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All the News Posted September 19, 2009

* ►October 2009 - EGFRvIII-targeted vaccination therapy of malignant glioma. - journal article (Brain Pathology)

►October 2009 - Oxytocin enhances the experience of attachment security - journal article (Psychoneuroendocrinology)

* ►September 20, 2009 - Care Threat To Girl 'Left Disabled By Cancer Jab' - Social workers are poised to take a teenager into care after her mother claimed she was left paralysed from a cervical cancer jab. - UK Express - "Last week, health watchdog the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority published figures showing 2,000 schoolgirls had suffered 4,000 suspected adverse reactions to the Cervarix vaccine. More than a million girls have been given the jab, which is offered as they enter their teens. Jackie Fletcher, from Jabs, a support group for parents who believe their children were damaged by vaccines, said: 'We need to address why Ashleigh and these girls are reacting to vaccinations rather than blame her mother.' The MHRA analysis found that 2,107 patients had reported suspected adverse reactions to Cervarix and 4,602 had suspected side effects. Sefton Council, which is about to act against Cheryl, declined to comment yesterday, saying the case was confidential. But a spokeswoman for the Department of Health said: 'It is irresponsible to raise fears over vaccine safety in the absence of scientific evidence.'"

* ►September 20, 2009 - In their own world - Forty years ago, this developmental disorder was rarely heard of. However, we now live in a world where one child in 150 is diagnosed with autism. - Malaysia Star - "More worrisome, however, is the fact that there has been an increase in the number of cases of autism in recent times, both locally and globally. According to the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), there has been a 30% increase in the organisation’s intake of individual’s with autism for the past three years. Globally, as many as one in 150 children are diagnosed with autism."

* ►September 20, 2009 - Vaccine claims rejected - The Age - "The Australian Vaccination Network has claimed thiomersal, a preservative in the vaccine, increased risks of autism and Guillain-Barre paralysis. But infectious disease expert Professor Raina MacIntyre called the network a 'vocal fringe group' and said there was no scientific evidence linking vaccines to autism or Guillain-Barre."

* ►September 19, 2009 - U. of C. researcher dies after exposure to plague bacteria - Chicago Breaking News - "A University of Chicago molecular genetics professor studying the origins of harmful bacteria died last weekend after contracting an infection linked to the plague, officials said today. University hospital officials said there 'does not appear to be a threat to the public' following the death of Malcolm J. Casadaban, 60, at the campus' Bernard Mitchell Hospital on Sept. 13. ... University officials said the weakened strain of the bacteria is used as a vaccine to protect against the plague. According to university officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved the weakened strain for laboratory studies. It does not require special safety precautions required for work with more virulent strains, according to the release. Once the lab strain was identified Friday, officials contacted the Chicago Department of Public Health."

* ►September 19, 2009 - Stop Illegal Forced Flu Shots for NY Healthcare Workers - Today it's Healthcare Workers, Tomorrow it Will be Everybody - The Autism Action Coalition - "In an unprecedented power grab, Richard Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health has issued an order requiring all healthcare workers to get the seasonal flu shot by November 30 or face termination. Daines justifies this seizure of rights by making the bogus claim that there is a seasonal flu emergency in New York. In another unprecedented move, unlike all other vaccine mandates under New York law, no exemptions will be allowed for religious reasons. Please join the Autism Action Network in fighting this outrageous trampling of workers basic rights. Please click on the Take Action link to send email messages to your State Senator, your Assemblymember, Richard Daines and his boss, Governor David Paterson, and demand that this illegal action stop immediately. And on Monday, September 21, please call Governor Paterson and Commissioner Daines and demand that they cancel this illegal trampling of rights. Today it is the healthcare workers, tomorrow it could be you and your children. ... A coalition of groups and individuals are organizing a rally for vaccine rights in Albany, September 29, 10 am, in the East Capitol Park. More details will follow as they develop."

