►October 6, 2008 - Fan in Room Seems to Cut Infants’ Risk of Crib Death (requires registration) - Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine via The New York Times

►October 6, 2008 - Emory psychiatrist steps down (requires registration) - The Scientist

►October 6, 2008 - Your Speaker This Evening, Dr. Charles Nemeroff - Pharmalot

►October 6, 2008 - U of R professor studying genetic mutations - Leader-Post - "While it is clear that contaminants cause genetic damage such as cancer, little is known about how exposure by this generation to environmental pollutants will affect further generations."

►October 6, 2008 - Samples Don’t Reach Poor Kids & Have Safety Risks - Pharmalot

►October 6, 2008 - AIDS 2008: HIV Prevention and Epidemiology of HIV, Hepatitis, TB, and STIs CME (requires registration) - Medscape

►October 6, 2008 - Pollution linked to appendicitis - Air pollution may increase the risk of appendicitis, research suggests. - University of Calgary via BBC

►October 6, 2008 - Infectious Diseases Experts Observe “Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work Week” Oct. 6-10 - Infection Control Today Magazine

►October 6, 2008 - Angela Browning MP Urges Colleagues To Ensure Better Future For People With Autism, UK - The National Autistic Society via Medical News Today

►October 6, 2008 - Bipolar Disorder In Children Appears Likely To Continue Into Young Adulthood - About 44 percent of individuals who had bipolar disorder as children continue to have manic episodes as young adults, according to a report in the October issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. This rate, along with the severity of the disease at young ages, strongly suggest that bipolar disorder can be continuous from childhood to adulthood, the authors note. - JAMA and Archives Journals via ScienceDaily

►October 6, 2008 - NIH Scientists Identify Link Between Brain Systems Implicated in Schizophrenia - NIH News

►October 6, 2008 - Not all disabilities can be seen - Arizona Daily Star

►October 6, 2008 - New prenatal test may be less risky than amniocentesis - Mercury News via Inside Bay Area

►October 6, 2008 - Vitamin D deficiency common in patients with IBD, chronic liver disease - American College of Gastroenterology via EurekAlert

►October 6, 2008 - Lilly signs licensing and collaboration agreement with Deciphera - Eli Lilly and Company and Deciphera Pharmaceuticals have signed a collaboration and worldwide licensing agreement related to Deciphera's preclinical B-Raf kinase inhibitor program for the study of potential oncology therapeutics. - Pharmaceutical Business Review

►October 6, 2008 - Pros & Cons ; Probiotics Can Help Keep Your Digestive System Healthy, but Know What You Are Buying Before Making a Purchase - Albuquerque Journal via redOrbit

►October 6, 2008 - How and Why We Started Bio-Medical Interventions At Twenty - mom.notcalm Blog via Spectrum Publications

* ►October 6, 2008 - In the Supreme Court of Georgia - Decided: October 6, 2008 S07G1708. AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS CORP. et al. v. FERRARI et al. (pdf) - - "Appellees Marcelo and Carolyn Ferrari, individually and on behalf of their minor son, brought suit against several vaccine manufacturers, including Appellants, alleging that their son suffered neurological damage caused by vaccines made with the preservative thimerosal, which contained the toxic substance mercury. Appellees’ claims under Georgia law included strict liability and negligence. They specifically alleged that Appellants could and should have manufactured children’s vaccines without thimerosal before Appellees’ son was vaccinated in 1998."

* ►October 6, 2008 - 33 States to Get $62 Million in Zyprexa Case Settlement (requires registration) - The New York Times - "The agreement may also be a sign that a much larger deal is near in a separate but related civil and criminal investigation led by federal prosecutors in Philadelphia. In that case, Lilly is expected to pay more than $1 billion in fines and restitution to states and the federal government and may also plead guilty to a misdemeanor criminal charge related to off-label marketing of Zyprexa."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Pediatricians Would Admit Error Only Half the Time - Doctors often don't disclose less obvious mistakes, even if they cause harm, study finds - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report

►October 6, 2008 - Half of Bipolar Children Become Bipolar Adults, Study Says - Bloomberg

►October 6, 2008 - No-Risk Blood Test for Down Syndrome - Mother's Blood DNA Test IDs Down Syndrome With No Risk to Fetus - WebMD

►October 6, 2008 - The toxic mercury menace in San Francisco Bay - Village Green Blog via San Francisco Chronicle

►October 6, 2008 - Flu jab reminder for the vulnerable - icCheshireOnline 

* ►October 6, 2008 - Does the Flu Vaccine Really Protect Kids? - TIME Magazine - "'We all recognize that the influenza vaccine is not as effective as the polio vaccine, or the measles vaccine,' says Schaffner. 'It's not a great vaccine, but it is quite a good vaccine. We are not going to eliminate influenza through the use of this vaccine. But we can mitigate its devastating impact on the population if we get immunized.'"

►October 6, 2008 - Mystery illness kills four in South Africa - AFP via Google

►October 6, 2008 - FDA- 101 - What Does FDA Approval Mean? (Part One) -

►October 6, 2008 - FDA - 101 - What Does FDA Approval Mean? (Part Two) -

►October 6, 2008 - Fall in number of undiagnosed HIV infections in the US - Aidsmap

►October 6, 2008 - Nobel is postscript to bitter 1980s HIV dispute - The Associated Press via Google

* ►October 6, 2008 - Code Red Severe Threat to the human Race... You think I exagerate read this with a box of kleenex - Tanners Dad's Blog via Causecast

* ►October 5, 2008 - Review: “Autism’s False Prophets,” chapters 4-7 - Inside Autism Blog via Orange County Register

►October 5, 2008 - One Fourth of Americans Believe That Childhood Vaccines Cause Autism - MedIndia

►October 5, 2008 - West Nile Virus Still Spreading - eNews 2.0

►October 5, 2008 - Little kids: Avoid hamsters, chicks, turtles - AP via Chicago Sun-Times

* ►October 5, 2008 - Hospital cleaning chemical fears - Hospitals have been warned not to over-dilute cleaning chemicals amid fears that this could boost antibiotic resistance in bacteria. - BBC

