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All the News Posted May 24-27, 2008

Posted May 27, 2008


►May 28, 2008 - Smart cards for wider health access to mothers - It can be swiped at any primary health centre - Number of immunisation days increased to two - The Hindu - "The card will have a photo of the mother and the medical history of the family, including immunisation schedules."

►May 28, 2008 - Biotech Deal Could Create Jobs In State - Hartford Courant - "A Maryland company that has agreed to buy Protein Sciences Corp. said it doesn't plan to cut jobs at the Meriden-based maker of a next-generation flu vaccine — and could make Meriden the site of a new, major manufacturing facility. Emergent BioSolutions Inc. said Meriden is among the sites it is considering for ramping up production of Protein Sciences' FluBlok vaccine, which federal regulators have put on the fast track for approval."

►May 28, 2008 - Red dye, vaccine offer melanoma hope - A radical new treatment in which oily red dye is injected into cancerous tumours is showing promise in people with advanced melanoma. - The Australian

* ►May 28, 2008 - Chantix Under Fire - - " The list of events Chantix has been associated with since launch is strikingly diverse, including hyperglycemia/new-onset diabetes, convulsions, embolic and thrombotic events, hostility/aggression, psychosis, and vision disturbance. In all, there were 78 deaths, including 28 suicides, in which varenicline was suspected of playing a role."

* ►May 28, 2008 - Steep rise in polio cases in Bihar, UP sounds alert - Hindustan Times - "The most worrying part is that most of the affected children in Bihar had been administered around seven doses of polio drops. Health planners including some paediatricians, involved in the immunisation programme, differ on the number of doses required to protect a child. While some say even 14 doses are not enough to provide immunity to children, others maintain three are enough."

►May 28, 2008 - Single virus often responsible for HIV infection, suggesting high barrier to infection - Aidsmap

►May 28, 2008 - Autism: A puzzling disorder - North Fort Myers Neighbor

* ►May 27, 2008 - Bosnian Helpline Alarms Public on Alleged Harmful Effects of Newborns Vaccine - TV Hayat via BBC Monitoring European via RedOrbit - "Host Midheta Kurspahic] Croatian and Serbian media have recently published an article headlined 'Bosnia-Hercegovina babies world's guinea pigs for Hepatitis B vaccine', saying that the vaccine leads to horrific deformities"

* ►May 27, 2008 - Current Vitamin D Recommendations Merely a Fraction of Safe and Perhaps Essential Levels for Children - Endocrine Society via Newswise - "The current recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin D for children is 200 International Units (IUs), but new research reveals that children may need and can safely take ten-times that amount. According to a recently accepted report in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), this increase could improve the bone health of children and have other long-term health benefits."

* ►May 27, 2008 - High Doses of Vitamin D Found Safe for Adolescents - Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism via MedPage Today

* ►May 27, 2008 - Prenatal fish intake benefits kids' brains - American Journal of Epidemiology via Reuters

* ►May 27, 2008 - Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey Host the Historic Green Our Vaccines March and Rally in Washington DC on June 4, 2008 - press release - Talk About Curing Autism via PRNewswire via SmartBrief

* ►May 27, 2008 - Holland On The Omnibus Autism Proceeding: 5/21 - Wednesday, May 21, 2008 The Government’s Response, continued - Age of Autism

* ►May 27, 2008 - Kindergartener Voted Out By Students - Outraged Mom Of Special Needs Son Talks Exclusively With The Early Show (includes video) - CBS News

* ►May 27, 2008 - Autism "Survivor?" 5 Year Old Voted Out! - Age of Autism

* ►May 27, 2008 - Alex Barton And The New Wave Of Autism Activism - The Huffington Post

►May 27, 2008 - Action for Autism: Defining the disorder is difficult - - "News/Talk 92-3 KTAR's Jayme West begins our eight-part series, 'Action for Autism.'"

* ►May 27, 2008 - Nate Tseglin is Going Home - Adventures in Autism

►May 27, 2008 - An autistic child's best friend - Service dogs are keeping afflicted children safe, helping them form bonds and break down social barriers (requires registration or subscription) - The Globe and Mail

►May 27, 2008 - Southeast student creates coloring book on autism - Sarasota Herald Tribune

►May 27, 2008 - Pope to Tackle Autism? - Age of Autism

►May 27, 2008 - Telegraph UK Vaccine Article: Kerplunk! - Age of Autism

►May 27, 2008 - OMRDD to Make Major Autism Announcement - New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities via readMedia Newswire

* ►May 27, 2008 - Warning!!!! Las Lomas' Water Contains Dangerous levels of Mercury - The Money Times - "The California Water Service Company said even boiling this mercury-contaminated water will make it drinkable. Boiling does not remove mercury instead it can release the mercury from the water into the air, posing a serious health threat when inhaled. Monterey County sheriff's deputies say the contamination may have occurred when a storage tank was vandalized on Saturday."

* ►May 27, 2008 - Student died from meningitis after three doctors said she was 'too well' to get the disease - Daily Mail, UK - "Last week, Christine and Graham Naylor were awarded £80,000 in damages by the Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust for the distress caused by their daughter's 'avoidable' death. Professor Keith Cartwright, a leading medical expert who made a full study of Miss Naylor's notes, concluded that if she had been given powerful antibiotics on her arrival at A&E, she could have made a full recovery."

* ►May 27, 2008 - Vaccine poses risks, says trustee - Peace Arch - "But longtime Trustee Heather Stilwell doesn’t believe the vaccine has undergone sufficient testing and said she would 'absolutely not' want her own daughters getting it. 'You read some of this stuff, boy, there are some real complications with the vaccine itself,' she said, citing reports of death, juvenile diabetes and degenerative syndromes. 'It hasn’t been tested anywhere near long enough to have any idea of long-term effects, but even looking at the initial effect – whoa. That’s another lawsuit right now, never mind in the future.'....Stilwell said the school district, by allowing the HPV vaccine to be administered, is endorsing its use and opening itself up to future lawsuits. 'This vaccine has been tested for such a short period of time – and we’re talking pre-pubescent girls here – we have no idea what the long-term effects are,' she said. 'When people start coming with maybe sterility or who knows, you’re going to sue everybody.'"
* ►May 27, 2008 - Morgan Stanley sees further delay on Glaxo vaccine - Morgan Stanley sees tough FDA hurdles for Glaxo's cervical cancer vaccine; cuts rating - APP via CNNMoney - "In December, the Food and Drug Administration asked Glaxo for more information on the drug before it could grant marketing approval. At the time, Glaxo said it was addressing the issues raised by the FDA, though it did not disclose the nature of the FDA's request. The company maintains it is still working with the FDA to answer issues raised by the agency. Baum said the FDA's concerns Cervarix's status as an adjuvant compound, or an agent added to modify the effects of a current vaccine, which carries higher risks for negative immune reactions. Indeed, the FDA has not approved that type of drug since the agency was formed."

* ►May 27, 2008 - Rise in cervical cancer deaths alarms India - Times of India - "India, however, will take a call on using it in the country's national programme only if the clinical trial successfully establishes the vaccine's effectiveness in protecting Indian women....Dr Naveen Rao of MSD Pharmaceuticals, told TOI , 'The study, which will recruit around 600 women, aged 17-23 years from all four zones of the country, will begin in mid-June.'"

►May 27, 2008 - Updates in the Management of Gynecologic Cancers: A Report from the 39th Annual Meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists -

* ►May 27, 2008 - Rising sixth-graders need another immununization -  North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services via Gaston Gazette - "Fifth-graders in public schools will need to receive a booster shot of Tdap - tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (whooping cough) - before they enter middle school next year if five years have passed since their last tetanus shot. Those in private, home or non-traditional schools who are 12 or younger as of Aug. 1 also need a shot if they haven't received a tetanus shot in five years."

* ►May 27, 2008 - A New Tool to Manage Your Child's Vaccine Schedule - U. S. News & World Report

* ►May 27, 2008 - FDA official sees some delays over safety - Reuters - "A new focus on drug safety is delaying the approval of some medicines as regulators impose requirements meant to minimize side effects, a top U.S. drug regulator told Reuters on Tuesday."

* ►May 27, 2008 - IAC Express Issue number 732 - Immunization Action Coalition - "WHO issues report on its October 2007 scientific consultation on human H5N1 influenza vaccines - On October 1-3, 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) held a scientific consultation in Geneva, Switzerland, on this subject: 'Options for use of human H5N1 influenza vaccines and the WHO H5N1 vaccine stockpile.' WHO recently posted the report of the scientific consultations to its website. To access the report, go to:"

* ►May 27, 2008 - Conditions Ripe for Disease in Myanmar Delta - Conditions Ripe for Disease in Myanmar's Devastated Irawaddy Delta as Monsoon Approaches - ABC News - "UNICEF has been canvassing the area and has reported a growing number of diarrhea cases — up to 30 percent of young children in one township. Myanmar's Ministry of Health has started vaccinating some children in camps against measles, another big threat."

►May 27, 2008 - North York: Measles outbreak may bring new strategy - Contagious woman visited NYGH - Inside Toronto

* ►May 27, 2008 - Standard School District student contracts meningitis - Bakersfield Californian - "The girl is the fourth confirmed case for the district and the 23rd case in the county since December, which is above average....About a month ago, Standard Middle School was chosen to take part in a meningitis study being done by the county health department, state Department of Public Health and the CDC. The study aims to test an antibiotic against the infection. More than 700 students and staff members participated, and the final report is expected in roughly six months, Pierce said."

