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All the News Posted November 18-20, 2007

Posted November 20, 2007


* ►November 19, 2007 - Deirdre Imus: Over Medicated and Over-Vaccinated: The Unintended Consequences of Medicines Meant to Protect - The Huffington Post - "Scientists from the Oregon Health & Science University found many of the vaccines administered to millions of American's may be providing immunity longer than what was first believed, making the need for some booster shots unnecessary. "Surprisingly, we found that immunity following vaccination with tetanus and diphtheria was much more long-lived than anyone realized, and that antibody responses following viral infections were essentially maintained for life," stated lead author Dr. Mark Slifka, a scientist at the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute. The study also found similar longer than expected immunity for several other vaccines.  According to the study, "it [a booster shot] may just be unnecessary under certain circumstances." Logically, this would make sense. After all, if vaccines are effective, one should not need another booster shot. But our kids are getting a lot of booster shots...shots containing heavy metals and viruses. Shots that a growing number of parents, physicians and researchers believe could be contributing to the rise of chronic illnesses and developmental disorders affecting our children. If the booster shots are unnecessary because immunity is present, why expose our children to these toxins?"

* ►(repost) November 8, 2007 - Duration of Humoral Immunity to Common Viral and Vaccine Antigens - journal article (NEJM) - "In cases in which multiple exposures or repeated vaccinations were common, memory B-cell numbers did not correlate with antibody titers. This finding suggests that peripheral memory B cells and antibody-secreting plasma cells may represent independently regulated cell populations and may play different roles in the maintenance of protective immunity."

►December 2007 - Efficacy of hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination in treating lamivudine-resistant HBV reactivation following hepatitis B surface antigen seroconversion - journal article (Liver International)

►December 2007 - Health-related quality of life in methylphenidate-treated children with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder: results from a Taiwanese sample - journal article (Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry)

►December 2007 - Common variable immunodeficiency in children. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

►December 2007 - Update on child abuse prevention. - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

* ►November 26, 2007 - House to offer bill for registry of drug firm gifts to doctors - Pharmaceutical companies would have to report gifts of $25 or more. -

* ►November 26, 2007 - Drug industry ties -- do they bind? - - "Two-thirds of medical school department chairs have some form of personal relationship with a pharmaceutical or medical device company."

* ►November 26, 2007 - Illinois sues radiology clinics over MRI leasing - Legal experts say the lawsuit could have ripple effects on imaging equipment agreements in other states. - - "In a case legal experts say signals heightened state scrutiny of physician arrangements with imaging facilities, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing at least two MRI clinics for allegedly paying doctors kickbacks for patient referrals."

* ►November 26, 2007 - Nephrologists warn of kidney failure induced by drugs, medical procedures - As the population with renal damage grows, experts are looking to reduce the risk of this occurring as the result of medical care. -

* ►November 26, 2007 - Lack of supervision adds to resident errors, study finds - A review of 240 medical liability cases tied 70% of such errors to not enough attending oversight. -

* ►November 26, 2007 - Hospital safety records, CEO pay increasingly linked - Focusing only on the financial end of the business is no longer the only worry for those in hospitals' top jobs. -

* ►November 26, 2007 - Fewer back higher premiums for unhealthy living - A poll also finds declining support for higher deductibles or co-pays for people who fail to meet certain health standards. -

* ►November 26, 2007 - Insurance industry turns focus to children without coverage - As more employers sift through health plan enrollment to find ineligible dependents, health insurers are offering policies for uninsured children. -

►November 26, 2007 - Heeding the MRSA warning - A new study offers national estimates of this infection's reach -- and a wake-up call. -

►November 26, 2007 - Texas medical board vows to speed up process - Some physicians say the board is spending too much time investigating issues that don't deal directly with patient care. -

►November 26, 2007 - More teens test positive for drugs, alcohol at sick care visits - The high rates have experts calling for substance abuse screening to be performed whenever possible. -

►November 26, 2007 - Ohio medical society pushes doctor-friendly EMR pacts - A program will recognize companies that adopt simplified contract language. -

►November 26, 2007 - Bigger practice, better quality? Practice size not the complete answer - New research suggests that larger physician groups deliver better care, but some doctors say there are ways solo practices can compete on quality benchmarks. -

►November 26, 2007 - To partner or perish? That is the question - A message to all physicians from AMA President Ronald M. Davis, MD. -

►November 26, 2007 - Gift cards turn health care into stocking stuffer - Highmark's entry into the market is seen as either a sign of growth in consumer-directed health or patients' struggle to afford care. -

►November 26, 2007 - Kaiser's PHR online for all members - Despite the major technology investment, the company posts a doubling of its operating income. -

►November 26, 2007 - Coventry takes charge: Plan becomes the biggest game in town - In the world of workers' compensation, no managed care company is as powerful as Coventry Health Care. Now physicians are waiting to see how Coventry flexes its newfound muscles. -

►November 26, 2007 - Letters to the Editor - Tort system reflects a greedy society - What will the test of time reveal about what really matters to those seeking medical career? -

►November 26, 2007 - News in brief: Health & Science - Call to prescribe exercise - Heart conditions tied to worsening Alzheimer's - FDA strengthens hearing loss warning for erectile dysfunction drugs - Intranasal flu vaccine recommended for young children -

►November 26, 2007 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - Bush vetoes HHS budget bill - Calif. Democrats offer new health system reform bill - Kentucky's physician governor loses re-election -

►November 26, 2007 - News in brief: Professional Issues - ED doctors seek solutions to crowding - Pou case prosecutor loses election - AAMC names new chair - N.J. votes down stem cell money  -

►November 20, 2007 - Genetically altered virus helps Parkinson's sufferers - Brain scans show success of gene therapy trial - Patient astounds doctors with 65% improvement - The Guardian, UK

* ►November 20, 2007 -  McCarthy: Vaccines Cause Autism (includes video) -

* ►November 20, 2007 - Mandatory Vaccination in Maryland REALLY IS about Money - Saying No to Vaccines - "Why is this important information? If the Washington Post article is correct when they said that 2300 kids are being barred from school, all of a sudden $63 per student per day turns into a astronomical loss of $144,900 PER DAY for the school district. That would light a fire under anyone’s backside to stop that hemorrhaging of loss of income, but it does not justify the way these families are being treated."

* ►November 20, 2007 - Parents of unvaccinated kids face fines - - "Prince George’s County officials are still holding out the threat of jail and fines for parents of more than 900 public school children who are still aren’t up to date on county-mandated vaccinations — but so far authorities haven’t filed any criminal charges. County authorities had originally set Saturday as the deadline for parents of unvaccinated children to comply or be subject to arrest. But now officials are saying that it will be at least after the long Thanksgiving weekend — and maybe weeks more — before their crackdown begins."

* ►November 20, 2007 - Student Health Center Cuts HPV Vaccine, Cites Financial Concerns - Georgetown University The Hoya

►November 20, 2007 - Another Very Scary Germ - editorial (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "The pathogen now generating fear — known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA — has long been infecting sick patients in hospitals and nursing homes."

►November 20, 2007 - Davao Region ranks 2nd in measles campaign - Sun.Star Davao

►November 20, 2007 - Anti-Smoking Vaccination Works - Sort-of - HealthandAge

►November 20, 2007 - Deadly H5N1 bird flu hits second turkey farm - The Telegraph, UK

►November 20, 2007 - Bird Flu Arrives in the Heart of Riyadh - Arab News

►November 20, 2007 - Mongolian horses reported infected with influenza following outbreak in China - Mongolia Web News

►November 20, 2007 - U. scientists to combat flu outbreaks - Rutger's Daily Targum

* ►November 20, 2007 - Influenza Vaccine Supplies Fall Short by More Than 10 Billion Doses Required During a Pandemic - Study Finds that New Technologies and Strategies Could Boost Pandemic Vaccine Supplies - PATH via PRNewswire via CNNMoney

* ►November 20, 2007 - Vet questions horse flu vaccine - - "But the Chief Veterinary Officer, Brian Radunz, says vaccination doesn't guarantee horses won't get EI. 'The vaccination will reduce the chance of horses getting infected, but they still might', he says. 'And if they do, they recover much quicker, so they would be able to go back into work and racing more quickly, but they can still spread the disease, so the protection is fairly limited.'"

