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All the News Posted August 18-24, 2009

Posted August 24, 2009


►September 2009 - Clinical features and molecular modelling of novel MPZ mutations in demyelinating and axonal neuropathies - journal article (European Journal of Human Genetics)

* ►September 2009 - Psychiatric Comorbidity and Other Psychological Factors in Patients with “Chronic Lyme Disease” - journal article (The American Journal of Medicine)

* ►September 2009 - The non-specific lipid transfer protein, Ara h 9, is an important allergen in peanut - journal article (Clinical & Experimental Allergy)

* ►September 2009 - Prescription of anti-influenza drugs for healthy adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Rapid screening tests for meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus at hospital admission: systematic review and meta-analysis - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Key gaps in the knowledge of Plasmodium vivax, a neglected human malaria parasite - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Infectious disease surveillance update - journal article (The Lancet Infectious Diseases)

►September 2009 - Twenty-first century approaches to toxicity testing, biomonitoring, and risk assessment: perspectives from the global chemical industry - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

►September 2009 - Exposure to atrazine and selected non-persistent pesticides among corn farmers during a growing season - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

►September 2009 - Viral Persistence and Chronic Immunopathology in the Adult Central Nervous System following Coxsackievirus Infection during the Neonatal Period - journal article (Journal of Virology)

* ►August 24, 2009 - Overuse of antivirals could make H1N1 pandemic even worse (requires registration) - Tamiflu and Relenza are key to fighting the flu virus. But medical authorities warn: Use only when needed, and use them correctly. - Los Angeles Times

* ►August 24, 2009 - Flu Strategists See Schools on Front Line - Children Key to Infection-Prevention Dynamic (requires registration) - Washington Post - "...still waiting to be resolved are questions about who gets the vaccine, whether schools are used as vaccination sites, whether parents are present when children are vaccinated and whether the vaccine is administered by injection or nasal spray."

►August 24, 2009 - Swine flu approaches level of national epidemic in Japan - The Mainichi Daily News

* ►August 23, 2009 - Gulf War Toxins in Swine Flu Vaccine - Daily Express, UK

►August 23, 2009 - Experts caution against rushing H1N1 flu vaccine -

* ►August 23, 2009 - MMR jab mum’s fight for justice - Police are probing an allegation that Government officials may have committed an offence by releasing a report linking the MMR vaccine with health problems in children. - The Sunday Post - "She said, “For two years I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of Dr Wakefield’s interim report, commissioned by the lawyers representing the children, including my daughter, in the MMR case. “I now discover the LSC gave the report to the GMC which is conducting an inquiry into Dr Wakefield, even though they’ve repeatedly said it would be an offence to disclose it to me. “I don’t understand how it would be committing a crime by releasing the report to me while they’re are doing nothing wrong by giving it to the GMC. I have asked the police to investigate. “If they determine that the LSC was not committing an offence, there has clearly been an unlawful refusal in my case.”

* ►August 23, 2009 - Massive drive for swine flu shots - U.S. plans to vaccinate at least half the population quickly, but officials predict delays in delivery. - The Washington Post via Charlotte Observer

* ►August 23, 2009 - Preparations intensifying for H1N1 mass vaccination program -

* ►August 23, 2009 - Super flu fear as swine strain moves to birds - The Sydney Morning Herald - "Genetic combination of the two viruses ''has not been documented, but that is certainly a concern if a bird is co-infected with both strains'', Dr Butler said. ''That's a theoretical possibility that we've known existed.'' Preliminary studies by Chile's Public Health Institute showed that turkeys in the Valparaiso Region were infected with the swine flu virus, Carlos Pavletic, a Chilean health ministry official, said."

* ►August 23, 2009 - Swine Flu Campaign Waits on Vaccine - Only Third of Supply Is Expected for First Round of Vast Effort - The Washington Post - "This is potentially the largest mass-vaccination program in human history," said Howard Markel, a professor of medical history at the University of Michigan who is advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as it spearheads the effort."

►August 23, 2009 - Israeli woman dies of swine flu, raising death toll to 13 - Haaretz Israel News

►August 23, 2009 - CDC Investigates Four Corners Outbreak - Whooping Cough Cases On The Increase - KOAT 7 ABC Albuquerque

►August 23, 2009 - A flu in our lives - The Star, Malaysia

►August 23, 2009 - Lethal bacteria strikes Illinois inmates; prisons fail to notify state - News-Democrat via

►August 23, 2009 - Rural Nevada neighbors suspect disease outbreak near pesticide dump - Reno Gazette-Journal

►August 23, 2009 - What are the most germ-filled spots in the home? - McClatchy-Tribune via The Capital

* ►August 22, 2009 - Universities Are Preparing for Back-to-the-Classroom Outbreaks of Swine Flu (requires registration) - The New York Times - “Because they’re military, we can tell them what to do,” Colonel Deaton said. “It’s less like herding cats than it is on the average college campus.” But no one arrived with symptoms. Despite the base’s proximity to New York’s outbreak, only six cadets and nine other West Point soldiers have had the flu since it emerged in April."..."Although she would like to offer free flu shots, she said, almost 90 percent of the university’s students do not join the optional student health service. Dr. Palinkas, of the University of Illinois, by contrast, said he had an annual flu-shot program so well financed that he not only offered dining-hall vaccinations, but also had students cajoling others in food lines to get a shot; up to 12,000 of the 41,000 students do each year."

* ►August 22, 2009 - Are college students at risk for swine flu? -

* ►August 22, 2009 - A strep infection might have silenced Mozart - AP via The Kansas City Star

* ►August 22, 2009 - Merck Is Pleased The FDA And CDC Re-affirm The Safety Profile Of GARDASIL® [Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (Types 6, 11, 16 And 18) Vaccine - Merck via Medical News Today

* ►August 22, 2009 - Swine Flu Shot May Protect at Regular Dose, Data Show - Bloomberg - "Health officials are awaiting more data from China, as well as studies overseas, to confirm the results. More results will become available in mid September, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, told reporters yesterday. ‘Waiting Anxiously’

►August 22, 2009 - Flu pandemic precautions include isolation, readiness and social change - Park Rapids Enterprise

* ►August 22, 2009 - California Pharmacies Sue to Block Pfizer’s Purchase of Wyeth - Bloomberg - "Seven California pharmacies sued to block drugmaker Pfizer Inc.’s proposed $68 billion buyout of rival Wyeth, claiming it relies on government bailout money from banks financing the deal and will drive up drug prices. The acquisition will eliminate competition for certain drugs, lead to fewer supplier choices for pharmacies, push up prices for medicines and result in 22,000 job cuts, according to a complaint filed yesterday in federal court in San Francisco."

