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All the News posted January 1-7, 2004

Posted January 7, 2004:


►January 7, 2004 - Judge OKs Military Anthrax Vaccinations - Santa Maria Times - "A federal judge Wednesday allowed the military to resume anthrax inoculations, although he questioned the timing of a government announcement declaring the vaccine safe."

►January 7, 2004 - Judge OKs military anthrax vaccinations - A federal judge cleared the way Wednesday for the Pentagon to resume vaccinating military personnel against anthrax after lifting his injunction against the mandatory inoculation program. - CNN - U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan granted a motion from Defense Department attorneys to limit the effect of his vaccine ban to the six plaintiffs who are suing the government...'In the absence of a proven correlate of immunity between humans and animals, specific to anthrax infection, the FDA's Final Rule's reliance on animal data is illegal, and reflects an arbitrary and capricious decision. Therefore, the government's victory today may only be fleeting,' said attorney Mark Zaid."

►January 7, 2004 - 'Do not fear the flu shot' - CHR officer says vaccinations vital - The Calgary Sun

Comment:  Note how this journalist did not buy into everything the CHR officer said.

►January 7, 2004 - Vaccines: New Campaigns Against Scepticism, Says Sirchia - "'We must launch new vaccine campaigns, despite the recent scepticisms' said today health minister Girolamo Sirchia, in Genoa to attend the 'Children and the Mediterranean conference. 'The fact that a measles epidemic has killed three people in Campania and that flu kills thousands of people each year is a crime, just as ignoring that a vaccine exists is. There is an anti-scientific behaviour which establishes that the vaccine causes the disease. We have gone back to step 1, when Jenner and Pasteur were considered plague-spreaders'. According to the minister, the fear of vaccines is due to a lack of information: 'the more scientific development advances, the more anti-scientific movements come about. Today's vaccines are completely safe - concluded Sirchia - even the one against smallpox. There are no risks whatsoever'.


Comment:  If it's not obvious by now that politics and medicine shouldn't mix, I don't know when it will be.  "NO RISKS WHATSOEVER"?  And why are these politicians (like Blair earlier today) suddenly speaking out, and so confidently and vociferously?  What's up or about to be?

►January 7, 2004 - Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year? - by Michael Greger, MD - - "Michael Greger, M.D., has been the Chief BSE Investigator for Farm Sanctuary since 1993 and the Mad Cow Coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association since 2001."


►January 6, 2004 - Medical miracles for common killers just around the corner - The New York Daily News via


►January 7, 2004 - A Plague For The Ages  Book Recounts Horror Of 1918 Pandemic That Killed At Least 20 Million Worldwide - book review - Hartford Courant via - "This winter's nasty outbreak of influenza carries only the faintest echo of one of the deadliest plagues in the history of humanity - the 1918 influenza pandemic..Contemporary news photos of long lines of people waiting for vanishing flu vaccine shots shows the public has not lost all fear of influenza, which kills about 36,000 people annually. Reports of an apparently higher than normal number of deaths among young children are heart-rending and nerve-wracking for all parents...Yet it is nearly impossible today to fully comprehend the scope of the 1918 catastrophe. What would be the reaction today to the deaths of 1.75 million Americans - the equivalent of the 675,000 U.S. lives claimed by 1918 pandemic - or a global death toll that has been estimated to be between 20 million to 100 million lives?"


Comment:  But what actually caused the pandemic?  Did it have anything to do with the privations caused by and experienced in WWI?  Were there other relevant and important factors that no longer apply?  Rather than rush willy-nilly to take the latest drug or vaccine, these and many other questions are in great need of study and answers. But who, other than the drug companies and the government, have an incentive to pay for such studies?  And can we trust government sponsored studies now that it is in the business of pushing vaccines?

►January 6, 2004 - Unlocking mysteries of the immune system may be the key in curing inflammatory disease - Kansas City Nursing News


Comment:  What is it going to take for the general public to get the fact that the immune system is being tinkered with via vaccines in spite of the fact that it is understood, and not because of it?  And when will the public realize that this fact is not a trivial one and carries with it great risk?

►January 7, 2004 - Bacteria Treat & Prevent Gastrointestinal and Allergic Diseases  - Press Release by Kelly Karpa via


►January 6, 2004 - Vitamins, hydrotherapy can fight symptoms of flu - Alternative Medicine via


►January 7, 2004 - Studies have shown meditation may boost the immune system - The Baltimore Sun via Seattle PI - "A funny thing happened to meditation on the way to the 21st century. It got demystified, and in the process became acceptable to mainstream America...You won't hear people talking about Nirvana much with today's Westernized meditation, and there's hardly a crystal in sight. Instead scientists are studying Buddhist monks with electroencephalographs and magnetic resonance imaging."


►January 7, 2004 - UNICEF to Buy LG's Vaccines - Korea Times - "UNICEF will buy Hepatitis vaccines from LG Life Science for $22 million for the next three years...In addition, about 50 billion won worth of the vaccines will be provided the to Pan American Health Organization this year."


Comment: For more on how a "need" for hepatitis B vaccines was created because of unsafe needle practices, go to Scandals: "But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last."  And for another perspective on hepatitis B incidence statistics, go to Scandals: The CDC and “The New Math”, where 1 + 1  does not equal 2.


►January 7, 2004 - Flu vaccine safe for kids, says doc - Edmunton Sun - "A top city doctor has moved to reassure local parents after a Calgary tot died within a month of getting a flu shot...'The vaccine is a very safe vaccine,' said Dr. Marcia Johnson, deputy medical officer of health for Capital Health. "'There have been no deaths of children in Capital Health related to influenza that we are aware of.'...The vaccine poses no risk to kids under the age of two years old, she said."


Comment:  Whew.  That's quite a mouthful.  First, how clever they must be to be able to already know that there is no danger.  And how gullible they must think the public is - no studies, not even fake ones, are deemed necessary before issuing such sweeping, reassuring statements.  And while I'm not sure what is meant by "Capital Health", if Calgary is covered by it, it does seem that they have dismissed the possibility that the death of an infant one month after receiving a flu vaccine could be related to the vaccine.  And "no risk"?  (Even the flu manufacturers don't go that far.) Hmmm, would the "top city doctor" be willing to sign a guarantee? 

►January 7, 2004 - Nasal-spray flu vaccine proves as effective as needle, study

Comment:  First, there is no evidence from this article how the comparison was made and upon what the conclusion was based.  However, given that neither vaccine is supposed to be the right strain, one can't help but wonder if perhaps the headline should say it proves to be as "ineffective" as the "needle" vaccine.

►January 8, 2004 - NZ to continue work towards meningitis vaccine - The Ministry of Health has welcomed new British research that could lead to the development of a vaccine against all strains of meningococcal disease. -

►January 7, 2004 - UPDATE 1-Crucell shares jump on Aventis flu vaccine news - Reuters - "European drugmakers Aventis (AVEP.PA: Quote, Profile, Research) and Crucell (CRCL.AS: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Wednesday they had agreed to further develop and sell a new type of flu vaccine that is easier to make than current vaccines."


►January 7, 2004 - Hope for leukaemia vaccine - Successful tests in mice could herald a vaccine treatment for people with a form of leukaemia. - BBC


Comment:  If this vaccine is actually safe and effective, and is only given to those who have leukaemia and choose to take it, just as with the "anti-nicotine" vaccine below, it may have a meaningful role to play.


►January 7, 2004 - Rhode Island receives funding for child immunization program -


Comment:  What will be expected from the state in exchange for having received this funding?


►January 6, 2004 - Anthrax Vaccine Litigants To File Class-action Complaint Against DOD (requires subscription) - - "Plaintiffs challenging the Pentagon’s 5-year-old mass inoculation program against anthrax will amend their complaint within the next 24 hours to include a class-action certification, according to one of the lead attorneys...The move constitutes the latest salvo in a legal tit-for-tat with the Bush administration following a federal judge’s Dec. 22 injunction against mandatory anthrax inoculations, which the Defense Department gives military personnel serving abroad in regions where they may face a biological threat."


