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All the News Posted September 12, 2009

►October 2009 - Medical and Nursing Students with Suboptimal Protective Immunity against Vaccine‐Preventable Diseases - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology) - "Fewer than 30% of participants were in full compliance with recommended vaccinations."

* ►October 2009 - Nosocomial Transmission of Undetected, Imported Measles in Taiwan, 2008 - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Pilot Study of Postexposure Prophylaxis for Hepatitis C Virus in Healthcare Workers - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - 5 Years of Experience Implementing a Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Search and Destroy Policy at the Largest University Medical Center in the Netherlands - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Epidemiology of Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a University Medical Center Day Care Facility - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Reproducibility of the Surveillance Effect to Decrease Nosocomial Infection Rates - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Impact of an Antimicrobial Utilization Program on Antimicrobial Use at a Large Teaching Hospital: A Randomized Controlled Trial - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Hand Hygiene with Soap and Water Is Superior to Alcohol Rub and Antiseptic Wipes for Removal of Clostridium difficile - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►October 2009 - Population‐Based Surveillance of Clostridium difficile Infection in Manitoba, Canada, by Using Interim Surveillance Definitions - journal article (Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology)

►September 17/18, 2009 - Subcommittee on Quality Measures for Children's Healthcare in Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program - AHRQ

* ►September 14, 2009 - Vaccine skepticism is in the air - With the healthcare debate storming on, a study on attitudes over the flu vaccine shows a clear distrust in government. For some, such as blacks and immigrants, suspicions have deep roots. - Los Angeles Times

* ►September 14, 2009 - Parents weigh the risk of vaccinating children for H1N1 - Some doctors decry the decision of not getting the shot, but acknowledge that autism fears -- as well as immunity issues -- are in play. - Los Angeles Times - "And although many pediatricians are readying stern lectures in support of vaccinating children, several in Southern California contacted by The Times acknowledged they have doubts about recommending a vaccine that is still in testing for all of their young patients. 'A significant proportion of our population don't want to get it,' says Sherman Oaks pediatrician Mikayel Abramyan. 'I don't even know whether I will advocate for it right now.'"

* ►September 14, 2009 - How the pandemic swine flu virus came to be - The new H1N1 strain is based primarily on an influenza virus that has been spreading in U.S. pigs since the mid-1990s. - Los Angeles Times - "That 'triple reassortant' flu is actually a combination of classical swine flu, a North American avian flu, and a strain of human flu. Somehow, a single pig became simultaneously infected with that virus and a pure swine flu strain found in pigs in Europe and Asia. The two strains swapped genetic material to produce the new H1N1 strain, which then began to infect humans. ... How did the two strains of swine flu mix? That remains a mystery, and scientists will probably never know. Relatively few pigs engage in intercontinental travel, and those that do are strictly quarantined."

* ►September 14, 2009 - Questions remain in H1N1 vaccine distribution - Pregnant women and children 6 months to 4 years old top the list. Distribution specifics are in flux. - Los Angeles Times

►September 13, 2009 - Issue of the week: Will you give your girl the cancer jab? - The Mirror, UK

►September 13, 2009 - Three decades of doctoring - Letting go of a pro baseball dream, Hodge found his calling in medicine - The Dalles Chronicle

* ►September 12, 2009 - Forget the book, this juror threw a chair! Merck case ends in mistrial after alleged furniture toss - New York Daily News - "The seven other jurors wanted to find for Merck, while Ciccone thought the firm was liable for injuries suffered by a woman who took one of the company's drugs. Ciccone said she bears no ill will against juror No. 4, the man she knew as Eric, who, she said, threw the chair. "He was one of the more reasonable guys," she said. "He was a young father who was afraid to lose his business because it was taking so long. His frustration came to a boil."

* ►September 12, 2009 - This week in swine flu vaccines - Effect Measure ScienceBlogs - Comment: "As a pediatrician and member of the International Conspiracy to Harm Children for Profit I am of two minds about nationalizing vaccine production. It would make mass murder more efficient, but would cut out most of the profit. Seriously, can you imagine the brouhaha such a proposal would provoke among all the different lunatic groups who would see this as part of their brief?"

* ►September 12, 2009 - Parents discuss if kids will get H1N1 vaccine - Times Union - "I don't think I will give my kids the Swine flu vaccine. It's just another vaccine and hasn't been tested properly. It is very scary stuff. Do your homework before you give your kids any vaccine. Go to Dr. Sears' Web site. Interesting stuff."