* ►October 5, 2008 - Area universities competing to gain top research status - The dearth of Tier 1 schools is costing the state dearly, but the solution is expensive - Star-Telegram

* ►October 5, 2008 - Event Set To Help Parents Understand Spectrum Of Autism - Tyler Morning Telegraph

* ►October 4, 2008 - Paternal age at birth and high-functioning autistic-spectrum disorder in offspring - journal article (British Journal of Psychiatry)

* ►October 4, 2008 - Schizophrenia and offspring's risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes and infant death - journal article (British Journal of Psychiatry)

►October 3, 2008 - Factors influencing psychological distress during a disease epidemic: Data from Australia's first outbreak of equine influenza. (pdf) - journal article (BMC Public Health)

►October 3, 2008 - Mollaret's Meningitis - journal article (European Neurology)

►October 3, 2008 - Group raising autism awareness - Walk, resource fair planned -

►October 2, 2008 - Sask. students receiving HPV immunization - Prairie Post South Saskatchewan

* ►October 2, 2008 - Crucell reports positive results from Phase II rabies study - Biopharma company Crucell has announced positive preliminary results of the first Phase II clinical study of its investigational rabies monoclonal antibody combination, which started on March 31, 2008 in the US. - Pharmaceutical Business Review

* ►October 2, 2008 - Pneumococcal Vaccination in General Internal Medicine Practice: Current Practice and Future Possibilities - journal article (Journal of Internal Medicine)

►October 2, 2008 - Screening capacity of the Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for children (MASC) for DSM-IV anxiety disorders - journal article (Depression and Anxiety)

* ►October 2, 2008 - Merck & Co., Inc. Awards Five Grants to Humanitarian Aid Partners - Merck - "This program enables Merck to donate critical pharmaceuticals and vaccines to a limited number of qualified, U.S.-based, private voluntary organizations (PVOs) for use in their on-going humanitarian programs in the developing world and in support of major disaster relief efforts within the United States and abroad. The organizations receiving the 50th anniversary grants are participants in the MMOP. Each PVO received $50,000 in grant funding."

►October 2, 2008 - Echinacea purpurea and osteopathic manipulative treatment in children with recurrent otitis media: a randomized controlled trial (pdf) - journal article (BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

►October 2, 2008 - Infantile spasms in the setting of Sturge–Weber syndrome - journal article (Child's Nervous System)

►October 2, 2008 - Autonomic dysregulation in young girls with Rett Syndrome during nighttime in-Home recordings - journal article (Pediatric Pulmonology)

►October 1, 2008 - A comparison of cognitive functioning in medicated and unmedicated subjects with bipolar depression - journal article (Bipolar Disorder)

►October 1, 2008 - Equally increased risk for metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia treated with second-generation antipsychotics - journal article (Bipolar Disorder)

►October 1, 2008 - Vitamin C Antagonizes the Cytotoxic Effects of Antineoplastic Drugs - journal article (Cancer Research)

* ►October 2008 - Rotavirus vaccines: viral shedding and risk of transmission - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases) - "Immunocompromised contacts should be advised to avoid contact with stool from the immunised child if possible, particularly after the first vaccine dose for at least 14 days. Since the risk of vaccine transmission and subsequent vaccine-derived disease with the current vaccines is much less than the risk of wildtype rotavirus disease in immunocompromised contacts, vaccination should be encouraged."

* ►October 2008 - Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Among Children 6 to 59 Months of Age During 2 Influenza Seasons - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

* ►October 2008 - Influenza vaccination coverage rate among high-risk children during the 2002-2003 influenza season - journal article (American Journal of Infection Control)

* ►October 2008 - Stockpiling prepandemic influenza vaccines: a new cornerstone of pandemic preparedness plans - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

* ►October 2008 - Influenza vaccine coverage and presenteeism in Sedgwick County, Kansas - journal article (American Journal of Infection Control)

►October 2008 - Immunogenicity and safety profiles of genetic vaccines against human Her-2/neu in cynomolgus monkeys - journal article (Gene Therapy)

►October 2008 - Epidemiology of Rotavirus Infection in North-western Nigeria - journal article (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Prevalence of Rotavirus-induced Diarrhoea among Children under 5 Years in Ilorin, Nigeria - journal article (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Distribution of Pneumococcal Surface Protein A Families 1 and 2 among Streptococcus pneumoniae Isolates from Children in Finland Who Had Acute Otitis Media or Were Nasopharyngeal Carriers - journal article (Clinical and Vaccine Immunology)

►October 2008 - Cytokine response after severe respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in early life - journal article (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

►October 2008 - Variation in Clinical Presentation of Childhood Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis in Four Countries - journal article (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics)

* ►October 2008 - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Changing Epidemiologic Patterns in California 1989-2004 - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

* ►October 2008 - Infant Sleep Location: Associated Maternal and Infant Characteristics with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Prevention Recommendations - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Systematic Review of the Diagnostic Accuracy of C-Reactive Protein to Detect Bacterial Infection in Nonhospitalized Infants and Children with Fever - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Longitudinal Study of Prenatal and Postnatal Lead Exposure and Early Cognitive Development in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Results of Cord Blood Lead Levels - journal article (Journal of Tropical Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Very Low Birth Weight and Behavioral Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Young Adulthood: The Helsinki Study of Very-Low-Birth-Weight Adults - journal article (The American Journal of Psychiatry)

* ►October 2008 - Cord blood allergen-specific IgE is associated with reduced IFN-γ production by cord blood cells: The Protection against Allergy—Study in Rural Environments (PASTURE) study - journal article (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

►October 2008 - An Algorithm for Identifying and Classifying Cerebral Palsy in Young Children - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Differences in allergic sensitization by self-reported race and genetic ancestry - journal article (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

►October 2008 - Increased Immune Reactivity Predicts Aggressive Complicating Crohn's Disease in Children - journal article (Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

►October 2008 - Prospective follow up-oral food challenge in food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome - journal article (Archives of Disease in Childhood)