* ►November 20, 2007 - Finding the way again after failed AIDS vaccine - Focus on treatment, preventive methods may be best priorities for now - commentary - NBC News via MSNBC

►November 20, 2007 - UN HIV estimates reduced to 33m - The United Nations has reduced its estimates of how many people are infected with HIV in 2007 from nearly 40m to 33m. - BBC

* ►November 20, 2007 - U.N. to Cut Estimate Of AIDS Epidemic - Population With Virus Overstated by Millions (requires registration) - Washington Post

►November 20, 2007 - Vaccine risks cloud race of good intentions - The Telegraph, India - "Scientists said gaps in knowledge about how the human immune system interacts with HIV were frustrating. 'The exact immunological mechanisms required to effectively protect humans from this virus are still unclear,' said Udaykumar Ranga, a scientist at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore."

►November 20, 2007 - Michael Fumento: The anti-vaccine lobby makes us sick -- literally - commentary - Union Leader

►November 20, 2007 - Stem cell breakthrough uses no embryos - AP via Yahoo!

►November 20, 2007 - Lessons From Lefties - Search For Cause Of 'Handedness' Yields Insights Into Genetics, Brain - Philadelphia Inquirer via Hartford Courant

* ►November 19, 2007 - Scandals: Reasonable People Can Disagree:  The rationale for allowing philosophical exemptions to vaccinations - POSITION PAPER ON MANDATORY VACCINATIONS - Vaccination News - "My early efforts as a vaccine informed choice advocate were focused on trying to get a philosophical exemption to vaccines law passed in Alaska.  What follows is the paper I wrote in what was at the time a failed hope of convincing legislators that there are two sides to this story and that such a law should be passed. The recent Orwellian threats to jail the parents of the unvaccinated, prove, now more than ever, the necessity for passing such laws and the continued relevance of this paper."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Merck's failed HIV vaccine trial - Anthrax Vaccine Blog

* ►November 19, 2007 - Parents Kept In Dark About Vaccine Waiver - Religious and personal objection forms not included in information pack, police followed advocacy reporters to bathroom, kids herded in line to take shots with no regard to medical or vaccine history (includes video) - Prison Planet

* ►November 19, 2007 - Drugs from Johnson & Johnson/Basilea and Forest Are the Most Promising Antibiotics in the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Pipeline - Decision Resources, Inc. via PRNewswire via Earth Times - "The new Pharmacor report entitled Community-Acquired Pneumonia finds that in 2006 antibiotics generated more than $800 million while the pneumococcal vaccines garnered approximately $1.5 billion in sales in the major pharmaceutical markets."

* ►November 19, 2007 - UM medical school wins federal funding for vaccine development - Baltimore Business Journal

* ►November 19, 2007 - Biodefense lab causing qualms (requires registration or subscription) - Some Fort Detrick neighbors air concerns - The Baltimore Sun - "Fort Detrick, which has been working with deadly pathogens since World War II, is an economic engine for Frederick County and has enjoyed staunch support from local business and political leaders for decades. But now, some residents are uncomfortable with the federal government's post-Sept. 11 push to expand mystery-shrouded work with exotic diseases and biological agents on the Army post."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Plans for 'agro-defense' lab stir concern - The Dallas Morning News via The Arizona Daily Star - "Five states are competing to win a mammoth biodefense facility — a new $500 million federal research center that would house foot-and-mouth and other highly infectious animal diseases."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Sinovac Biotech gains on clinical trials for flu vaccines (requires registration) - Small Cap Investor

* ►November 19, 2007 - Sinovac Provides Update in Pandemic Influenza Vaccines (H5N1) Phase II Clinical Trials - press release - Sinovac Biotech Ltd. via Xinhua-PRNewswire via CNNMoney

* ►November 19, 2007 - Draft Guidance for FDA Advisory Committee Members and FDA Staff: Voting Procedures for Advisory Committee Meetings - FDA

* ►November 19, 2007 - WHO hopes to resolve row on bird flu virus sharing - Reuters - "Sixteen companies are at various stages of licensing a vaccine against H5N1, the virus most experts suspect could spark a pandemic. These include GlaxoSmithKline which announced last June it would donate 50 million doses of its "pre-pandemic" bird flu vaccine to WHO's global stockpile."

* ►November 19, 2007 - WHO officials meet in Indonesian virus-sharing logjam - CBC - "Indonesia announced earlier this year that it would no longer supply viruses to the WHO's Global Influenza Surveillance Network without guaranteed access to affordable vaccines created from them."

►November 19, 2007 - Employers ‘must prepare for flu calamity’ - The Times, UK

* ►November 19, 2007 - Senators who protected Big Pharma received millions of dollars from drug companies - News Target - "While the institute's recommendation to allow the FDA to monitor the safety of products after approval was included in the final bill, it was significantly weakened at the instigation of Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H.. Gregg has received $168,500 from the pharmaceutical industry since 2001."

* ►November 19, 2007 - The impact of glycol ethers on health and the environment - Glycol ethers are found in shampoo, liquid soaps, babywipes, oven cleaners, household cleaners, paint, etc., and also in vaccines! - Agoravox - "Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative in most childhood vaccinations (T Polio, TP Pasteur, DT Polio, DTCP Pasteur, Tetracoq, Tetravac, Infanrix Polio, Pentacoq, Penthibest, Pentavac, Infanrix Polio Hib) in proportions of two to five microlitres per dose (of half a millilitre). According to INSERM; phenoxyethanol represents a reproductive toxicity for the male and for the female, as well as having the effect of destroying red blood cells. These effects either are likely to be confirmed (for reproductive toxicity) or have been confirmed (for blood cell destruction). In November 2000, in an announcement referring to glycol ethers, the CSC (Consumers’ Safety Commission) recommended that there be an immediate substitution of groups 1, 2 and 3a (series E) of glycol ethers. Phenoxyethanol belongs to group 2 ... When he was the health secretary, Bernard Kouchner was to have requested industrial research on alternatives whose tolerance was better evaluated. However, it is evident from the labels on parapharmaceutical products sold in the shops that phenoxyethanol is still being used. Along with mercury, formaldehyde, the possible presence of the BSE prion and the now-famous aluminium hydroxide, another toxic substance is used in the manufacture of vaccines, in total disregard of principles of safety."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Police with Dogs: Vaccinating Kids in Maryland - Vaccine Awakening

►November 19, 2007 - Maryland County Gets Tough On Vaccinations - Prince George's County Threatens Parents To Immunize Children Or Face Jail, Fines - The Christian Science Monitor via CBS News

* ►November 19, 2007 - New HPV Vaccine Under Study - Medical College of Georgia via ScienceDaily

* ►November 19, 2007 - Get Ready for the Fall - Motley Fool - "Gardasil, the HPV vaccine that Texas and the UK (as well as others) want to make mostly mandatory ... comprised over $730 million in Merck's vaccine sales in the first six months of the year. ... There are at least 2.028 million people who have received the vaccine. ... That's a lot of customers ... or lawsuits. Do a news search of 'Gardasil' and you will start to find stories dangerous and deadly side effects."

* ►November 19, 2007 - New vaccine may help prevent cervical cancer - winnipeg FIRST - "'The bad press was not warranted,' says Winnipeg pediatrician Dr. Susan Collision. 'The neurological problems that were stated as a possible side effect were actually in relation to a meningococcal vaccination. All the most recent research states the vaccination is safe.'"