►August 22, 2009 - No red flags yet in swine vaccine tests - Sapa-AP via

►August 22, 2009 - Red flags in speech development: when to worry -

* ►August 22, 2009 - Key feature of immune system survived in humans for 60 million years - ANI via Newstrack India

►August 22, 2009 - Earth becoming a disease hot spot - The New Straits Times

* ►August 21, 2009 - How to Tell if Your Kids are at Risk for Autism (and Other Neurological Injuries) from Vaccines - The Huffington Post - "As the world we live in is becoming more toxic, the challenges to our natural detoxification systems and to the genetic programming that creates and maintains those systems is under increasing attack. Some kids are already showing genetic impairment from several generations of increasing exposure to environmental poisons. The bad news is that these kids are more at-risk for adverse effects from further toxic exposure than other kids. If there is good news, it is that are now tools to help parents and doctors identify which kids are more at-risk and which ones are not."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer? - The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shock warning about its safety. - - "Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. He has grave reservations about the firm Novartis who are developing the vaccine and testing it in Germany. The vaccination is injected “with a very hot needle”, Wodarg said."

* ►August 21, 2009 - UPMC gives details on proposed vaccine production facility - Says plant could be shot in the arm for local economy - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Based on the UPMC plan, the center and the U.S. government would form a public-private partnership to build and operate a facility with eight vaccine-producing suites. Each suite would be equipped with resources and staff to work quickly to create new vaccines or medical solutions to counter immediate health crises that threaten the nation."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Infectious disease risk in swine flu jabs - The Age, AU - "The letter, written by the Society's president, Associate Professor Tom Gottlieb, says multi-dose vials - bottles containing many doses of the vaccine - had been shown on many occasions to transmit infectious diseases, ''resulting in considerable morbidity and mortality''. To prevent contamination, clinicians must follow stringent infection-control guidelines and use new syringes and needles for every vaccination. ''Many members are concerned that there is a risk of adverse outcomes if a mass vaccination campaign was conducted using multi-dose vials,'' the letter says. It adds that it would be difficult to guarantee proper procedures were followed in hospitals, ''let alone clinics and general-practice units in the community, where there may be a lesser safeguarding of the necessary safe infection-control practices''.

* ►August 21, 2009 - Use of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine - Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2009 (early release) - MMWR/CDC

* ►August 21, 2009 - First H1N1 vaccine trial data expected in mid-September - CIDRAP News

►August 21, 2009 - Genzyme, Merck lead drug stocks higher - Drug stocks rose Friday as Genzyme Corp. shares moved up on an analyst upgrade. - Market Watch - "Late Thursday, Merck said that a review by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control has determined that its vaccine Gardasil is safe and effective. The vaccine is used to ward off a virus that can cause cervical cancer."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Merck spent $1.5M in 2Q lobbying on health reform - Forbes - "That was up 30 percent from the $1.17 million that the maker of asthma and allergy drug Singulair and diabetes pill Januvia spent lobbying in the year-ago period."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Case of the Week: GSK v Novartis - In the High Court, Chancery Division What is the case about? - The London Times - "Last year GSK sued Novartis, claiming the Swiss group’s technique was essentially the same as its own and so Novartis was infringing GSK’s patent. GSK asked a court to ban Novartis from using the technique and to order Novartis to give up the patent. Before GSK’s case had come to court, Novartis this week filed a separate lawsuit accusing two of GSK’s subsidiaries of infringing its 2001 patent. What is at stake? Vaccines are a substantial growth area for pharmaceuticals companies and since they are generally bought in huge quantities, they can be extremely profitable. The technique in dispute in this case covers vaccines for several childhood diseases and so is an extremely important piece of intellectual property for both companies. Both are already selling vaccines made with the technique."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Forget Swine Flu: The Big Money Is Here - AARP via The Motley Fool - "Kids may not like it, but Merck will benefit a little from catch-up doses for its chicken pox vaccine, Varivax, which medical associations now believe requires two shots instead of just one for kids to reach full immunity. But the real benefit to Merck's sales from the chicken pox vaccine is likely to come from patients who had the chicken pox years ago. The virus that causes chicken pox also causes shingles, a painful rash that older people can get as the dormant virus wakes up."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Seems Safe in Early Trials - No worrisome side effects so far, U.S. officials say; flu infections continue to be mild - HealthDay News via U.S. News & World Report

* ►August 21, 2009 - No Side Effects So Far in Trial of Swine Flu Shot (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Health officials said they were not particularly alarmed by reports Friday that the new flu had been found in turkeys on two large commercial farms in Chile, the first time it had been reported in birds. 'It’s widespread in humans, so who cares if it’s in turkeys?' Dr. Fauci said. 'That’s a Department of Agriculture issue.'"

* ►August 21, 2009 - Judy Schaechter : Get your immunization and maybe save a child - Tallahassee Democrat

* ►August 21, 2009 - Only one in ten people complaining of flu actually have swine flu - Only one in ten people calling the flu helpline actually have swine flu, experts have said, as the number of cases of the disease in England drops further. - Telegraph, UK

►August 21, 2009 - Still more evidence that infectious disease returns when vaccination rates fall - Science Blogs

►August 21, 2009 - Free flu shots tied to lower antibiotic use - Toronto's Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences via CBC News

* ►August 21, 2009 - Swine flu test results expected in mid-September - WMBF News

►August 21, 2009 - North Florida counties plan for H1N1 swine flu outbreak - Bradford County Telegraph

►August 21, 2009 - Alabama to begin H1N1 vaccines in mid–October - Shelby County Reporter

►August 21, 2009 - H1N1 victim sought help too late - The National Newspaper

►August 21, 2009 - Swine Flu Pandemic Paradox Kills Few, Overwhelms ICUs - Bloomberg

►August 21, 2009 - Chile finds H1N1 swine flu in turkeys - Reuters

►August 21, 2009 - Flu drugs inappropriate for healthy adults: study - The Lancet Infectious Diseases via Reuters

* ►August 21, 2009 - 'What if?': Area districts preparing for swine flu - The Philadelphia Inquirer - "Vaccinating school-age children and their parents is the most effective way to reduce transmission of any flu, researchers reported yesterday online in the journal Science."

* ►August 21, 2009 - Ghostwriting documents now fully available on PLoS Medicine Web site - Press release from PLoS Medicine via EurekAlert!