* ►September 19, 2009 - Yes Some of the H1N1 Vaccines/Swine Flu Shots Have Thimerosal/Mercury In Them (includes video) - Adventures in Autism - "Remember all those talking heads on TV that keep saying that mercury is gone from vaccines and won't be in the H1N1 flu shot? They are misinforming you. Does the Swine Flu shot have mercury in it? The answer is yes... some of them. If you decide to get the shot, INSIST on seeing the vaccine package insert. If you are offered a shot that is drawn from a vial, that will be a mercury containing vaccine. Keep in mind that many parents of children with autism reported that their child received a shot from a multi-dose vial, and then saw the nurse throw the bottle away. Mercury is a heavy metal, and if the nurses who use that vial do not 'shake vigorously before use' then the mercury settles at the bottom and the last person to get a shot drawn from that vial gets a 'hot shot' with all the mercury in it."

►September 19, 2009 - Vaccine could be 'more dangerous than swine flu' - The Australian Vaccination Network lobby group says more testing of the swine flu vaccine needs to be done before it is given to the public. -

* ►September 19, 2009 - China warns of stability threat from H1N1 flu - Reuters - ""The Ministry of Public Security ... demands all security organs pay great attention to the possible effects on social stability from the virus and work hard at stopping the virus and maintaining stability," it said on its website ( 'Strike hard against rumour mongers, the sale and production of fake, shoddy drugs and equipment, and the driving up of medicine prices,' it added in a statement issued late on Friday."

* ►September 19, 2009 - U.S. reports 364 flu-related deaths, 4,569 hospitalizations in first half of September - People's Daily, China - "In an effort to add additional structure to the aggregate reporting, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) and the CDC have developed new case definitions for flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths to be applied for the 2009-2010 flu season, formally beginning from Oct. 4. This new system was implemented on Aug. 30, 2009 and replaces the weekly report of laboratory confirmed A/H1N1-related hospitalizations and deaths since July. States can now report to the CDC either laboratory confirmed or pneumonia and flu syndromic hospitalizations and deaths resulting from all types or subtypes of influenza, not just those from the new A/H1N1 virus. To allow states to implement the new case definition, counts were reset to zero by the CDC on Aug. 30."

* ►September 19, 2009 - Quidel Issues Clarification Regarding Special 510(k) Clearance to Add 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Virus Reactivity Information to the QuickVue Influenza A+B Test Package Insert - Business Wire via

* ►September 19, 2009 - Indian pharma part of $150 mn global vaccine venture - IANS via IBN Live

* ►September 19, 2009 - Politics of combating swine flu - - "One conservative magazine expressed doubt that H1N1 even constitutes a pandemic, as the WHO has determined. "The National Guard is even practising mock takeovers of public schools in the event of an ‘H1N1 riot.' What kind of riot could arise out of a flu that has only killed 1,000 worldwide," wrote the author of an article in "The American Thinker." "Could a form of martial law be imminent?  Obama appears ready to cross the Rubicon, and all he needs is a killer virus."

* ►September 19, 2009 - Salt Lake health officials plan mass vaccination - AP via

* ►September 19, 2009 - Flu vaccination has 90% effectiveness for pregnant women, fetuses+ - AP via Kyodo via Breitbart - "The research involved studying the effects of several types of seasonal flu vaccinations on 125 pregnant women, aged between 25 and 41 who were in their 15th to 39th week, who came to the center between 2007 and 2008."

* ►September 19, 2009 - IgG2 Deficiency May Underlie Cases of Life-threatening Swine Flu - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D. - "Researchers from Melbourne, Australia tested pregnant patients with life-threatening swine flu infections for levels of antibody in different antibody subclasses.  This test is rarely done, but is used to investigate possible immune deficiencies.  Serendipitously, the researchers and treating physicians found that one class of antibody (IgG2) was low in most of the patients.  When they gave a mixture of IgGs to critically ill patients, 3 out of 4 who were expected to die, survived."