►October 2008 - Atopic dermatitis in premature and term children - journal article (Archives of Disease in Childhood)

►October 2008 - A differential effect of 2 probiotics in the prevention of eczema and atopy: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial - journal article (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

►October 2008 - Atopy and contact allergy to fragrance: allergic reactions to the fragrance mix I (the Larsen mix) - journal article (Contact Dermatitis)

►October 2008 - Current Treatment Recommendations for Correcting Vitamin D Deficiency in Pediatric Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Are Inadequate - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►October 2008 - Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012 - Research and Markets

* ►September 24, 2008 - Influenza vaccination among Canadians with chronic respiratory disease - journal article (Respiratory Medicine)

►September 24, 2008 - Allergy to wheat and related cereals. - journal article (Clinical and Experimental Allergy)

►September 23, 2008 - HIV immunopathogenesis and strategies for intervention. - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 22, 2008 - Review: “Autism’s False Prophets,” Chapters 2 and 3 - Inside Autism Blog via Orange County Register

►September 21, 2008 - GM Watch: Michael Pollan and Monsanto CEO at Google on YouTube - Organic Consumers Association

* ►September 12, 2008 - Stakeholder Opinions: Vaccine adjuvants - uncertainties rule - Overview of adjuvants for prophylactic vaccines with detailed profiles and critical assessment of key products. Discussion of the regulatory environment with strategic recommendations for adjuvant developers to optimize chances of market approval. - Datamonitor - "Datamonitor sees combinations of immunostimulatory adjuvants with efficacious delivery systems as a promising approach, but hurdles to approval for these combinations will be higher than for single-component adjuvants. The future regulatory performance of GSK's AS04 will have a crucial impact on the prospects of such combination approaches."

►September 2008 - Prenatal exposure to acetaminophen and respiratory symptoms in the first year of life. - journal article (Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)

►September 2008 - Special issues in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adolescents. - journal article (Postgraduate Medicine)

* ►Volume 40 Issue 9, 2008 - Vaccination immunology - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases) - "We are now entering 'the second golden era of vaccines'. The first gave us many good vaccines, but some inadequately protective and some with unacceptable side-effects. Worse, we have no adequate vaccines against some of the most killing diseases in the world, such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV. The development within this second golden era will build on the rapidly growing knowledge about the genetics of the immune system, uncovering the problems and possibilities of the variability of genes for HLA, cytokines and cell-surface receptors. Furthermore, we need to consider factors such as birth weight, gestational age, short- and long-term effects of breastfeeding, interference by helmith infestation and climate."

►Volume 40 Issue 9, 2008 - Rotavirus vaccines - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases)

* ►Volume 40 Issue 6 & 7, 2008 - Acute neurological events associated with influenza vaccination: Are the WHO criteria for assessing causality adequate? - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases) - "We identified neurological admissions temporally associated with influenza vaccine to determine the likelihood of causality using World Health Organization (WHO) criteria. Although all cases were categorized as possibly related to the vaccine, most had a compelling alternative explanation. This observation suggests that the current WHO criteria may not be sufficient in determining if an adverse event is truly vaccine related."

►Volume 43 Issue 9, 2008 - Helicobacter pylori infection in children with celiac disease - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology)

►Volume 40 Issue 9, 2008 - A randomized, double-blind study comparing Clostridium difficile immune whey and metronidazole for recurrent Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea: Efficacy and safety data of a prematurely interrupted trial - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology)

►Volume 26, 2008 - Effects of minimal acupuncture in children with infantile colic — a prospective, quasi-randomised single blind controlled trial (pdf) - journal article (Acupuncture in Medicine)

* ►January 2006 - Cervical cancer vaccines - Introduction of vaccines that prevent cervical cancer and genital warts may foreshadow implementation and acceptability issues for a future AIDS vaccine - IAVI Report

Medicare for Autism Now Society - website


Posted October 6, 2008


* ►October 13, 2008 - Flu shots plentiful, doctors urged to get as well as give - Experts predict this year's vaccine formulation will be more protective than last season's. -

* ►October 13, 2008 - Data from drug trials often not published - A federal law expands an existing clinical trial registry and would make additional information available online for researchers and clinicians. -

* ►October 13, 2008 - Court dismisses Arkansas specialty hospital's lawsuit - The doctor-owned facility is alleging that a community hospital competitor and an insurer conspired to keep away its business. -

►October 13, 2008 - Doctors decry payment delays after Medicare overhauls carrier system - Low-bidding contractors taking over from the old carriers are ill-equipped for the task, physicians say. -

►October 13, 2008 - Baucus previews uninsured debate for next Congress - The Senate Finance Committee chair would consider moving a reform bill without GOP backing, if necessary. -

►October 13, 2008 - Premiums for job-offered health insurance up 5% this year - Workers face more cost-sharing in the form of higher deductibles and co-pays. -

►October 13, 2008 - Other nations, other answers: In search of a solution to the organ shortage - In the U.S., the push to study ways to increase organ donation is intensifying. Globally, other countries are testing various options. -

►October 13, 2008 - California court rejects how hospital applied privileges rule - The decision said the hospital unfairly targeted one doctor without giving him a chance to meet its requirements. -

►October 13, 2008 - Case pits anti-bias law against doctors' rights -

►October 13, 2008 - Is your EMR legal? A document can look like a medical record, but not meet the legal definition. - System design and user error can contribute to vulnerabilities that increase your liability. -

►October 13, 2008 - Tenn. Blues reboots physician rating program - The quality and cost ratings were adjusted in response to physician feedback. -

►October 13, 2008 - "Smart" technology moving to clinics, physician offices -

►October 13, 2008 - Lawnwood ruling preserves medical staff role - The Florida Supreme Court decision stopped a hospital corporation from eviscerating medical staff rights. -

►October 13, 2008 - Common osteoarthritis treatment questioned - Studies suggest that surgical intervention for osteoarthritis has limited benefit, and that activity modification and NSAIDs should be considered first-line therapy. -

►October 13, 2008 - Letters to the Editor - Patients do benefit from DTC ads - Let physicians decide individually how to decipher drug marketing -