►August 21, 2009 - Factbox: Japan's plans to tackle spread of H1N1 flu - Reuters

►August 21, 2009 - Parasites persuade immune cells to invite them in for dinner, says new research - Scientific Frontline

►August 21, 2009 - Sabril Approved by FDA to Treat Spasms in Infants and Epileptic Seizures - FDA

►August 21, 2009 - NIH as Partner: New Director Collins Will Stress Royalties, Not Price Oversight - The IN VIVO Blog

►August 21, 2009 - Ibuprofen (Unapproved) topical drug products - FDA

►August 21, 2009 - 'Under Our Skin' event addresses Lyme disease - Pocono Record

►August 21, 2009 - WHO warns against homeopathy use - People with conditions such as HIV, TB and malaria should not rely on homeopathic treatments, the World Health Organization has warned. - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

* ►August 21, 2009 - Universities Are Preparing for Back-to-the-Classroom Outbreaks of Swine Flu -

* ►August 20, 2009 - Swine Flu May Not Close College Classrooms: CDC - HealthDay News via Medline Plus

►August 20, 2009 - Swine flu vaccinations take place soon - Daventry Express, UK

►August 20, 2009 - Oak Bluffs holds off on H1N1 virus plan - The Martha's Vineyard Times

* ►August 20, 2009 - Gardasil Vaccine Safety - Information from FDA And CDC on the Safety of Gardasil Vaccine - FDA - "On August 19, 2009, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article coauthored by FDA and CDC that reviews the safety data for Gardasil for select adverse events that have been reported to VAERS, from the time period starting from product licensure in June 2006 through December 31, 2008 (JAMA. 2009;302(7):750-757).  The article describes 12,424 reports of adverse events following Gardasil vaccination.  Of these, 772 were reports of serious events (6.2% of the reports) and the remaining 11,652 (93.8%) were classified as non-serious.  During this time period, the manufacturer, Merck and Co., has distributed over 23 million doses of Gardasil in the United States.  The information contained in this update is based on the same information contained in the article published in JAMA.  FDA will provide a future update to information on the number of reports of adverse events and doses distributed."

Comment:  This is an excellent example of misleading with statistics. Although there were 26 million doses of Gardasil distributed in the US, since Gardasil is given in 3 doses, it means that 7.7 million PEOPLE received the vaccine.  Moreover, while there may be “only” 772 reports of adverse events, if you factor in estimates by the FDA and a vaccine manufacturer that only 1-2% serious effects get reported, one could estimate that between 38,600 and 77,200 people may have had a serious vaccine-associated reaction to the Gardasil vaccine.  It would behoove us to know, for a fact, how many adverse vaccine-associated reactions are actually occurring.

* ►August 20, 2009 - Vaccine Surprise Redeems AstraZeneca’s MedImmmune Buy - Bloomberg - "AstraZeneca Plc’s vaccine for swine flu may bring in $2.3 billion over the next two years in a surprise windfall that may redeem the 21 percent premium the U.K. drugmaker paid to acquire MedImmune Inc. AstraZeneca is testing the nasal-spray technology used in MedImmune’s seasonal flu vaccine FluMist for a new product to tackle swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus. FluMist, which is only approved in the U.S., generated $104 million in sales last year compared with the 736 million euros ($1.05 billion) rival Sanofi-Aventis SA brought in from flu shots."

* ►August 20, 2009 - U.S. health officials back safety of Merck vaccine - Reuters - "The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control Prevention said in a statement on the FDA website: "Gardasil continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks."

* ►August 20, 2009 - Vaccines Eyed As Prostate Cancer Treatment - WCVB TV 5 Boston

* ►August 20, 2009 - FDA Proposes Mandatory Electronic Safety Reporting - FDA

* ►August 20, 2009 - Feds prescribe business plans for flu - Employers urged to develop flexible policies - The Washington Times - "Suggested actions include publicizing common-sense prevention such as frequent hand washing and covering sneezes and coughs, as well as instituting flexible leave policies, including "letting employees know if they exhibit flulike symptoms they shouldn't come to work," said Mr. Locke. "If they show symptoms during the day, the CDC recommends that businesses allow them to go home."

* ►August 20, 2009 - Glaxo used ghostwriting to promote Paxil - Offered to help doctors publish articles on drug - AP via The Boston Globe - "An internal company memo instructs salespeople to approach physicians and offer to help them write and publish articles about their positive experiences prescribing the drug. Known as the CASPPER program, the paper explains how the company can help physicians with everything from “developing a topic’’ to “submitting the manuscript for publication.’’...“We know that GSK has engaged in ghostwriting for many years,’’ said McHenry, who works as a research consultant for Baum Hedlund. “But to create an internal ghostwriting program and have the gall to name it after a cartoon ghost demonstrates their juvenile attitude and careless disregard for patients.’’

* ►August 20, 2009 - Type 1 diabetes linked to immune response to wheat - Ottawa Hospital Research  via Lab Spaces

* ►August 20, 2009 - FDA Issues Warning Letters to Marketers of Topical Ibuprofen Drug Products - FDA

* ►August 20, 2009 - Scrutiny of publication bias increases - Bias in publications in medical journals is facing intense scrutiny again, following media reports GSK used a ghostwriting programme and separate research into combating the problem. -

►August 20, 2009 - New Federal Training Grant to Teach Doctors/Scientists Immunology - The Schneider Children's Hospital (SCH) campus of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has been awarded a prestigious $795,000 federal grant to hire and train the next generation of immunologists who will investigate diseases of the immune system to provide cutting-edge care to patients. "They will have access to pediatric and adult patients who receive care for immunology-related diseases at Schneider Children's Hospital, North Shore University Hospital and LIJ Medical Center, along with patients cared for in other subspecialties that are related by the common language of immunology" - PRWeb

►August 20, 2009 - Battle of the nostrils? (requires registration) - The Scientist - "When the nostrils sense different smells, they may be duking it out for the brain's attention, according to a study published online today (August 20) in Current Biology. Such rivalry, well-documented in other sensory systems, has never before been shown for the olfactory system."

►August 20, 2009 - What's the Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations? - Centre for Research on Globalization

* ►August 20, 2009 - Quarantine and the powers the government has to order it - - "specifying certain communicable diseases for regulations providing for the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases. The diseases that fall under this Executive Order are: Cholera; Diphtheria; infectious Tuberculosis; Plague; Smallpox; Yellow Fever; and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-Congo, South American, and others not yet isolated or named) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) influenza viruses that cause or have the potential to cause a pandemic An order of quarantine and isolation was used in 2007 when an international traveler with TB failed to comply with medical instructions about travel and medication. The SARS outbreak in 2003 was the previous use of these powers."

* ►August 20, 2009 - Flu shot guidelines criticized - Mathematical model suggests that US experts got their priorities wrong. - news (Nature) - Last month, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory panel recommended that young people aged from 6 months to 24 years old should be placed at the front of the queue for flu jabs. But a new mathematical model shows that very young children do not contribute greatly to transmission, and priority should be given to school-aged kids, the number one cohort of disease spreaders, as well as their parents, who serve as gateways to the rest of the population."..."If you vaccinate the kids and you vaccinate the parents then you can virtually terminate transmission to the rest of the population," says Galvani, who is funded by the National Institute of Health's Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS) programme, which supports computational and mathematical research to control infectious diseases. On 18 August, Galvani met with Robin Robinson, director of the Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority (BARDA) in Washington DC, to discuss the paper's conclusions as part of an internal working group-meeting between BARDA and MIDAS."