* ►September 12, 2009 - Morris health officials monitor flu vaccine developments - Daily Record

* ►September 12, 2009 - Flu vaccine left up to health workers - Waterbury Republican-American

►September 12, 2009 - Swine flu affects 2 Ashland Co. students - Mansfield News Journal

►September 12, 2009 - A/H1N1 virus reported in rural and remote areas - Nhan Dan, Viet Nam

►September 12, 2009 - Senate's 'Gang of Six' near closure on health bill - Malpractice, illegals in focus - The Washington Times

►September 12, 2009 - Fight swine flu the natural way - Gulf Daily News

►September 12, 2009 - Staff flees Ohio health agency - 7 top aides leave in 17-month span as morale low - AP via The Journal Gazette

►September 12, 2009 - UW Hospital stops student volunteers over H1N1 - Chicago Tribune

►September 12, 2009 - Washington U Student hospitalized as 360 new cases of Swine Flu surface in three days - Vanoucverite

►September 12, 2009 - How H1N1 affects children - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via Deseret News

►September 12, 2009 - Local woman dies of swine flu, first fatal case in Kern County - Bakersfield Californian

►September 12, 2009 - People worried about H1N1 swamp ER - Lincoln Journal Star

►September 12, 2009 - Is Flu Jab After Guillain-Barré Syndrome Advisable? - MedIndia

* ►September 12, 2009 - Georgia crafting swine flu vaccine plan - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* ►September 12, 2009 - Historical facts re Vaccines - WeeksMD

* ►September 12, 2009 - National Autism Association Campaign Sends 167,744 Emails to President Obama and Others - Age of Autism

* ►September 12, 2009 - Will Sky Walker Face Trial for Murder? By Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

►September 12, 2009 - Autistic teenager copes with sex abuse by basketball coach - Wilmington Star News

* ►September 12, 2009 - Two thousand schoolgirls suffer suspected ill-effects from cervical cancer vaccine - Thousands of schoolgirls have suffered suspected adverse reactions to a controversial cervical cancer vaccine introduced by the Government. - The Telegraph, UK - "The analysis by the MHRA, drawn up this month, found 2,107 patients had reported some kind of suspected adverse reaction to Cervarix. Several reported multiple reactions, with 4,602 suspected side-effects recorded in total. Jackie Fletcher, founder of Jabs, a support group for families whose children have fallen ill after immunisation, said she had taken dozens of calls from parents who believed their daughters had been damaged by the cervical cancer vaccine. She said: "We have spoken to parents whose daughters have had seizures, paralysis, blurred vision, severe headaches and the loss of feeling in parts of their body. ... Stacey Jones is one of those who believes she has suffered side effects from the vaccine. She was 17 when she had her first Cervarix injection. .... Within four days of the third injection in March of this year, Stacey suffered an epileptic seizure, followed by 17 more in the following week.  She has now been diagnosed with a brain injury, caused by inflammation of the brain, and is being treated in an NHS rehabilitation unit in Birmingham, which helps her with basic tasks like making a sandwich."

* ►September 12, 2009 - Study Reveals Serious HPV Vaccine Problems: Fainting, Blood Clots, Death Among Risks -

►September 12, 2009 - FDA committee recommends boys and men get HPV vaccine - Health » Widespread use of Gardasil will reduce cervical cancer in women and could wipe out genital warts, specialist says. - Salt Lake Tribune

* ►September 12, 2009 - The Creation of Anxiety By Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND - NewsWithViews

* ►September 11, 2009 - No Gardasil vaccine? No citizenship, says U.S. - Teen facing deportation for refusing unneeded meds for STD - WorldNetDaily

* ►September 11, 2009 - Vaccine Supply May Miss Swine Flu Peak (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Several prominent epidemiologists are warning that even though the new swine flu vaccine works much better than expected, it will still come too late to blunt the peak of this season’s pandemic."

* ►September 11, 2009 - Risk groups to get first swine flu vaccines - Shots in development could be available soon, officials say - AP via MSNBC - "The G-7 countries and Mexico held the daylong talks at European Union headquarters to discuss swine flu measures as the flu season approaches the northern hemisphere. Vassiliou said swine flu, also called H1N1, has become the world's 'dominant influenza virus.'"

* ►September 11, 2009 - G-7 and Mexico choose pregnant women but omit kids under 5 for earliest vaccinations/AP - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

►September 11, 2009 - Stop calling it swine flu! - Paging Dr. Gupta Blog via CNN

►September 11, 2009 - Flu vaccines still a rarity in NM (includes video) -

►September 11, 2009 - Cornell Student Dies From H1N1 Complications - First swine flu-related fatality in Tompkins County - Cornell Daily Sun - "On Wednesday, University health officials said that approximately 450 Cornell students had been diagnosed by Gannett Health Services with probable H1N1 influenza."