►January 7, 2004 - Autism Fears over MMR Unnecessary, Says Blair - The Scotsman


Comment:  This is a good example why medicine and politics don't (or shouldn't) mix.  What makes Blair an expert on this subject and competent to meaningfully reassure the public about their MMR/autism fears? 


►January 7, 2004 - Scandals: Is the excitement about a new meningitis vaccine warranted or is it premature? - by Sandy Mintz


►January 6, 2004 - Vaccine Would Halt Nicotine's Pleasurable Effects - Vaccine Undergoing Human Trials -


Comment:  As long as this vaccine is restricted to willing users (and actually is safe and effective), it might be an example of a reasonable product because it is targeted at people who already have (and recognize they have) a problem.  Compare that to the childhood vaccines, which are forced on healthy children who may or may not (most likely will not) have a problem with the disease the vaccine is alleged to (safely) prevent.


►January 7, 2004 - After killing civets, Chinese city plans to exterminate rats - AP via The Star Online


►January 7, 2004 - Accurate BSE test of live animals is goal of Ohio research - Ohio State University via Agriculture News


Rh Factor in Pregnancy -

Comment:  Rhogam, given to counteract the effects of Rh Factor in pregnancy, has been a traditional source of mercury exposure for both mother and baby.

►January 6, 2004 - Commentary: Senseless ‘opt-out’ anthrax ruling must be reversed - The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - "The decision of Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the D.C. District Court, which will be binding until the full court can hear the trial or the Supreme Court overturns it, was based on 1998 federal legislation that says service members cannot be forced to take experimental drugs...Granted, it was a piece of bad legislation based not on scientific evidence but rather on kowtowing to “Gulf War Syndrome” activists."


►January 1, 2004 - Study By UCSD Researchers Gives New Insight Into How Anthrax Bacteria Can Evade A Host’s Immune Response - University of California, San Diego via


►January 7, 2004 - BioSante Pharmaceuticals Announces DynPort Subcontract to Develop Anthrax Vaccines Using Nanotechnology-Based Alternative Delivery Systems - Business Wire

Posted January 6, 2004:

►January 6, 2004 - The 44-hour day - A new prescription drug that can stave off sleep for hours - with no side-effects - could transform the way we live. The armed forces already use it; others, from new mothers to shift-workers, might benefit too. So what effect did it have on Julia Llewellyn Smith over the party season? - The Telegraph, UK

►January 6, 2004 - New Insight Into How Anthrax Bacteria Can Evade A Host's Immune Response - University of California, San Diego via

►January 4, 2004 - Colorado State Funded for Bioterrorism Data - Boston Globe via (abstract)

►January 4, 2004 - HIV Vaccine Tested for Japanese Patients - Daily Yomiuri via (abstract)

►January 4, 2004 - India Administers Vaccine to Millions of Children to Stem Polio - Agence France Presse via (abstract)

►January 4, 2004 - Indian Scientists Develop Experimental Malaria Vaccine - Xinhua News Agency via (abstract)

►January 4, 2004 - Nasal Flu Vaccine Gets Shot in the Arm - New York Newsday via (abstract)

►January 4, 2004 - Taking up Arms Against the Flu - Boston Globe via (abstract)

►January 3, 2004 - Liver Group Recommends Vaccinations for Travelers - Vancouver Sun via (abstract)

►January 3, 2004 - Measles 'Epidemic' Reported in Croatia - BBC Worldwide Monitoring via (abstract)

►January 3, 2004 - Officials Issue Vaccination Plea - Calgary Herald via (abstract)

►January 2, 2004 - Flu Deaths Hit Epidemic Level in U.S. - Reuters via (abstract)

►January 6, 2004 - No flu worries in Pell City schools - Daily Home

►January 5, 2004 - Engel Calls For Hearing On Flu Vaccine Shortage -

►January 6, 2004 - Healthbeat: Family of 10 diseases mystifies - AP via The Charleston Gazette

►January 4, 2004 - Dope’s new hope: Medical marijuana advocates bouyoed by December federal appeals court ruling - Santa Cruz Sentinel

►January 5, 2004 - Discovery Laboratories to Present at the 22nd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference - Primezone via

►January 5, 2004 - Leprosy exists in Canada but doctors often fail to spot it, study warns - Canadian Press

►January 5, 2004 - Study reveals teachers' attitudes about having chronically ill children in the classroom - JAMA via - "Teachers have an overall positive attitude about having children with chronic illnesses in their classrooms, according to an article in the January issue of The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals."

►January 5, 2004 - Priorities for Research Into Mad Cow - AP via

►January 6, 2004 - Don't Have A Cow - Los Angeles Times via The Tampa Tribune - "The `mad cow'' disease diagnosed in a U.S. cow has set off a new round of predictable but groundless panic...Foreign governments promptly banned imports of U.S. beef. Investors dumped the stocks of beef-related companies. And, of course, what health scare would be complete without hyperventilating calls for even more government oversight of an already highly regulated industry?...There's no question that bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE - commonly called mad cow disease - is a neurological disease in cattle. But the notion that people can contract a human form of mad cow by eating beef from infected cattle is more bun than burger."

►January 2, 2004 - Brain Scans Reveal Physiology of ADHD - journal article (Psychiatric News)

►December 2003 - Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) Capsules and for Oral Suspension - FDA via MedWatch

►January 2004 - Effects of fast-food consumption on energy intake and diet quality among children in a national household survey - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Epidemiology of human parvovirus B19 in children with sickle cell disease - journal article (Blood)

►January 2004 - Health Status and Health Services Utilization Among US Chinese, Asian Indian, Filipino, and Other Asian/Pacific Islander Children - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Effects of fast-food consumption on energy intake and diet quality among children in a national household survey - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Fat land: how Americans became the fattest people in the world - journal article (Journal of Clinical Investigation)

►January 5, 2004 - Pediatrics Academy Calls for Elimination of Soda in Schools - (requires registration or subscription) AP via The New York Times

►January 5, 2004 - Nitric Oxide for Preemies - Ivanhoe

►January 5, 2004 - Healthy eating plan for schools - Children are to be encouraged to eat more healthily at school in a £2m government campaign. - BBC

►January 3, 2004 - Virus halts decline of diabetes - Infection with a virus may prevent the development of one form of diabetes in mice - raising hopes of treatments for humans. - BBC

►January 6, 2004 - Flu Vaccine 2004-2005 Strain Selection Slated For Feb. 18-19 Committee Discussion -


►January 6, 2004 - Schafer Autism Report


It's Federal Law! - You must give your patients current Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) - Immunization Action Coalition


Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases - A National Immunization Program and Public Health Training Network Satellite Broadcast& Webcast - CDC - online course alert - February 19, 26, and March 4, 11, 2004, 12:00 Noon - 3:30 PM ETv


►January 6, 2004 - Vaccine ' could beat meningitis' - Scientists believe they may have found a way to protect people against every strain of meningitis. - BBC


►January 6, 2004 - Scientists: Meningitis Vaccine Breakthrough - The Scotsman, UK


►January 6, 2004 - Japanese scientist says seals have virus, warns of SARS-like outbreak - Health Canada via


►January 6, 2004 - New SARS Case Confirmed - WHO Finding in China Raises Fears of Another Outbreak - Washington Post


►January 6, 2004 - Judge Says Maker of OxyContin Misled Officials to Win Patents (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "Purdue Pharma, the maker of the highly profitable painkiller OxyContin, deliberately misled federal officials to win patents protecting its drug, a federal judge ruled yesterday. The ruling helps clear the way for a cheaper generic version and could lead to more lawsuits."