* ►August 20, 2009 - U.S. Affirms Benefit of Merck's Gardasil (requires subscription) - The Wall Street Journal - "The reassurances by health authorities may not appease some doctors, parents and other critics who continue to question Gardasil's safety. An accompanying editorial in this week's JAMA said doctors and patients should only tolerate minimal risk for Gardasil because there are established methods of detecting and treating cervical cancer. A third article suggested Merck's marketing has been aggressive and has obscured a balanced picture of the vaccine."

* ►August 20, 2009 - Medicago signs MOU with Ajanta Pharma for commercial development of influenza vaccines in India and other territories - Medicago via Canada NewsWire via COMTEX via Trading Markets - "Medicago Inc, a biotechnology company focused on developing highly effective and affordable vaccines based on proprietary manufacturing technologies and Virus-Like Particles (VLPs), today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Ajanta Pharma Limited ("Ajanta") to discuss and negotiate an agreement to commercialize Medicago's pandemic and seasonal influenza VLP-based vaccines in India and other territories. Ajanta is one of India's fastest growing pharmaceutical companies that has strong relationships with Government health departments, defence services and hospitals."

►August 20, 2009 - Maine Swine Flu Conference Draws Wide Interest - AP via

* ►August 20, 2009 - The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - Kids roll up sleeves for H1N1 clinical trial - CNN

* ►August 20, 2009 - Officials may recommend 3 flu shots (requires registration) - Two would be for swine flu, or H1N1, the other for the seasonal strain. Employers are warned to brace for workers' absences. - Los Angeles Times

►August 20, 2009 - GSK Boost an indication of Merck's Deeper Problem? - GLG News

►August 20, 2009 - What you can do about swine flu - The Desert Sun

►August 20, 2009 - Contagion and Chaos: Disease, Ecology, and National Security in the Era of Globalization (book review) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - Building better bacteria (requires registration) - The Scientist - "Researchers have developed a technique for generating modified strains of bacteria with novel, genetically engineered properties"

►August 20, 2009 - Building better bacteria (requires registration) - The Scientist - "Bacteria-infecting viruses, generally thought to be harmful to their hosts, can also be surprisingly beneficial, a new study shows"

►August 20, 2009 - Online Think Tank Big Think Launches New Multimedia Web Series Exploring Some of the Most Pressing Science and Medical Issues of our Time - Big Think via PRNewswire

►August 20, 2009 - Urbanization — An Emerging Humanitarian Disaster (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - 5-Year Survival of Patients with AIDS Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Haiti (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - Predisposing Factors for Adrenal Insufficiency - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - Multinational Medicines — Ensuring Drug Quality in an Era of Global Manufacturing - journal article (NEJM)

►August 20, 2009 - Focus Diagnostics Launches 2009 H1N1 Flu Test Kit to Commercial Laboratories in the U.S. - Quest Diagnostics; Focus Diagnostics via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►August 20, 2009 - West Nile virus, a 10-year evolution - Queens Chronicle

* ►August 19, 2009 - Rise of swine flu prompts vaccination doubts - To vaccinate or not to vaccinate – that is the question facing many Swiss concerned about the rising number of people with swine flu. -

* ►August 19, 2009 - Company Hopeful on Flu Vaccine (requires registration) - The New York Times - "A Chinese vaccine company said Tuesday that its swine flu vaccine produced a good immune response with only a single dose. But international health officials, including Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who is the head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and is helping oversee vaccine trials in the United States, said it was impossible to evaluate the claim."

* ►August 19, 2009 - Health Expert Offers Tips to Parents of Special Health Care Needs Children - Parents of special needs children will find help in a new video and an accompanying tip sheet from motivational speaker and allergy and celiac cookbook author, Lisa A. Lundy, which you can download free from her website. - PRWeb

* ►August 19, 2009 - Swine flu goal: Vaccinate half the state - Patriot Ledger

* ►August 19, 2009 - 4 Insurers To Cover Flu Vaccinations - AP via WBZ 38

►August 19, 2009 - Teachers' union seeks flu advice - The Irish Times

►August 19, 2009 - Reform, Regulation, and Research — An Interview with Gail Wilensky (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 19, 2009 - The Regressivity of Taxing Employer-Paid Health Insurance (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 19, 2009 - Values, Health Care Reform, and Universal Participation (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►August 19, 2009 - Public Health Institute Statement on Health Reform: Increasing Coverage, Preventing Disease and Supporting Vulnerable Populations - AScribe Newswire via Newswire

►August 19, 2009 - Building a Bridge from Fragmentation to Accountability — The Prometheus Payment Model (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►August 19, 2009 - Pfizer will make clinical trial networking site - AP via Forbes - "The New York drugmaker said patients will be able to post personal health information at the site, and using privacy options, they will be able to make the information visible only to researchers who are focused on conditions that interest them. Pfizer ( PFE - news - people ) said that will make it easier for patients to find out about relevant trials, and for researchers and doctors to find the patients they need."

►August 19, 2009 - Senate Agriculture/FDA Appropriations Bill Amendment Seeks to Streamline Development and Regulation of Products for Rare and Neglected Diseases - FDA Law Blog

* ►August 19, 2009 - FDA Launches New Center for Tobacco Products - Noted Public Health, Veteran’s Care Expert Will Lead Agency’s Effort to Regulate Tobacco - FDA

►August 19, 2009 - Your health-reform questions answered - The Washington Post

* ►August 19, 2009 - Gardasil Researcher Speaks Out - "Public Should Receive More Complete Warnings" - CBS News - "Amid questions about the safety of the HPV vaccine  Gardasil  one of the lead researchers for the Merck drug is speaking out about its risks, benefits and aggressive marketing. Dr. Diane Harper says young girls and their parents should receive more complete warnings before receiving the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. Dr. Harper helped design and carry out the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies to get Gardasil approved, and authored many of the published, scholarly papers about it. She has been a paid speaker and consultant to Merck. It’s highly unusual for a researcher to publicly criticize a medicine or vaccine she helped get approved."

* ►August 19, 2009 - Medical Groups Promoted HPV Vaccine Using Funds Provided by Drugmaker - The Washington Post - "This clearly shows how Merck was able to influence opinion leaders in the medical field to promote the vaccine without presenting any of the downsides," said Diane M. Harper of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, who helped test the vaccine for Merck but has criticized the company's activities. "This shows how they were able to influence physicians."

* ►August 19, 2009 - Hiberix - Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Tetanus Toxoid Conjugate) - Hiberix GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, S.A., - For active immunization for the prevention of invasive disease caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b when administered as a booster dose in children 15 months through 4 years of age (prior to fifth birthday). - FDA

* ►August 19, 2009 - Influenza Virus Vaccine for the 2009-2010 Season - Cumulative 2009/2010 Season Lot Release Status (Updated 8/19/2009) Flu vaccine lots that have been released by FDA and are available for distribution by the manufacturers. For information on flu vaccine distribution schedules, please contact the manufacturers directly. - FDA

* ►August 19, 2009 - Most UK companies already hit by swine flu: survey - Reuters - Clinical trials of an H1N1 vaccine are currently under way and health officials hope mass immunization programs, which could start in some countries next month, will help contain the spread of the disease. Leading flu vaccine makers include Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Baxter, CSL and Solvay."