* ►May 27, 2008 - Bavarian Nordic Enters Clinical Trials with HIV Multiantigen Vaccine - press release - Bavarian Nordic A/S via PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via FOX Business

►May 27, 2008 - Shorter TB treatment regimens best bet for TB/HIV co-infected regions - According to a Kenyan based study detailing mathematical model, tuberculosis treatment options that would allow for shorter courses of treatment would lead to significant survival gains and decreases in tuberculosis incidence in areas with high HIV prevalence. - Africa Science News Service

►May 27, 2008 - Structure Of Salt Lake Archaeal Virus Solved In Finland - University of Helsinki, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

* ►May 27, 2008 - A Plan for Overweight Kids - The childhood obesity epidemic has been called 'the terrorist threat from within.' Now researchers armed with $500 million are taking aim at this public health disaster. - Newsweek

►May 27, 2008 - Childhood obesity hits a plateau, CDC finds - White Coat Notes Blog via Boston Globe

►May 27, 2008 - ACAM Affirms Commitment to Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy - press release -The American College for Advancement in Medicine, ACAM via Business Wire

* ►May 27, 2008 - Pump-powered nebulizer for developing world - A pump-powered nebulizer for delivering vaccinations in the developing world is being worked on by researchers at Aerovax, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). - - "The device is being developed to function anywhere on earth, administrating vaccinations in extreme conditions without a power source....Initially testing will focus on delivery of the measles vaccine, with the development team hoping to trial MMR vaccinations in around two years."

►May 27, 2008 - Immunodeficiency 6 - Vaccines - Mutations of Mortality Blog - "Patients with CLL respond very poorly to vaccination. Even newly diagnosed Rai stage 0 patients with normal serum immunoglobulins fail to mount a primary response against a previously unseen antigen though on repeated injection about half the patients are able to mount a secondary response at a level substantially less than in normal individuals [33]."

►May 27, 2008 - Epitomics Announces the Creation of 1000th Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody - press release - Epitomics, Inc. via PRNewswire

►May 27, 2008 - Cattle Health: Anthrax Outbreaks Difficult To Predict -

* ►May 27, 2008 - Pet owners, vets raise questions about vaccinations - CBC - "Winnipeg dog owner Phil Daley said none of his three canine companions have been vaccinated in years, and he has no intention of changing that. 'Never. Not anymore. I will not,' he said. 'I'd rather take the chance.' Daley suspects vaccination killed one of his dogs; the animal contracted an autoimmune disease after being vaccinated. Fellow pet owner Audra Lesosky doesn't vaccinate her dog either — and says her vet supports the decision."

* ►May 26, 2008 - Protecting Your Pet: Over-vaccination - Pet owners have long been told that their animals need to get shots...But some vets are questioning the safety and necessity of those vaccinations. 7's Dylan Dreyer has more in "Protecting your Pet." (includes video) - WHDH-TV - "'I see animals comes to me young with tragic illnesses, terminal illnesses. I go back into their history and I see that they have received a series of multiple of multi-dose vaccinations.' Citing examples from his own patients, Dr. Goldstein believes that too many vaccines causes a weakening of an animals immune system. 'If vaccines didn't have any side effects, I wouldn't have a problem, but I think indirectly over-vaccination attributes to the incredible rise we've seen in cancer since I graduated vet school.'"

* ►May 26, 2008 - Insurers and autism - letter - Salt Lake Tribune

* ►May 24, 2008 - Teacher lets Morningside students vote out classmate, 5 - St. Lucie County TCPalm

* ►May 19, 2008 - Even doctors should read the fine print (requires registration) - Boston Globe - "Throughout my medical training, I have been taught to read medical research with a skeptical eye. My professors in medical school relentlessly emphasized the importance of carefully reviewing the methods section of every study to look for sources of bias. And the doctors I have worked with during my residency training have taught me to interpret study results carefully in the context of real-world patients. Recently, however, I (and many of my colleagues) have begun to wonder whether even this degree of scrutiny is sufficient."

* ►May 19, 2008 - Children to get double dose of MMR just three months apart - Babyworld, UK

* ►May 19, 2008 - The Answers to Autism May Be Inside the Mind - Dr. Fernando Miranda Says Neurologists Should Be More Involved in Autism Fight - Good Morning America via ABC News

►May 19, 2008 - Health Officer Warns of Measles Threat - Virus: 15 Cases Have Been Reported in Eastern Washington - The Chronicle Online

►May 19, 2008 - Health officials: Measles, rubella vaccine is vital - Onalaska Life

* ►May 13, 2008 - Flu experts try to ensure record vaccine doses get used - CIDRAP News

►October 1-3, 2007 - Options for the use of human H5N1 influenza vaccines and the WHO H5N1 vaccine stockpile - WHO scientific consultation (pdf) - World Health Organization

The Kansas Chapter of the National Autism Association - Currently 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism. - Sadly enough, the numbers are increasing. - The First Annual Autism Conference in Pittsburg, Kansas is June 20 - KOAM-TV - "Jenny McCarthy, actress and mother of an autistic child, will be the keynote speaker at the First Annual Autism Conference."


Posted May 26, 2008


* ►June 2, 2008 - Flu summit addresses new challenges - Vaccine advocates urge universal immunization of children and teens and confront repercussions of last season's vaccine being less effective than hoped. -

* ►June 2, 2008 - The art of warning: Eye-catching images portray public health dangers - A National Academies' exhibit shows how health posters have, throughout modern history, communicated messages about infectious diseases. -

* ►June 2, 2008 - Cap on noneconomic damages is unconstitutional, Georgia judge says - The case likely will head to the state Supreme Court, which has invalidated other medical liability reforms. -

* ►June 2, 2008 - Louisiana Senate passes liability protections for disaster responders - The legislation meshes with national efforts to shield doctors from negligence claims during declared emergencies. Some attorneys say existing protections are enough. -

* ►June 2, 2008 - Experts debate value of assessing health literacy - Should physicians adjust the communication level for each patient, or are comprehension difficulties so common that simpler language should be used with everyone? -

►June 2, 2008 - Healthy People 2020: National agenda shifts to risks, roots of disease - Public health experts hope the forthcoming edition of 10-year health goals will be leaner and easier to implement. -

►June 2, 2008 - State health reform efforts may help resolve disparity issues - Improvements in health care access and quality could also help address the problem. -

►June 2, 2008 - Higher Medicare pay earmarked for practices in medical home trial - Participants could receive additional bonuses if the pilot produces cost savings. -

►June 2, 2008 - Individual health insurance: Are mandates ready for prime time? - Mandatory health insurance coverage is being debated by presidential candidates. And Massachusetts is trying out this approach. But is requiring people to have coverage a workable component of health system reform? -

►June 2, 2008 - Florida passes bill to boost private health coverage for uninsured - The state hopes to foster development of new, affordable options for uninsured individuals and small-business employees. -

►June 2, 2008 - Shortage of general surgeons is straining some facilities - The effects of this decline are most evident at trauma centers, urban emergency departments and rural hospitals. -

►June 2, 2008 - Social networking etiquette: Making virtual acquaintances - The rules of establishing contacts online aren't that much different from doing so in real life. Stay professional and hope others do, too. -

►June 2, 2008 - E-prescribing campaign aims at patients to reach doctors - Proponents hope patients can influence their physicians to give up prescription pads and that influence also can be tapped to advocate for legislation. -

►June 2, 2008 - Scope of practice: Need for continuing dialogue - A message to all physicians from Edward L. Langston, MD, chair of the AMA Board of Trustees. -

►June 2, 2008 - Some physicians charge deposits to curb no-shows -

►June 2, 2008 - 2 California insurers agree to cover members with rescinded policies - More plans are expected to join the agreement with state regulators. -

►June 2, 2008 - Enforcing the Blues settlement - The AMA, as part of a national BlueCross BlueShield lawsuit settlement, is ready to help physicians hold Blues plans to their word. -

►June 2, 2008 - Letters to the Editor - Single-payer support doesn't fit with what's known to dissatisfy doctors - EMR article was too positive - P4P? Let's have C4C instead -

►June 2, 2008 - News in brief: Health & Science - Check for recalled heparin products - Patients unaware of opportunities to participate in clinical trials - Sequential therapy more effective for eradicating H. pylori - Adolescent girls at higher risk for major depression than teen boys -

►June 2, 2008 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - Tennessee adopts liability reforms - Medicare EMR demo attracts interest - Schwarzenegger proposes deeper cuts - AAP backs bill to block SCHIP directive -

►June 2, 2008 - News in brief: Professional Issues - Web site publicizes Illinois physicians' medical liability data - FSMB delegates delay model policy on maintenance of licensure - North Carolina to post medical liability judgments online - Patient-centered medical home model gains support -

* ►May 30, 2008 - Unscheduled vaccination: Genie Set Free - Zerkalo Nedeli via - "Was mass vaccination justified? It is important to find out who initiated the mass vaccination. Officials in the Ministry of Health avoid answering this question referring to the WHO and Ukraine’s mutual understanding in this regard. At one of the briefings when the pause following the question grew embarrassingly long, N.Prodanchuk, First Deputy Minister of Health, admitted: “Ukraine asked for help.”..."According to the WHO criteria, an epidemic is a situation whereby the prevalence level of a certain infection exceeds 1% of the total population in a given region.” Who counted dozens of thousands of infected people so accurately? Why do different sources quote a different mortality figure – from four to six persons? It was a hard task for ministry officials to make a U-turn from denying the measles outbreak point blank to admitting the epidemic. Hence the numbers: 45 thousand is very close to the WHO standards (1% of the population is 46 thousand) and, at the same time, it allows the ministry to save face. Top managers of the sanitary-and-epidemiologic service love to demonstrate multicoloured graphs, charts and diagrams so as to make Ukrainians ashamed, if not frightened: it is from the capital city of Kyiv that the ominous arrows of the measles epidemic reached out to Europe, Asia and far-away America."