►November 19, 2007 - 'Tree man' finds virus at the root of his condition (requires subscription for full article) - New Scientist

►November 19, 2007 - It’s Not Too Late to Get a Flu Shot! - Cape May County Herald

►November 19, 2007 - Jennifer Garner - Actress/Mother Urging Americans to Get Flu Vaccinations -

►November 19, 2007 - Cold and flu talk: Wash your hands of these misconceptions - Vitamins, soups ... many remedies are known to cure you. But do they? - Argus Leader

* ►November 19, 2007 - International Autism Expert Raun K. Kaufman Supports American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendation for Early Testing, but Rejects Position That Autism Is Incurable - press release - The Autism Treatment Center of America via Marketwire

* ►November 19, 2007 - Autism costs UK economy £28bn a year, foundation finds -

* ►November 19, 2007 - Autism: Finding Amanda - CNN

* ►November 19, 2007 - Lee schools creates autism task force - Focus is on early diagnosis and treatment before children enter school - Naples News - "'Autism is something that is in every county, including this one, and it is something that we have to face,' Vice Chairwoman Jane Kuckel said during a board retreat last week. The number of autistic students in the district has more than doubled in the last four years. In 2003, it was 149 students. Now, its 313."

►November 19, 2007 - Rule would cut services for disabled kids - AP via Cincinnati Post

►November 19, 2007 - Sleep Problems Prevalent in Children with Asperger Syndrome - Sleep via Ivanhoe via HealthScout

►November 19, 2007 - Work at Internal Balance, Inc. Created Core Data Used in Recently Published Scientific Paper - press release - Internal Balance, Inc. via PR Inside - " This clinical paper integrates existing causation theories under one unified hypothesis where EMR exposures -- which trigger decreases in cell membrane permeability -- are acting synergistically with genetics, vaccines and other purported causal factors."
►November 19, 2007 - Over Medicated and Over-Vaccinated: The Unintended Consequences of Medicines Meant to Protect - Huffington Post via Yahoo!

* ►November 19, 2007 - Children DO need the chickenpox jab - Daily Mail, UK - "Since then, Charlotte and Jason have devoted their lives to creating an online medical diagnosis system named ISABEL, which they now sell to hospitals. It uses pattern recognition software to search paediatric textbooks for information on symptoms, to prevent misdiagnosis by flagging up complications."

* ►November 19, 2007 - WHO team visits polio baby - The Statesman - "The three-member delegation of World Health Organisation experts visited the house of the baby diagnosed with polio at Asansol today. They also interrogated the health staff with the Asansol Municipal Corporation who had reportedly administered one vaccination dosage to Nazima Khatun, the victim of the disease."

* ►November 19, 2007 - The stark reality of vaccinating Africa - Channel 4 News, UK - "Leading Indian drug manufacturer Dr Suresh Jadhav of the The Serum Institute also thinks the vaccine could be made far cheaper in places like India. Dr Jadhav said: 'People in the West feel that if they make something for a dollar and cannot sell it for more than $20, it's a non-viable project. 'Whereas you go to Southeast Asia, those people will feel if you can make something for a dollar and sell for $2, you are 100 per cent profit. So it's more philosophical rather than business.'"

* ►November 19, 2007 - Mass vaccination to be held as measles spreads - Evening Standard UK via Gulf Times - "Health officials are so worried they have sent out a 'vaccine bus' to tour schools in east London, and bosses in Barnet are planning a mass immunisation today."

►November 19, 2007 - Zimbabwe: Take Immunisation Campaign Seriously - editorial - The Herald (Harare) via

►November 19, 2007 - Merck Company Foundation Expands Network of Immunization Training Centers in Africa - press release - Merck & Co. Inc. via

* ►November 19, 2007 - HHS continues anthrax vaccine deal with Emergent - Washington Business Journal - "The government agreed in September to buy nearly 19 million doses of Emergent's BioThrax vaccine through 2010 for $400 million. Emergent will get an additional $34 million if it wins regulatory approval to increase the drug's shelf life from three years to four. The company is waiting for a decision on its application to the Food and Drug Administration to extend the shelf life. The drug is approved for pre-exposure vaccination. Emergent is also testing it as a post-exposure vaccine, which, if successful, will earn an additional $11.5 million from HHS. One round of post-exposure clinical trials has already triggered an $8.8 million milestone payment."

* ►November 19, 2007 - AVANT's Oral Combined Enterotoxigenic E. coli-Cholera Vaccine to Enter Phase 1 Safety Study Funded by the NIH - AVANT's Oral Combined Enterotoxigenic E. coli-Cholera Vaccine to Enter Phase 1 Safety Study - press release - AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc. via AdHoc News

* ►November 19, 2007 - Developing a CMV vaccine - WABC 7 - "Dr. Mark Schleiss says about 40,000 babies are born in the U.S. each year with CMV. 'There's no question about the public health significance of this,' he said. 'It might truly be characterized as a national epidemic.'  Almost all babies born with CMV suffer hearing loss or mental retardation. After 15 years of research, Dr. Schleiss and his colleagues have developed a vaccine they hope will wipe out the virus."

►November 19, 2007 - Further Evidence To Link EBV Virus Infection With MS, UK - Medical News Today

►November 19, 2007 - Cuban Biotechnology Spreads All Over the World - Cuba News Headlines

►November 19, 2007 - IAC Express Issue number 694 - Immunization Action Coalition

►November 19, 2007 - Attack of the toxic toys - The federal agency responsible for monitoring goods is overwhelmed and underfunded. What can we do? - The Denver Post

►November 19, 2007 - New data shows mercury pollution at Nevada mines nearly 800 pounds higher than expected - Earthworks via YubaNet

►November 19, 2007 - Researcher Finds How Rogue Bacteria Sabotage Human Immunity - press release - Anthony Azenabor via AScribe Newswire

►November 19, 2007 - Schering-Plough Completes Acquisition of Organon BioSciences - Combination Expands Human Health Business, Creates a Global Leader in Animal Health and Strengthens Product Pipeline, Adding Five Phase III Projects - PRNewswire-FirstCall via CNNMoney

►November 19, 2007 - Western virus contained - New Vision, Uganda - "By press time, the Centre for Disease Control in the USA had not yet ascertained what the disease was, after analysing the the 20 blood samples Uganda’s health ministry sent them."

►November 19, 2007 - Merck Settles Vioxx Claims - Agreement with plaintiffs will allow company to refocus on R&D - Chemical & Engineering News

* ►November 19, 2007 - HIV vaccine may have made people more vulnerable to infection - Aidsmap - "Could the vaccine have stimulated the immune system in an unhelpful way – one that sensitised, rather than immunised, people to HIV?  If this turns out to be the case, it would be of great concern, because it could mean that recipients of the V520 vaccine could be super-receptive to HIV for a long time – possibly for the rest of their life. Immune responses to the vaccine do appear to be long-lasting and had faded only slightly in a group of early vaccinees two years after injection."

►November 19, 2007 - CMS Officials Investigate Case Involving Four Transplant Recipients Who Contracted HIV, Hepatitis C From High-Risk Organ Donor -

►November 19, 2007 - Baltimore Sun Profiles HIV Researcher Pauza -

►November 19, 2007 - Herpes Treatment Lowers HIV In Co-Infected Men - MedPage Today

►November 19, 2007 - HIV drug market mutates - Glaxo's market dominance in $8 billion sector fades as Gilead and Bristol gather strength with new combo - and others are ready to challenge as well. - CNNMoney

►November 19, 2007 - The Life-Sapping Human Virus - Losing Equilibrium in the Ecology Debate - Zenit News Agency

►November 19, 2007 - Is the NIH budget saturated? - Why hasn't more funding meant more publications? - The Scientist

►November 19, 2007 - How to stop allergies killing - Telegraph, UK - "Now Dr Kirk Druey of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Bethesda, and colleagues report that they have found a protein that suppresses anaphylactic shock, when an allergic response triggers a quick release of substances from special immune cells found in tissues, called mast cells, that can lead to these deadly effects. Dr Druey said this find will provide basic insights into how to damp down this deadly response, by gene therapy or a small drug molecule to mimic the effects of this protein. However, he emphasised that, though potentially significant, it would take some years to do."