►October 13, 2008 - News in brief: Health & Science - Ovarian cancer screening advances - Colon cancer indicator - Clinical assessment can detect advanced heart failure - Older folks who diet without exercising lose muscle mass -

►October 13, 2008 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - Pa. physicians call for medical liability relief - Mississippi plugs Medicaid budget hole - ADA expansion becomes law -

►October 13, 2008 - News in brief: Professional Issues - USP database details look-alike, sound-alike drugs - Study shows Texas liability reforms boost access to care - Blues settlement facilitator appointed -

* ►October 7, 2008 - Beijing has SARS virus in its arsenal: NSB chief - Biochemical Warfare: Tsai Chao-ming said Taiwan and the UN had information that China has turned the virus into a bioweapon - Taipei Times - "'We have information indicating that the SARS virus has become a biochemical warfare formula, and United Nations experts have the same intelligence as that obtained by the NSB,' he told the legislature’s Foreign and National Defense Committee."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Swift jabs - Do governors have the right to ban pupil immunisations? - The Guardian, UK - "St Monica's governors wrote to parents with daughters aged 12 to 13 saying the vaccine only protects against 70% of cervical cancers and detailing possible side-effects. But were the governors legally able to make such a decision?"

* ►October 7, 2008 - IHC patient infects worker - An IHC organisation is being prosecuted after one of its workers suffered acute organ failure and needed a liver transplant after contracting hepatitis B from a patient. - The Dominion Post via - "The patient was a known carrier of hepatitis B. The worker was aware of this, but believed she was immune because she had been vaccinated in 1999 at the company's expense. However, she had only one vaccination of the required three to ensure immunity. The worker claims she was never made aware three vaccinations were needed."

* ►October 7, 2008 - Deadly virus not airborne - Disease transmitted via bodily fluids - The Times, South Africa - "The deputy director of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases has assured the public that there is no need to panic, despite the fact that four people have been killed by an unknown, highly contagious virus."

►October 7, 2008 - Disease strikes again - St Marys Star - "The two main strains of meningococcal disease are B and C. A vaccine is effective against the C strain, but there is no Australian vaccine for the B strain."

►October 7, 2008 - Six more detained over melamine - China Daily

►October 7, 2008 - Canberra scientist who led the fight against influenza dies at 79 - The Canberra Times 

►October 7, 2008 - Indegenous animal vaccines among world’s best—NVMA - Vanguard

►October 7, 2008 - New tests: Chinese milk melamine-free - South Korean officials recall M&M's and Snickers, as China's production standards improve. - Christian Science Monitor

►October 7, 2008 - New vaccine park to open in 2 yrs - Times of India

►October 7, 2008 - USF joins NIH's landmark National Children's Study - NIH officials today named 36 new and existing National Children’s Health study centers that will recruit study volunteers from a total of 72 locations across the United States. The University of Miami, Miller School Medicine was awarded $54 million as the Study Center hub for the National Children’s Study in Florida, a consortium of universities and their community partners across the state. - press release -

►October 7, 2008 - Jab or pill vaccine for breast cancer 'on the horizon' says British expert - Daily Mail, UK

* ►October 6, 2008 - High court: Atlanta couple can sue over vaccination - Marcelo and Carolyn Ferrari can take case to court over son’s disabilities (requires registration) - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "When the Ferraris’ 18-month-old son, Stefan, received his vaccines, he was a healthy verbal boy. Now 10, Stefan has not spoken since, according to court records. A year after Stefan received his vaccines, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that thimerosal, a preservative used for multi-dose vaccine vials, be removed from childhood vaccines. The Ferraris filed suit, contending that the manufacturers should have made vaccines without the preservative before Stefan was vaccinated.

* ►October 6, 2008 - Court: Couple can sue vaccine company - AP via - "An Atlanta couple's lawsuit that claims a vaccine manufacturer's product caused neurological damage to their son can go forward. The Georgia Supreme Court's unanimous decision Monday concluded that a 1986 federal law that has blocked other complaints against vaccine companies does not bar the lawsuit from Marcelo and Carolyn Ferrari from going to trial. The decision upheld a ruling by the Georgia Court of Appeals, which became the first appellate court in the nation to hold that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act does not pre-empt state law."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Autism Recovery Story: Noah - Age of Autism

* ►October 6, 2008 - Alarming Increase in Autism Brings Together Parents, Researchers and Clinicians from Around the World to Discuss Current Treatment Options and Research - The Autism Research Institute states that many of those diagnosed with autism have underlying medical disorders that are amenable to treatment - press release - PRNewswire-USNewswire - "On October 24-26 hundreds of autism experts, parents and professionals from around the world will gather in San Diego to attend the Autism Research Institutes Defeat Autism Now! Conference. For more information or to register for the conference go to or"

* ►October 6, 2008 - Paging Dr. Max Wiznitzer! High court: Atlanta Couple Can Sue Over Vaccination - Age of Autism

►October 6, 2008 - Autism Insurance Efforts Will Continue Next Year - West Virginia MetroNews - "Parents of autistic children in West Virginia will have more ammunition when they lobby the legislature next year for autism insurance. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed a similar bill into law in July."

►October 6, 2008 - AFP author--Day 6 - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

►October 6, 2008 - Legal Matters, Briefly - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

►October 6, 2008 - Autistic woman wins human rights complaint against Canada Post - Canwest News Service via Regina Leader Post via

►October 6, 2008 - Help Lend4Health Win $10,000! - Age of Autism

►October 6, 2008 - Autism Signs -

►October 6, 2008 - Nonprofit Provides Funding for Early Intensive Autism Treatment - Blogger News Network

►October 6, 2008 - Calling the shots: Dispelling the myths, concerns of vaccinations - Port Huron Times Herald - "I immunized my children, and my grandchildren are all vaccinated. They are healthy and free from risk of these horrible diseases. Enough said."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Parental doubts over childhood vaccines common - Reuters Health - "Roughly one in four parents express doubts about the risks and benefits of various vaccines for their children and, in many cases, they delay or forgo vaccination, new research shows. However, the findings also suggest that physicians can play an important role in encouraging vaccination."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Litigious Vaccinators - Absolutely Underdof

* ►October 6, 2008 - Mass vaccinations pose logistical problems - Los Angeles Times via Modesto Bee - "'We think the best place for kids to get vaccinations is with the primary care provider,' says Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of Los Angeles County's Department of Public Health. 'This should not require specialized care.' The CDC, however, wants to make vaccination more accessible, and suggests that flu vaccination continue through the holidays instead of the typical October-through-November schedule."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Human tests of new medical treatments lag due to lack of volunteers - Scripps Howard News Service via The Herald-Mail

* ►October 6, 2008 - Study Says Drug Samples May Endanger Children (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen’s health research group and a fierce opponent of free drug samples, said the practice encouraged doctors 'to overuse dangerous drugs.'"