►May 27, 2008 - Doctor Nose best - From painkillers to cancer therapies, the latest research shows that medication can be most effective when taken nasally. Roger Dobson sniffs out the story - The Independent, UK

►May 27, 2008 - Protein shield against HIV can spur new therapies - Sify

* ►May 27, 2008 - Emergent BioSolutions To Buy Maker Of Flu Vaccine (requires registration) - Washington Post - "Protein Sciences' vaccine, called FluBlok, would not rely on eggs. Instead, the vaccine would be grown in insect cells. The result: a more easily manufactured vaccine that can quickly react to evolving flu strains and vaccine demand. Such vaccines are more controlled, flexible and predictable, Fauci said. 'It will allow us to manufacture the vaccine sooner and get it to the customer before the start of the flu season and faster than our competitors,' said Jim Jackson, Emergent's chief scientific officer."
►May 27, 2008 - Deadly flu viruses have Asian origins - Bloomberg via The Standard, Hong Kong

►May 27, 2008 - Plan to eliminate pandemic influenza underscored - The New Nation - "They were speaking at the workshop on 'CDC/WHO RRT Pandemic Influenza' being held to prepare recommendations based on World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols on how to mitigate spread of H5N1 virus and epidemic in poultry birds and to minimise the risk of human pandemic influenza. Centre for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance of the US Pacific Command (USPACOM) and Armed Forces Division (AFD) and Armed Forces Medical Institute (AFMI) jointly organised the workshop at a city hotel."

►May 27, 2008 - Health Dept to vaccinate students - The Post

►May 27, 2008 - Bluetongue vaccination guide -

►May 27, 2008 - Outbreak of anthrax hits Nkayi - NKAYI district in Matabeleland North Province has been hit by an outbreak of anthrax. - Zimbabwe Guardian

* ►May 26, 2008 - Labs accused of helping food importers beat FDA (requires registration or subscription) - Chicago Tribune - "'We're gathering information from both the FDA and private industry about the labs almost being complicit in helping importers game the system,' said Rep. Bart Stupak, (D-Mich.), chairman of the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee that is investigating the labs and food companies. 'Someone told us you pay for the result you want to get from the labs.'"

* ►May 26, 2008 - Lyme disease outstripping AIDS - San Francisco Chronicle - "It would appear that my Lyme-ignorant doctors may have relied too heavily on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health and Infectious Disease Society of America policies, whose integrity is now in doubt. These policies are being reviewed to better reflect our understanding of these tick-borne infections as the result of an unprecedented criminal probe by Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal over conflicts of interest on the part of 14 so-called experts who drafted the IDSA guidelines."

* ►May 26, 2008 - The debate that won't go away - The Spectator, UK - "Nevertheless, it should be noted that the suspicion gathering momentum in the US, that a vaccine schedule including MMR may trigger a catastrophic reaction in both brain and gut among a small proportion of children who are in some way vulnerable, is almost exactly the claim made by Wakefield, now fighting for his professional life before the GMC for making it -- in the teeth of a medical establishment in Britain which states categorically there is no truth in it whatsoever."

* ►May 26, 2008 - Ministry Of Justice MMR Vaccine Class Action Saga Continues - The One Click Group - "One Click Note: It is most appropriate with the United States Federal Court having conceded that the vaccines administered to young Hannah Poling caused her autism, for The One Click Group to continue to publish the correspondence between John Stone, the parent of an autistic child and the Ministry of Justice over the MMR Vaccine Class Action in the United Kingdom. The more that this devastating correspondence is placed in the public domain, the worse it gets for the UK government and the Department of Health."

* ►May 26, 2008 - Autism Memorial Day by Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

* ►May 26, 2008 - Tears of joy as Jude speaks at last - Bradford Telegraph and Argus - "A mother has heard her autistic five-year-old son say 'mum' for the first time after he took part in an innovative training programme in America. And the power of speech is just one of the extraordinary developments made by Jude Barker during the trip to the Son-Rise Institute in Massachusetts."

►May 26, 2008 - Guest Column: Prevalence of autism merits immediate call to action - Norwich Bulletin

►May 26, 2008 - Living to learn, learning to live: A lifetime of dealing with autism - Jefferson City News-Tribune via Columbia Missourian

►May 26, 2008 - 10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Killed by Train After Wandering Away - MyFox WGHP

►May 26, 2008 - Pope urged to act on autism after Minnesota church ban - ChristianToday

►May 26, 2008 - Autism advocates help Minn. woman fight restraining order - AP via In-Forum

►May 26, 2008 - Governors face up to autism needs - The Star, UK

►May 26, 2008 - Autism, Parents, and "Two Kinds of Love" -

►May 26, 2008 - Monterey Co.: Drinking Water Is High In Mercury, Possibly Unsafe - CBS 5

* ►May 26, 2008 - Letter: Florida should worry about mercury - TCPalm - "With 10 billion fluorescent bulbs used in Florida, approximately 25,000 pounds of mercury will be discharged into Florida waterways per year."

* ►May 26, 2008 - FDA lacks resources to monitor drugmakers - opinion - Buffalo News

►May 26, 2008 - FDA & EMEA to increase cooperation - The Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) has set out its vision of how increased cooperation between the US and European Union can improve the pharmaceutical regulatory process. -

►May 26, 2008 - Senate's Supplemental Appropriations Bill Seeks $26M for CDC, $72M for FDA (requires registration) - GenomeWeb News

►May 26, 2008 - FDA's footdragging hurts Canada's biotech firms - Reuters

►May 26, 2008 - Immune system protein could help develop cancer vaccine: study - CBC

►May 26, 2008 - Montserrat's immunization programme going strong - Caribbean Net News

* ►May 26, 2008 - Veteran Wages War Against Pentagon Over Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine - The Public Record

* ►May 26, 2008 - Mild American Bird-Flu Strains Gained Ability to Attack Humans - Bloomberg - "Mild bird flu strains circulating in North America have gained some ability to infect human cells, and should be monitored for dangerous mutations, government researchers said. The virus family, called H7, is genetically different than the H5N1 strain that has killed millions of birds and hundreds of people, said Terrence Tumpey, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientist in Atlanta. More mutations in the H7 strain could make it dangerous to humans, he said."

* ►May 26, 2008 - North American bird flu viruses becoming more adapted to humans: study - Canadian Press via The Northern Light - "North American avian flu viruses of the H7 subtype - like the H7N3 viruses responsible for British Columbia's massive poultry outbreak in 2004 - seem to have adapted to more easily invade the human respiratory tract, a new American study suggests. The adaptation is still only partial and the findings do not suggest the viruses are imminently poised to trigger a pandemic. But experts say they underscore the fact that H7 flu viruses need to be watched and studied.  'I think this is certainly amongst the most dangerous (avian flu) viruses out there,' said virologist Dr. Ron Fouchier, with the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 'And I think we need to continue to develop vaccines for H7 just as well as H5(N1).'"
►May 26, 2008 - Equine flu compo could hit Aussie govt in the budget - Horsetalk, New Zealand

►May 26, 2008 - China strengthens epidemic prevention (includes video) - CCTV International

►May 26, 2008 - Boy Moments From Death Saved by GPS - This is Derbyshire - "Dr Foley said: 'What Louis had was a rare strain called meningococcal meningitis which can kill within minutes and, as a GP, you are only expected to see one case in your lifetime.'"

►May 26, 2008 - Boy with encephalitis dies -

►May 26, 2008 - Passive smoke disease threat -

►May 26, 2008 - Nigeria Puts Polio Eradication at Risk - Health Experts are concerned that a big outbreak of polio in Nigeria this year could put the World Health Organization's efforts to wipe out this crippling disease at risk.  WHO has made enormous progress since it launched its global eradication campaign in 1988.   At that time, 350,000 children a year became paralyzed because of polio.  That number now stands at 450.  Most of the world now is polio-free.  But, that achievement is being threatened by reluctance on the part of some religious, traditional and political leaders in the northern part of Nigeria to immunize all their children against polio.  Lisa Schlein reports for VOA from Geneva. - Voice of America

►May 26, 2008 - World Health Assembly hopes India will eradicate P1 poliovirus first - IANS via

►May 26, 2008 - WHO to fund next polio eradication campaign - Saba Net Yemen News Agency

►May 26, 2008 - Rotary continues its fight against polio - Lethbridge Herald

* ►May 26, 2008 - Korean Researchers Working on Artificial Virus for Targeted Drug Delivery - MedIndia

►May 26, 2008 - Typhoid fever on track to break BC record - CanWest News Service via

►May 26, 2008 - West Nile virus: National overview -

►May 26, 2008 - Blood victim backs campaign - Bradford Telegraph and Argus

►May 26, 2008 - International Travellers Vaccinated Against Measles - Alberta Health And Wellness via - "The province will provide measles vaccine free-of-charge to Albertans born in or after 1970 travelling to countries where there are measles outbreaks."