►1992 - Fundus Hermorrhages in Infancy - Things retinal hemorrhages in infancy may indicate


►2002 - Retinal Hemorrhages: Evidence of Abuse or Abuse of Evidence? (pdf) - Letter to the Editor - journal article (The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology) via


Comment:  This is an excellent letter.


►January 6, 2004 - Richard Harkness: As Prescribed - Reduction of thimerosal has made vaccines safer - Contra Costa Times - "The reduced-thimerosal single-dose injections make it possible for children (and pregnant women and other adults) to stay under the EPA safe limit for mercury when they get their flu shots...Children weighing 24 pounds or more getting reduced-thimerosal Fluzone and those weighing 48 pounds or more getting reduced-thimerosal Fluvirin would be below the EPA limit."


Comment:  Good overview by a pharmacist.


►December 22, 2003 - SIDS - serotonin insufficiency during sleep? (requires registration) - BioMedNet - "Kinney has found that the number of serotonin receptors is lower than normal in the brains of SIDS victims, leading her to conclude that the development of an abnormal serotonergic system may put an infant at increased risk of developing the disorder...The findings led George Richerson of Yale University to ask, 'Does SIDS really stand for Serotonin Insufficiency During Sleep?'"


►December 30, 2003 - Could injecting disinfectant treat bacterial infection? (requires registration) - BioMedNet - "A common antimicrobial agent used in toothpaste, skin creams, and mouthwash could be injected into the body to treat bacterial infection, says a microbiologist...What's more, there is no evidence that microbes can evolve resistance to this chemical, says Avadhesha Surolia, professor of biophysics at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore."


►January 6, 2004 - Acambis expands portfolio beyond smallpox - Business Weekly - "Cambridge based Acambis continues to build a global vaccines powerhouse around the world-class science that won it two contracts to supply the US government with smallpox vaccines."


►January 2004 - Immunity to Fungal Infections - journal article (Nature Reviews Immunology) via Nature - "The topic of immunity to fungal infections is of interest to a wide range of disciplines, from microbiology to immunology. It is of particular interest in terms of therapy of HIV-infected individuals, and patients with cancer or individuals who have received transplants. Understanding the nature and function of the immune response to fungi is an exciting challenge that might set the stage for new approaches to the treatment of fungal diseases, from immunotherapy to vaccines."


►January 6, 2004 - Some await anthrax shot antidote - The Daily News - "James Muhammad says that those who check his record will see he was a good Marine. An honor graduate from several military courses, he also received at least one meritorious promotion. In only two years and 11 months, he was promoted to sergeant on Nov. 1, 2002 - a rapid rise through the chain of command...Muhammad refused to take the vaccine. Less than six months later, on April 9, 2003, he was sentenced to 60 days in the brig, demoted to the rank of private and received a bad conduct discharge. He was jailed, strip-searched and housed with violent criminals."


►January 6, 2004 - Meningitis experts pin hopes on new vaccine - Plans for immunisation of children against B strain - Belfast Telegraph - "Meningitis experts in Northern Ireland said today they were "crossing their fingers" that a new vaccine would be the breakthrough needed to protect against the most dangerous form of the illness...The Meningitis Research Foundation was commenting on latest research carried out by scientists at the University of Surrey which could allow doctors to immunise children against meningitis B for the first time."


►January 2004 - Two in county may have received bad flu vaccine - The Daily Courier via

►January 6, 2004 - W.H.O. Urges China to Use Caution While Killing Civet Cats (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "The World Health Organization urged caution on Monday as provincial leaders in southern China rushed to kill thousands of civet cats as a preventive measure against SARS. Organization officials warned that such a large-scale slaughter, if done improperly, could pose serious hazards, including the possibility of more infections."

►January 6, 2004 - Trials End Parents' Hopes for Autism Drug (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "For several years, an experimental drug, secretin, has offered an unlikely ray of hope for some desperate parents of children with autism...Discovered accidentally by the mother of an autistic boy and licensed to a small biotechnology company led by the father of two autistic girls, secretin has advanced through clinical trials even as study after study showed it had little or no effect...Now, the largest and most definitive clinical trial of secretin has been completed, and it, too, showed that the drug was no better than a placebo in improving the social interaction of young children with autism."

Posted January 5, 2004:

►January 5, 2004 - Study: HIV advances quicker in shy people  - - "Feeling jumpy, nervous or shy on a regular basis may affect your immune system, according to a newly released study of gay men with AIDS."

►January 3, 2004 - Vaccinate your child - National Post via - "As a general rule, parents know better than any one else how best to look after their children. That said, it seems more and more parents are making the wrong choice when it comes to vaccinating their offspring against potentially deadly diseases...Concerned than ever about the safety of vaccines, with many citing unfounded worries that the preventive shots are 'unnatural' and will cause everything from brain damage to multiple sclerosis."

Comment:  Perhaps these fears are unfounded, but it is more likely they are not.  For instance, a recent study, Risk factors of multiple sclerosis: a case-control study, found a highly significant relationship between measles vaccination and MS.  And there has always been considerable evidence of brain damage, among the most noteworthy being the report co-authored by the "father of pediatric neurology", Dr. John Menkes, entitled Workshop on neurologic complications of pertussis and pertussis vaccination.  Among the findings, it was reported that "Although the majority of seizures following pertussis vaccination are associated with fever, it was the consensus of the neurologists attending the workshop, that these do not represent febrile convulsions, but are non-benign convulsions (my emphasis)."  The Institute of Medicine, in its safety review of vaccines, found, among other things, "that the evidence is consistent with a causal relation between DPT vaccine and acute encephalopathy and shock and 'unusual shock-like state'..." While it is unknown exactly how many actual vaccine-associated adverse reactions would be identified were they assiduously followed,  cavalierly dismissing the over 100,000 of them, as if they must all be meaningless, is simply absurd.  Some idea of their full extent and import can be gleaned from examination of VAERS reports, as long as estimates of under-reporting, ranging from 90-99%, are factored in.  For instance, there were 269 reports of vaccine-associated encephalopathy, probably representing between 2,690 and 26,900 cases.  There were another 371 reports (overlap unknown) of encephalitis, representing a possible additional 3,710 to 37,100 cases.  If one takes into consideration the time between administration of vaccine and reports of infant death, and the extremely high percentage that appear to be occurring even within one day of vaccination, it should be clear that neither jubilation nor relief about the benign nature of vaccination is warranted.  If reports of vaccine reactions are taken seriously, as they should be, it becomes apparent that the only thing that is truly unfounded is the notion that fears about vaccines are "unfounded".

►January 4, 2004 - A Novel Way to Boost Childhood Immunizations: Use Baby Pictures - Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center via

►January 4, 2004 - Indian scientists develop experimental malarial vaccine -

►January 2, 2004 - Infant formula milk contains dangerous bug - Traces of a bacterium that can cause serious illness in newborns has been found in each of four infant formula milk factories tested...A study, published in the Lancet, looked for the presence of a bug called E. sakazakii, which can cause meningitis or severe gut infections...Several outbreaks among premature babies have been recorded, and in this vulnerable group, mortality is high - between 40% and 80%...Cases have not emerged among babies more than a few weeks old unless their immune systems have been already weakened by other conditions...Some premature babies cannot breastfeed, or are deliberately given specially enriched formula feed from birth in an effort to maximise weight gain in the first weeks of life."

Comment:  Call me crazy, but maybe even premature infants who "cannot" breastfeed could be fed breast milk.  And perhaps the notion that infants need to  "maximise weight gain in the first weeks of life" should be reexamined if the method for accomplishing that is to feed formula rather than breastmilk.

►January 5, 2004 - Beth Clay Response to the WSJ Article The Politics of Autism - "As the former Congressional Staffer who, for five years, led Chairman Burton’s investigations into the autism epidemic and vaccine safety concerns, I applaud the Wall Street Journal for reporting on the rise in autism rates.  There are, however, numerous factual errors in the December 29 Commentary, 'The Politics of Autism.'"