* ►August 19, 2009 - Health: Local families could provide clues to flu - Rochester City Newspaper

* ►August 19, 2009 - Understanding SIDS Risk Factors and Pathogenesis - In infants with underlying vulnerability, certain stressors can trigger the sequence of events that lead to asphyxia and sudden infant death. - journal article (Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►August 19, 2009 - Doctors: Whooping Cough, H1N1 Causes For Concern This Fall - 9&10 News

* ►August 19, 2009 - Advaxis to Collaborate with City of Hope - MorningStar - "Advaxis now has nine distinct cancer fighting constructs under various stages of development, four through academic collaborations,” commented Advaxis CEO Thomas A. Moore. “As scientific excitement around Listeria technology grows, we believe many more opportunities will develop. These collaborations add to our overall understanding of Listerial vaccines, generate further scientific standing and accelerate the development of our pipeline. This new opportunity expands our potential pipeline beyond solid tumors."

►August 19, 2009 - The Medicines Co: No Non-Sinister Deed Goes Unpunished - The IN VIVO Blog

►August 19, 2009 - Friendly Gut Bacteria Lend A Hand To Fight Infection, Study Suggests - Immunology researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found that bacteria present in the human gut help initiate the body's defense mechanisms against Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. - UT Southwestern Medical Center via ScienceDaily

►August 19, 2009 - Antioxidants help cancer cells? (requires registration) - The Scientist

►August 19, 2009 - Moxifloxacin Instead of Isoniazid for Pulmonary TB? - In a multinational trial, rates of culture negativity after 2 months of therapy were similar between the two drugs. - journal article (Journal Watch Infectious Diseases)

►August 19, 2009 - Court upholds validity of Merck's Singulair patent - Reuters

►August 19, 2009 - Philippine FDA will cut registration time, says health sec - The world’s newest pharma industry regulatory body was set up in Phillipines yesterday with the foundation of a new agency modelled on the US FDA. -

►August 19, 2009 - Life Expectancy at All Time High; Death Rates Reach New Low, New Report Shows - CDC

* ►August 19, 2009 - Norovirus Aboard Cruise Ship Marco Polo Rapidly Eradicated by Revolutionary new Vaporisation Process - SitexOrbis via PRNewswire

►August 19, 2009 - Basilea Vindicated: FDA Warns J&J over Trial Conduct - The IN VIVO Blog

►August 19, 2009 - Egyptian graduates to attend the Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp in USA - Three young Egyptian graduates have been chosen as best participants at the Novartis Biotechnology Leadership Camp 'BioCamp' which was held from July 29 to 31, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt. -

* ►August 19, 2009 - Congressman DeFazio's Cottage Grove Town Hall meeting draws overflow crowd - The Creswell Chronicle - "Asked about rumored mandatory swine flu vaccinations, he said, "I don't think anyone is mandating mandatory swine flu vaccinations. For one thing, there isn't enough vaccine for everyone. I'm on the Homeland Security Committee and we haven't heard anything about mandatory inoculations."

►August 19, 2009 - Report: the substantial burden of Chagas Disease in the United States - Clinical Infectious Diseases via

►August 19, 2009 - Fronto-temporal dysfunction in schizophrenia: A selective review (full text) - journal article (Indian Journal of Psychiatry)

►August 19, 2009 - 4 'Harmless' Acts That Could Give You Food Poisoning - Missteps in the kitchen, bringing home a pet, and even taking a popular medication may raise risk - U.S. News & World Report

►August 19, 2009 - Cannabis and anxiety: a critical review of the evidence - journal article (Human Psychopharmacology)

* ►August 18, 2009 - Studies: Merck vaccine safe, promotion unbalanced - AP via Yahoo!

* ►August 18, 2009 - Dry powder vaccine nears Phase I - A dry powder measles vaccine formulation and inhalers that could be as affordable as needle treatments are due to enter Phase I in 2010, according to researchers at the ACS meeting. -

►August 18, 2009 - St. Louis County's initial swine flu vaccine to be distributed by October's end - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

* ►August 18, 2009 - Study Weighs Risks of Vaccine for Cervical Cancer (requires registration) - The New York Times

* ►August 18, 2009 - Senator Moves to Block Medical Ghostwriting (requires registration) - The New York Times - "With a letter last week, a senator who helps oversee public funding for medical research signaled that he was running out of patience with the practice of ghostwriting. Senator Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who has led a long-running investigation of conflicts of interest in medicine, is starting to put pressure on the National Institutes of Health to crack down on the practice."

►August 18, 2009 - Mechanisms of two infectious swine diseases studied - Students at Kansas State University are researching some of the most important infectious diseases in swine to improve the long-term health of pigs. - Pig Progress

* ►August 18, 2009 - Spread of disease no worse on planes - Irish Times - "Despite the widely held belief that the enclosed cabin and poorer air quality on planes facilitate the transmission of diseases, Dr Paddy Mallon, consultant in infectious diseases at the Mater hospital, said the potential for spreading airborne pathogens on board a plane was no greater than in similar enclosed spaces on the ground."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Diabetes drug could lead to heart failure: Study - The Vancouver Sun - "Avandia manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline questioned the validity of the findings. The company said data from a large, randomized controlled trial involving more than 4,400 patients found that Avandia "is not associated with an overall increase in cardiac hospitalization or death" compared to patients receiving metformin and sulfonylurea, other commonly used diabetes drugs. GlaxoSmithKline says Avandia "remains an important diabetes medicine for appropriate patients."

►August 18, 2009 - School in Boyle closed for week because of flu - Lexington Herald-Leader

►August 18, 2009 - Key Feature Of Immune System Survived In Humans, Other Primates For 60 Million Years - A new study has concluded that one key part of the immune system, the ability of vitamin D to regulate anti-bactericidal proteins, is so important that is has been conserved through almost 60 million years of evolution and is shared only by primates, including humans – but no other known animal species. - Oregon State University via ScienceDaily

* ►August 18, 2009 - State Requires Flu Vaccination for Caregivers - The New York Times - "The regulation raised protest Tuesday from New York’s largest health care union, 1199 S.E.I.U. United Healthcare Workers East, whose president, George Gresham, said that the policy was “completely unprecedented” and could become punitive if the religious or cultural beliefs of workers prevented them from being vaccinated."