►May 26, 2008 - Measles Alert Activities Continue This Labour Day Weekend - Government of Jamaica

►May 26, 2008 - Don't get complacent about West Nile Virus control - Bloomington Pantagraph

►May 26, 2008 - West Nile Season 2008, Some Cases Already Reported - ScienceMode

►May 26, 2008 - Cold virus can take 24 to 48 hours to incubate - Chicago Daily Herald

►May 26, 2008 - Blood suckers at work - Brazil Times

►May 26, 2008 - Diarrheal Disease - letter (requires registration) - The New York Times

►May 26, 2008 - Reliance partners UN to fight HIV epidemic in India - Howrah News Service

►May 26, 2008 - Men shun HIV treatment - New Vision, Uganda

►May 26, 2008 - National Education Summit To Tackle African-American HIV/STD Crisis - Medical News Today

►May 26, 2008 - Uganda: Mass HIV Testing - Will It Curb New Infections? - New Vision (Kampala) via

►May 26, 2008 - Cosmetics firms heed calls for organics - Big and small makers' sales growing quickly (requires registration) - Boston Globe

►May 26, 2008 - IHSA study: 1 in 13 athletes uses steroids - Quad City Times

►May 26, 2008 - Bioterrorist Attack: Fact or Fiction? - Where do all those Homeland Security Dollars Go? -

►May 26, 2008 - Social Networks' Sway May Be Underestimated (requires registration) - Washington Post - "Taken together, these studies and others are fueling a growing recognition that many behaviors are swayed by social networks in ways that have not been fully understood. And it may be possible, the researchers say, to harness the power of these networks for many purposes, such as encouraging safe sex, getting more people to exercise or even fighting crime. 'What all these studies do is force us to start to kind of rethink our mental model of how we behave,' said Duncan Watts, a Columbia University sociologist. 'Public policy in general treats people as if they are sort of atomized individuals and puts policies in place to try to get them to stop smoking, eat right, start exercising or make better decisions about retirement, et cetera. What we see in this research is that we are missing a lot of what is happening if we think only that way.'"

►May 26, 2008 - Night of Fire '08 Has a Very Special Cause - Organizers are gearing up for another event that showcases rolling art and helps a local child in need. -

►May 26, 2008 - Farms urged to sign up for bluetongue jabs - Western Mail via icWales

►May 26, 2008 - Livestock vaccinated against Bluetongue - Daily Post, UK

* ►May 26, 2008 - Flu shots leave an age gap - Researchers work to improve treatment for elderly - The Baltimore Sun

* ►May 26, 2008 - 13-month-old boy critically ill in hospital - The Straits Times via AsiaOneHealth

* ►May 26, 2008 - MNCs see opportunity to make big bucks on diabetes drugs - News Bulletins/CNBC-TV18 via Moneycontrol India - "Rising urban lifestyle and resultant stress has given India the dubious distinction of being called the diabetic capital of the world. Multinational companies are seeing this as an opportunity to make big bucks."

►May 26, 2008 - Immune-Modulating Therapies May Carry Risks of Serious Non-TB Infections - Clinical Infectious Diseases via Doctor's Guide

►May 26, 2008 - Expert spells out causes of genetic disorders in children - Gulf Times - "Dr Ben-Omran added: “In some cases, the child may have been mis-diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism or other conditions, and in fact they may have underlying metabolic or genetic disorders,” he pointed out. He said that symptoms of a metabolic disorder – a condition in which normal metabolic processes are disrupted, usually because of a missing enzyme, may include developmental delays, mental retardation, birth defects, an abnormally small head or brain, seizures, abnormal movements, stunted growth and other symptoms."

►May 26, 2008 - Boehringer Ingelheim completes $36 million investment in Laval for state-of-the-art research centre - New facility dedicated to finding treatments for serious infectious diseases - CNW Group

►May 26, 2008 - City asked to study children's lead levels - The Hamilton Spectator

►May 26, 2008 - Study links TB, unsafe cheeses - Unpasteurized dairy items blamed - San Diego Union-Tribune

►May 26, 2008 - NSW lacks health facilities for youth, inquiry hears - Australian Broadcasting News

►May 26, 2008 - Fighting genetic discrimination - The Post and Courier

►May 26, 2008 - American Lung Association Of New England Says Stronger Air Quality Standards Urgently Needed - American Lung Association of New England via Medical News Today

►May 26, 2008 - Health experts say Lyme cases to soar - Connecticut Post

►May 26, 2008 - Lowering Stress Can Strengthen Immune System - Texas A&M Agricultural Communications (AgNews)

* ►May 26, 2008 - 30% of Infections Diseases Transmitted Through Food - Vhi Healthcare, Ireland

►May 26, 2008 - Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation statement. - Annals of Internal Medicine via

►May 26, 2008 - Inhaled corticosteroids for the treatment of chronic asthma in adults and in children aged 12 years and over. - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) via

►May 26, 2008 - GVK BIO Enters into Drug Discovery Pact with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals - GVK Biosciences Private Limited via Business Wire India

►May 26, 2008 - New Treatment Brings Rapid Relief to Patients with Advanced Illness in as Early as 30 Minutes - First treatment available in Canada for the 86 per cent of palliative care patients with serious and painful constipation - CNW Group

►May 26, 2008 - Update 1-Novartis' MS drug gets approval in EU - Novartis via Reuters

►May 26, 2008 - Reasons to consider taking a supplement -

►May 26, 2008 - Vitamin survey is food for thought - Despite well-entrenched beliefs to the contrary, supplements really do have beneficial effects, writes Andrea Nagel - The Times, ZA

* ►May 25, 2008 - HPV vaccinations need a second look - Prince George Citizen - "Coming to a school near you. Gardasil, a vaccine to combat HPV, manufactured by Merck-Frosst, is the biggest scam since Victor Lustig, Czech con artist, sold the Eiffel Tower in 1925 for $100,000 francs. With a $300,000 donation from the Harper government and the blessing of the B.C. Liberals, Gardasil vaccinations of Grade 6 girls commence this Sept. in schools in B.C. The FDA knew as early as 1993 that “HPV is not associated with cervical cancer.” Yet they approved of the Gardasil vaccine in June 2006 after a slick ad campaign by Merck-Frosst and super-fast approval by the Harper government."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Nonprofit seeks more in ARKids - Arkansas Democrat Gazette - "Healthy Connections, which also participated in the Covering Kids campaign, will spread the word through various public and private groups, including churches, clinics, and doctors’ and dentists’ offices. “Our issue is we have so many kids and families and enrolled, the ones that aren’t enrolled now are apparently difficult to reach or difficult to convince,” Young said. Part of the campaign will be correcting misconceptions about the program, such as the belief that children have to have immunizations to participate, he said."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Pollution eyed in dip in U.S. male births - UPI - "It is important to look at the really big picture here, which is that there are global indications that something unusual is going on," said Devra Davis, director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh, and a frequent critic of toxic chemicals in the environment. Davis told the newspaper that sex ratios are a measure of the health of the overall population and that people should be concerned when things start getting out of balance."

►May 25, 2008 - Whooping cough hits high school - Wicked Local Belmont

* ►May 25, 2008 - Concern over mystery of Bangladeshi baby with bird flu - A case of bird flu in a young child in Bangladesh has raised concern. According to the Bangladeshi health authorities a 16-month-old boy has been confirmed as the country's first human case of the H5N1 strain of bird flu. - News-Medical Net

* ►May 25, 2008 - Coca-cola to phase out controversial chemical linked to hyperactivity and gene damage - Daily Mail, UK - "The chemical Sodium Benzoate, also known as E211, is used to stop fizzy drinks going mouldy. But recent research has shown that the chemical can deactivate parts of DNA, the genetic code in the cells of living creatures. Coca-Cola said it was withdrawing the additive from Diet Coke in response to consumer demand for more natural products."

►May 25, 2008 - Safety lapses raised risks in Katrina trailers - Formaldehyde found in high levels; 17,000 say homes caused illnesses - Washington Post via MSNBC

►May 25, 2008 - Declaring war on cyber germs - Should we really be worried about computer pestilence? - The Toronto Sun via CNews Canoe

►May 25, 2008 - Following the China Biopharma Beat - Seeking Alpha

►May 25, 2008 - Protein Important To Blood Iron Levels Mapped By MSU Researchers - Montana State University via Medical News Today

►May 25, 2008 - Number of ticks in county increasing - The Republican & Herald

* ►May 25, 2008 - Hearing: Drugging of Foster Children - Alliance for Human Research Protection

* ►May 25, 2008 - The Autism Rights Movement - A new wave of activists wants to celebrate atypical brain function as a positive identity, not a disability. Opponents call them dangerously deluded. - New York Magazine

►May 25, 2008 - IOM Head Says Stronger FDA is Needed - Medical Marketing and Media via RedOrbit

►May 25, 2008 - UNICEF tasks media practitioners on bird flu - The Tide

►May 24, 2008 - Farmers keep bird flu at bay - Viet Nam News

* ►May 23, 2008 - Post-vaccination Shock - Zerkalo Nedeli via - "Mass vaccinations of Ukrainian young people against measles and rubella started unexpectedly early – ten days before the planned term. During the first five days of vaccination, more than 70 thousand young people were vaccinated. The first results of this mass campaign are terrifying – a seventeen-year-old young man died after vaccination in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). Additionally, 68 young men and women were hospitalized due to complains about physical impairment."