►January 2, 2004 - Hepatitis B immunisation induces higher antibody and memory Th2 responses in new-borns than in adults - journal article (Vaccine) - "The high antibody response to neonatal hepatitis B vaccination contrasts with low responses to many other vaccines. Indeed, young infants produce lower concentrations of antibodies in response to diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, Haemophilus influenzae type B and measles vaccines than adults [1]. The mechanism underlying the strong antibody response to hepatitis B vaccine is not clear but could be related to the particulate structure of the HBs Ag [1 and 15]...We conclude that hepatitis B vaccine induces higher primary and memory antibody responses in new-borns than in adults. These strong antibody responses are associated with low primary IFN-small gamma, Greek responses and increased post-primary Th2 responses. The upregulation of Th2 cytokine production by BCG suggests that neonatal responses could be relatively resistant to Th1-promoting adjuvants."

Diagnosis: Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (presumptive) - Summary and Discussion - Baylor neurology case of the month - "Several infectious agents are thought to precede the development of ADEM, including: Measles (most common, 1/1000 measles cases, with autoreactive T-cells and antibodies to MBP), Rubella, Corona virus, Mycoplasma, influenza, parainfluenza, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, Varicella-chicken pox, and nonspecific URI's. Vaccines to smallpox, rabies (Semple vaccine), mumps, rubella, influenza and live measles have also been reported to antedate development of this condition."

►December 2003 - Lymphocyte distribution in the tonsils prior to and after influenza vaccination. - journal article (Vaccine) - "This shows that dynamic changes takes place in the tonsils after parenteral influenza vaccination, which may point to an important role of the tonsils in combating respiratory pathogens."

►January 5, 2004 - Latest test shows link to civet cats - The viral genetic sequences are similar but this finding does not indicate that the patient has Sars - The Straits Times

►January 5, 2004 - No bovine vaccines coming from U.S. - - "The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has temporarily suspended the importation from the United States of any vaccines made from ruminant protein. It wants to make sure that there is no risk of them carrying bovine spongiform encephalopathy."

Comment:  Human vaccines routinely use bovine serum.  For more on this go to Scandals: On "mad cows" and sick monkeys: From the people who brought you SV40 in vaccines....

►January 5, 2004 - Immune boost 'widens cancer fight' - Scientists may have found a way to harness the immune system and strike at hidden tumours throughout the body. - BBC - "Animal tests suggest that a treatment given to just one tumour produces an immune response that targets secondary growths in other places...Researchers from Chicago University now hope the same effect can be reproduced in humans with cancer...If so, it could offer a way to tackle cases where more advanced cancers have a foothold in many parts of the body."

►January 3, 2004 - Toxins lead to healthier lives? - 'Revolutionary' research suggests billions can be saved in cleanup costs - Insight Magazine via - "Hormesis, the scientific theory that humans actually need small amounts of poison in their diets, could be the most important environmental event of the 21st century if proved valid. Billions of dollars could be saved in environmental cleanup costs, say researchers, while at the same time improving the health of all organisms, including humans...But at first examination, hormesis appears kooky. The knee-jerk reaction is to reject this phenomenon as pseudoscience or propaganda by polluters, and a few uninformed observers have done just that."

►January 5, 2004 - New vaccine developed for cholera - The Times of India

►January 5, 2004 - Nasal spray flu vaccine may help prevent influenza in healthy children - JAMA and Archives Journals Website via

►January 5, 2004 - Nasal Flu Vaccine Safe for Kids - HealthDayNews via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

►December 30, 2003 - Removing brain metals may aid Alzheimer's -

►January 5, 2004 - Prions: More reason to eat organic meat - by Randal Neustaedter OMD - The Natural Health Newsletter

►January 5, 2004 - Schafer Autism Report

►January 5, 2004 - Anthrax ruling a victory for local mom - Missoula woman says judge's decision isn't end of fight over vaccine - Missoulian Online - "'I went looking on the Internet for something that was not hysterical, not emotional; I wanted facts,' says Hubbell, who runs a public relations firm out of her Missoula home. 'I found that when I came across the site sponsored by Maj. Sonnie Bates.'...Bates, Hubbell says, is the highest-ranking officer to refuse the anthrax vaccine, costing him his military career...'His letter to his commanding officer explaining why he would not take it had a military precision to it,' she says. "'t was just fact, fact, fact, fact. It convinced me there was a real problem here, and I had to get involved. The people this is affecting can have their pay docked, be demoted, be court-martialed. They can't speak up, so I figured it's up to the parents to do it.'

►January 6, 2004 - Needle-free vaccines may cause more harm than good: study - AEDT via - "Professor Alan Baxter says the onset of auto immune diseases accelerated when the patches were tested on mice...This can lead to inflammation of the pancreas or brain."

►January 5, 2004 - Drug Stops Herpes - New England Journal of Medicine - via Ivanhoe

►January 5, 2004 - Treating Brain Aneurysms - Neurosurgery - via Ivanhoe

►January 5, 2004 - Best Early Treatment for Stroke - Neurosurgery - via Ivanhoe

►January 5, 2004 - Midlife Brain Activity Predicts Alzheimer’s - Neurobiology of Aging - via Ivanhoe

►January 5, 2004 - Circumcision may Prevent HIV Spread -  Journal of Clinical Pathology - via Ivanhoe

►January 2004 - Effect of thimerosal, a preservative in vaccines, on intracellular Ca(2+) concentration of rat cerebellar neurons. - journal article (Toxicology) - "Results indicate that thimerosal exerts some cytotoxic actions on cerebellar granule neurons dissociated from 2-week-old rats and its potency is almost similar to that of methylmercury."

►January 5, 2004 - Smallpox vaccine elusive - Public demand for vaccination has subsided.  Concerns about side effects may outweigh fear of disease. -  The Morning Call Online - "Even a potentially safer experimental vaccine against the deadly disease being tested by the National Institutes of Health has insufficient takers. After a year, program officials have enrolled 130 of the 185 participants needed."

Comment:  Given that the smallpox vaccine is known to have (an unknown number of) serious reactions and the risk of getting smallpox is probably small, it would seem that the public does know best.

Comment:  Unless they expect serious adverse reactions to occur in more than 1/185 people, a study of this size certainly cannot be expected to identify serious adverse reactions.

►January 5, 2004 - Computerized ordering cuts medication errors -

►January 5, 2004 - Needless appendix surgery cited - The Boston Globe - "Surgeons needlessly remove the appendixes of thousands of children who don't have appendicitis -- a problem most acute at hospitals that perform the operation infrequently -- according to a new study that raises difficult questions about improving pediatric care."

►January 5, 2004 - Good bugs getting more notice - Probiotics: Researchers say friendly bacteria can improve intestinal functioning and may be a source of treatment for a range of diseases. -

►January 5, 2004 - Phase 3 Study of Secretin for Autism Fails to Meet Dual Primary Endpoints - Development of Secretin for Schizophrenia to Continue - Repligen Press Release via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Yahoo!