►August 18, 2009 - Updated: Judge orders new trial in shaken baby case - Wausau Daily Herald

►August 18, 2009 - PhRMA Statement on Commitment to Health Care Reform - PharmaLive

►August 18, 2009 - Satellite May Track Disease Outbreaks - Emerging Infectious Diseases via Citizens Report

►August 17, 2009 - Local Pharmacist Sentenced to 1 year and 3 months for Healthcare Fraud and Capaign Contribution Fraud; Also Enters into $300,000 Civil Settlement Agreement for Healthcare Fraud (pdf) - Acting United States Attorney Candace G. Hill Western District of Kentucky - Department of Justice via FDA

►August 14, 2009 - Childhood food sensitivity ‘normal’, says study - The occurrence of food hypersensitivity in children is common, and not necessarily linked to allergy, says a new study from Denmark. - Allergy via Food Navigator

►August 13, 2009 - Personalized Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: In Search of Common Grounds - journal article (The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine)

►August 7, 2009 - Anti-flu info blitz targets schools - Containment the aim of H1N1 campaign - Winnipeg Free Press

►August 5, 2009 - Novel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) and You - CDC

►August 3, 2009 - Abnormal Labor: Follow-up - eMedicine Obstretrics and Gynecology

* ►August 2009 - ACIP Picks Five Groups for Novel H1N1 Vaccine: Children are one of the priority groups. (full text) - Pediatric News

* ►August 2009 - Child Abuse Ped. Subspecialty Is Born (full text) - Pediatric News - "Pediatricians who devote themselves to the care of abused and neglected children will have a chance to show their skills this fall during the field's first certification exam. In November, the American Board of Pediatrics will hold the first-ever board certification examination for the subspecialty of child abuse pediatrics. Over the next 2 years, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is expected to finalize requirements for fellowship training in this area."

►August 2009 - Guidelines Say Don't Play On Day of Concussion (full text) - Pediatric News

►August 2009 - Neisseria meningitidis: epidemiology, treatment and prevention in adolescents - journal article (Current Opinion in Pediatrics)

►August 2009 - Treatment of a Case of Pediatric Hypereosinophilic Syndrome with Anti-Interleukin-5 - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►August 2009 - 12-year-old boy admitted for febrile illness - Infectious Diseases in Children

* ►July/August 2009 - The Predilection of Chickenpox Exanthema to Influenza Vaccine Injection Site - journal article (Pediatric Dermatology)

Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act Questions and Answers - HHS

* Wyeth Ghostwriting Archive - PLoS Medicine


Nothing posted August 19-23, 2009


Posted August 18, 2009


* ►September 15, 2009 - Persistence of Rubella Antibodies after 2 Doses of Measles‐Mumps‐Rubella Vaccine - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases) - "Rubella antibody response to MMR2 was vigorous, but titers decreased to pre‐MMR2 levels after 12 years. Because rubella is a highly epidemic disease, vigilance will be required to assure continued elimination."

* ►September 15, 2009 - Safety and Immunogenicity of a Novel Influenza Subunit Vaccine Produced in Mammalian Cell Culture (free full text) - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases) - "One of the cell substrates investigated for influenza vaccine production is Madin‐Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells [11–13]. MDCK cells have been used for the isolation of a wide variety of human influenza viruses [14], resulting in high‐yield virus propagation with good replication accuracy [15]. In a phase 1–2 trial, a novel MDCK cell–derived subunit influenza vaccine was shown to have an immune response and safety profile similar to that of a conventional egg‐based vaccine [16]. Here, we report the results of a large phase 3 trial designed to evaluate the safety and noninferior immunogenicity of the cell culture–derived influenza vaccine (CCIV) compared with an egg‐based vaccine in adult and elderly populations."..."Financial support: Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics (study sponsor)."

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►September 4, 2009 - Attitudes towards influenza vaccination of multi-nationality health-care workers in Saudi Arabia - journal article (Vaccine)

►September 4, 2009 - Administration of HPV DNA vaccine via electroporation elicits the strongest CD8+ T cell immune responses compared to intramuscular injection and intradermal gene gun delivery - journal article (Vaccine)

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►September 4, 2009 - Battling polio in Pakistan: Breaking new ground - journal article (Vaccine)

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* ►August 19, 2009 - Postlicensure Safety Surveillance for Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Recombinant Vaccine - journal article (JAMA) - "Results  VAERS received 12 424 reports of AEFIs following qHPV distribution, a rate of 53.9 reports per 100 000 doses distributed. A total of 772 reports (6.2% of all reports) described serious AEFIs, including 32 reports of death. The reporting rates per 100 000 qHPV doses distributed were 8.2 for syncope; 7.5 for local site reactions; 6.8 for dizziness; 5.0 for nausea; 4.1 for headache; 3.1 for hypersensitivity reactions; 2.6 for urticaria; 0.2 for venous thromboembolic events, autoimmune disorders, and Guillain-Barré syndrome; 0.1 for anaphylaxis and death; 0.04 for transverse myelitis and pancreatitis; and 0.009 for motor neuron disease. Disproportional reporting of syncope and venous thromboembolic events was noted with data mining methods."

* ►August 19, 2009 - The Risks and Benefits of HPV Vaccination - journal article (JAMA) - "If in doubt, should physicians err on the side of caution or on the side of hope? These questions are at the core of all medical decision making. It is a complicated process because medical knowledge is typically incomplete and ambiguous. It is especially complex to make decisions about whether to use drugs that may prevent disease in the future, particularly when these drugs are given to otherwise healthy individuals. Vaccines are examples of such drugs, and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is a case in point."

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►August 19, 2009 - Industry Support and Professional Medical Associations - journal article (JAMA)

* ►August 19, 2009 - Industry Support and Professional Medical Associations—Reply - journal article (JAMA) - "Our recommendation reflected the now accepted finding that gifts and payments, even when small, influence physicians' beliefs and behaviors.1 Accordingly, they are likely to influence the individuals and committees who select CME topics and the speakers who deliver them."

►August 19, 2009 - Antibiotic Prescription Rates for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in US Ambulatory Settings - journal article (JAMA)

►August 19, 2009 - Groups Promote "Key Competencies" in Training for Premed and Medical Students - journal article (JAMA)

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►August 19, 2009 - Stroke in Children and Young Adults (book review) - journal article (JAMA)

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►August 19, 2009 - Expansion of Renewable Energy Industries and Implications for Occupational Health - journal article (JAMA)

►August 19, 2009 - Effort Under Way to Prepare Physicians to Care for Growing Elderly Population - journal article (JAMA)

►August 19, 2009 - Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics - journal article (JAMA)

* ►August 19, 2009 - NHS compensation costs rise to £807m - Legal costs soar from £613m to £807m over three years as complaints of medical negligence against the service rise sharply - The Guardian, UK

* ►August 18, 2009 - Merck's Gardasil Has Higher Rates of Fainting, Clots (requires subscription) - The Wall Street Journal - "Doctors have questioned how effectively the vaccine prevents cervical cancer, given that its regulatory approval was for protecting against two strains of human papilloma virus, or HPV, that can cause cancer, but not all cancer-causing strains. Also, the vaccine was tested in only a few hundred 11- and 12-year-old girls, which some doctors said was too small a number to declare it safe for that age group. Critics assailed Merck's efforts to get states to require HPV vaccination, a push Merck backed away from in 2007. Gardasil sales have stalled over the past year after brisk growth initially. U.S. Gardasil sales for the first six months of 2009 declined 34% to $363 million. Merck has had a particularly tough time persuading women ages 18 to 26 to get the shot--which costs nearly $400 for the full three-dose regimen."