* ►May 23, 2008 - HealthOpin IV: Schools Take A Shot In The Arm On Vaccinations - Medical News Today - "With the school year drawing to a close, American parents are already voicing strong opinions about the additional types of vaccinations children should be required to receive, according to's latest HealthOpin survey."

►May 23, 2008 - Did Statins Cause Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor? -

►May 23, 2008 - BIO Lauds Senate For FDA And NIH Funding Boosts - Medical News Today

►May 23, 2008 - Wyeth receives FDA approval letter for bazedoxifene - Thomson Financial via Forbes

* ►May 22, 2008 - An alternative strategy for HIV vaccine research - Today, Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (ABL) and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) report that their unique HIV vaccine formulation was effective in eliciting strong and balanced immune responses in healthy human volunteers. - Vaccine via News-Medical Net

►May 22, 2008 - The relationship between serum trace element levels and clinical parameters in patients with fibromyalgia. - journal article (Rheumatology International)

►May 21, 2008 - Cross-country trek for autism - Ontario man hopes to raise over $2.5 million - Metro

* ►May 20, 2008 - OIS pointed message: give us resources and we'll do the jabs - Never mind bribes to encourage caregivers tardy about getting their children immunised.  Give us more resources and we'll chase them up. - The Dominion Post Hutt Valley News via

►May 19, 2008 - Faustian bargain - Legislation in Congress to regulate tobacco bans all flavored cigarettes except the most popular one - Houston Chronicle

►May 16, 2008 - 4th Canadian Gene Therapy and Vaccines Symposium - press release - CNW Group

►May 12, 2008 - Our View: Learn before deciding on immunizations - Wausau Daily Herald - "In the end, though, it appears the best way to get a kid to 18 safe and healthy is to comply with immunization guidelines."

* Gordon Research Institute - Dr. Garry Gordon - website


Posted May 25, 2008

►June 2008 - Community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Madrid, Spain: transcontinental importation and polyclonal emergence of Panton–Valentine leukocidin-positive isolates - journal article (Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease)

* ►May 26, 2008 - MMR: The debate that won't go away - It seemed the MMR controversy had been resolved, but does new research point to another possible connection between autism and vaccinations? Cassandra Jardine reports - The Telegraph, UK

* ►May 26, 2008 - Mosquito invasion brings disease risk to UK - Independent, UK

* ►May 26, 2008 - 8 million Pakistanis have hepatitis C - The Post - "The experts of liver diseases believe that the re-use of syringes and contaminated surgical instruments in dental clinics and hospitals are two major reasons for the spread of Hepatitis B and C, media report said."

►May 26, 2008 - A painful death - According to the World Health Organisation, people living in developing countries can expect a shorter lifespan, and their death is likely to be unnecessarily painful and undignified, writes Julius Barigaba - East African Magazine via Nation Media

►May 26, 2008 - Three-day anti-polio campaign starts today - The News - International - Pakistan - "These teams would visit the districts and had been set up because the WHO had expressed reservations over the effectiveness of the past campaign, Dr Khamisani said, adding that they had also recommended to the WHO to conduct blood tests (serum titre) of eight children recently infected with polio. This would ascertain their immunity levels and the potency of the vaccines administered to them."

►May 26, 2008 - Woman treated for meningococcal disease - Daily Advertiser, Australia

►May 26, 2008 - TV ad to warn of winter’s deadly stalker - Nowra South Coast Register, Australia

►May 26, 2008 - CDC touts shingles shot for seniors - Washington Post via Austin American-Statesman

►May 26, 2008 - Equine flu bill could hit taxpayers - Sydney Morning Herald

* ►May 25, 2008 - Boys more susceptible to illness - Girls get sick less often, data show - Chicago Tribune - "In their first year of life, boys get sick and die more often: In 2004, the U.S. infant mortality rate (deaths per 1,000 live births) was 7.4 for boys and 6.1 for girls. Developmental disorders such as autism are three to four times more common in infant boys than girls, and behavioral disorders are at least twice as common, observed Dr. Sebastian Kraemer, a London physician, in "The Fragile Male," a December 2000 review in the British Medical Journal."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Thompson: NBAF more than just matter of trust - Online Athens - "Late last week, news broke that, as the lead of an Associated Press story put it, "(t)he Bush administration relied on a flawed study to conclude that research on a highly infectious animal disease could safely be moved from an isolated island laboratory to sites on the mainland near livestock, congressional investigators concluded. ..."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Push to ban plastic toy chemicals linked to health issues in baby boys - The Age, AU

►May 25, 2008 - DOH warns parents of rising number of enterovirus cases - Taipei Times

►May 25, 2008 - Flu pandemic is only a matter of time, officials say - The News-Gazette

►May 25, 2008 - Concern over mystery of Bangladeshi baby with bird flu - A case of bird flu in a young child in Bangladesh has raised concern. According to the Bangladeshi health authorities a 16-month-old boy has been confirmed as the country's first human case of the H5N1 strain of bird flu. -

* ►May 25, 2008 - Autism-link writer in talk to MPs - Sunday Sun, UK - "THE American journalist who revealed the latest developments in the link between autism and vaccinations has been invited to talk to politicians in the Houses of Parliament. David Kirby will speak to MPs and peers about the Hannah Poling case, the nine-year-old girl who developed autism because of inoculations she received. Mr Kirby, author of the award winning book 'Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic – A Medical Controversy', will give his briefing on June 4. He said it was an honour to be asked to speak to Parliament on the controversial health topic."

* ►May 25, 2008 - How My Son Spread the Measles - TIME Magazine - "Still, Jane says she was surprised by the number of calls she got from friends who wanted to bring their unvaccinated children over to play with her kids while they were infectious. Like Jane, they see getting the measles as far healthier than the vaccine. She said the recent measles outbreak in her region prompted her to do more research. That work has made her even more certain that she and her husband are choosing wisely to be very selective about vaccinations. 'This is a difficult choice for parents; choose the vaccine or choose the disease. I have chosen the disease by not vaccinating.'"

* ►May 25, 2008 - Jury still out on MMR jab - letter - Sunday Sun, UK

►May 25, 2008 - A Challenge to Parents: Try "Quitting" Autism for Just One Day -

►May 25, 2008 - Book details life with autistic son - book review - Denton Record-Chronicle - "See Sam Run: A Mother’s Story of Autism was published by the University of North Texas Press this month."

►May 25, 2008 - Family’s challenges inspire autism benefit - Harwich Oracle

►May 25, 2008 - Issue of autism: This epidemic can be halted - Battle Creek Enquirer

* ►May 25, 2008 - Bad luck or bad dirt? - Environmental activist stricken with mysterious disease - SouthCoastToday - "I live next to which we now know is a toxic dump site," Mr. Woolley said. "That was just a field back then ... I've been playing in that all my early years and early teen years." Coincidence? Or could Mr. Woolley's exposure to PCBs and other contaminants such as selenium, magnesium and lead have caused the symptoms he is now experiencing? That is exactly what the Day Neuromuscular Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital is trying to find out. "Basically there's no known cause of ALS," said Nicole Couture, a clinical research assistant at the lab. "We're looking at both genetic and environmental factors that might be causing it." The lab is enrolling participants for an ALS gene study that is trying to pinpoint what triggers the disease. "ALS runs in the family, meaning more than one person (in a family) has the disease about 10 percent of the time," Ms. Couture said. But, she said, "In Brian's case, he has no family history. He's the only one."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Holiday Weekend Review: "The Bush Tragedy" - KY3 Political Notebook - "7. Bush overruled Cheney on vaccinating the entire country against smallpox . . . 'Bush eventually announced a compromise: mandatory vaccination of 500,000 military personnel . . . Those who believe the vice president operates in bad faith -- that he concocted evidence of Iraqi WMD to justify a war -- should consider his stance on universal smallpox vaccination. Even a safe vaccine would have killed a few hundred Americans . . . Cheney's readiness to sacrifice hundreds of civilian lives may sound like Dr. Strangelove. But if the idea was mad, it was sincerely mad, testifying to how seriously he took the possibility that Saddam had biological weapons . . .The smallpox episode punctures another myth too: that Bush blindly follows Cheney. Bush's sense of autonomy is far too sensitive for him to function as anyone's puppet.'"