* ►October 6, 2008 - DeLauro Raps FDA On Melamine Risk Guidelines - Congresswoman says agency condones contamination of food - Consumer Affairs - "By not insisting on a zero-tolerance policy with melamine, DeLauro said the FDA is failing to protect consumers, and is undercutting state officials in their efforts to keep melamine-tainted products out of stores."

►October 6, 2008 - FDA's Melamine Decision Scares Consumers - But experts see it as a positive sign - Consumer Affairs

* ►October 6, 2008 - FDA Detects Melamine Contamination in Flavored Drink -

* ►October 6, 2008 - GM is Dangerous and Futile - We Need Organic Sustainable Food and Energy Systems Now - New genetics research invalidates the science underpinning the $73.5 billion global biotech industry and confirms why genetic modification is futile and dangerous; we must implement organic sustainable food and energy systems now - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho - Institute of Science in Society

* ►October 6, 2008 - Nobel winner pessimistic on AIDS vaccine - AP via International Herald Tribune

* ►October 6, 2008 - Research into HIV, cancer garners Nobel Prize - Three Europeans share 2008 award for work on viruses - AP via MSNBC

* ►October 6, 2008 - Dispute behind Nobel Prize for HIV research - French researchers win for virus discovery; controversial scientist shunned - commentary - MSNBC

* ►October 6, 2008 - Research Attributes Lack of HIV/AIDS Vaccine to Use of Chimpanzees - press release - Project R&R via PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch - "Chimpanzees have proven to be a failed and dangerous model for humans in not only AIDS research but in areas such as heart and cancer research as well."

►October 6, 2008 - Nobel prize winner predicts 'therapeutic vaccine' for AIDS within four years - National Post

►October 6, 2008 - Discovers of HIV, HPV Viruses Share Nobel Prize - National Geographic

►October 6, 2008 - Nobel Panel Decides Against U.S. HIV Discovery - All Things Considered via NPR

►October 6, 2008 - AIDS: A timeline - Times of India

* ►October 6, 2008 - Archive report: Science subverted in AIDS dispute - In Gallo case, truth termed a casualty - This story was first published in the Tribune on Jan. 1, 1995. (requires registration) - Chicago Tribune

* ►October 6, 2008 - Federal Preemption Part III – Who are the players for you and for big business? - Des Moines

* ►October 6, 2008 - Void in Vaccines? - - "Local pediatrician Dr. Pat Coletti says a decision by state health officials to cut funding for vaccines to insured children has left him in a real dilemma. His office he says can't afford the $90,000 to $100,000 lay out for all he vaccines needed for patients. He may not financially be able to cover such a cost."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Teens May Be Missing Out on Needed Vaccines - Not getting preventive care biggest reason for immunization shortfall, study finds - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report

* ►October 6, 2008 - New vaccines may not reduce tuberculosis incidence - Despite the potential of new vaccines to prevent TB, new research shows that the removal of one strain of TB can allow a previously suppressed strain to succeed. Consequently, a vaccination program could result in the proliferation of strains more likely to be, or become, drug resistant, and could even result in an increased prevalence of the disease. -

* ►October 6, 2008 - Campaign Promotes Childhood Vaccinations - Telluride Watch - "'People have lost faith,' says Telluride’s David Homer, M.D., a member of the advisory committee for the San Juan Health Council. 'They’ve lost faith in the pharmaceutical companies, in the government-funded research labs, and in the FDA… When it comes to vaccinating children, it’s ‘my way or the highway,’ and that raises people’s hackles.' Colorado is one of about 20 states that allow parents to opt out of vaccinating their children based on philosophical reasons."

* ►October 6, 2008 - The Trouble with Single-Dose Vaccines - Some Concerned Parents Split the MMR -- But It Can Lead to Unintended Double Doses - The Daily Green - "Here's the response I got from Nalini Saligram Merck's Director, Global Communications re whether or not they're discontinuing the single dose shots, thereby making it impossible for parents who want to split up the vaccines:...We also make very limited quantities of the monovalent vaccines available in the US.' As for the current rubella backlog, she says, 'Because quantities are limited, there may be supply interruptions / unavailability of individual products from time to time. We do provide M-M-R II vaccine to meet the needs for vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella.' This doesn't speak to exactly how limited the quantities are, or if they're more limited than they used to be. But apparently they have not been discontinued for now."

►October 6, 2008 - IAC Express Issue number 757 - Immunization Action Coalition

* ►October 6, 2008 - Ask a Doctor: Vaccines are safe, necessary - Wausau Daily Herald

►October 6, 2008 - Allegheny to hold free school vaccination clinic - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

* ►October 6, 2008 - Catholic school division in southern Alberta rescinds HPV vaccine decision - Canadian Press via Google - "The Holy Spirit Catholic School Division in Lethbridge has rescinded a motion that would have allowed the vaccine to be given to Grade 5 girls."