* ►September 11, 2009 - A September to Watch-- and Remember: H1N1 Vaccine 1st Tipping Point Positive - Gerson Lehrman Group

►September 11, 2009 - And Sanofi Makes Three: More Data That One Shot Will Do Against Swine Flu - The Wall Street Journal Health Blog

* ►September 11, 2009 - New pentavalent vaccine for children in Laos - Agenzia Fides - "The Health Department in Laos has started a campaign for free vaccinations against meningitis and pneumonia for children over one year old, for fighting the new influenza. The new pentavalent vaccine is also potent against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and hepatitis B. Thus, one injection contains 5 vaccines."

►September 11, 2009 - Brenner Pediatrics Head Says NC Swine Flu In Second Wave - Doctor Recommends Vaccinations For Children - - "Abramson listed those at high risk as: children under the age of 5 - pregnant women - obese individuals - children and adults with - neurological diseases - children with physical developmental delays - people with cardiac disease - people fighting cancer - people with pulmonary diseases and asthma - people with pulmonary diseases "

►September 11, 2009 - Scientists Discover Mechanism To Make Existing Antibiotics More Effective At Lower Doses - A new study published in the September 11, 2009 issue of Science by researchers at the NYU School of Medicine reveals a conceptually novel mechanism that plays an important role in making human pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus anthracis resistant to numerous antibiotics. - NYU Langone Medical Center / New York University School of Medicine, via EurekAlert! via ScienceDaily

►September 11, 2009 - Independents key in Obama's health pitch - Both sides still bickering - The Washington Times

►September 11, 2009 - Obama seen failing to sway health debate - Both sides still bickering - The Washington Times

►September 11, 2009 - GLOBAL: Low vaccine coverage for pneumonia - IRIN global

►September 11, 2009 - Countries with most pneumococcal and hib cases - Reuters AlertNet

►September 11, 2009 - Actress Helps Promote New Campaign for Meningitis Vaccine - Rare, often deadly, infection tends to strike young adults, expert says - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report

►September 11, 2009 - Born to be Big - Early exposure to common chemicals may be programming kids to be fat. - Newsweek

►September 11, 2009 - Anaktuvuk Pass closes school due to sick kids - Precautions: Villages do what they can against swine flu. (requires registration) - Anchorage Daily News

►September 11, 2009 - Astragalus Vs. H1N1 (Swine) Flu Virus Suggests Dr. Andrew Weil - Associated Content

►September 11, 2009 - Seattle Researchers Try to Determine Vaccine Dose for Swine Flu Protection -

* ►September 11, 2009 - Will You Get a Flu Vaccine This Year? - Mother Earth News

* ►September 11, 2009 - Flu already widespread, nearly all swine variety - Cases across 50 states, with most in Southeastern states and the young - AP via MSNBC - "Older people are more at risk from the regular seasonal flu and — along with other people — should get those shots now, [Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen] Sebelius said. She noted she got her own seasonal flu shot Friday at a school in nearby Alexandria, Va. Why bother with the seasonal shot, since nearly all the current flu cases are swine flu? 'The fact that the (seasonal) virus is not circulating now is absolutely no reason not to get vaccinated,' Fauci said. 'You would hope that you would get vaccinated before the seasonal flu is circulating so you will have an immune response.'"

* ►September 10, 2009 - Young people take pass on flu-shot trials - They feel invincible, but H1N1 disproportionately affects those born after 1957 - The Globe and Mail - "Wanted: Young people in Winnipeg between the ages of 18 and 40, up for making a few bucks, not afraid of needles and willing to be among the first to test the new H1N1 pandemic vaccine. A doctor in Manitoba's capital city, about to embark on clinical trials, is struggling to recruit these young guinea pigs – a group that is at higher risk of contracting the virus and whose reluctance to sign up for a trial shot may be indicative of a larger problem for health authorities when the country begins its mass-vaccination campaign this fall. The young and healthy, who feel invincible, have generally shied away from getting the seasonal flu vaccine. But the H1N1 strain has disproportionately affected those born after 1957, ravaging the lungs of some and forcing them to spend weeks in hospital. Fred Aoki, charged by drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline with leading one of the country's tests of the new H1N1 vaccine, has only recruited six young people out of the 20 he needs for his trials. Older adults stepped up quickly to fill the spots. ... Anxiety about being vaccinated also stems from the use of an adjuvant in Canada's vaccine. Adjuvants – chemical boosters that can increase production – are in many common vaccines, but have not previously been approved for influenza vaccines."