* ►May 25, 2008 - Drug taken to stop smoking is linked to traffic mishaps - Daniel Williams hoped Chantix would help him quit smoking and become healthier. Instead, he believes, it nearly killed him. (requires registration or subscription) - Los Angeles Times - "The FDA had earlier issued a warning about suicidal thoughts and suicides among patients taking Chantix and is now evaluating whether it needs to expand and strengthen that precaution. Pfizer, the drug's manufacturer, said that as early as may of last year, it had added a warning to the prescribing literature for Chantix that patients should exercise caution when driving or operating machinery until they know how the medication affects them. But such admonitions apparently didn't get much notice from busy doctors. Even some government transportation agencies missed them."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Four years ago David Carmichael killed his son. Now free, he is crusading against 'happy drugs,' saying they -- not him -- are to blame - Toronto Sun - "And now David Carmichael is worried drug companies will soon have the go-ahead to push their potentially dangerous 'happy pills' on more unsuspecting Canadians, with similarly dire results. With new Bill C-51, the Conservative initiative to overhaul Canada's food and drug act, critics like Carmichael worry it will open the door to big pharma circumventing the current ban on direct-to-consumer advertising. 'It will make it easier for big chemical drug pharmaceutical companies to mislead the public about the effectiveness and lethal side-effects of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors),' he insists."
►May 25, 2008 - Whooping cough hits high school - Belmont Citizen-Herald

►May 25, 2008 - FDA Offices Slowed Down by Chinese Bureaucracy - eFluxMedia

►May 25, 2008 - FDA Refuses To Give Budget For Modernizing Plan -

►May 25, 2008 - Brits closer to anti-cancer vaccine - British scientists say the vaccine which will be produced from the newly identified DNGR-1 protein will be effective in fighting cancer. - Press TV

►May 25, 2008 - Greater Rochester Health Foundation announces $8.2 million in grants - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - "Other initiatives that received funding ranged from an effort by The Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency to educate patients with minor emergencies about community health care centers, to a University of Rochester program that has provided immunizations to thousands of 11- to 15-year-old adolescents from poor families."

►May 25, 2008 - Ask about shingles vaccine - The Monterey County Herald - "Once Zostavax is reconstituted, the window of opportunity for immunization is only 30 minutes. Should the doctor be running late, if the patient is caught in traffic between the pharmacy and the physician's office, or if any delay occurs and more than 30 minutes has elapsed, this $200 drug must be discarded. In many cases, this is not the doctor's fault, nor is it the patient's fault. Accidents happen, but this could be a very costly one."

►May 25, 2008 - Clerics appeal to Muslims for polio eradication effort - IANS via

►May 25, 2008 - Drug testing in schools: 2 letters - Denver Post

►May 25, 2008 - Controlling pesky parasites - Salem Gazette

►May 25, 2008 - Contamination rages on years after base closes - The Sun News via

►May 25, 2008 - Determination defines Legacy's Lenberg - Broomfield Enterprise - "In a two-month span, she was diagnosed with a bad case of mononucleosis, a chronic sinus infection that required surgery and West Nile virus."

►May 25, 2008 - Researchers find roadmap to next-generation cancer therapies - University of Rochester Medical Center via EurekAlert!

►May 25, 2008 - Protein That Provides Innate Defense Against HIV Could Lead To New Treatments -  Emory University, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

* ►May 25, 2008 - Scientists Image A Single HIV Particle Being Born - Rockefeller University via ScienceDaily

* ►May 25, 2008 - Touch of gold revives discarded HIV drug - Journal of the American Chemical Society via Sify News

►May 25, 2008 - Troubled waters: Violations haunt most public pools - Jackson Sun

►May 25, 2008 - Scientists develop cheaper rabies vaccine - PTI via The Hindu

►May 25, 2008 - Mankato company develops hog vaccine - The breakthrough's hope is to eradicate PRRS - Mankato Free Press

►May 25, 2008 - Massive Newcastle vaccination on the cards - The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in collaboration with the department of veterinary services is set to embark on a massive Newcastle disease awareness campaign and vaccination programme throughout the country. - Sunday News

►May 24, 2008 - Autism, church and respect for the social contract - Pioneer Press via

►May 24, 2008 - Sadler inspired by children's dedication to autism awareness - via

►May 24, 2008 - School nurse's role sees increasing change - Duties range from administering medication to managing chronic conditions - The Telegraph

►May 24, 2008 - Lyme Lies: Allen Steere's horrifying comments regarding Lyme disease in last week's commencement address - PRNewswire via Interest!Alert

* ►May 23, 2008 - Our view: Injecting opinion - Dothan Eagle

* ►May 23, 2008 - "Baby Sibs" Study Finds Early Accelerated Head Growth May Predict Autism (requires registration) - 7th Annual International Meeting for Autism Research via Medscape

* ►May 23, 2008 - Evaluation of ISCOMATRIX™ and ISCOM™ vaccines for immunisation against Helicobacter pylori - journal article (Vaccine)

►May 23, 2008 - Information about hand, foot and mouth disease in China - People's Daily China

►May 23, 2008 - Child virus recedes in China - Sapa-AP via - "The spread of a virus that has sickened more than 24 000 people and killed dozens across China is slowing in the province where the outbreak was first reported, a state-run news agency said Friday."

►May 23, 2008 - Moxifloxacin Monotherapy Effective for Community-Acquired Pneumonia CME (requires registration) - Clinical Infectious Diseases via Reuters Health via Medscape

►May 23, 2008 - Real world JRuby on Rails: Infectious disease reporting and management - InfoQ

►May 23, 2008 - Nanotechnology meets acupuncture - Nanowerk News

►May 23, 2008 - Second Illinois Measles Case Confirmed -

►May 23, 2008 - Coca-Cola and Cargill Announce New All-Natural Sweetner - The Common Voice

►May 22, 2008 - Africa must be saved from disease, Tutu tells WHO - Pretoria News

* ►May 21, 2008 - Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry Is Medicating a Nation (requires registration) (book review) - Medscape Journal of Medicine

►May 21, 2008 - Docs too busy to follow up - Study finds health system neglects chronic disease - Ottawa Sun Canoe

►May 21, 2008 - Behavioral Problems Common in Children With Urinary Incontinence (requires registration) - Pediatrics via Reuters Health via Medscape

►May 21, 2008 - Late-onset hereditary axonal neuropathies - journal article (Neurology)

►May 18, 2008 - Children of parents with HIV ‘suffer in silence’ - Edinburgh Evening News

►May 16, 2008 - Living with the Reality of Childhood and Adolescent ADHD CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape

►May 16, 2008 - Headache with medication overuse: treatment strategies and proposals of relapse prevention - journal article (Neurological Sciences)

* ►May 14, 2008 - Transmission of Human Papillomavirus in Heterosexual Couples CME (requires registration) - Medscape

* ►May 14, 2008 - The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in an Individualized Education Plan and Coordination of Care for the Child with Asperger's Syndrome (requires registration) (full text) - Journal of Pediatric Health Care via Medscape

►May 14, 2008 - Procedural Pain Guidelines for the Newborn in the United Kingdom (requires registration) (full text) - Journal of Perinatology via Medscape

* ►May 9, 2008 - HPV Vaccine: Ethics of a School Mandate CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape - "The HPV vaccine raises specific concerns related to parental opt-out. Given the ethical controversy associated with the vaccine, it may jeopardize parental acceptance of other childhood vaccinations. Further, state laws requiring HPV vaccination may result in a backlash of nonmedical exemption laws, making it easier for parents to opt out of other immunizations. Thus far, all of the bills introduced have included a parental opt-out separate from the current state legislation. Although this fails to meet the previously mentioned AIM criteria to ensure that exemptions meet with current state laws, these bills do not jeopardize the current state of nonmedical exemptions."

►May 9, 2008 - Health Behavior Interventions CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape

►May 9, 2008 - Public Health and Prevention: Late-Breaking Developments CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape

►May 9, 2008 - Innovative Technology: Increasing Access to Health Education CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape

►May 9, 2008 - Climate Change and Public Health CME/CE (requires registration) - Medscape

►May 2008 - Adsorptive Depletion of Elevated Proinflammatory CD14+CD16+DR++ Monocytes in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease - journal article (The American Journal of Gastroenterology)

* ►April 8, 2008 - Rotavirus: Pillars of Care -- A Comprehensive Overview of Rotavirus: Understanding Virology and Epidemiology to Effectively Manage and Prevent Disease CME (requires registration) (presentation) - Provided by Merck - Medscape

►Volume 26, 2008 - The Master Switch: The Role of Mast Cells in Autoimmunity and Tolerance - journal article (Annual Review of Immunology)

►Volume 26, 2008 - Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases in Autoimmunity - journal article (Annual Review of Immunology)

* ►2008 - Human Papilloma Virus Immunization in Adolescent and Young Adults: A Cohort Study to Illustrate What Events Might be Mistaken for Adverse Reactions (requires registration) (full text) - The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal via Medscape - "The apparently unavoidable future vaccine-safety issues, allegations, and debates warrant taking specific actions for HPV immunization programs to be sustained for many years. This includes a better evaluation of adolescent health, and the estimation of population-based incidence/prevalence rates in the pre-HPV vaccine era, to allow a rapid distinction between real vaccine-induced adverse events and alleged concerns. It also includes educational efforts to increase understanding that coincidence is not causality, and thus improve handling of putative vaccine-associated adverse events by the medical community, including by gynecologists who have been less involved with immunization issues than have pediatricians or general practitioners."

►2008 - A Seven-Month-Old Infant With Acute Onset of Neurologic Deterioration (requires registration) (full text) - The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal via Medscape

►2008 - Roundworm Transmission From Dogs to Humans: Risk and Prevention (requires registration) - Medscape Pediatrics

Travel Immunization (Immunization for Travellers, Vaccines for Travel, Travel Vaccination) - Body & Health via

Posted May 24, 2008


* ►May 26, 2008 - On Cancer’s Trail - The women in Stefanie Raymond-Whish’s family have a history of breast cancer. Now the young Navajo biologist is asking why. - High County News - "Scientists have long known that uranium damages human cells. But in over six decades of atomic health testing, no one had ever noticed that uranium, at low doses, can act like an estrogen. No one, that is, until recently, when Raymond-Whish and her coworkers observed some unusual effects in lab animals."