* ►October 6, 2008 - HPV vaccine will not be offered in STAR - Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser

►October 6, 2008 - First jabs for school’s pupils in cervical cancer fight - The first jabs have been given to Cumbrian schoolgirls in the roll-out of a national vaccination programme to protect from cervical cancer. - News & Star, UK

►October 6, 2008 - UHS to offer new version of HPV vaccine to UW students - The FDA recently approved a new Gardasil vaccine to prevent two new cancers. UHS encourages female students to receive the vaccine. - The Daily Cardinal

►October 6, 2008 - First Published Study of New HPV Test for Developing Countries Shows High Accuracy in Predicting Cervical Disease - QIAGEN's careHPV test provides 'substantially more accurate' front-line screening - press release - QIAGEN via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►October 6, 2008 - Pursue anthrax probe - editorial - The Trenton Times via

►October 6, 2008 - Trial offers hope for shortening anthrax-shot series - CIDRAP News

►October 6, 2008 - Pneumonia vaccine offers new hope for Cambodia's children - The government has applied for funding for a Hib vaccine that could help prevent childhood pneumonia and save more than a thousand lives a year when it is introduced - Phnom Penh Post

* ►October 6, 2008 - How effective is that vaccine? - Pneumonia kills 1.6 million people every year, of which over half are children less than five years old. - Deccan Herald - "However, the paper states that the vaccine covers 80 per cent of the strains occurring in the US, but covers less than 50 per cent of the strains in India and other developing nations. PCV 7 can cause asthma. Data from clinical trials in Colombia, Chile, Gambia, Brazil, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines show that for every 3.6 cases of pneumonia which are prevented, 1.3 children will get asthma. Asthma is a lifelong condition unlike pneumonia."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Pneumococcal vaccine associated with 50 percent lower risk of heart attacks - Canadian Medical Association Journal via e! Science News

►October 6, 2008 - Pneumonia vaccine found to lower heart attack risk - CTV

* ►October 6, 2008 - Disabled man 'treated as animal' - A wheelchair user has claimed police treated him "worse than an animal" as he was arrested outside an officer's home, magistrates have been told. - BBC - "The court heard Mr James has hydrocephalus - water on the brain - due to smallpox vaccine damage he suffered when around six months old. His carer on the day, Simon Hatch, told the court he was 'disgusted' the way Mr James was treated before his arrest."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Safety of and Immune Response to Recombinant Live-Attenuated Influenza H6N1 Virus Vaccine Vaccine - Sponsors and Collaborators: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Center for Immunization Research via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Co-Administration of Meningococcal Vaccine GSK134612 and Pneumococcal Vaccine GSK1024850A vs Individual Administration - Sponsored by:  DynPort Vaccine Company LLC, A CSC Company via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Immunogenicity and Safety of GSK Biologicals' (Pre-) Pandemic Influenza Candidate Vaccine - Sponsored by:  GlaxoSmithKline via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Safety and Immunogenicity of Surface Antigen, Inactivated, Adjuvanted With MF59C.1 Influenza Vaccine, Formulation 2008-2009 - Sponsors and Collaborators:  Novartis Vaccines via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Introduction of an Oral Live Human Rotavirus (Rotarix) Vaccine in Matlab - Sponsors and Collaborators:  International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh Program for Appropriate Technology in Health via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Safety and Immunogenicity Study of the Recombinant Human Bovine Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in Healthy Indian Infants - Sponsors and Collaborators:  Shantha Biotechnics Limited Program for Appropriate Technology in Health via

* ►October 6, 2008 - Safety and Immunogenicity Study of ChimeriVax West Nile Vaccine in Healthy Adults (WinVax004) - Sponsors and Collaborators:  Acambis sanofi pasteur PharmaNet via

* ►October 6, 2008 - New TB vaccine offers hope for AIDS patients, German researchers say - DPA via The Earth Times

* ►October 6, 2008 - Double Blind, Safety and Immunogenicity Study of Recombinant Botulinum Vaccine A/B - Sponsored by:  DynPort Vaccine Company LLC, A CSC Company via

* ►October 6, 2008 - What Rules? Emory Fiddled While Nemeroff Earned - Pharmalot - "At issue is whether universities are adequately policing disclosures in an effort to maintain scientific integrity and objectivity."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Dendreon’s Provenge Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk - Pharmalot

* ►October 6, 2008 - University of Minnesota May Ban Pharma Gifts - Pharmalot

* ►October 6, 2008 - Merck Caught Ghost Writing Medical Articles - HPV Vaccine Facts Fiction and Conflicts of Interest

* ►October 6, 2008 - Surgeon changes study of brain tumors - San Francisco Chronicle - "Medical researchers have long known that CMV exists in a latent state for most people unless a person's immune system is compromised. While it's a common and unremarkable virus in some ways, CMV also causes persistent infection and is known to carry cancer-causing properties. It's also the most common cause of congenital brain infections in humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

* ►October 6, 2008 - NIH Launches New Web Site for Parents on Medical Research Studies for Children - PRNewswire-USNewswire via International Business Times

* ►October 6, 2008 - HPV, HIV researchers nab 2008 Nobel (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►October 6, 2008 - Blood tests for children after TB cases at school - Gulf Times

►October 6, 2008 - Lilly to buy ImClone in $6.5 billion deal - Eli Lilly via MaketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - Drugmakers in the Dow fall with the overall market - 3 drugmakers in the Dow average fall, 2 to longtime lows, as overall market plunges - AP via CNN Money

►October 6, 2008 - Lawsuits are no substitute for agency's judgment - The Boston Globe

►October 6, 2008 - Corrected - (Official) Novartis -study shows asthma drug helps children - Reuters

►October 6, 2008 - J&J Crohn's disease drug is superior in its study - AP via Seattle Post-Intelligencer

►October 6, 2008 - Don’t Let Stress Affect Your Health - The Christian Post

►October 6, 2008 - UM Named 1 Of Centers For National Children’s Study -

►October 6, 2008 - Crucell Wins NIAID/NIH Contract for Development of Filovirus Vaccine - Datamonitor via redOrbit

►October 6, 2008 - Caprion Awarded US $12.9M Infectious Disease Biomarker Research Contract - Caprion Proteomics Inc. via PRNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - GeneThera Offered World Wide Rights to E.coli Vaccine From the University of New Mexico - GeneThera, Inc. via Market Wire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - Fans Reduce Infants' Sudden Death Risk - TIME Magazine

* ►October 6, 2008 - Preventing Tragedy - Three new studies examine the mystery of SIDS—a condition that takes thousands of infant lives every year. - Newsweek

* ►October 6, 2008 - Flu vaccine not associated with reduced hospitalizations or outpatient visits among young children - JAMA and Archives Journals via EurekAlert!