►January 5, 2004 - Q&A: Carolyn Lott - Carolyn Lott says help is available for people with autism and their families - delmarvanow!.com via

►January 5, 2004 - MMR ‘scare stories’ are not putting parents off - This is Guernsey

►January 2004 - Infectious and uterus related complications during pregnancy and development of atopic and nonatopic asthma in children - journal article (Allergy)

►December 2003 - Childhood illnesses and the use of paracetamol (acetaminophen): a qualitative study of parents' management of common childhood illnesses - journal article (Family Practice)

►December 31, 2003 - Kids and depression - Archives of General Psychiatry via Ivanhoe

►December 31, 2003 - Secondhand Smoke Affects Sickle Cell - Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine via Ivanhoe

►January 2004 - Length-of-Stay Policies and Ascertainment of Postdischarge Problems in Newborns - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Implementing and Using Quality Measures for Children’s Health Care: Perspectives on the State of the Practice - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Measuring the Quality of Children’s Health Care: A Prerequisite to Action - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Quality Measures for Children’s Health Care - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Risk Adjustment for Pediatric Quality Indicators - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Childhood abuse as a risk factor for psychotic experiences - journal article (Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica)

►January 2004 - Ethical Considerations in Research With Socially Identifiable Populations - Committee on Native American Child Health and Committee on Community Health Services - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 3, 2004 - A tough time for paediatricians - journal article (BMJ)

►February 2003 - PopMod: a longitudinal population model with two interacting disease states -  journal article (Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation)

►December 23, 2003 - Does the risk of cerebral palsy increase or decrease with increasing gestational age? - journal article (BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth)

►December 2003 - Comprehensive approaches to school health promotion: how to achieve broader implementation? - journal article (Health Promotion International)

►December 1, 2003 - The association between state income inequality and worse health is not confounded by race - journal article - (International Journal of Epidemiology)

►December 1, 2003 - Effect of zinc supplementation on growth in West African children: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial in rural Burkina Faso -  journal article (International Journal of Epidemiology)

►December 31, 2003 - WHO Experts Seek Source of SARS - AP via Yahoo!

►December 31, 2003 - Prenatal Care Key to Stopping HIV Spread to Infants - Reuters via Yahoo!

►December 31, 2003 - Physically Fit Kids Stay Physically Healthy - Reuters via Yahoo!

►January 1, 2004 - As Coach Dies of Meningitis, People Seek Antibiotics - (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►January 1, 2004 - Pregnancy May Weaken Teens Bones: Study - Reuters via Yahoo!

►January 3, 2004 - Meadow faces GMC over evidence given in child death cases - journal article (BMJ)

►January 1, 2004 - Low dose radiation in infancy may affect intellect - BMJ via

►January 2, 2004 - Scans 'may damage infant brains' - Doctors have been urged not to use powerful CT scans to assess possible brain injuries in young infants. - BBC Health News

►January 2004 - Identification and Recall of Children With Chronic Medical Conditions for Influenza Vaccination - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - Adenoviral Infections in Children: The Impact of Rapid Diagnosis - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2004 - The Effect of Hospital Volume of Pediatric Appendectomies on the Misdiagnosis of Appendicitis in Children - journal article (Pediatrics)

►December 2003 - Low Breastfeeding Rates and Public Health in the United States - journal article (American Journal of Public Health)

►December 30, 2003 - Special needs child wins Dubai's women cultural centre Holy Quran competition - Dubai, UAE via

►December, 2003 - Meet Them Where They Are: Chiropractic & Special-Needs Patients - Journal of the American Chiropractic Association via

►December 31, 2003 - Love opens new doors for Chris - The Courier-Mail, Australia

►December 31, 2003 - Police believe body is that of missing Arlington man - The Daily Herald - "Schoellhorn was not equipped with a Project Lifesaver bracelet. The bracelets contain 1-ounce transmitters that allow search and rescue personnel to dial in a specific frequency to track the person...The bracelets are designed to help people who suffer from Alzheimer's, autism or other medical conditions that can cause them to wander."

►January 1, 2004 - 'Overwhelmed and overloaded' - Moms of Children with Special Needs looks to provide support - Log Cabin Democrat - "Mothers of special needs children know there are lots of problems that go along with the joys...Hope Guidry of Conway, mother of an autistic child, described it as 'living a nightmare, and you don't know what to do'."

►December 31, 2003 - Appleton schools begin fund to honor teacher - The Post-Crescent

►January 2, 2004 - Repligen Announces Conference Call to Discuss Phase 3 Study Results of Secretin for Autism - PRNewswire-FirstCall via

►January 2, 2004 - Loxahatchee riding center offers therapeutic program for the disabled - Sun-Sentinel

►January 2, 2004 - Evanston bus accident - There were some scary moments in the north suburbs Friday afternoon when a mini bus filled with a dozen teenagers and adults with special needs crashed into a parked truck. It happened on Main Street near Fowler in Evanston. -

►January 1, 2004 - Dance and disabilities - Sun Current via

►January 2, 2004 - Districts put to the test - The Sacramento Bee via The Modesto Bee - "Experts say these intensive treatments are the only technique proven effective in giving autistic children the skills they need to live independent lives...Yet, with the state's autistic population doubling in four years, the success of these lessons and their high costs -- as much as $60,000 a year per child -- threaten to overwhelm school districts already struggling to balance budgets."

►December 30, 2003 - GeneThera, Inc. Announces Live Blood Test Now Available for Mad Cow Disease - Wheat Ridge, Co - Market wire via

►December 30, 2003 - Invasion of the Virtually Indestructible Protein - Newsday - "Mad cow disease belongs to a small group of lethal disorders, caused by an infectious agent that is impervious to heat, ultraviolet light and an array of caustic chemical compounds...These agents, bizarre proteins known as prions, have been the subject of two major government investigations within the past year. Just last month, the Institute of Medicine, a division of the National Academies, released a report and recommended increased government funding to study these disorders."

Comment:  Not everyone agrees that mad cow is caused by prions.  (For more on this, go to the Online Mad Cow Conference at

►December 30, 2003 - Plagues of 2003 - Sun Media via

►December 31, 2003 - The Year in Review: Top 10 Taiwan Stories - SARS outbreak kills 37 people in Taiwan - Taipei Times

►December 30, 2003 - Cow likely born before feed ban took effect - The Seattle Times

►December 30, 2003 - U.S. weighs faster, automated mad cow tests - Europe, Asia can get results in mere hours - Knight Ridder Newspapers via Detroit Free Press

►December 30, 2003 - Government enacts measures to end "health tourism" - AFP via Yahoo! - "The government announced new measures to fight a practice dubbed "health tourism" in which foreign visitors avail themselves of Britain's free public hospitals costing the country hundreds of millions of pounds each year."

►December 30, 2003 - Annual checkup: From obesity to drug imports - St. Petersburg Times

►December 31, 2003 - Experts: Pets Probably Safe From Mad Cow - AP via Times Leader

►December 29, 2003 - Public Health And the Limits of Private Rights - The Providence Journal via Healthy News

►December 31, 2003 - Mbeki Upbeat, But Stresses the Social Challenges for 2004 - Business Day (Johannesburg) via

►December 31, 2003 - Bush Administration Acts to Reassure Public on U.S. Beef - Agriculture secretary announces enhanced safety measures - USINFO

►December 31, 2003 - Antiviral drug, valacyclovir, reduces genital herpes transmission - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center via

►December 31, 2003 - China checks drains, sewers in search for source of suspected SARS -  AP via Canadian Press

►December 31, 2003 - Federal officials want better tracking of virus -  The San Diego Union-Tribune

►January 2, 2004 - Potential For Pathogens To Evolve Missing From Emerging-disease Models - University of Washington via ScienceDaily - "Tracking the evolution of pathogens is not a new concept, but mutations are usually not taken into account in the models used to assess the emergence of infectious disease."

Comment:  Nor is the role vaccines might play in the emergence of mutant disease.

►January 1, 2004 - Prevalence of Multidrug-resistant Bacteria Rising - Reuters Health via

►January 2, 2004 - Biotech Has a Merry December - ... and the Burrill Biotech Select Index Ends the Year Up a Whopping 66% - PRNewswire via

►January 1, 2004 - CDC Releases New Guidelines For Infection Control In Dental Care Settings - U.S. Centers for Disease Control And Prevention via ScienceDaily

►January 2, 2004 - Warning over immigrant HIV tests - Ministers have been urged against introducing mandatory HIV tests for every immigrant arriving in the UK. - BBC News

►January 2, 2004 - VA Revises Priority for Doctor Visits - AP via

►January 4, 2004 - 'Epidemic' of autism: Parents turn to alternative cures as number of cases skyrockets - Oakland Tribune - "THE day care center workers first noticed the problem with Kaleb...At the Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto, a child's piercing scream filled the air. The other children rushed over, concerned and alarmed. Their classmate sobbed indignantly: Someone had stepped on her hand...Only Kaleb, nearly 3, was unfazed. He continued to sit by himself, as usual, preoccupied with carefully lining up toy cars in a pin-straight row."