* ►August 18, 2009 - HPV Vaccine: Debate Over Benefits, Marketing, and New Adverse Event Data (requires registration) - JAMA via Medscape - "Why would Merck make a concentrated effort at reporting nearly 70% of the adverse events for Gardasil if they did not want to control the information?" Dr. Harper comments. "Legislation needs to be enacted to require adverse events reported to pharma to include medical and contact information for potential follow-up by the CDC."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Merck's Gardasil Shows Fainting After Shot Is Main Side Effect - Bloomberg

* ►August 18, 2009 - Study Suggests HPV Vaccine Is Safe, But Doctors Are Still Wary - TIME Magazine - "It's that uncertainty that is beginning to bother many physicians about the HPV vaccine. According to Dr. Charlotte Haug, editor in chief of the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, and author of an editorial JAMA published alongside Slade's paper, cervical cancer can be effectively picked up with PAP smears, a routine part of regular gynecological exams, and it's not clear that adding Gardasil to these screenings would significantly reduce a woman's chance of developing the disease."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Study examines adverse events associated with human papillomavirus vaccine - JAMA and Archives Journals via EurekAlert!

* ►August 18, 2009 - HPV Vaccine Side Effects As Expected (includes video) - JAMA via MedPage Today

* ►August 18, 2009 - Medical Groups Promoted HPV Vaccine Using Drug Company Money (requires registration) - Washington Post - "The groups -- the American College Health Association, the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, and the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists -- promoted Gardasil, a vaccine against a virus that can cause cervical cancer, using virtually the same strategy that Merck employed in its marketing campaign for the vaccine, the analysis concluded. ... 'This clearly shows how Merck was able to influence opinion leaders in the medical field to promote the vaccine without presenting any of the downsides,' said Diane M. Harper of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, who helped test the vaccine for Merck but has criticized the company's activities. 'This shows how they were able to influence physicians.'"

* ►August 18, 2009 - Gardasil Subject of Back-To-School Campaign -

* ►August 18, 2009 - CDC Report Stirs Controversy For Merck's Gardasil Vaccine - Cervical Cancer Vaccine Linked to Deaths, Incidents of Fainting and Blood Clots - ABC News - "Emily Tarsell started her daughter Christina on Gardasil -- a vaccine that protects against four of the most common cancer-causing strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV) -- after her first visit to a gynecologist and at the doctor's recommendation. Eighteen days after Christina received her final vaccine shot, she died. 'I know it was the Gardasil,' Tarsell said, although the official cause of death was undetermined. 'They were really recommending it, saying that there weren't any side effects, that it was safe. So I kind of went against my better instinct [and let her] get the shot.'"

►August 18, 2009 - Is the HPV Vaccine Safe? - First Major Study Released on Vaccine's Side Effects, Plus a Review of Merck's Marketing Tactics - CBS News

* ►August 18, 2009 - Top FDA Officials, Compromised by Conflicts of Interest - Alliance for Human Research Protection

* ►August 18, 2009 - Factory logjam could delay some swine flu shots - Miami Herald - "Hopefully there are ways to bring that number up," Dr. Robin Robinson, the department's chief of vaccine procurement, said Tuesday. "We're trying to bring on more manufacturing" for the final packaging step, he said, such as having companies that finish first share their facilities with stragglers."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Anticipated H1N1 Vaccine Shortage Has U.S. Officials Scrambling to Bring on New Manufacturing - A new snag in production of swine flu vaccine has the government hunting for more companies that can package it. - FOX News
* ►August 18, 2009 - Swine flu vaccine warning to neurologists - Irish Health - "While some serious adverse events have been reported, these have been rare," it said. "Nonetheless, special safety issues will inevitably arise during a pandemic when vaccine is administered on a massive scale. For example, adverse events too rare to show up even in a large clinical trial may become apparent when very large numbers of people receive a pandemic vaccine. "Some adverse events will be coincidental - that is, associated in time with vaccine administration, yet not directly caused by the vaccine. Genuine adverse events directly caused by the vaccine may also occur, but cannot be predicted in advance. Given the safety record of seasonal vaccines, such events are expected to be rare," the WHO said."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Sinovac says it finished swine flu vaccine tests - AP via Forbes - "Patients in the trial were age 3 and older. Sinovac tested the vaccine's effectiveness by taking blood samples on the vaccination date, and two and three weeks later. The company said there were no serious side effects from the inoculation, and the most common side effect was temporary pain at the site of injection."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Swine flu fallout: How sick is too sick for school? - The Salt Lake Tribune

* ►August 18, 2009 - Forced vaccines: Ready for yours? - WorldNetDaily

* ►August 18, 2009 - UK Government Swine Flu Dealers Busted In Public - The One Click Group

* ►August 18, 2009 - Vaccines Are Producing The Pandemic, Not The Flu -

* ►August 18, 2009 - Woman Convicted In Bogus Flu Vaccine Case Going To Prison - FortBendNow - "Martha Denise Gonzales, the woman who was convicted in 2007 for her role in the distribution of a fake flu vaccine, has been sentenced to prison for violating her probation. Gonzales was sentenced to five years probation for her involvement in the distribution of the fake vaccine to more than 1000 persons in the Houston area."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine: Enough to Go Around? - Health Officials Say Only a Third of Planned Doses Will Be Ready by Mid-October (includes video) - Good Morning America via ABC News

* ►August 18, 2009 - Sinovac Reports Top-Line Preliminary Results of H1N1 Vaccine Clinical Trials - Results Show Good Safety Profile and Immunogenicity - Sinovac Biotech Ltd. via PRNewswire-Asia

* ►August 18, 2009 - Sinovac says one-shot swine flu vaccine effective - * Chinese group first to complete H1N1 vaccine trial * Single shot means more people can be vaccinated * Sinovac shares up 10 pct - Reuters

* ►August 18, 2009 - Animal tests validate Novavax flu vaccine - * Vaccine protected ferrets against H1N1 * Even low doses of vaccine worked - Reuters - "The company said it made the vaccine, which uses so-called virus-like particles, in fewer than four weeks after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the genetic sequence of the H1N1 swine flu virus, which is now causing a pandemic."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Novavax Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Protects Against 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus - First report of a vaccine protecting ferrets against the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus - press release - Novavax, Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall

* ►August 18, 2009 - Crucell gets flu antibody contract from NIH - AP via Forbes - "Dutch drugmaker Crucell NV said Tuesday it received a contract worth up to $69.1 million from the U.S. government to develop antibodies for seasonal and pandemic flu."