►November 19, 2007 - Pharma Careers: The Uncertain Future - Pharmalot

►November 19, 2007 - Handbook of Psychological Assessment Presents the Latest Evidence Based Findings Regarding Best Practices for a Number of Prevalent DSM Disorders - Research and Markets via Business Wire via MaketWatch

►November 19, 2007 - Race-based medicine? - African American heart drug study raises questions about benefits of racially targeted trials - The Scientist

►November 19, 2007 - Buy-out group to specialise in healthcare deals - Financial Times

►November 19, 2007 - Antipsychotics, Nursing Homes & Increased Risks - Pharmalot

►November 19, 2007 - MIT and India to Create Health Science and Technology Institute - Business Wire

►November 19, 2007 - Newly Approved Administration of Cephalosporin Antibiotic Rocephin for Injection: Once Daily Administration in Children - Chugai Pharmaceutical via PharmaLive

►November 19, 2007 - Immune System Can Drive Cancers Into Dormant State - A multinational team of researchers has shown for the first time that the immune system can stop the growth of a cancerous tumor without actually killing it. - Washington University School of Medicine via ScienceDaily

►November 19, 2007 - Appendix more likely to rupture in mentally ill patients - National Yang Ming University, Taipei via Big News Network

►November 19, 2007 - Safety Shield Protects Cell Phone Users from MRSA Bacteria - Safety Shield, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of patented lines of personal radiation protection devices for cell phones and other electronic items. We also produce assorted tobacco filter systems for smokers and various other products. As new threats like MRSA emerge, we challenge our medical and technological teams to find solutions to help people. We're pleased to report that Safety Shield, Inc. now guards you and your loved ones against the highly infectious and potentially fatal MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus) bacteria and many other diseases too. Safety Shield, Inc. is still "Your First Line Of Defense™" - PRWeb

►November 19, 2007 - Human health, agriculture and the environment to benefit from bioengineering project at the University of Kent - Martin Warren, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Kent’s Department of Biosciences, has been awarded over £750,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council for a study into biochemical pathways that could ultimately lead to improved health benefits for humans, as well as the development of important new technologies and products for agriculture and bioremediation (the use of plants or microorganisms to clean up pollution or contaminated material). - alphagalileo via innovations report

►November 19, 2007 - An element of mystery in zinc cold treatments (requires registration or subscription) - Los Angeles Times

►November 19, 2007 - We live longer, but ill - Australians are living longer, but our extra years seem to be plagued by illness.- Herald Sun, AU

►November 19, 2007 - Brain differences found in people with migraine - American Academy of Neurology via
►November 19, 2007 - New HPV vaccine under study - Medical College of Georgia
►November 19, 2007 - Gene therapy safety trial for childhood blindness under way - University of Florida via
►November 19, 2007 - Gene therapy safety trial for childhood blindness under way - University of Florida via
►November 18, 2007 - Immune system can drive cancers into dormant state - Washington University School of Medicine via

►November 18, 2007 - Measles Structure Offers Drug Design Guide - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

►November 18, 2007 - Elderberry Extract Highly Effective Against Flu - A natural flu remedy based on research into the elderberry is being heralded as one of the most effective medicines against the flu virus. - IceNews via

►November 18, 2007 - Shots plentiful as flu season kicks into high gear - The Tribune-Democrat

►November 18, 2007 - WHO hold meeting to try to break virus sharing logjam - Canadian Press via C-Health Canoe

* ►November 18, 2007 - Drug-testing firms attracting more investors - Companies benefiting from large, costly, long post-market studies - Dow Jones Newswires via Chicago Tribune - "Though the presidential election is a year away, drugmakers and managed-care providers are considered likely to be in the cross hairs of any new administration, especially those companies that have very expensive products and fat margins. Contract research organizations, though, likely will avoid such scrutiny. This impending shift has asset managers repositioning their portfolios to include the contract research organizations, also known as CROs, as a necessary area in which to be invested, something that inevitably increases stock prices. "If you think that these are becoming increasingly hostile political waters for those industry groups, CROs are a very nice area to be in for that," Fraunces said."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Biofilms, friend or foe? - Microorganisms such as bacteria often tend to live in complex colonies known as biofilms, which are responsible for many serious chronic diseases like cystic fibrosis and periodontal disease, as well as industrial contamination, biofouling and biocorrosion. But not all is so bleak. Biofilms also offer important societal and environmental benefits. A recent Exploratory Workshop was held by the European Science Foundation (ESF) to examine both their detrimental and beneficial aspects and the prospect of opening up new directions in research. - European Research

* ►November 18, 2007 - Sales of Children's Cold Remedies Drop - A 16% Decrease Is Reported as Cold Season Begins - The Washington Post

* ►November 18, 2007 - Caring for children - Unlicensed ministries are growing, but rules few - The Journal Gazette via Fort

►November 18, 2007 - Feline leukemia virus similar to HIV in humans - Inside Bay Area

►November 18, 2007 - Pharmaceutical Plants Retreat From PR - AP via The Washington Post

►November 18, 2007 - It is no substitute for allopathy - Daily News & Analysis, India - 'Millions of people are dying due to AIDS, and constant efforts are being made to find a cure. Homoeopathy is used to alleviate minor illnesses. But using it as a substitute for allopathy, especially for curing major illnesses, is something I don’t agree with. If a cure isn’t scientifically proven to be beneficial, it isn’t acceptable. According to Randomnised Controlled Trials,  homoeopathy has been found to have no benefits."

►November 18, 2007 - A case of magic or medicine? - Daily News & Analysis, India

►November 18, 2007 - UW, Children's Hospital team up to address oral health early - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

►November 18, 2007 - Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Beans - Raising An Allergy Free Child - Pediatric Allergy and Immunology via News Target

* ►November 17, 2007 - Setting the standards for medicines — the British Pharmacopoeia (full text) - journal article (The Pharmaceutical Journal)

* ►November 17, 2007 - GP care facing 'franchise threat' - Health bosses have provoked uproar among family doctors over plans to franchise out services along the lines of fast food outlets or estate agents. - BBC

►November 17, 2007 - New meningitis vaccine for infants shows promise - Economic Times, India - "A new vaccine, Menveo, has shown promise in clinical trials, which might help protect infants against four types of meningitis....Chris Head, chief executive of the Meningitis Research Foundation said that the current vaccines against A, W-135 and Y strains provided limited protection in the very young."

►November 16, 2007 - More than 80 people reported ill from "highly contagious virus" at at Santa Cruz hotel (requires registration or subscription) - Santa Cruz Sentinel via San Jose Mercury News

►November 16, 2007 - Pneumonia in 3 elementary schools, health dept. says - Annapolis Capital - "After initially reporting 25 students at Oak Hill Elementary School in Severna Park had mycoplasma pneumoniae infections, the county Health Department has released a new count, reporting fewer confirmed cases but that more schools are affected."

* ►November 16, 2007 - CHR ups the ante in mumps fight - C-Health via - "With more than five times the reported cases of mumps already confirmed this year compared to 2006, the Calgary Health Region has garnered provincial consent to use posters warning -- in part -- of the sterility risk posed by the condition. One image portrays a pair of flaming basketballs, another a revelling young woman with the caption: 'Jill got the mumps. Then Jill partied with her friends ... now all her friends hate her.'"

►November 16, 2007 - FDA Approves the Allergy Treatment Zyrtec(R) for Use Without a Prescription - ZYRTEC(R) and ZYRTEC-D(R) 12 HOUR(R) to be Available in Stores Nationwide January 2008 - The Healthcare Sales & Marketing Network

* ►November 15, 2007 - ACIP Releases 2007-08 Adult Immunization Schedule - American Family Physician

►November 15, 2007 - India surprises world in fight against polio - Reuters via Newindpress

►November 15, 2007 - Virus used to create experimental HIV vaccines directly impairs the immune response - The Wistar Institute via

►November 14, 2007 - Hormone Links Sleep, Hunger and Metabolism, Researchers Find - UT Southwestern Medical Center via Biocompare

►November 14, 2007 - Simple Reason Helps Males Evolve More Quickly - University of Florida via Biocompare

►November 14, 2007 - WellPoint Announces Release of State Health Index, the Industry's First Program Designed to Track and Improve the Health of Millions of Americans - Through Unique Collaboration with Local and State Officials, WellPoint will Design Programs to Improve Public Health Based on State Health Index Rankings - press release - WellPoint, Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►November 14, 2007 - Early days for funded Gardasil - New Zealand Doctor - "A Government-funded rollout of Gardasil looks to be still a while away despite prime minister Helen Clark asking the Health Ministry to 'make haste' on the issue."