►January 4, 2004 - Chinese researcher says China's suspected SARS patient definitely has disease - AP via San Fransisco Chronicle

►January 4, 2004 - From SARS to cows, jittery year on medical front  - An opinionated look at the year's top 10 health stories - San Francisco Chronicle

►January 5, 2004 - Mad cow disease Q&A - Morris News Service via The Topeka Capital-Journal

►January 4, 2004 - Government says feed restrictions are enough to protect consumers, but some leading scientists disagree - The San Diego Union-Tribune

►January 4, 2004 - A sampling of the 375 bills set for debate - - "An Act to Ban the Sale of Novelties Containing Batteries with Mercury."

Comment:  But inject mercury into the bodies of infants?  No problemo.

►January 5, 2004 - Appeal to SAARC Summit in Islamabad on Autism - "Autism is on the rise in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives - the countries within the SAARC region...There are 30,000 autistic people in Sri Lanka, according to international experts there will be a massive rise in 5 years time - in Sri Lanka and all over the SAARC region...Scientists are still divided as to the causes of autism - parents are still asking the question - is ithe MMR, is it genetic, is it caused by foetal distress at birth. Asian parents need answers to these pressing questions on Autism."

Comments:  As do we all, as do we all.

►January 5, 2004 - Update 2 - Repligen autism treatment not effective in trial - Reuters

►December 28, 2003 - Editorial: Deals with scientists taint NIH research - San Antonio Express- News - "National Institutes of Health scientists are damaging the credibility of their work by receiving consulting fees, stock options or other types of pay from drug companies whose products they research for the federal government...The Los Angeles Times this month exposed the disturbing trend among senior NIH scientists of moonlighting for biomedical companies and legally being able to keep that information from the public...The situation isn't fair to American taxpayers, and the potential conflicts of interest are phenomenal."

►January 5, 2004 - Health Officials Warn of China's Plan to Kill Cats Over SARS (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►January 5, 2004 - National Journal Article Reveals Admission From CDC, Latest Vaccine Study Data Contained Many Children Too Young To Be Diagnosed As Autistic - Official Accepts Critics' Charge, Parents Say Data Was Manipulated To Cover Up Hidden Dangers Of Mercury Additive, Congressman Weldon Asks Data Be Shared With Outside Researchers - Safe Minds Press Release via PRNewswire - "An article released by National Journal reveals disturbing new information about a Vaccine Safety DataLink (VSD) study by the Centers for Disease Control published in November's Pediatrics. A journalist for the National Journal, Neil Munro, reports that Frank DeStefano, a CDC official and co-author of the latest VSD study, admitted the study contained many children too young to be diagnosed as autistic. The article quotes DeStefano as stating, 'This is true.'"

►January 4, 2004 - A Suicide Side Effect? - What parents aren't being told about their kids' antidepressants - - "'If there was a warning that said 'Caution: this drug may cause suicide in some people,' then doctors are going to know about it,' Farber says...Instead of warning people, Farber charges, Glaxo-SmithKline tried to hide the true numbers. 'They cooked the books,' says Farber during a recent interview. 'They cheated on the results. And the FDA is part of this.'"

Comment:  Sound familiar?

►January 3, 2004 - Chinese tea 'may cure jaundice' - A herbal tea used widely in China to treat jaundice could soon be used by doctors in the West. - BBC

►January 5, 2004 - Ward off those winter ailments - The Telegraph, UK - "Who gets them (colds)? Almost everybody. Adults suffer an average of two to five a year and children seven to 10 a year. Because we produce antibodies each time we have a cold, we get fewer as we grow older."

Comment:  Vaccines are given under the assumption that they trick the body into producing antibodies and react otherwise similarly to what occurs naturally.  But is that actually the case?  And what are the ramifications if it is not?

►January 5, 2004 - Hope For New Meningitis Vaccine - University of Surrey via - "The Surrey researchers used genetic engineering technology to make a mutant group of the meningococcus that was incapable of causing disease in mice. The mutant was made in a C group of the meningococcus. However, mice that were inoculated with the mutant group developed antibodies that killed not only C groups but also B and A groups. It appears that, by inoculating with the disabled group, the mice have effectively been immunised against all groups."

Comment:  But what about the problem of changing serotypes, with them sometimes becoming more virulent, due to outside pressure like vaccines and antibiotics?

►January 5, 2004 - Full story needs airing on military anthrax vaccine (Editorial) - - "Having 800,000 service people vaccinated without positive proof that the vaccines caused any deaths would seem to be sufficient evidence to continue the program for service people heading into areas where the threat of anthrax might be high...However, the problems the manufacturer had with the FDA suggests a full court hearing should be conducted to bring out all of the facts surrounding the manufacturing process before any members of the armed forces are required to take more shots. This hearing should be scheduled quickly."

►January 4, 2004 - More families have children with learning disorders - Alameda Times-Star Online - "One in every three American families has had to cope with a child with a learning disability or a mental illness and most people believe such problems are increasing, according to a poll by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University."

Comment:  What's it going to take for the "experts" to take seriously that vaccines may well be involved in this devastating public health problem? 

►January 5, 2004 - Mad Cow Forces Beef Industry to Change Course (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "The financial motive that drove the industry to defend practices like selling downers has been turned on its head by the discovery of mad cow disease. Now, in an attempt to rescue the market for American beef, the industry is being forced to accept regulation it has long fought."

Comment:  They were clearly "penny-wise, but pound foolish".

►January 5, 2004 - The Ephedra Ban Is Not Enough (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►January 2, 2004 - Flu Season Haunted by Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiment - The Wilmington Journal

►January 4, 2004 - Greater awareness of smallpox threat advocated - Star-Telegram - "The risk of a smallpox attack may have waned in the public's eyes. But some still regard smallpox as a credible bioterrorist threat, and they have criticized the health care community's weak response."

►January 5, 2004 - Not all cirrhosis caused by alcohol -

Posted January 4, 2004:

►January 2, 2004 - U.S. Army Buys $30 Million in Anthrax Shots - Reuters - "The Defense Department announced on Friday a $29.7 million order for anthrax vaccine based on the assumption that a federal judge's ban on mandatory inoculations will be reversed...Privately held BioPort Corp. of Lansing, Michigan, was awarded the Army order on Wednesday as part of a $245.6 million contract, the Pentagon said."

Comment:  If this isn't arrogance of power and doesn't show contempt for the taxpayer, I don't know what does.

►January 4, 2004 - Future Intranasal Vaccines - via

►January 4, 2004 - Nasal Flu Vaccine Gets Shot in the Arm - Newsday

►January 4, 2004 - We all have a stake in promoting vaccination - - "This year, several thousand people in New York state -- and 60,000 across the nation -- will die from diseases that we can prevent through vaccination. Polio, measles, rubella and diphtheria, once responsible for killing or harming thousands of children and adults, can be controlled through immunization...We have vaccines for more than 20 diseases. Sadly, despite these advances, thousands die every year from preventable diseases."

Comment:  Would that those who are concerned about death from diseases were equally concerned about death from vaccines.

►January 4, 2004 - The new you - How to feel well, look better and improve your life this year - - "Get eight hours of sleep a night. The National Sleep Foundation estimates a 10 to 35 percent drop in antibodies and immune cells when you're sleep-deprived...Stop using anti-bacterial hand and dish soaps; they may be strengthening germs and weakening our immune systems."