►September 19, 2009 - Flu shot clinics planned at schools - Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

* ►September 19, 2009 - Coughing Swine in Northern Ireland Prompt Search for Flu Source - Bloomberg

►September 19, 2009 - Swine flu protocol signed for First Nations - Health minister says communications plan should reduce fear over pandemic - CDC

* ►September 19, 2009 - Inconvenient Truths About Gardasil and Swine Flu Vaccines (includes video) -

* ►September 19, 2009 - Doctors' speeches on brand-name drugs can net thousands - Talks on drugs are educational, physician speakers say - South Florida Sun-Sentinel - "Boca Raton psychiatrist Donna Holland spent a day this month in San Antonio talking to doctors about the hyperactivity drug Strattera for manufacturer Eli Lilly and Co. Her pay for that 45-minute speech: $1,500 plus expenses. She's one of 24 doctors in Broward and Palm Beach counties who were paid a total of $200,000 in speaking fees from Lilly in the first three months of 2009. Payments made to 3,400 doctors nationwide were disclosed as part of a settlement with the federal government over the company's illegal marketing practices."

►September 19, 2009 - 'Rising Plague' Of Deadly Bacteria Kills Thousands Each Year: New Book - Prometheus Books via Medical News Today

* ►September 19, 2009 - The Multibagger Secret You're Missing - Management's culture says a lot about what you can expect as a customer and shareholder. - The Motley Fool via MSNBC - "This is not too surprising. George W. Merck, former chairman and son of the American founder, put it this way: We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. ... The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear. The better we have remembered it, the larger they have been."

►September 19, 2009 - Health reformers targeting 'enemies' - Protest events tightly scripted - The Washington Times

* ►September 19, 2009 - Chemicals fuel debate over mysterious ailment - The Denver Post

►September 19, 2009 - Modest Vitamin/mineral Deficiencies Increase Age-related Disease - Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland via Medical News Today

►September 19, 2009 - Autism Conference Offers an Insiders Perspective - Living with autism is a daily struggle not just for the person diagnosed, but also for their family, teachers and friends. - WSAZ-TV

►September 18, 2009 - Roche Eureka Moment on Disorder May Aid Autism Probe - Bloomberg

* ►September 19, 2009 - Roche Eureka Moment on Disorder May Aid Autism Probe - Age of Autism

* ►September 18, 2009 - Vaccine output will be less than predicted: WHO - Canadian Press via CTV - "Countries that receive donated pandemic vaccine will be required to sign waivers releasing donors, manufacturers and the World Health Organization from liability, the Geneva-based global health agency has revealed. A number of developed countries, led by the United States, have announced they will honour a request from the WHO and donate 10 per cent of their vaccine purchases, on an ongoing basis, for redistribution to less developed countries that haven't been able to purchase pandemic vaccine. Canada, which expects to have millions of excess doses of pandemic vaccine, is not among the donor countries."

* ►September 18, 2009 - First U.S. H1N1 vaccines will be nasal spray: CDC - Reuters - "We anticipate being able to start receiving orders for the vaccine by early October," Butler added. The U.S. government is providing the H1N1 vaccine for free to about 90,000 distributors, including doctor's offices, retail chains and state health departments."

* ►September 18, 2009 - Swine flu expected to be dominant strain this year - One-third of Americans could get virus, expert says - Journal Sentinel

* ►September 18, 2009 - 12th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research (requires registration) - Expert Review of Vaccines via Medscape - "Paul Offit (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, PA, USA) discussed the role of the scientific community in identifying and communicating adverse events following immunization (AEFI). Offit focused on the 1998 paper published by the Lancet, which claims that the combined measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism. Since that publication, Offit noted that 12 separate studies have concluded that MMR does not cause autism. Despite these results, fear and skepticism surrounding the MMR vaccine still exist and are influencing parents as they decide whether or not to vaccinate their children. Offit encouraged members of the scientific community to assume a greater role in communicating health information to the general public. Steven Black (Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH, USA) discussed the need for new approaches to assessing low-frequency AEFI. Given modern communication systems, AEFI of any origin can be communicated rapidly, requiring high-quality methods to survey, verify and respond to these events. Although some passive reporting systems exist, such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, Black argued that they are plagued by under-reporting, misclassification, and reporter bias. He called for further investigation into how to collect these data and respond to them effectively."