►November 14, 2007 - Over 40% of critical healthcare workers may not go to work when a pandemic hits - Proper planning and preventive medicines are critical to ensure essential frontline healthcare services function during a pandemic (pdf) - press release - GlaxoSmithKline

►November 13, 2007 - Vaccines' Lifesaving Benefits Confirmed Again - American Council on Science and Health

►November 13, 2007 - New cervical cancer vaccine on trial - AAP via St Marys Star

►November 13, 2007 - New Research May Explain Pesticide Resistance in Insects - ScienceAlert Australia & New Zealand via Beyond Pesticides

* ►November 2007 - Age-Stratified Prevalences of Pneumococcal-Serotype-Specific Immunoglobulin G in England and Their Relationship to the Serotype-Specific Incidence of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Prior to the Introduction of the Pneumococcal 7-Valent Conjugate Vaccine - journal article (Clinical and Vaccine Immunology) - "To address this, we measured pneumococcal, age-specific immunoglobulin G (IgG) concentrations specific for nine serotypes by an assay run on the Bioplex platform, using 2,664 serum samples collected in England from 2000 to 2004. The lowest concentrations of IgG specific to all serotypes and the proportions of serotype-specific IgG concentrations of ≥0.35 µg/ml were observed in children aged <1 year. From 1 year on, there was a general increase in antibody levels with increasing age, and they remained high in adults."

* ►November 2007 - The use of antipsychotics in children and adolescents with bipolar disorders - journal article (Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy) - "Of the several studies undertaken thus far, it appears that atypical antipsychotics are efficacious in the treatment of pediatric BPD. However, the number of controlled studies demonstrating their efficacy in younger subjects is limited and further investigation is required to evaluate if effectiveness and potential for side effects differ significantly than that for adult populations."

►November 2007 - Unmet mental health needs in pediatric epilepsy: Insights from providers - journal article (Epilepsy & Behavior)

►November 2007 - Risk of Pancreatitis in 14,000 Individuals With Celiac Disease - journal article (Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

►November 2007 - Autism Resources - A Companion Guide For "Autism: A New Frontier" on The Early Show (includes videos) - CBS News

►June 12, 2007 - The Politics of Autism - Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

* ►October 26, 2006 - Influenza Vaccine Programs May Be Pointless - BMJ via Medical News Today

* SafeMinds Alert: Flu Vaccines What You Need To Know - (pdf) - SafeMinds

* Eye on the Flu Shot (video) - Royal Canadian Air Farce via CBC


Posted November 19, 2007


* ►November 19, 2007 - Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard - - "What's most interesting about this issue of using the threat of imprisonment to force vaccinations upon children is not necessarily who is speaking out against it, but who has chosen to remain silent. The American Medical Association, for example, has said nothing in opposition to the policy. Neither has the Food and Drug Administration. Where is the outrage from the Maryland Hospital Association? None of these organizations seem to have a problem with Gunpoint Medicine. The idea of rounding up parents and coercing their children into receiving injections of toxic chemicals does not seem to bother these organizations. And why should it? All of these organizations are closely tied to Big Pharma. They're all in favor of vaccinations for all, it seems, and I have no doubt that some individuals in these organizations (especially the AMA) are strongly in favor of the Gunpoint Medicine coerced vaccination policy being played out in Maryland right now."

* ►November 19, 2007 - One Maryland county takes tough tack on vaccinations- In one of the strongest stands in the US, Prince George's County, Md., orders parents to immunize their children or risk up to 10 days in jail. - The Christian Science Monitor - "By the end of the day, more than 100 children had been immunized and some 70 records corrected and updated. But protesters outside the courthouse say that the summons to the courthouse amounted to a campaign of intimidation, and that parents weren't adequately informed of their rights as parents or possible risks to their children. 'I think it's offensive that the government would forcibly vaccinate kids. Individual rights are a good thing, and when you're dealing with health issues, informed consent is an important value,' says Donna Hurlack, a Virginia gynecologist protesting outside the courthouse."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Judge Blackmails Parents Over Immunizing Their Children - - "Dr. Tenpenny believes the vaccines that are being required in Prince George's County -- chickenpox, a totally benign disease and hepatitis B, a disease of drug-using homosexual adults -- are not necessary for the health of these children. 'Do parents know what is in these vaccines? The chickenpox vaccine is made from aborted fetal cells and contains sucrose, hydrolyzed gelatin, salt, MSG (0.5 mg), sodium phosphate dibasic, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium chloride, trace EDTA, neomycin and serum from cows. The hepatitis b vaccines contains aluminum and yeast,' she added."

* ►November 19, 2007 - NVIC E-news

Police with Dogs: Vaccinating Kids in Maryland by Barbara Loe Fisher

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up." - Martin Niemueller

I watched them bundled up against the cold winter air on Saturday, November 17, 2007, with their children and the letter from the State of Maryland threatening them with imprisonment or fines of $50 a day for failing to show proof their children had gotten a chickenpox or hepatitis B shot. Confused, angry or scared but mostly resigned, they were working mothers and fathers trudging toward the courthouse to face the Judge ordering them to get vaccinated or go to jail. Patrolling the scene was a SWAT team of policemen with dogs.

There were a few vaccine safety and informed consent advocates who showed up to witness what happened at the Prince George's County Courthouse, among them Washington D.C. Attorney Jim Moody and autism activist Kelli Ann Davis, of SAFEMINDS and Charles Frohman, representing the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) as well as several Moms with children who developed autism after vaccination.

The U.S. media turned out but they were kept behind barricades and denied access into the building, as were the advocates and other members of the general public. There was no public oversight on what was happening to the parents and children inside.

I listened to or spoke with several mothers leaving the building with their children and learned the sad truth about what was happening behind the closely guarded, closed doors of the Courthouse. The parents were not being asked questions about their child's medical history or whether the children had experienced health problems after previous vaccinations. The parents were not being given information about vaccine side effects or how to monitor their children for signs of vaccine reactions. They were not given forms for religious and medical exemptions to vaccination allowed in Maryland (see the video of my debate on CNN the day before with Vanderbilt's Bill Schaffner, M.D. plus a video of a Saturday CNN interview with Jim Moody

Apparently, the children were being re-vaccinated with not just hepatitis B and chicken pox vaccines, the two new vaccines added to the Maryland school requirement list, but also with other required vaccines for which the public school system could find no record. One mother told me her children were up- to-date on their shots but the school system lost the records and she had to give her children all the required vaccines on the spot or face jail or fines.

My son, Chris, who became learning disabled after suffering a serious reaction to a fourth DPT shot in 1980, traveled with me to Maryland carrying a camera. After growing up watching his Mom work to change one-size-fits-all vaccine policies that were responsible for his vaccine reaction, Chris recently decided he wants to help NVIC put a face on what it means to be vaccine injured in America and what it means when Americans do not have the right to freely exercise informed consent to vaccination.

Chris set up his camera as I talked with a mother hundreds of yards from the front of the Courthouse door. I was about 12 inches inside a row of large cement balls that apparently were erected as a barrier to prevent terrorist attacks. I did not know I wasn't supposed to be talking with this Mom inside the barrier. She was telling me about how she wasn't given any information about vaccines before her children were injected with three vaccines.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye I saw an armed guard with a dog emerge from the Courthouse and walk toward us. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was the dread that any citizen of any country in any century has ever felt when an armed guard with a dog starts advancing. As if we were common criminals or terrorists, he yelled and gestured to us to move behind the stones.

We moved without a word. And the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach told me we were being shown the power of the State wielded by that armed guard with the dog, just as parents inside the Courthouse were being shown the power of the State wielded by doctors with syringes.

