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All the News Posted April 8-12, 2004

Nothing posted April 9-12, 2004

April 8, 2004:

7, 2004 -
virology lab at UAF
- opinion - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

►April 7, 2004 -
maize could produce hepatitis B vaccine
- Science and Development

►April 7, 2004 -
vaccine for humans recalled in 24 countries
- AP via The Globe and

►April 7, 2004 -
experts featured at Autism conference
- Herald-Dispatch -
conference alert
- April 16 and 17, 2004 in
Huntington, West Virginia

►April 7, 2004 -
Meningitis risk is still low at Yale
- Yale Daily News

►April 7, 2004 -
question meningitis bill
- Immunizations would be tracked -
Cincinnati Enquirer - "Dr. Gregory Garnett, medical director for
student health services at Miami University, said Ohio's new
legislation isn't likely to have much of an impact. Most colleges,
including those in Kentucky, already notify parents and students about
meningitis. While the threat of meningitis is real, he said, it should
not be blown out of proportion. 'My issue is context,' Garnett said.
'Drug and alcohol abuse, along with sexually transmitted diseases,
touch far more student lives.'"

►April 7, 2004 -
medicine in the public interest
- Our Opinion: Give UM Medical
School Limited Sovereign Immunity (registration required) - Miami Herald

►April 7, 2004 -
More shots required for kids
- Wichita Eagle via - "Children headed
for kindergarten in the fall will need two more vaccinations - to
protect them against chicken pox and hepatitis B...Kathy Hubka,
coordinator of health services for Wichita public schools, said Kansas
was one of only about 10 states that hadn't mandated the immunizations."

►April 7, 2004 -
Department gives out free hepatitis A shots
- Daily Herald via -
"Utah County Health Department spokeswoman Susan Chapman said hundreds
seeking the shots were turned away when the county's supply of 5,000
inoculations ran out. The event had been part of the county's efforts
to stage mass clinics in preparation for a possible bioterror event."

►April 7, 2004 -
asked to help fund CWD studies
- Casper Star-Tribune

►April 7, 2004 -
Unitract Syringe Claims Top World Award for Invention
- press
release - Unitract Ltd via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Yahoo! - "The
Unitract Syringe is the world's first and only known syringe that
automatically helps prevent both needlestick injuries and the reuse of
syringes. Together these two unsafe injection practices kill more than
1.3 million people a year via the transmission of blood-borne diseases
including HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C."

►April 7, 2004 -
looking for long-term immunity against disease
- The world’s
largest dairy ingredients business is aiming to ramp up collection of
colostrum from its suppliers to meet growing demand for the ingredient
in health products. -

►April 7, 2004 -
Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals announces FDA Approval of Ribasphere(TM)
(Ribavirin capsules) 200mg for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C

- press release - Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals via PRNewswire via Yahoo!

►April 7, 2004 -
Priority Healthcare Corporation Announces Availability of Generic
Ribavirin Hepatitis C Treatment
- press release - Priority
Healthcare Corporation via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Yahoo!

►April 7, 2004 -
Wins FDA OK for Generic Hepatitis C Drug
- Reuters via Yahoo!

►April 6, 2004 -
knife may force school nurse cuts
- Newton Tab via

►April 7, 2004 - Cattle
Vaccination in Funds Hitch
- The Times of Zambia (Ndola) via

►April 7, 2004 -
is using our children as guinea pigs
- letters - The Illinois Leader

►April 7, 2004 -
Bird Has West Nile Virus
- AP via

►April 7, 2004 -
Mercury Lingo Altered
- AP via CBS News

►April 6, 2004 - Frequent
Ejaculation May Ward Off Prostate Cancer
- Study finds no harm and
possible benefit in increased sexual activity - HealthDay News

►April 7, 2004 -
risk groups urged to vaccinate against flu
- Canowindra News via

►April 7, 2004 -
have daunting task keeping bird flu from spreading during mass cull

- CP via

*►April 5, 2004 -
flu prototype virus produced in lab: WHO
- Reuters via Daily Times,
Pakistan - "A high-security laboratory has created a prototype bird
flu, the first step toward making a human vaccine against the
potentially deadly new virus, a World Health Organization (WHO)
spokesman said on Thursday."

►April 7, 2004 -
House Minimized the Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules, Scientists Say

(requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►April 7, 2004 -
Three days of amoxicillin are enough for non-severe pneumonia
BMJ via Medical News Today

*►April 6, 2004 -
Merck's Durham
plant gets final OK
- Herald Sun - "Merck initially will
manufacture a worldwide supply of measles, mumps, rubella and chicken
pox vaccines at its Durham facility, but it could expand its production
here if other vaccines receive regulatory approval, Gilmartin said in
an interview.  The company, one of five vaccine manufacturers in
the world, expects to file for regulatory approval for its Proquad
combination of four childhood vaccines before June and for vaccines
preventing shingles, rotavirus-induced infant diarrhea and human
papillomavirus (HPV) in the second half of 2005."

*►April 2, 2004 -
Won't Alert Parents, Doctors on Mercury in Flu Shots for Kids

(requires registration) - Los Angeles Times - "Rep. David Weldon
(R-Fla.) said he planned to introduce a bill to ban thimerosal in
childhood vaccines. The CDC's refusal to recommend mercury-free shots
"is medical malpractice," Weldon said. A physician with a young son, he
said he wouldn't let the child have a shot containing mercury."

*►April 1, 2004 -
up vaccines, mercury foes urge
- State Senate considers bill
calling for nation's first ban on preservative. - Springfield
News-Leader - "Public health officials and the Missouri Nurses
Association endorsed the bill after it was changed to allow the state
to give vaccine doses with the preservative if a disease outbreak is
pending and thimerosal-free vaccine doses are unavailable...Holand's
bill calls for telling parents before the vaccine is given if a
particular vial contains thimerosal. That raises concerns among some."

►April 4, 2004 - IMO
call on government to promote MMR vaccine


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