* ►October 6, 2008 - Flu Shots Have No Impact on Hospitalizations for Young Children - Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine via MedPage Today

►October 6, 2008 - Flu Shots: Not So Helpful for Kids? - Study Shows Flu-Related Doctor Visits Weren't Reduced Despite Vaccination - WebMD

* ►October 6, 2008 - New Survey Shows Pregnant Women Unaware, Misinformed about Flu Shot Benefits During Pregnancy - Leading Health Organizations Launch "Flu-Free and A Mom-to-Be: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby -- Get a Flu Shot!" Educational Campaign - press release -  National Women's Health Resource Center via PRNewswire - "The campaign is being supported by an educational grant from CSL Biotherapies."

* ►October 6, 2008 - Poultry workers told to have jab - Jersey Evening Post - "Poultry workers are being urged to have a flu jab to reduce the risk of them developing both bird and human flu."

►October 6, 2008 - Plenty of flu vaccine in Washington - AP via The News Tribune via Seattle Post-Intelligencer

►October 6, 2008 - Spreading the word on flu jabs! -

►October 6, 2008 - Vital Signs Flu Vaccine for Pregnant Women Is 2 for 1 (requires registration) - The New York Times

►October 6, 2008 - Flu vaccine urged for at-risk groups - Irish Times

►October 6, 2008 - Residents get ahead of the flu - Immunization can protect you from winter misery - Port Huron Times Herald

►October 6, 2008 - Armed and Ready: Healthcare Systems Want Higher Employee Flu Vaccination Rates -

►October 6, 2008 - Woman urged to get flu vaccine - Connecticut Post

►October 6, 2008 - Mail Carriers Can Have Antibiotics for Anthrax Plan - Bloomberg

►October 6, 2008 - Uganda: Two More Die of Hepatitis E - The Monitor (Kampala) via

►October 6, 2008 - Meridian focuses on Hepatitis C - Meridian Life Science has revealed the challenges involved in finding an effective mechanism to stop the HCV virus from spreading. - Laboratory Talk

►October 6, 2008 - Public Health Crisis: Queries irk hepatitis patients - Attorneys telling clients not to reveal past drug, sexual activity - Las Vegas Review-Journal

►October 6, 2008 - Urgent Funding Needed to Reach the 2010 Measles Goal - Imperial Valley News

►October 6, 2008 - Meningitis cases rise in north Russia - RIA Novosti

►October 6, 2008 - 200 USC students sickened by stomach virus (requires registration) - AP via San Jose Mercury News

►October 6, 2008 - Change in the epidemiology of hepatitis B in Ireland - Irish Medical News

* ►October 6, 2008 - Bubonic plague found in Four Corners area - Salt Lake Tribune - "A northeast Arizona man has contracted bubonic plague and health agencies are urging Four Corners residents to help prevent the spread of the disease."

►October 6, 2008 - American Academy of Pediatrics Launches Pediatric Care Online™ - Point-of-Care Information Solution for Pediatricians Available via PDA, Web, and Wireless Powered by the Unbound ™ Platform. - press release - American Academy of Pediatrics via

►October 6, 2008 - UNICEF, Pampers and Salma Hayek take aim at maternal and newborn tetanus elimination - UNICEF

►October 6, 2008 - All-College Honors Welcomes Distinguished Speaker - Canisius College - "The Canisius College All-College Honors Program and the Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lectureship Program will present Professor Michael Willrich on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. in Lyons Hall, Room 313. The lecture, entitled 'Scars of Citizenship: Smallpox and American Life at the Turn of the Century,' is free and open to the public."

►October 6, 2008 - Survey Finds Nearly Two-Thirds of Parents Considering Changing the Way They Treat Kids' Colds Due to FDA Warnings About Children's Cold Medicine - Parents Looking to Natural Remedies to Soothe Sick Kids - press release - Kaz Inc. via Market Wire via Comtex via MarketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - Examine Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies Market - via Market Wire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - FDA Admits Contradictions in Generic Drug Labeling - HealthNews

►October 6, 2008 - Meridian details Torch antigens - Laboratory Talk

►October 6, 2008 - Patients Veto Countess Of Mar Secret Charities Meeting - Lack of unity given patients fully support ME/CFS WHO ICD-10 - The One Click Group

►October 6, 2008 - Worldwide Action - Stop Surveillance Mania! - Information Release - Freedom not Fear - Stop surveillance mania! - Worldwide action day on Saturday, 11 October 2008 - The One Click Group

►October 6, 2008 - FDA Accepts ATryn® BLA Filing - GTC Receives $2 Million in Milestone Payments - press release - GTC Biotherapeutics, Inc. via Business Wire

* ►October 6, 2008 - Report criticizes agency on post-storm trailers - Reuters - "The report noted 'a concerted and continuing effort by the agency's leadership to both mask their own involvement in the formaldehyde study, and to push the blame for their fumbling of this critical public health issue down the line to others.'"