* ►September 10, 2009 - Vaccinate now to curtail swine flu, U.S. study warns - - "Human swine flu will begin spreading substantially any day now, peak in mid- to late-October and infect 32 per cent of the population, according to a new study on the potential impact of the anticipated fall wave of H1N1. Reporting in the journal Science, U.S. researchers say school-children need to be immunized as quickly as possible to curb H1N1's spread."

* ►September 10, 2009 - As H1N1 Hits Home, A Debate on the Ethics of Vaccination - Kenyon Collegian - "Mandatory vaccination is not an unheard-of practice, either. Historically, many governments have adopted compulsory vaccination programs, most notably for children entering school. Given the near-monopoly of the public school system, there are many who are compulsorily vaccinated. This practice is absurd and slavish. It denies the right of every human being to the ownership of his or her body. In the name of some fictitious public good or social benefit, vaccines are made mandatory. If we can be forced to receive chemicals into our bodies for our own good, what else can we be coerced into doing for the sake of our own safety?"

►September 10, 2009 - Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Virus ("Swine Flu") Probably Is More Virulent Than Seasonal Flu Virus - In animal models, the pandemic virus replicates faster and damages lungs more. - journal article (Journal Watch General Medicine)

* ►September 10, 2009 - Interview-Intercell expects data, partner for flu adjuvant - Reuters - "The chief operating officer of Austrian vaccine maker Intercell AG said Thursday he expects mid-stage data and a potential marketing partner in coming months for the company's adjuvant patch meant to bolster vaccines against the H5N1 bird flu virus."

►September 10, 2009 - Analysis-Crucell M&A appeal dented as Quinvaxem loses ground - Crucell loses share in paediatric vaccine market - Short-term M&A appeal takes a hit -

* ►September 10, 2009 - Notice (A): Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing - National Institutes of Health, Public Health Service, HHS via

* ►September 10, 2009 - Notice: Medical Devices: Neurological Devices; Electroconvulsive Therapy Device; Establishing a Public Docket - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via

* ►September 10, 2009 - Traveling For Trials -

* ►September 9, 2009 - Notice: Draft Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff; Establishing the Performance Characteristics of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices for the Detection or Detection and Differentiation of Human Papillomaviruses; Availability - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via

* ►September 9, 2009 - Health System Reform Bulletin - Here's your regular update on efforts by the American Medical Association (AMA) to work with lawmakers in reforming the nation's health care system in a way that provides quality, affordable health care for all. -

* ►September 9, 2009 - Numerous phychiatric condiitons may be due to genetic variations - Archives of General Psychiatry via Health Jockey

►September 8, 2009 - Study Suggests Facebook Better for the Brain Than Twitter - Learning Disability Researcher Says Facebook Better for Memory - University of Sterling in Scotland via WebProNews

* ►September 8, 2009 - Schoolyard bullies, victims have problems later on - Archives of General Psychiatry via Reuters Health

* ►September 7, 2009 - Are autistic kids in the foster care system being over medicated? - Wellsphere

►September 7, 2009 - Haj pilgrims must be vaccinated against seasonal flu: Saudi Arabia - IANS via Sindh Today

►September 4, 2009 - Swine flu: Complete coverage - Los Angeles Times

►September 4, 2009 - Schools cope with challenge of educating autistic students - Colorado Springs Gazette

* ►September 3, 2009 - Fired teaching assistant who reported abuse by teacher is suing Dept. of Education - New York Daily News

►September 3, 2009 - California medical malpractice lawyers recover $7.3 million jury verdict against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center -

►September 2, 2009 - Chinese herbal remedy may be better than sulfasalazine for active rheumatoid arthritis - American Pharmacist Association

* ►September 2009 - Burden of invasive pneumococcal disease and serotype distribution among Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates in young children in Europe: impact of the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and considerations for future conjugate vaccines - journal article (International Journal of Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Clinical and Epidemiologic Characteristics of 3 Early Cases of Influenza A Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus Infection, People's Republic of China, 2009 (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Genomic Diversity of Oseltamivir-Resistant Influenza Virus A (H1N1), Luxembourg, 2007–08 (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Cross-reactive Antibodies against Avian Influenza Virus A (H5N1) (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Tokyo-172 BCG Vaccination Complications, Taiwan (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Infectious Disease Modeling and Military Readiness (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Recurrent Rearrangements in Synaptic and Neurodevelopmental Genes and Shared Biologic Pathways in Schizophrenia, Autism, and Mental Retardation - journal article (Archives of General Psychiatry)

►September 2009 - Etiology of Encephalitis in Australia, 1990–2007 (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Using Satellite Images of Environmental Changes to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