* ►September 18, 2009 - Canada vague on why it hasn't joined US and others in donating H1N1 vaccine - AP via The Canadian Press via

►September 18, 2009 - H1N1 deaths up almost 300 in week: WHO - WHO via CBC News

►September 18, 2009 - Flu Level Raised to 'Widespread' in Kentucky - Kentucky Department for Public Health via

* ►September 18, 2009 - Personal Genomes Get Very Personal - Technology Review - "Nevertheless, Illumina plans to perform this style of transcriptome profiling on up to nine more family trios, five of whom have children that have been diagnosed with Loyes Dietz syndrome, and four others with a variety of clinical presentations including autism, developmental delays and congenital heart failure."

►September 18, 2009 - Kids' Brain Tumor Trial - via

* ►September 18, 2009 - British doctor faces action over claims of 'ghost writing' for US drug company • Medics credited with work of firms' employees • US court documents reveal 'author' culture - The Guardian, UK

►September 18, 2009 - First Lady Describes Health Reform as a "Women's Issue" (requires registration) - Washington Post

* ►September 18, 2009 - Four Swine Flu Vaccines Approved by FDA - AskDrSears - "What about pregnant and/or nursing mothers? This is a little scary. The flu shots are ALREADY recommended for pregnant and nursing moms, BUT (and this is a really huge but) the vaccine product inserts make it very clear that the regular flu vaccines have never been tested on pregnant or nursing women to determine if there is any harm to fetuses or young babies (with one exception – the ­­­­Flumist nasal spray brand did have some testing in this area, BUT not enough, as is stated in the product insert). Despite this complete lack of research, it is recommended for these moms anyway. Anyone see a problem with that? If you do get a flu shot, at least make sure it is mercury free (or at least only TRACE mercury)."

►September 18, 2009 - Swine flu widespread in Illinois, officials say - Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette

►September 18, 2009 - Reader Says: Green Mercury Bulbs Not Green - The Epoch Times

* ►September 17, 2009 - Mercury fears will make some pass on swine flu vaccine - Canadian Press via - "Canada will not be purchasing any thimerosal-free pandemic vaccine – a decision that concerns some pregnant women and young mothers and worries some officials who want to see pregnant women and young children vaccinated."

* ►September 17, 2009 - Delco Reveals Plan for Mass H1N1 Inoculations, If Needed - KYW Newsradio

* ►September 17, 2009 - Juvaris BioTherapeutics Announces First Close on $25 million Series B Financing - Business Wire via Reuters - "Juvaris BioTherapeutics is a clinical stage company developing adjuvanted vaccines to treat infectious diseases. The Company`s lead adjuvant, JVRS-100, is currently in clinical development to improve the efficacy of seasonal influenza vaccines in the elderly population. The Company is also developing vaccines for HSV-2, universal flu and pandemic flu. For more information about the Company and its technology, please visit"

* ►September 17, 2009 - Weis Markets to hold low-cost flu shot program - Weis Markets via Medical-News.Net

►September 17, 2009 - Improved flu screening needed at airports - journal article (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

►September 17, 2009 - High-risk people to get free flu shots - Shanghai Daily

►September 17, 2009 - Notice: Draft Guidance for Industry on Microbiological Data for Systemic - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via

►September 17, 2009 - American Lung Association applauds EPA’s decision to reduce threat from dangerous air pollutant - via News-Medical.Net

* ►September 17, 2009 - Getting the correct amount of vitamin D helps your body's ... - Tedding Record Searchlight

►September 17, 2009 - Letter: People shouldn't have to go bankrupt to obtain health care - Mansfield News Journal

►September 17, 2009 - Supplementing Babies' Formula With DHA Boosts Cognitive Development, Study Finds - Research has shown that children who were breast fed as infants have superior cognitive skills compared to those fed infant formula, and it's thought that this is due to an essential fatty acid in breast milk called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Now a new study has found that babies fed formula supplemented with DHA have higher cognitive skills than babies fed regular formula. - Society for Research in Child Development, via EurekAlert! via ScienceDaily

►September 17, 2009 - New UAB study examines benefit of internet access, social media networking on seniors' health - University of Alabama at Birmingham via EurekAlert!