►January 4, 2004 - India News: Andhra Pradesh takes up 'Pulse polio' immunisation - IANS via

►January 4, 2004 - India administers vaccine to millions of children to stem polio - AFP via Yahoo!

►January 4, 2004 - Beating cancer nature's way - In a week that's seen the deaths of Bob Monkhouse, Alan Bates and Dinsdale Landen, all victims of cancer, here is a story of one man's successful - if unorthodox - struggle against the disease - The Guardian, UK

►January 3, 2004 - Free vaccine attracts few to flu clinic - 1,000 doses of spray available - The Journal Gazette via - "Despite a near panic a month ago over news of a worsening flu epidemic and a national shortage of flu vaccine, Friday's free vaccine attracted few takers...By the end of the three-hour clinic Friday, officials had vaccinated only 176 people, plus some prisoners in the county jail. By contrast, hundreds were turned away from a clinic Dec. 10 when officials used up all 700 doses they had to offer."

►January 3, 2004 - Information for clinicians: General questions and answers about the 2003-2004 influenza season - General Questions and Answers - CDC via

►January 3, 2004 - Clinical guidance on the identification and evaluation of possible SARS-CoV disease among persons presenting with community-acquired illness - CDC via

►January 3, 2004 - Persistently abnormal liver function tests: Marker of occult hepatitis C? - The Journal of Infectious Diseases via

►January 3, 2004 - Glossary - Glossary Some of the more common mental illnesses found in children: - Rocky Mountain News

►January 3, 2004 - Program offers dental care for disabled -A grant to the UOP School of Dentistry helps link practitioners with those who need the services. - The Sacramento Bee

►January 3, 2004 - East meets West with a traditional herbal cure for jaundice - Journal of Clinical Investigation via

►January 3, 2004 - Shakes, Aches, and Chills - Flu Symptoms on the Rise in Florida, Polk - State has widespread levels of illness, health department officials say. - The Ledger

►January 4, 2004 - Colorado State funded for bioterrorism data - The Boston Globe

►January 4, 2004 - Seattle Research On Herpes Drug Could Help Combat Aids - Seattle Post-Intelligencer via

►January 4, 2004 - Is It Safe? - New beef rules aim to stop mad cow disease. But they may not be enough--and there's too much we don't know -

►January 3, 2004 - Flu may be cause of eight deaths of children in Georgia - AP via Ledger-Enquirer

►January 2, 2004 - Virus Seen in Muscle from Chronic Fatigue Patients - Journal of Medical Virology via Reuters Health - "A persistent enterovirus infection in muscles may be to blame for some cases of chronic fatigue syndrome (sometimes called fibromyalgia) and others with chronic inflammatory muscle disease, a French team reports...They detected genetic material (specifically RNA) from enteroviruses in 20 percent of muscle biopsies from patients with chronic inflammatory muscle diseases and 13 percent of patients with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome, but not from healthy volunteers...The findings favor a persistent infection involving defective viral replication as a cause of these conditions."

►January 3, 2004 - Local group to host neuropathy experts - Houston Chronicle

►January 3, 2004 - Mad cow testing questioned by disease experts - AP via Billings Gazette

►January 3, 2004 - Local cattleman, state officials watch mad cow disease reaction - News-Bulletin

►July 2001 - Technical Report: Mercury in the Environment: Implications for Pediatricians - AAP Policy Statement - "Ethylmercury, in the form of thimerosal, was formerly used as a topical antiseptic and has also been used as an effective preservative for killed vaccines and other biological agents for medical therapy. Thimerosal contains 49.6% mercury by weight and is metabolized to ethylmercury and thiosalicylate. Before fall 1999, there was 25 µg of mercury in each 0.5-mL dose of most diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccines as well as some Haemophilus influenzae type b, influenza, meningococcal, pneumococcal, and rabies vaccines. In addition, there was 12.5 µg of mercury in each dose of the hepatitis B vaccine. The reference doses* established by federal agencies were between 0.1 and 0.4 µg/kg/d.6,19 Assuming that the toxicity of ethylmercury is similar to that of methylmercury, the exposure from a single vaccination could potentially exceed federal guidelines for that day and, with routine immunization, a cumulative dose of up to 75 µg of mercury by 3 months of age and 187.5 µg by 6 months of age could have been received."

►January 4, 2004 - Food culprits that dwarf mad-cow toll - Knight Ridder via The Seattle Times - "In the days since mad-cow disease was announced in the United States, more than 1 million Americans were sickened by food they ate. About 6,000 became so ill they were hospitalized and nearly 100 died, according to federal health estimates...But mad-cow disease wasn't the culprit. Indeed, not a single American is known to have contracted the human form of the disease from eating food in this country...Instead, salmonella, E. coli, listeria and other dangerous bacteria routinely take a huge toll on public health, yet receive little of the attention now focused on the beef from one Washington state Holstein found infected with mad-cow disease, also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE."

►January 3, 2004 - Guardsman who refused vaccine to be deployed - AP via - "An Ohio National Guard member convicted of disobeying a direct order by refusing to be vaccinated against anthrax is expected to be deployed next week with his unit, the guard said Friday."

►January 3, 2004 - Leading With The Jab To Beat Killers - This Is Staffordshire - "North Staffordshire babies receive the most protection in Britain against three potential killer diseases. The area has come top of a national league table recording the proportion of each district's population volunteering their infants to have the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine."

Comment:  This is simply nothing less than fear mongering.  Neither the mumps nor rubella have ever been considered "killers", although rubella can sometimes be quite serious for a fetus.  And the measles is generally not considered serious in the developed world.  ForScandals columns on the measles and measles vaccine, go to What Is Wrong With This Picture?;  More confusing disease stats;   Playing With Fire - It's Not EASY To Fool Mother Nature;   Don't Worry, Be Happy;  Measles In The Vaccination Age:  Is It Now Deadlier?;   Why We Won't Take No* For An Answer  (*No relationship between MMR and autism);  and Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions Later.  Click here for a BMJ article on disease fear mongering.

►January 3, 2004 - MMR vaccine take-up rate will cost lives - The Ham & High Network - "A Top Royal Free doctor has warned that many children will die because of the poor take-up of rate of the MMR vaccine."

Comment:  More scare mongering.

►December 29, 2003 - Statement By Safe Minds On The Wall Street Journal Editorial of 12/29/03, "The Politics of Autism" - - "The December 29th editorial from the Wall Street Journal "The Politics of Autism: Lawsuits and emotion vs. science and childhood vaccines" is a misrepresentation of the actual facts surrounding the debate concerning autism and exposure to thimerosal, a mercury preservative used in some but not all infant vaccines. Instead of this being a "story of politics and lawyers trumping science and medicine" as alleged, it would be more accurately described as a story of how the pharmaceutical industry uses the media and politics to accomplish its goals.

►January 4, 2004 - Meningitis group urges child vaccinations - - "The chances of dying from bacterial meningitis, which has claimed the lives of two area teen-agers in the past month, are about one in a million in Louisiana, health officials said...But such odds, as small as they seem, are still too great for the National Meningitis Foundation."

Comment:  If there were no potential risks from meningitis vaccine, perhaps this would be a no-brainer.  But there are. (There have been 644 adverse meningitis vaccine-associated reactions, representing in all likelihood between 6,440 and 64,400 cases, reported to VAERS so far.)

►September 24, 1998 - International Conference on Harmonisation; Guidance on Viral Safety Evaluation of Biotechnology Products Derived From Cell Lines of Human or Animal Origin; Availability - FDA/HHS - "The risk of viral contamination is a feature common to all biotechnology products derived from cell lines. Such contamination could have serious clinical consequences and can arise from the contamination of the source cell lines themselves (cell substrates) or from adventitious introduction of virus during production. To date, however, biotechnology products derived from cell lines have not been implicated in the transmission of viruses. Nevertheless, it is expected that the safety of these products with regard to viral
contamination can be reasonably assured only by the application of a virus testing program and assessment of virus removal and inactivation achieved by the manufacturing process, as outlined below.