* ►September 2009 - Nurses' Contacts and Potential for Infectious Disease Transmission (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Population-based Surveillance for Hepatitis C Virus, United States, 2006–2007 (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Human Infection with G12 Rotaviruses, Germany (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Trends in US Hospital Admissions for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Susceptibilities of Nonhuman Primates to Chronic Wasting Disease (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Rickettsia parkeri in Amblyomma americanum Ticks, Tennessee and Georgia, USA (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Chicken Consumption and Use of Acid-Suppressing Medications as Risk Factors for Campylobacter Enteritis, England (full text) - journal article (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Antipyretic Agents for Preventing Recurrences of Febrile Seizures - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

* ►September 2009 - Maternal Literacy and Associations Between Education and the Cognitive Home Environment in Low-Income Families - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

►September 2009 - Impact of Multifamily Psychoeducational Psychotherapy in Treating Children Aged 8 to 12 Years With Mood Disorders - journal article (Archives of General Psychiatry)

►September 2009 - Strategies to Promote Evidence-Based Practice in Pediatric Physical Therapy: A Formative Evaluation Pilot Project - journal article (Physical Therapy)

►September 2009 - Medicines used in respiratory diseases only seen in children. - journal article (The European Respiratory Journal)

* ►August 30, 2009 - IN DEPTH: Mothers Question Schools Ability to Assist Special Needs Students - Seeing her son come home from school in tears after classmates called him “Retard” and placed a “Kick Me” sign on his back marked the turning point for Mary Calhoun Brown. -

►August 28, 2009 - Family of misdiagnosed meningitis girl seek damages - Sheffield Telegraph

►August 28, 2009 - Swine flu: the troubles of telephone diagnosis - Science Central via The Times, UK

►August 27, 2009 - Reported symptoms to peanut between 4 and 8 years among children sensitized to peanut and birch pollen - results from the BAMSE birth cohort. - journal article (Allergy)

* ►August 25, 2009 - Title: DNA vaccination for treatment of multiple sclerosis and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (patent) - The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University (Palo Alto, CA) via

* ►August 25, 2009 - Title: Use of cross-protection to identify novel vaccine candidates for infectious agents (patent) - Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of National Defence of Her Majesty's Canadian Government (Ontario, CA) via

* ►August 25, 2009 - Title: Naturally processed measles virus peptides eluted from class II HLA molecules (patent) - Mayo Foundation for Medical Education (Rochester, MN) via

►August 25, 2009 - Title: Production of "biological carriers" for induction of immune responses and inhibition of viral replication (patent) - JDM Technologies, Inc. (Ellicott City, MD) via

►August 25, 2009 - Title: Targeting of triacylglycerol synthase gene for tuberculosis treatment (patent) - University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (Orlando, FL) via

►August 25, 2009 - Title: Binding molecules capable of neutralizing rabies virus and uses thereof (patent) - JDM Technologies, Inc. (Ellicott City, MD) via

►August 23, 2009 - Man secures state grant to fight meningitis infections -

* ►August 20, 2009 - Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration. - journal article (Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry) - "In an initial series of experiments, we examined the potential toxicity of aluminum hydroxide in male, outbred CD-1 mice injected subcutaneously in two equivalent-to-human doses. ... Aluminum-treated mice showed significantly increased apoptosis of motor neurons and increases in reactive astrocytes and microglial proliferation within the spinal cord and cortex. Morin stain detected the presence of aluminum in the cytoplasm of motor neurons with some neurons also testing positive for the presence of hyper-phosphorylated tau protein, a pathological hallmark of various neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia. A second series of experiments was conducted on mice injected with six doses of aluminum hydroxide. Behavioural analyses in these mice revealed significant impairments in a number of motor functions as well as diminished spatial memory capacity. The demonstrated neurotoxicity of aluminum hydroxide and its relative ubiquity as an adjuvant suggest that greater scrutiny by the scientific community is warranted."

►August 3, 2009 - Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease - emedicine

►August 2009 - Health Care-Associated Infections - AHRQ

►April 16, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. Barbara Loe Fisher 2 part. - YouTube

►April 15, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. Barbara Loe Fisher - YouTube

►April 15, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. Marilyn and Lindsay Kirschner - YouTube

►April 15, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. Betty Fluck - YouTube

►April 14, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. 2 Congressman Mica D-FL. 1st Michael Belkin - YouTube

►April 14, 2008 - Hepatitis B Vaccine, May 18, 1999 The House Reform Committee. Judy Converse - YouTube

* Autism 101: A Free Online Course - Autism Society of America


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