There has been talk this past week about whether or not U.S. vaccine laws are, indeed, laws or whether they are simply recommendations that do not have the force of law behind them. Because the enactment of public health laws was not defined in the U.S. Constitution as a federal activity, in 1905 the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the power of the states to pass public health laws requiring citizens to be vaccinated or re-vaccinated.

There is now more than 100 years of case law reinforcing the U.S. Supreme Court decision and the right of states to exercise police power to enforce vaccine laws. The post-911 enactment of the Homeland Security Law, the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act and Bioshield I and II makes it clear that the State will use police power to enforce quarantine or vaccination whenever the State chooses to wield that power.

The method of punishment for not obeying U.S. state vaccine laws is up to the state legislatures which make the laws. Today, many state legislatures have turned over vaccine law-making to unelected government health and education officials, who may enlist state attorneys and judges in the court system to enforce punishments. One of the punishments which many states have chosen when children have not received all state mandated vaccines is to bar children from attending school unless they file and the State approves exemptions to vaccination outlined by the State.

The National Vaccine Information Center receives calls and emails every week from parents who are being harrassed by government officials about filing a religious exemption to vaccination or cannot find a doctor to write a medical exemption. Maryland has a very strictly worded religious exemption that requires the parent to be opposed to all vaccines in order to obtain it.

Those parents, who do not vaccinate their children and do not either make arrangements with the State to homeschool them or successfully file a state-approved exemption, are in violation of another state law: truancy laws. Failure to send your child to school in Maryland between the ages of 5 and 16 is a misdemeanor punishable by fines and jail time or both. This is the law which the Maryland government officials moved to enforce when they enlisted the help of State's Attorney Glenn Ivey (D) and Judge C. Philip Nichols to turn parents of unvaccinated children into criminals.

In one news report, Judge Nichols was quoted as observing that the children looked unhappy waiting in line for their vaccinations. He is quoted as saying "It's cute. It looks like their parents are dragging them to church."

The big difference between being dragged into a Courthouse to get vaccinated and being dragged to church is that an hour of prayer rarely results in catastrophic brain injury or death. I still wonder how many of those children, who were injected with multiple vaccines in the Courthouse, are having vaccine reactions today. Their parents, many of whom are uninformed about how to recognize vaccine reactions, will never know what happened to their children if they regress into chronic poor health after the shots they were forced to get on Saturday.

We know that attacks on the religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination in America are on the increase and are being led by vaccine patent holders like Paul Offit, M.D. and others who want to force vaccination.

In 1996, a sixteen year old Milwaukee boy was handcuffed, stripped and jailed overnight because he hadn't shown public school or county health authorities proof that he had gotten a second MMR shot. In 1997, I made a presentation to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee defending the moral right to exercise a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination and predicting what would happen if Americans did not win that freedom.

What happened in Maryland this weekend is a final wake-up call for America.

Dozens of new vaccines are being rushed to market in the next decade and most will target children and adults for mandated use. Limiting the power of the State to force vaccination is all that stands between the people and tyranny.

There is only one way we will be free in the future: the laws must be changed so that every state allows a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination. Parents in Texas, after working with Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) to educate the Texas legislature about the need for a conscientious belief exemption, got that exemption added in 2004 ( ). NVIC provided information and strategic support for PROVE's seven year effort to secure strong informed consent and privacy protections in Texas vaccine laws but it was Dawn Richardson, Rebecca Rex and the people of Texas who got the job done.

If you want to work to educate your community and elected officials about vaccination and informed consent rights, contact the National Vaccine Information Center at For more information about NVIC's 25 years of advocacy work and to learn more about preventing vaccine reactions go to Please donate generously to this non-profit educational public service organization working to protect your freedom to choose the kind of health care you want for yourself and your family, including the freedom to choose which vaccines to use.

* ►November 19, 2007 - When Smart Scientists Make Stupid Mistakes - Age of Autism

* ►November 19, 2007 - The Harvard Gang - Age of Autism

►November 19, 2007 - Causes of autism elusive - Elmira Star-Gazette

►November 19, 2007 - 90 percent of population at risk for shingles -

* ►November 19, 2007 - Health officials issue advisory following mumps outbreak - AP via Portsmouth Herald News - "Public Health Director Doctor Dora Anne Mills has issued an advisory to K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and hospitals asking them to review and update mumps vaccine records for students and employees."

* ►November 19, 2007 - CDC: Seven mumps cases confirmed in Southern, Central Maine - VillageSoup Belfast

* ►November 19, 2007 - Mushrooms may aid rapid vaccine response - Penn State via - "The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently awarded Penn State and Agarigen Inc., Romaine's spin-off company based in Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, N.C., $2.2 million in initial funding under the Accelerated Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals (AMP) program for the rapid production of vaccines and other therapeutic proteins in altered mushrooms. The total value of the effort, if both phases of the development program are completed, could be up to $5.9 million."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Oppose Vaccine Roundup - PRNewswire-USNewswire via Prison Planet

* ►November 17, 2007 - Kids Herded Like Cattle For Shots - Center for the Common Interest - "But what I heard about what happened inside the CourtRoom scared me. We nonParents were prohibited from entry, and we heard the lines of moms with their kids to get shots was like a “cattle call,” with waiver offerings only barely mentioned or on display. A fellow activist was mercifully let into the Court to use the Restroom, but only under 'escort with Security Officers and Dogs.' Outside, these same Cops with the dogs chased away any reporter or activist that got within 50 yards of the entrance. Haven’t they heard about the 6th Amendment, guaranteeing 'public trials'?"

►November 17, 2007 - Parents ordered to court for kids' shots - AP via Yahoo!

* ►November 17, 2007 - Cars line up at flu clinic - Mass vaccination effort simulated at Moorpark College - Ventura County Star

* ►November 17, 2007 - Glaxo's Handling of Physician Criticized - The Wall Street Journal - "Over a period of several years, drug maker GlaxoSmithKline PLC was so concerned about a prominent physician's negative views of its diabetes drug that it engaged in a concerted effort to intimidate him and stifle his opinion, a report by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee found. The report offers a window into the rarely acknowledged practice among drug companies of monitoring and seeking to influence the opinions of leading physicians, who can make or break a drug's sales. The report alleges that Glaxo Chief Executive Jean-Pierre Garnier and former research chief Tachi Yamada were involved in the intimidation."

* ►November 16, 2007 - Financial ties and concordance between results and conclusions in meta-analyses: retrospective cohort study - journal article (BMJ)

* ►November 16, 2007 - Drug company funding appears to influence conclusions of meta-analyses - Reuters Health

* A Message to All Prince George's Parents From the Doctors of AAPS (pdf) - The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


Posted November 18, 2007


* ►November 2007 - Blood Levels of Mercury Are Related to Diagnosis of Autism: A Reanalysis of an Important Data Set. - journal article (Journal of Child Neurology) - "We have reanalyzed the data set originally reported by Ip et al. in 2004 and have found that the original p value was in error and that a significant relation does exist between the blood levels of mercury and diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Moreover, the hair sample analysis results offer some support for the idea that persons with autism may be less efficient and more variable at eliminating mercury from the blood."

►December 2007/January 2008 - Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching - How a deadly disease could be a hidden cost of choosing cheap meat. - Mother Earth News

* ►November 19, 2007 - Ministers urged to consider jabs for all to fight any pandemic - The Times, UK - "Research presented to the Department of Health has suggested that inoculating the entire population with a 'pre-pandemic' vaccine that does not precisely match the pandemic strain could confer sufficient immunity to cut infection dramatically."

* ►November 19, 2007 - Measles epidemic fear as parents shun vaccine - The Telegraph, UK - "Dr Mary Ramsay, an epidemiologist at the Government's Health Protection Agency, said 60,000 unvaccinated children started school this year, raising fears that the disease could spread easily through classes."