►October 6, 2008 - ImClone backs $6.5bn Eli Lilly bid - Financial Times

►October 6, 2008 - New publication! "A Practical Guide to Food and Drug Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition" - FDLI SmartBrief

►October 6, 2008 - Pharmaceuticals: Near Term Movers Based On FDA Decision Dates - Seeking Alpha

►October 6, 2008 - New Test Detects Rare Leukemia More Quickly - Researchers also found technique could track response to treatments - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report

►October 6, 2008 - Jolley: Update – The Chinese Milk Scandal Spreads -

►October 6, 2008 - Hamsters among exotic pets that tots should avoid: US group - CBC

►October 6, 2008 - 8 Pets That Pose Major Health Threats to Kids - U.S. News & World Report

►October 6, 2008 - Action Alert: Arkansas Considers 3 Year Rabies Vaccine Interval - Rabies Challenge Fund via Aimee's Law

►October 6, 2008 - Update: Arkansas Rabies Laws - The State of Arkansas is considering adoption of a 3-year rabies protocol. -

►October 6, 2008 - Update: Tennessee Rabies Laws - You can join a group of Tennessee dog owners who are asking the state to consistently enforce the 3-year rabies immunization requirement set forth in Tennessee law Title 68 Chapter 8. -

►October 6, 2008 - Update: Cheyenne, Wyoming Rabies Laws - Cheyenne's Public Services Committee is scheduled to meet on October 13th to make a recommendation to the City Council on the proposed adoption of a 3-year rabies protocol. -

* ►October 6, 2008 - Urgent call to farmers on cattle vaccination - Journal Live, UK - "Malcolm Corbett, North East livestock representative for the National Farmers’ Union, said rumours that the vaccine could create fertility issues for animals were wide of the mark. He said: “We can definitely say that any rumours of health issues with the vaccine are just nonsense. We have had ample evidence from scientists that the vaccine is perfectly safe."

►October 6, 2008 - Bennington Seniors First in Nation to Receive New Zero Mercury Hearing Aid Batteries - Energizer offers newest product innovation to those served by Bennington Project Independence  - press release - Energizer Holdings, Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►October 6, 2008 - Mercury emissions rule will go into effect - The Capital Times via

►October 5, 2008 - Newton resident speaks on autism from own experience - Daily News Tribune

* ►October 5, 2008 - Partnerships touted for work with vaccines - Del.'s biotechnology industry showcased at conference - The News Journal via - "As researchers turn to plants, insects, stem cells and other building blocks to produce new vaccines, partnerships will be critical in pushing the technologies to market."

* ►October 5, 2008 - Measles epidemic warning after MMR vaccine uptake fall - Up to 100,000 children could be affected by the "very real" risk of a measles epidemic that could kill because more than 1 million children are not protected against the disease. - The Telegraph, UK - "For the first time in 15 years, there has been sustained transmission of measles for more than 12 months indicating that immunisation is no longer controlling the spread of the disease, Dr Mary Ramsay, consultant in immunisation at the Health Protection Agency, said."

* ►October 5, 2008 - Emergent Biosolutions wins $364M anthrax vaccine award - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

* ►October 5, 2008 - Anti-U.S. views fuel polio growth in Pakistan - San Francisco Chronicle - "Due to the security situation in these areas there is a lot of resentment against America," said Kahn. "The perception that this vaccine is a U.S. product holds strong in these areas, leading to refusals" to accept vaccinations. Khan also noted that Fazlullah's sermons have stressed that those who become crippled or die from polio are martyrs. The vaccine is considered haram, or that which is forbidden for Muslims."

►October 4, 2008 - Novartis Knock Down Day - Novartis Knock Down Day is a call for actions against Novartis on Monday, October 27th for being one of Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLS’s) largest customers. - Arkansas IMC

* ►October 4, 2008 - Federal Preemption Part II: What issues raise questions of federal preemption? - Des Moines

►October 4, 2008 - AFP author--Day 4 - The ScienceBlogs Book Club

►October 3, 2008 - FDA, pediatricians split on safety of kids' cold medicines - AP via USA Today

* ►October 3, 2008 - Current vaccine R&D pipeline: is influenza being overdone? - VacZine Analytics via PharmiWeb - "The current vaccine pipeline now consists of around 115 projects with an approximate 15-20% increase in number since April 2008 (1). The increase in the pipeline size is mainly due to the entry into the clinic of new programs (Phase I) targeting influenza and global initiatives such as TB. Excluding programs associated with biodefense, line-extensions/reformulations and pandemic flu, GSK Biologicals still maintains the largest vaccine pipeline in the industry closely followed by rival Sanofi Pasteur which gained ACAM-FLU-Aand ACAM-C-DIFF programs from its completed acquisition of Acambis."

* ►October 3, 2008 - Scary Stats IV: Polio - Inside Vaccines

* ►October 2, 2008 - Pakistan`s anti-polio campaign eats up funds, not virus - IANS via Zee News - "The health experts are of the opinion that the polio campaign in Pakistan has eaten up a major portion of the funds and attention meant for overall immunisation of newborns, which has resulted in the spread of other diseases. 'Continous support to polio rather than routine immunization has resulted in spread of deadly diseases in certain areas,' said Hassan. The health experts estimate that an average child born between 1994 and 2003 has received the oral polio drops 30 times. Doctors say it should be given only twice or thrice."

* ►October 2, 2008 - Knowledge is money for Children's - Entrepreneurs eager to help market hospital's research - Cincinnati Enquirer - "Last year, licensing revenue at Children's nearly tripled to $17.4 million, fueled by a payment from its licensing of the vaccine to treat rotavirus, the infection that is a leading cause of diarrhea in young children. Children's said the payment probably won't be repeated this year."

►October 2, 2008 - Legislature needs to address autism - Muskogee Daily Phoenix
►October 2, 2008 - Death of girl aged just 12 - WalesOnline - "It is understood she had been unwell in school last Wednesday and was taken home by family and had not returned."

►October 1, 2008 - Numbers Down At Columbia County’s First Flu Shot Clinic (includes video) -

►October 1, 2008 - Officials train in Georgia for widespread outbreak of flu - Independent-Mail

* ►October 1, 2008 - What is federal preemption and why should I take the time to care? - Des Moines

* September 30, 2008 - A leading American Scientist-Honored as "The Discoverer of AIDS" and "The Father of AIDS Research"- is shown to have falsely claimed that he had detected and isolated an AIDS-causing retrovirus. - press release (pdf) -

►September 29, 2008 - Adolescents are a reservoir for pertussis - Pertussis is endemic in Australian adolescents, new evidence suggests. -

►September 17, 2008 - More Hospitals Offering Alternative Therapies—Are You? - A new survey this month by American Hospital Association subsidiary Health Forum shows that a growing number of hospitals are offering complementary and alternative medical services, or CAM. - Health Leaders Media

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