* ►May 25, 2008 - Not enough of the sun - Vitamin-D deficiency, which impacts the body’s immune system, is on the rise across the country. - The Hindu

* ►May 25, 2008 - Experts say science is still a white, male world - The Times, South Africa - "South African virologist Dr Tim Tucker and Professor Malegapuru Makgoba have taken a swipe at global scientific bodies set up to stop Aids, TB and malaria by showing they are nearly all headed by white men in First World countries. They wrote in influential journal Science on Friday: 'Not one ‘global public-private partnership organisation’ (PPPO) is led by a person who is a developing-country national and not one resides within one of the developing countries severely affected by the neglected infectious diseases.'"

►May 25, 2008 - The Children Wiggle, the Parents Worry (requires registration) - The New York Times

►May 25, 2008 - Tackling a Taboo in the ER (requires registration) - Washington Post

►May 25, 2008 - 725 people infected with hepatitis in Badin - The Post

* ►May 24, 2008 - Vaccinations and drugs are being forced on the public, Part IV - Renew American

* ►May 24, 2008 - Raising Healthy Vaccine Drug-Free Children -

* ►May 24, 2008 - Warned pharmacy still sells hormones (requires registration) - Arizona Daily Star - "'I started on (the Wyeth drug), but it didn't work for me. I had very bad side effects from it,' Brundage said. 'The estriol works so well — it gave me my life back. And if I can no longer get it, I really don't know where I would turn.' Responding to these pleas, Giffords listed several reasons for asking the FDA to stop its campaign against estriol, noting that it has been used in the United States and Europe 'for decades' without any evidence that it's unsafe. She pointed out that estriol carries what is known as a 'USP monograph' — an approval standard from the United States Pharmacopeia recognized by state boards of pharmacy and endorsed by Congress. 'I know of no other precedent for FDA banning an ingredient with a USP monograph absent documented health and safety issues,' Giffords wrote in a letter to her constituents."

* ►May 24, 2008 - Bestselling American Author David Kirby to Speak at Houses of Parliament - Briefing by Journalist Who Covers Vaccine-Autism Debate is Sponsored By Lord Robin Granville Hodgson, Baron Hodgson of Shropshire - The One Click Group

►May 24, 2008 - Central American office for FDA? - Already planning similar facility in China, HHS chief wants one at key food source (requires registration or subscription) - Baltimore Sun

►May 24, 2008 - Insurance For Autism In Florida - Age of Autism

►May 24, 2008 - More Colleges Adding Autism Majors by Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

* ►May 24, 2008 - Stronger health systems key to battling disease in poorest countries - Weak health systems in developing countries is one of the main obstacles to scaling up immunization and other life-saving interventions, and remain a key barrier to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially goals 4 and 5, which aim to reduce child and maternal mortality. - Africa Science News Service - "GAVI will continue to place priority on support to the poorest countries for new and underused vaccines."

►May 24, 2008 - Indonesia holding out for bird flu vaccine deal - New Scientist

►May 24, 2008 - Hospital to reopen - South Wales Echo via icWales - "MAESTEG Hospital is expected to reopen today after shutting its doors because of an outbreak of influenza B."

* ►May 24, 2008 - Bangladesh Bird Flu Update -Infected Child Recovers - The Money Times

* ►May 24, 2008 - Bihar health staff store booze in polio ice boxes - The Statesman - "On Tuesday, some liquor bottles tumbled out of an ice box used to store polio vaccines when a health staff on a Pulse Polio Immunisation Drive opened it to administer polio drops to children at Lauthwa village in north Bihar's Madhubani district. Reports said infuriated villagers, aware of reported death of some children in some parts of the state after being administered contaminated vaccines, protested and then drove the health workers away."

* ►May 24, 2008 - Fear of OPV Causes Thousands in Bhiwandi to Refuse Polio Vaccine - MedIndia

►May 24, 2008 - Hospitals report rise in bacterial infection - Arkansas Democrat Gazette - "A total of 118 cases of shigellosis have been reported in 18 Arkansas counties this year, compared with 105 cases in 2007, said Dr. Sandra Snow, medical director of communicable disease / immunizations at the Arkansas Department of Health."

►May 24, 2008 - Chickenpox strikes youngsters at some local schools - Chico Enterprise Record - "The children who got sick had had just one vaccination against the disease but not the second shot, which is now recommended, she said."

►May 24, 2008 - Criticism of measles strategy 'premature' (requires registration or subscription) - The Globe and Mail - "Unlike with a vaccine catch-up program such as the one conducted in Toronto schools in 1996, she said, adults are not a captive audience. It's important to note, Dr. Yaffe said, that the cases have been mild ones "with no severe complications.'"

►May 24, 2008 - Hepatitis C a worldwide epidemic - Lethbridge Herald

►May 24, 2008 - New Target Found for Cancer Vaccine - Journal of Clinical Investigation via RedOrbit

►May 24, 2008 - Anti-HIV Drugs Linked to Decreased Vision Loss - MedIndia

►May 24, 2008 - South Africa Wages Intensified War on AIDS - Denial gives way to cautious hope in AIDS-ravaged South Africa - AP via ABC News

►May 24, 2008 - Immunogen and Seattle Genetics – On The Verge Of An Inflection Point -

* ►May 24, 2008 - Vaccine reaction of the worst type yesterday... - Morgen's Sculpting Journal - "My personal opinion on horse vaccinations has now been strongly cemented that these should be done only when a vet is on site for MANY hours. If the worst case scenario happens there simply isn’t going to be enough time to call in a vet. And whoa, lemme tell you, giving epinephrine to a horse that has stopped breathing is no minor matter. That last resort 'cure' can kill them too."

►May 24, 2008 - Gilbert firm beats giants to win FDA nod for sweetener - Arizona Republic

►May 24, 2008 - One in Four Teenage Girls Has an STD - findingDulcinea

►May 24, 2008 - Fruit fly gene study may lead to treatments for multiple neurological disorders - BigNews Network

►May 24, 2008 - $560 million pledged for AIDS, malaria fund - Kyodo News via The Japan Times

►May 24, 2008 - Lyme disease doesn't always get reported - The Nashua Telegraph

►May 24, 2008 - Seminar: Immune system key to long-term vitality - North Texas e-News

* ►May 23, 2008 - Notice: Disease, Disability, and Injury Prevention and Control; Special Emphasis Panel (SEP): Associations of Vaccine Adverse Events and Human Genetic Variations, Request for Proposal Number (RFP) 2008-R-VAC01 - Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via - "The meeting will be closed to the public in accordance with provisions set forth in Section 552b(c) (4) and (6), Title 5 U.S.C., and the Determination of the Director, Management Analysis and Services Office, CDC, pursuant to Public Law 92-463. Matters To Be Discussed: The meeting will include the review, discussion, and evaluation of proposals received in response to ``Associations of Vaccine Adverse Events and Human Genetic Variations, Request for Proposal (RFP) Number 2008-R-VAC01.''

* ►May 23, 2008 - Cancer vaccine target pinpointed - Scientists may be one step closer to producing a specific targeted vaccine for killing cancer cells. - BBC

►May 23, 2008 - Physicists Demonstrate Precise Manipulation Of DNA-Drug Interactions - Being able to target the genetic code to develop an effective treatment of a disease is the ultimate goal for many scientists. Focusing on how the DNA interacts with a potential drug is an important element of DNA therapy research. Mark Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics at Northeastern University’s College of Arts and Sciences, and his research team have developed a method using optical tweezers to better understand how those interactions occur. - Northeastern University via ScienceDaily

►May 23, 2008 - Pollution danger higher than earlier estimated - San Francisco Chronicle

►May 23, 2008 - Cold Spring Harbor Scientists Reveal A Protein’s Role in Enabling AIDS Virus to Reproduce - Study shows how Vpx facilitates reverse transcription in simian virus life-cycle - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

►May 23, 2008 - FDA Posts Revised Questions and Answers on Acrylamide - FDA

►May 23, 2008 - Tap-In Launches In Atlanta - Area Program Looks To Recruit Retired Medical Professionals, Respond To Uninsured - via Medical News Today

March 23, 2008 - Court backs raw milk standard - Judge sides with state, which created new safety law designed to protect public from food-related illness. - Fresno Bee

►May 23, 2008 - "Convincing evidence" that grilling meat can cause cancer - The Record via

* ►May 23, 2008 - Dr. Peter Breggin: Psychiatry Makes War on "Bipolar Children" - Huffington Post - "The front cover of the May 26, 2008 Newsweek has a banner headline, 'Growing Up Bipolar' with a split-face photograph of a ten-year-old boy. The headline should have read, 'Victim of Psychiatric Assault.'"

►May 23, 2008 - Dangers of moving disease lab from Plum Island debated - Newsday

►May 23, 2008 - Farm is a sanctuary for people with autism - Autistic Jessica Green will be remembered in a Memorial Day bike ride. - Florida Times-Union

►May 23, 2008 - Classrooms evacuated after mercury scare - Times-News Online via

►May 23, 2008 - Help for the homeless - Volunteers provide shots, other services - Albany Democrat Herald

►May 23, 2008 - S Korea to upgrade measures against bird flu - Xinhua via China View

►May 23, 2008 - Case of measles in DuPage County prompts state to issue health warning - Vaccinations urged for people not already immune to the disease (requires registration or subscription) - Chicago Tribune

►May 23, 2008 - Health: 2 more sick with measles in Moses Lake - Mid Columbia Tri City Herald

►May 23, 2008 - Strides gets ANDA approval for TB drug - Press Trust of India via Business Standard

►May 23, 2008 - Family discovers high levels of lead in home (includes video) - - "The family of a boy with autism needs assistance after discovering high levels of lead in their home. The family turned to Call 4 Action's Al Vaughters for help."