* ►November 18, 2007 - County jabs parents on vaccines -  Judge orders them to get students' shots up-to-date or risk 10 days in jail - Akron Beacon Journal - "By about 8:30 a.m., the line of parents stretched outside the courthouse in the county on the east side of Washington." "Many of them complained that their children already were properly immunized but the school system had misplaced the records. They said efforts to get the paperwork straightened out had been futile." "After Saturday's session, 172 more students were brought into compliance: Vaccinations were given to 101 at the courthouse, and the records of 71 others were updated."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Maryland Parents Told to Have Children Immunized (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "As shots were administered in the courthouse, some children cried, one so loudly that an officer and his dog came over to investigate. For others, though, the trip to the courthouse was not so bad. T’asia Mayweather, 10, who received five vaccinations, smiled bravely until the last shot, when she gave a small yelp."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Vaccine breakthrough spin-out wins funding - Scotland on Sunday - "Traditional vaccination involves giving a patient a small dose of a disease organism, which the body then reacts against. Big DNA's technique involves using bacterial viruses called bacteriophages which contain the DNA, or genetic instructions, for the disease organisms. These are cheaper and quicker to produce but should result in the same level of immunity."

* ►November 18, 2007 - The race to put a hurt on the flu - The Star-Ledger via - "Should bird flu ever strike," Shaw says, pointing to the bubbling glop, "this could provide enough vaccine to protect the entire state of New Jersey. We could have it ready in four to six weeks." Shaw, 56, a former Merck & Co. executive who in his long, successful career has shepherded no less than five vaccines to market, is not one to exaggerate. But by pooling their substantial collective knowledge about vaccines, CEO Shaw and the former big pharma scientists who are on his team at VaxInnate, a privately held biotech in Cranbury, could be on the verge of producing something extraordinary -- the much-sought-after and often-elusive "universal vaccine."

* ►November 18, 2007 - 10,000 try state flu-shot drill - The Denver Post - "The exercise by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment targeted 26,000 people throughout the state at 28 sites."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Early birds get the flu shots - Officials pleased with disaster drill; some stuck in line complain about lack of information - The Gazette - "It was part of a statewide disaster preparedness drill, to train officials to conduct a mass emergency vaccination. The scenario was that a deadly flu had infected 50,000 people in the U.S., and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had ordered vaccinations for all 600,000 El Paso County residents."

* ►November 18, 2007 - It’s in our genes! Time we used it - Gene therapy might be the answer to a disease-wracked country like India, but it first needs medical and science professionals to believe in it, say doctors - Daily News & Analysis, India - "Gene therapy, the experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease, has been a boon in treating various types of cancer. But India could go a step further and exploit the ongoing research in DNA and gene-based vaccines, to actually put an end to infectious diseases."

►November 18, 2007 - Flu making its presence felt earlier than usual - AP via The Yomiuri Shimbun

►November 18, 2007 - Cull ends at bird flu-hit farms - The cull of poultry on four sites suspected of being infected by bird flu has ended, the government has said. - BBC

►November 18, 2007 - Bayer’s Trasylol Eyed In 235 Deaths - Pharmalot

►November 18, 2007 - ASU's Decision Theater Plays Role in Fight Against West Nile Virus - Arizona State University's Decision Theater is aiding Arizona's Department of Health Services' fight against the West Nile Virus by offering new tools that allow them to visually analyze the spread of human infections. - Arizona State University via PRWeb

►November 18, 2007 - Health Dept. advises about MRSA in schools - The Courier

►November 18, 2007 - Philanthropist Denny Sanford Donates $20 Million for Pediatric Research - Donation Creates Collaboration between Burnham Institute for Medical Research and Sanford Health - Burnham Institute for Medical Research via Business Wire via MaketWatch

►November 18, 2007 - Health Highlights: - New Procedure Attacks Tumors Using Electromagnetic Field - McCain Calls for Reimporting Canadian Prescription Drugs - FDA Orders Seizure of Eyelash Enhancer - Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Work... Up to a Point - New Meningitis Vaccine Shows Promise - Mutant Cold Virus Has Killed 10: CDC - Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay

►November 18, 2007 - Quarantine Protocol Under Fire in Australian Flu Inquiry -

* ►November 18, 2007 - WHO to inquire into polio victim's case - The Statesman - "Nine-month-old, Najma, who according to the officials is the latest polio victim, is the youngest among the six daughters of Mohammed Sajjad Hussain and Asma Begam, resident of Somra slum areas in Asansol....Although she is yet to complete the vaccination course, she received two doses since February. Her case has confused us."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Chasing HIV, one failure at a time - UM scientist and colleagues press on for vaccine (requires registration or subscription) - Baltimore Sun

* ►November 18, 2007 - New TB vaccine could be ready by 2015 - PTI via The Hindu - "Although BCG is the most widely administered vaccine in the world, the number of TB cases has been on the increase."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Stopping a killer - U of L scientists target cervical cancer in India - The Courier-Journal

* ►November 18, 2007 - UK To Mandate HPV Vaccinations For Schoolgirls -

* ►November 18, 2007 - Danger signal over HIV vaccine - Study says injected virus can cripple the body’s immune system - The Telegraph, India - "'These findings are a reminder of just how little we know about the human immune system,' said Satyajit Rath, a scientist at Delhi’s National Institute of Immunology."

* ►November 18, 2007 - Many more toys tainted with lead, inquiry finds - Tribune tests prompt stores to pull items from shelves (requires registration or subscription) - Chicago Tribune

►November 18, 2007 - Lead shot has far-reaching effects on birds of prey - Eagles that ingest prey hurt by pellets get lead poisoning - AP via Statesman Journal

* ►November 18, 2007 - UN Wants Mercury Out. Except When It Wants It In. - Age of Autism

* ►November 18, 2007 - Expert links autism to mothers drinking - Scotland on Sunday - "Dr Maggie Watts, vice chairman on alcohol for the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams, fears that even low levels of drinking could be related to a range of behavioural problems in young children, the cause of which has previously been a mystery."

►November 18, 2007 - Early diagnosis and behavior therapy are critical for children with autism - letter - The Free Lance-Star

* ►November 18, 2007 - Ritalin: The scandal of kiddy coke - Daily Mail, UK

* ►November 18, 2007 - Dementia relief, with a huge side effect - The off-label use of some drugs is helping elderly patients, but may be killing thousands. - St. Petersburg Times

►November 18, 2007 - Beware Dr. Google - San Francisco Chronicle

►November 17, 2007 - 'Tis The Season, And This Time Flu Vaccine Plentiful - Millions Receiving Shots As CDC Lifts Restrictions  -

* ►November 17, 2007 - Poultry farmers' flu jab amid fears - Lancashire Evening Post - "Poultry workers in Lancashire are being urged to have a flu vaccination – even though it will not protect them against bird flu."

* ►November 17,  2007 - Rising allergies trend mystifying - An explosion in numbers of children with serious food allergies has bewildered experts and parents, writes Helen Francombe. When all Natalie Fine could see of her hospitalised six-month-old baby, Lucas, was a small pair of eyes peering out from head-to-toe bandaging, she couldn't help wondering what she had done wrong. She certainly didn't imagine soy-based formula -- recommended by her paediatrician after problems with a dairy-based formula -- could be the cause of his severe eczema, infected and requiring IV antibiotics. - The Australian

►November 17, 2007 - Superbug: What makes one bacterium so deadly - Science News

►November 17, 2007 - Canadians Advocate Boosting Vitamin D in Pregnancy - A Canadian medical society recommends pregnant women and nursing moms boost their intake of vitamin D dramatically - Science News

►November 17, 2007 - Flawed gene activity may contribute to schizophrenia - Vidyya Medical News Service

►November 17, 2007 - Sneezes spread the most infection - The London Free Press

►November 17, 2007 - From the November 13, 1937, issue - Science News

* ►November 17, 2007 - Mussolini would have blushed at these laws, Mr Brown - Daily Mail, UK - "UNJUST VICTIM OF A MAJORITY VERDICT...All my instincts prompt me to suspect childminder Keran Henderson may not be guilty of killing 11-month-old Maeve Sheppard, and that within a year or so she will be freed on appeal. By that time, of course, she will have suffered horribly in prison. This is, by the way, another case involving 'Shaken Baby Syndrome', a highly controversial diagnosis....OUR CHILDREN DON'T NEED THIS POINTLESS 10-MILLION-TO-1 SHOT - MORE information on chickenpox, the supposedly terrifying plague against which the Government wants to vaccinate us all. Just as with measles, they try to pretend that chickenpox is a killer....We don't need this vaccine."