Comment:  Given how long SV40 has been implicated in human cancers, it is hard to understand how such a statement can be made.  For more on the problem of contamination of vaccines, see Scandals: On "mad cows" and sick monkeys: From the people who brought you SV40 in vaccines....For more on SV40 and cancer, go to Scandals: The Institute of Medicine Review Of SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine and Cancer

►January 4, 2004 - Mercury labeling expected to have national impact - The Times Argus Online - "Manufacturers have started labeling fluorescent lamps to be sold in Vermont as containing mercury to abide by Vermont's first-in-the-nation mercury labeling law...The move is expected to have a national impact."

Comment: But don't fret about injecting (large doses of) mercury into the bodies of infants and children!  It's a harmless neurotoxin that is used in vaccines!

Posted January 3, 2004:

Vacation day

Posted January 2, 2004:

►January 2, 2003 - Scandals: On "mad cows" and sick monkeys: From the people who brought you SV40 in vaccines.... - by Sandy Mintz

Posted January 1, 2004:

►December 29, 2003 - Doctors: Learn Manners or Fail - Ivanhoe - "Up until 1964, medical students were actually tested on their bedside manner. Forty years later, that concept is back with an updated test. Starting with the class of 2005, all future doctors will be tested on their ability to communicate with a patient."

►December 27, 2003 - New weapon against asthma - Scientists have identified a new class of drug which could dramatically boost the weaponry against asthma - BBC

►December 28, 2003 - Health Resolutions Recommended for Kids - AP via Yahoo!

►December 29, 2003 - Magnesium Prevents Cerebral Palsy? - Ivanhoe

►December 29, 2003 - Kids' Acting Out May Signal Asthma Onset - Reuters via Yahoo!

►December 29, 2003 - FDA OKs U.S. Sale of 10-Minute HIV Test - AP via Yahoo!

►December 29, 2003 - School meals 'are too unhealthy' - Almost half of secondary age pupils think school dinners are unhealthy, a survey suggests. - BBC

►December 30, 2003 - New Test for Cognitive Impairment - Archives of Neurology via Ivanhoe

►December 2003 - Change in health risk perception following community intervention in Central Havana, Cuba - journal article (Health Promotion International)

►December 31, 2003 - Scripps' arrival opens animal research debate - The Jupiter Courier - "'With more reliable and more humane alternatives available today, (Scripps) has no business conducting gruesome and archaic animal tests,' ARFF President Nanci Alexander said in a news release. 'If (Scripps) is using animals in their research, we believe the public has the right to know exactly what and why.'"

►January 1, 2004 - Multi-pronged approach - As the problems of the learning disabled are manifold, opting for a combination of therapies may be a better way of helping them. Pang Hin Yue talks to two experts in Auditory Integration Therapy and Mediated Learning Experience. - The Star Online - "There is no single solution when it comes to helping children with autism, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, pervasive developmental disorder and other learning disabilities...As more scientists agree that the way in which the brain functions is influenced by a person's biological make-up and environmental factors, a multi-disciplinary approach is encouraged in seeking treatments for persons with learning disabilities." 

December 9, 2003 - Singapore not going to widen flu vaccination - "Health Ministry experts have come out to say there is no need to panic about the flu as there is no serious outbreak of influenza in Singapore...
So if you are a generally healthy adult, you don't need to rush out and get a flu jab."

December 22, 2003 - IRAN: Mammoth vaccination drive will benefit 33 million - IRIN

►December 31, 2003 - Inside the mercurial Bush policy on mercury pollution - Nearly 2 years of work by EPA panel dumped - "For nearly 21 months, a government task force steadily moved toward recommending rules that within three years would force every coal-fired power plant in the country to reduce emissions of mercury, which can cause neurological and developmental damage to humans...But in April, the EPA abruptly dismantled the panel. John Paul, its co- chairman, said members were given no clue why their work was halted -- that is, until late last month, when the Bush administration revealed it was taking an entirely different approach, using a more flexible portion of the Clean Air Act."

►January 1, 2004 - Lawmaker urges vaccine planning - Bad deal sparks call for change - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "The vice chairman of the state House Health and Human Services Committee said he was disappointed by health officials' handling of the botched flu vaccine deal, and he wants to see plans to ensure it won't happen again."

►January 1, 2004 - WHO praises Hong Kong's polio eradication drive - - "Hong Kong has maintained impressive high-quality immunization services and certification standards on surveillance for acute flaccid paralysis, despite extraordinary demands put on the health services system by the SARS outbreak."

►December 31, 2003 - Anthrax Vaccine Safe, FDA Says - Washington Post via (abstract)

►December 30, 2003 - Experts Seek New Effort to Control Hepatitis A - New York Times via (abstract)

►December 30, 2003 - Gabon: Bongo Aims to Vaccinate 80 Percent of Children in 2004 - Africa News Service via (abstract)

►December 30, 2003 - Meningitis Drops in 2003, Despite Several Recent Cases - Boston Globe via (abstract) - "New Hampshire health officials have disclosed that the strain of meningitis that killed an 18-year-old woman in the Bennington area is not the same strain that infected two 15-year-old students in Keene, allaying fears that an outbreak of the dangerous illness is erupting. In addition, two other youths who contracted meningitis last week appear to have no relation to any of the other cases. In fact, the rate of meningitis infection has dropped in 2003 despite this recent jump in the disease's visibility."

►December 29, 2003 - Egypt Announces Intention to Manufacture Typhoid Vaccine - BBC News via (abstract)

►December 29, 2003 - Grim Race Against Disease Grips Iran Quake Zone - Reuters via (abstract)

►December 28, 2003 - How could this happen? A prominent family's son dies of starvation - (registration or subscription required) - Times Herald-Record

►December 30, 2003 - Growth hormones given the all-clear - AAP via The Age

►December 29, 2003 - Research examines mind over body - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via

►December 29, 2003 - Kids' Acting Out May Signal Asthma Onset - Reuters Health

►December 29, 2003 - Breast-Saving Cancer Surgery OK for Young Women - Reuters Health

►December 30, 2003 - Healthbeat: Hot flashes too bad for some women to quit hormones; antidepressants an option - AP via

►December 29, 2003 - Delayed Diagnosis Explains Worse Breast Cancer Survival in Europe Than U.S. - (registration required) - Reuters Health via

►December 29, 2003 - N.H. struggles with bacterial meningitis cases - Scientists are examining a strain of bacterial meningitis and trying to make links among five teenagers who contracted the brain-swelling disease. One of them has died. - AP via CNN

►December 30, 2003 - Aventis Submits New Drug Application to FDA for Asthma Drug Alvesco® (ciclesonide) - Marks successful completion of four new product submissions in 2003 - Aventis Press Release

►December 29, 2003 - Flu outbreak sparks push to vaccinate - Centre Daily Times via

►December 29, 2003 - Advanced BioScience aiming at HIV vaccine - (subscription required) - The Daily Record

►December 29, 2003 - New mad cow disease test would give quicker results - San Jose Mercury News via

►December 29, 2003 - How Not to Relate With HIV-Positive People - This Day (Lagos) via

►December 26, 2003 - Preventive Antibiotics for Syphilis Found Feasible - Reuters Health

►December 12, 2003 - Ebola blamed in tragic decline of great apes - Emergency meeting aimed at staving off extinction from disease, poaching, habitat destruction - MSNBC

►December 30, 2003 - 'Unlimited Potential' program offers hope - New therapy surfaces in the treatment of autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and brain injuries. - 

►December 29, 2003 - Parents Cautioned About Flu Warning

►December 29, 2003 - Carbon monoxide poisoning mimics flu symptoms - AP via

►December 29, 2003 - Changes in autism funding leave many questions - The Sheboygan Press  


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