►May 23, 2008 - Industry Opinion Favors RFID for Drug E-pedigree - Comments received by the FDA show a preference for RFID technology—generally EPC—for a pharmaceutical e-pedigree identification system, with 2-D bar-coding as a backup. - RFID Journal

►May 23, 2008 - FDA clears 'GPS for the Body' for prostatectomy patients - FDA clears 'GPS for the Body' for prostatectomy patients (requires registration) - AHC Newsletters via Therapeutics Daily

* ►May 22, 2008 - Vaccines - A shot in the dark no more - An age-old scientific mystery is solved - The Economist - "DOCTORS often exude an air of omniscience, but in truth they are surprisingly ignorant. For example, they have spent eight decades adding alum to vaccines as what is known as an adjuvant. Somehow, it boosts the immunity-inducing effectiveness of the antigens derived from whichever bug the vaccine is designed to protect against. But no one has known how it works. Alum is used in the textile industry as a way of making dyes bind to cloth. Possibly, the original thought may have been that it would play a similar binding role in the immune system."

►May 22, 2008 - CB Richard Ellis Joined Hands with UNICEF to Build a World Fit for Children - The CBRE Charity Golf Day was successfully held on 18 April 2008 to raise fund for a child vaccination programme being implemented by UNICEF in China, which aims to enable children in the remote regions of China to be vaccinated against preventable diseases. - press release - CB Richard Ellis via Free Press Release Center

►May 22, 2008 - Common virus blamed for 5 infant deaths, CDC says - AP via Yahoo!

►May 22, 2008 - Bangladesh reports 1st human case of H5N1 bird flu - AP via Yahoo!

►May 22, 2008 - Major 'missed' biochemical pathway emerges as important in virtually all cells - Duke University Medical Center via EurekAlert!

►May 22, 2008 - Final Rule: Changes to Patient Limitation for Dispensing or Prescribing - Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Justice via

►May 22, 2008 - Dade City teen charged in mother's allergic shock - St. Petersburg Times via

►May 22, 2008 - JCI table of contents: - Journal of Clinical Investigation via EurekAlert!

►May 21, 2008 - Unlocking the Promise of Clinical and Translational Science - Diseases Targeted at Molecular Level Before Patient Feels Sick - journal article (Clinical and Translational Science)

* ►May 21, 2008 - UNC study firms up promise of potential new cervical cancer screening tool - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via EurekAlert!

* ►May 21, 2008 - EWG Urges Drinking Water Standards for Teflon Chemical - Environmental Working Group - "EWG analysis of water utilities’ tap water test results shows that nationwide, water contaminated with 260 chemicals, including 166 industrial pollutants, such as plasticizers, solvents, pharmaceutical production ingredients, and propellants, are served to 210,528,000 people in 42 states (EWG 2005b). Fifty six percent of those people drink water with one or more industrial contaminants present at levels above non-enforceable EPA guidelines. In fact, more than 140 of the chemical contaminants detected in tap water are unregulated, without an enforceable, health-based limit in tap water. Due to the lack of federal oversight and the absence of monitoring and health standards, vulnerable populations, especially pregnant women and children, are not protected from this multitude of toxic chemicals in drinking water."

* ►May 21, 2008 - Notice: Notice of Public Process for the Expansion of the Registry and Availability for Public Comment of Preliminary Information Related to the Establishment of a Basic Results Database - Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health via

►May 21, 2008 - Effects of Nanotubes May Lead to Cancer, Study Says - The Washington Post

* ►May 20, 2008 - Manual of Standard Operating Procedures and Policies Regulatory - Vaccines Procedures for the Vaccine Safety Team - FDA/CBER - "The EOM will notify OCBQ’s Division of Case Management (DCM) of information regarding recalls or market withdrawals. If the EOM is informed of a recall or market withdrawal involving a vaccine based on significant safety concern, the EOM will immediately inform the VST co-chairs, RPO, and a OCBQ VST member, and appropriate points of contact. If appropriate, other members of the VST will be contacted to determine next steps, consistent with established CBER and FDA recall policies/procedures (Part 7 of FDA's Regulatory Procedures Manual) For example, the VST may recommend notification of other CBER or FDA, HHS units, or the public."

►May 20, 2008 - Tuberculosis not the only risk from new immunological drugs - Infectious Diseases Society of America via EurekAlert

* ►May 20, 2008 - Missouri Town Fears 'Cluster' After a Dozen Brain Tumor Cases -  Fears of a "cluster" are circulating in the town of Cameron, Mo., as more than a dozen residents have been diagnosed with brain tumors in the past seven months, is reporting. - FOX News

►May 20, 2008 - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome - Rocklin & Roseville Today

►May 20, 2008 - Physician Lisa Lavine Nagy takes up the cause of environmental medicine - The Plain Dealer via

►May 20, 2008 - SB Sees Swell in Student Abuse of Prescription Pill - Daily Nexus

►May 20, 2008 - Older Brain Really May Be a Wiser Brain (requires registration) - The New York Times

►May 20, 2008 - Study reveals link among childhood allergies, asthma symptoms, and early life exposure to cats - Can early cat ownership protect children at-risk for asthma? - Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health  via EurekAlert!

►May 20, 2008 - Farm moms may help children beat allergies - American Thoracic Society via EurekAlert!

►May 20, 2008 - New vaccine to fight glue ear - Gold Coast News - "Infectious disease experts say that if the vaccine, called Synflorix, lives up to results shown in clinical trials it will bring great relief to children, especially those in Aboriginal communities where rates of middle ear infections are as high as 75 per cent."

►May 19, 2008 - El Paso County residents possibly exposed to measles -

* ►May 19, 2008 - UT Houston dermatologists link family history to shingles susceptibility - University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston via EurekAlert!

►May 19, 2008 - Those with rare diseases offered a chance for free treatment - AP via Yahoo!

►May 19, 2008 - Brain Scans as Mind Readers? Don't Believe the Hype - Wired Magazine

►May 19, 2008 - On Your Side: Mastering Mental Health -

►May 19, 2008 - Plant flavonoid found to reduce inflammatory response in the brain - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via EurekAlert!

►May 19, 2008 - Emerging Treatments for Adult ADHD: An Expert Interview With David Goodman, MD (requires registration) - American Psychiatric Association (APA) 161st Annual Meeting via Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health

* ►May 19, 2008 - Celery hope over brain disease - The Press Association

►May 19, 2008 - (Manic) Depression Confessions: Christina Ricci and Mel Gibson - Celebrities Mental Illness, Manic Depression, Manic Depression Christina Ricci, Mel Gibson Manic Depression, Mental Illness,  Living News - Huffington Post

►May 19, 2008 - Annals of Internal Medicine tip sheet - American College of Physicians via EurekAlert!

►May 18, 2008 - Newsweek Cover: Growing Up Bipolar - Newsweek Examines Bipolar Disorder in Children Through Experience of One Family - PRNewswire via PharmaLive

►May 18, 2008 - Coping with bipolar disease - Woman overcomes stigma of mental illness, raises a family, has a job - Victoria Advocate

►May 18, 2008 - New technology may mean immediate diagnosis for patients with GI diseases - Other research shows current analysis of colon cancer predictors too subjective - Digestive Disease Week via EurekAlert!

►May 18, 2008 - Potential new roles for NSAID medications - Digestive Disease Week via EurekAlert!

►May 18, 2008 - Traditional herbal medicine kills pancreatic cancer cells, Jefferson researchers report - Thomas Jefferson University via EurekAlert!

►May 18, 2008 - Family Matters: Diagnosis for ADD is out of control - The Eagle-Tribune

►May 17, 2008 - The challenge of reproductive and developmental toxicology under REACH. - journal article (Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology)

►May 14, 2008 - Allergy Therapeutics Surges on Pollinex Vaccine Study - Bloomberg

* ►May 6, 2008 - Title: Subunit vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus infection - ID Biomedical Corporation of Quebec (Ville St-Laurent, Quebec, CA) via

* ►May 6, 2008 - Title: Diagnostic assay for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies - Universite De Geneve (Geneva, CH) via

►May 6, 2008 - Title: Compositions and methods for WT1 specific immunotherapy - Corixa Corporation (Hamilton, MT), University of Washington (Seattle, WA) via

►May 6, 2008 - Title: Method of enhancing a targeted immune response against tumors - The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) via

►May 3, 2008 - America's Chemically Modified 21st Century Soldiers - Armed with potent drugs and new technology, a dangerous breed of soldiers are being trained to fight America's future wars. - AlertNet

►Spring 2008 - Detection of IgE Anti-Parvovirus Antibodies in Human Breast Milk - journal article (Annals of Clinical & Laboratory Science)

* ►April 29, 2008 - Meningitis Survivor Promotes Vaccinations (includes video) - KSBI-TV - "Representative Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, has teamed up with the college senior.  They're working together to promote mandatory meningitis vaccinations....Moran says, 'Hopefully, within the next couple of years there will be mandatory vaccinations and we won't see cases that could have been prevented.'"

►March 26, 2008 - Hair dyes found to increase cancer risk - The Independent, UK


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