►November 17, 2007 - HIV/AIDS drug developer reports loss (requires registration or subscription) - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "GeoVax Labs Inc., an Atlanta-based biotechnology company that says it has made significant progress toward the development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine, reported a net loss of $1.2 million Friday for the third quarter of 2007, compared with a loss of $283,434 for the same period in 2006."

►November 17, 2007 - On the trail of a new vaccine - Mail & Guardian - "For the Aeras vaccines, BCG is used as the booster -- most children in the Worcester area receive this vaccination shortly after birth, which has added to the area’s attraction as a research site."

►November 17, 2007 - Call for toddler health checks for premature heart disease - Toddlers should be tested for high levels of cholesterol to identify whether they are at risk of premature heart disease, researchers say. - The Courier-Mail via - "The British researchers recommended the test be carried out at age 15 months, at the same time as routine vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)."

►November 17, 2007 - Horse vaccines for green zone - Queensland Racing Limited will start inoculating thoroughbred horses in the equine influenza-free green zone next month, in a move to further free up horse movement around the state. - The Courier-Mail via

►November 17, 2007 - FDA Debates Behind-the-Counter Drug Proposal -

* ►November 16, 2007 - The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on oxidative stress, inflammation, and symptoms in children with autism: an open-label pilot study (pdf) - journal article (BMC Pediatrics)

* ►November 16, 2007 - Pfizer Picks Up Coley Pharmaceutical - Pfizer via Forbes - "Coley is a biopharmaceutical company based in Wellesley, Mass., specializing in vaccines and drug candidates designed to fight cancers, allergy and asthma disorders, and autoimmune diseases."

►November 16, 2007 - Notice: Notice of Extension of Public Comment Period for the External Review Draft of a "Framework for Determining a Mutagenic Mode of Action for Carcinogenicity: Using EPA's 2005 Cancer Guidelines and - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) via

►November 16, 2007 - Industrial Chemicals Lead To A Toxic Body Burden - News Target

►November 16, 2007 - Number of tick-borne diseases doubles across Missouri - The possible explanations for the increase in diseases spread by ticks vary by scientist. - Columbia Missourian

►November 16, 2007 - Prenatal consumption of apples, fish shown to prevent asthma in children - News Target

►November 16, 2007 - The 'D'-fensive Vitamin: Study Finds Vitamin D Sustains Life - News Target

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►November 16, 2007 - Can positive thinking make us healthier? - A recent study investigates Ménière’s disorder and how positive thinking can help to cope with this chronic condition. - Checkbiotech

►November 16, 2007 - Health Highlights: - Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay via The Washington Post

►November 16, 2007 - MMR pleas as measles spreads in capital's children - Daily Mail, UK

►November 16, 2007 - Jenny McCarthy spreads the word on autism - The Capital Times via - "The frustration with the medical community of not listening to parents is one that I'm really outspoken about. 'Start listening to what the moms are saying. When we first bring our child into the office saying 'something's wrong,' don't say, 'Oh, it's nothing. He's just a boy and they talk later.'"

►November 16, 2007 - Maryland Schools Get Tough on Vaccinations - AP via

►November 16, 2007 - Okinawa docs take stab at immunization course - U.S. Marine Corps Bases Japan

►November 16, 2007 - Court ruling sought over 'yuppie flu' - The Telegraph, UK

* ►November 16, 2007 - Nigeria Takes On Pfizer over 'Killer Drug' - The Nigerian government is taking on Pfizer, the world's biggest pharmaceutical company. It accuses the company of using a meningitis epidemic to test an unapproved drug on Nigerian children. Eleven children who participated in the tests died and others were left with disabilities. - Spiegel Online

* ►November 16, 2007 - Drug Company Funding Appears to Influence Conclusions of Meta-Analyses (requires registration) - BMJ via Reuters Health via Medscape - "In an editorial, Richard A. Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School says this study offers 'further proof of the potential influence that the drug industry has on the outcomes of the studies they fund.' While original data are apt to be sound, 'conclusions should be interpreted with caution,' he notes."

* ►November 15, 2007 - Flu Vaccine: Shots offer effective disease prevention - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - "No rational and objective observer can deny the possibility that mercury is the main culprit in the autism epidemic. But even if absolute proof may still be lacking, why not remove it as a preservative in vaccination shots to be on the safe side? Why keep using our children as guinea pigs?"

►November 15, 2007 - US Remains Vulnerable to Anthrax Attack - Capital News Service via

►November 15, 2007 - American Medical Association Issues New Guidelines For Doctors On Cord Blood Banking - All Headline News

►November 14, 2007 - Princeton Scientists Break Cholera's Lines of Communication - Princeton University via Biocompare

►November 14, 2007 - Viral Infection Affects Important Cells' Stress Response - Baylor College of Medicine via Biocompare

►November 14, 2007 - Moody Is the New Bipolar - AlterNet

* ►November 12, 2007 - Diabetes strikes younger and younger - USA Today

►November 8, 2007 - Call for all children to get four-in-one jab to tackle chickenpox - Daily Mail, UK

* ►November 2007 - Birth a Healthy Child: Understand the Dangers of Early Umbilical Cord Clamping, Standard Birthing Positions, and Vaccines (pdf) - journal article (Medical Veritas)

* ►November 2007 - Twenty-one frequently asked questions/answers concerning birthing procedures and vaccines (pdf) - journal article (Medical Veritas)

* ►November 2007 - When evidence-based medicine (EBM) fuels confusion: multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccine as a case in point (pdf) - journal article (Medical Veritas)

* ►November 2007 - Interview with Dr. Martha Herbert—Autism: a brain disorder or a disorder that affects the brain? - journal article (Medical Veritas)

* ►November 2007 - Analysis of causes that led to subdural bleeding, skull and rib fractures, and death in the case of baby Averial Buie - journal article (Medical Veritas)

* ►October 30, 2007 - Title: Cryptosporidium parvum antigens, antibodies thereto and diagnostic and therapeutic compositions thereof (patent) - University of Manitoba (Manitoba, CA) via - "The proteins encoded by the genes have been recombinantly produced and these polypeptides, immunogenic fragments and analogs thereof, and/or chimeric proteins including the same, can be used, either alone or in combination with other C. parvum antigens, in novel subunit vaccines to provide protection from cryptosporidial infection in mammalian subjects."

* ►October 30, 2007 - Title: Potent inhibition of influenza virus by specifically designed short interfering RNA (patent) - Cal Poly Pomona Foundation (Pomona, CA) via

►October 30, 2007 - Title: Liposome complexes for increased systemic delivery (patent) - United States of America as represented by the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) via

►October 30, 2007 - Title: Chlorogenic acid and an analog thereof for immune system stimulation (patent) - Nutricia N.V. (Zoetermeer, NL) via

* ►October 18, 2007 - Girl's death warns that flu, staph can be deadly pairing. - Health experts, doctors advise people to get a flu shot, wash hands, stay home when sick. - Austin American-Statesman - "No one knows where Kaylin picked up staph. Ellen Johnson said she took Kaylin to an urgent care clinic Feb. 10, the day after she fell ill at school. Kaylin was prescribed the antiviral drug Tamiflu to reduce her symptoms, and seemed to get better, but then got worse, Johnson said. Two days later, on Feb. 12, Kaylin complained her throat was terribly sore, and a pediatrician who saw her that afternoon prescribed two painkillers, Johnson said. The next morning, Kaylin's grandmother had trouble waking her, Johnson said, and Kaylin was so weak that a neighbor had to carry her to the car."

* ►October 2007 - Increased GAD67 mRNA expression in cerebellar interneurons in autism: Implications for Purkinje cell dysfunction. - journal article (Journal of Neuroscience Research)


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