►September 17, 2009 - High uptake of schoolgirl cancer jab - Belfast Telegraph

* ►September 16, 2009 - Low levels of key antibodies may lead to severe disease, study suggests - Canadian Press via Yahoo! - "The testing showed the patient had low levels of an antibody called IgG2, which [Dr. Lindsay] Grayson admitted came as a surprise. They started ordering tests on all their swine flu patients in ICU. 'What we found was almost everyone, all the patients who needed ICU were IgG2 deficient,' he said in an interview from San Francisco, where the data were presented at ICAAC, the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. Severe cases had IgG2 levels that were about one-third of those detected in people who were moderately ill."

* ►September 16, 2009 - Notice: Request for Information on Alternative Duty: Temporary Reassignment for Health Care Workers Who Work With Hazardous Drugs - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) via

►September 16, 2009 - Weill Cornell Researchers Discover New Anti-Tuberculosis (TB) Compounds - Findings May Lead to Drugs That Destroy TB in Dormant Stage of Lifecycle - Weill Cornell Medical College

►September 16, 2009 - Neonatal innate immunity in allergy development. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

►September 16, 2009 - The Internet as an adjunct for pediatric primary care. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

►September 16, 2009 - The importance of the development of the intestinal microbiota in infancy. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

►September 16, 2009 - Mast Cells and Basophils: A Potential Link in Promoting Angiogenesis during Allergic Inflammation - journal article (International Archives of Allergy and Immunology)

►September 16, 2009 - Obama Administration touts VT's Blueprint for Health - Vermont Public Radio

►September 16, 2009 - Blocking protein may prevent blinding disease - Medical College of Georgia via EurekAlert!

►September 16, 2009 - Research and Markets: Comprehensive Review of Neurology - Concise, Focused Coverage of the Major Topics Included in the Neurology Exams - Research and Markets via Business via Reuters

►September 15, 2009 - New textbook on pharmacology and drug discovery - The science behind pharmacology - Elsevier via EurekAlert!

►September 15, 2009 - Russell Blaylock part 1 of 4 - video - YouTube

►September 15, 2009 - Russell Blaylock part 2 of 4 - video - YouTube

►September 15, 2009 - Russell Blaylock part 3 of 4 - video - YouTube

►September 15, 2009 - Russell Blaylock part 4 of 4 - video - YouTube

* ►September 9, 2009 - Healthcare for children with autism: the Autism Treatment Network. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics) - "Improved understanding of the underlying pathology of ASD and associated conditions, and the development of a common purpose across multiple treating sites, can improve the consistent and coordinated healthcare of children with autism."

►September 8, 2009 - Incidence of childhood Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis in Sri Lanka - journal article (International Journal of Infectious Diseases)

►September 3, 2009 - Flufenamic acid suppresses epileptiform activity in hippocampus by reducing excitatory synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability - journal article (Epilepsia)

* ►September 1, 2009 - Title: Adjuvant compositions and methods for enhancing immune responses to polynucleotide-based vaccines (patent) - Vical Incorporated (San Diego, CA) via

* ►September 1, 2009 - Title: Process for producing a capsular polysaccharide for use in conjugate vaccines (patent) - De Staat der Nederlanden, vert. door de minister van VWS (The Hague, NL) via

►September 1, 2009 - Title: Packaging cell line for diphtheria toxin expressing non-replicating adenovirus (patent) - The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) via

►September 1, 2009 - Title: Composition and method to augment and sustain neurotransmitter production (patent) - Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) via

►September 1, 2009 - Title: Method for treating or inhibiting intestinal inflammation (patent) - University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore, MD) via

* ►September 2009 - Developmental regression: Always a worrying signal (free pdf available) - journal article (Paediatrics & Child Health) - "The family reports that she received her first three pentavalent immunizations. An analysis of family history was negative for developmental delay; however, the parents are distant cousins."

►September 2009 - The impact of jaundice in newborn infants on the length of breastfeeding - journal article (Paediatrics & Child Health)

►August 27, 2009 - Many health workers won't take swine flu vaccine - BMJ Emerging Health Threats Journal via Reuters


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