* ►August 18, 2009 - MedImmune to test swine flu vaccine - Washington Business Journal

* ►August 18, 2009 - Adamas Pharmaceuticals Signs CRADA With U.S. Navy to Conduct Preclinical Studies of Triple-Combination Antiviral Drug Therapy for Influenza A, Including the Novel H1N1 Pandemic Strain - press release - Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. via PRNewswire

* ►August 18, 2009 - CEL-SCI Expands H1N1 Flu Virus Work - press release - CEL-SCI Corporation via PRNewswire-FirstCall

* ►August 18, 2009 - U.S. FDA Licenses CSL Biotherapies’ New U.S. Influenza Vaccine Filling and Packaging Facility in Illinois - Kankakee, Ill. Facility to Help Deliver Increased Afluria® (influenza virus vaccine) Thimerosal-Free Supply for the 2009-2010 Influenza Season - press release - Business Wire

* ►August 18, 2009 - Swine Flu: The Next Wave - What You Need to Know as the Virus Threatens to Spread With the Start of the School Year - Wall Street Journal

* ►August 18, 2009 - Public health clinics brace for back-to-school vaccine rush - - "'Nurses, pediatricians and schools often give you the impression that if you don't have all these shots and you don't do them when they say, that your kid is not going to be able to put their big toe in the school,' said Spencer, who works as a part-time patient advocate to parents of autistic children in the office of Savannah pediatrician Dr. Ramon Ramos. 'It's absolutely not true,' she said. 'People really need to learn more about their rights, what's in the shots, what's been tested for safety and how to get around it if you don't feel comfortable about it.' Getting an exemption is relatively easy, Spencer said. Physicians can complete a medical exemption form for parents to turn in to schools or parents can get a religious exemption form that must be notarized. Spencer, a mother of two, says her 8-year-old son has 'vaccine-induced' autism. However, she is not opposed to all vaccines."

* ►August 18, 2009 - U.S. Health Officials Slash by Almost One-Third October H1N1 Vaccine Estimates - U.S. officials Monday said they had slashed their estimate of how many swine flu vaccine doses will be available for the start of a mass vaccination campaign in the fall. - Reuters via FOX News

* ►August 18, 2009 - Elsevier Global Medical News Launches H1N1 Channel - press release - Elsevier via PRNewswire-FirstCall - "An H1N1 influenza channel has been added to the Elsevier Global Medical News (EGMN) wire service division of the International Medical News Group. The H1N1 channel was created to meet physicians' continuing needs to keep up-to-date with the news about the spread of the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus, as well as the new diagnostics, vaccines, clinical trials, and treatments for H1N1 infections."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Schools Plan Flu Immunizations - - "Alachua County Public School elementary and middle students will have access to a cost-free and needle-free flu immunization this year, thanks to a partnership between the Alachua County Health Department, the UF Emerging Pathogens Institute, Alachua County Public Schools and various other local organizations."

* ►August 18, 2009 - School system seeking funds from federal government - Greenville Daily Reflector - "Travis Lewis, executive director of student services, gave the board an update on the school system's efforts to provide immunizations and flu vaccines for the upcoming school year. ... Lewis said the school system also will be joining forces with the health department to provide flu-mist vaccines to students at every school in October."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Health Expert Says Swine Flu Not Likely to Mirror 1918 Pandemic - Voice of America - "Andrew Pekosz is an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Johns Hopkins University. He notes that this H1N1 virus strain shares some similarities with the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, which is thought to have affected one-third of the world's population, and killed at least 50 million people. But his studies on the new strain show it's unlikely to follow that path."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Tamiflu shelf-life extension up to countries - WHO - * WHO says Tamiflu shelf-life decision up to countries * US, Canada, Australia, EU have issued two-year extensions * Roche says filled government orders for 270 million people - Reuters

* ►August 18, 2009 - Mass vaccinations planned for deadly fall threat - Hub drafts swine flu response - Boston Herald - "At the conference, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced he’s giving all city workers two paid hours off to get influenza and swine flu vaccines, in an effort to halt the deadly swine pandemic that already has struck 480 citywide and killed four Hub residents."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Will Swine Flu Vaccine Be Hurt Over Thimerosal? -

* ►August 18, 2009 - Duke seeks volunteers to test swine flu vaccine (includes video) -

* ►August 18, 2009 - 'Original antigenic sin': A threat to H1N1 vaccine effectiveness? - CIDRAP News

* ►August 18, 2009 - Children's Swine Flu Vaccine Trials to Begin - MedPage Today

* ►August 18, 2009 - Part II: Squalene laced H1N1 vaccination pharmacological warfare - Part II of H1N1 weapon of mass destruction vaccine and human experimentation -

* ►August 18, 2009 - As school year nears, so do plans for mass vaccinations - Some worry swine flu shot could be more dangerous than disease - The Lakeland Times

* ►August 18, 2009 - Nationwide Revolt Against Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Accelerates - One third of NHS nurses in UK refuse to take shot, citing safety fears over vaccine’s link with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, autism and neurological disorders -

* ►August 18, 2009 - Flu vaccine production hits big snag - Bangkok Post - "'We may have to go back to square one, and this will jeopardise our efforts to fight the pandemic,' said Vichai Chokewiwat, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation chairman."

* ►August 18, 2009 - UK H1N1 Virus News By John Stone - Age of Autism

►August 18, 2009 - Mass swine flu shots planned - St. Augustine Record

►August 18, 2009 - Swine flu vaccine may not get to everyone -

►August 18, 2009 - A(H1N1) vaccine to be made available to Filipinos in October -

►August 18, 2009 - America On Swine Flu - Forced Vaccines: Ready For Yours? - WorldNetDaily via The One Click Group

►August 18, 2009 - Swine flu vaccine tests to start Wednesday at Children’s Mercy - Kansas City Star

►August 18, 2009 - Massachusetts Announces Eleventh H1N1 Death - Massachusetts Department Of Public Health via MedPage Today

►August 18, 2009 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Swine Flu - U.S. News & World Report

* ►August 18, 2009 - 1.1 Million-Plus Healthcare Workers Vaccinated for Seasonal Flu in 2008 as Part of a Flu Vaccination Challenge - Infection Control Today

* ►August 18, 2009 - USC Awarded $2.4M Grant to Study Autism - USC News - "'Our research will test the popular hypothesis that local and long-range connections in the brain are disrupted differently in autism spectrum disorder, leading to the core behavioral features of the disorder,” said Pat Levitt, director of the Zilkha Institute. 'The research will expand on a previous study that showed that a pollutant present in automobile and truck exhaust negatively impacted MET expression. Our team will investigate the impact of a double hit - a genetic mutation and pollutant exposure - on developing brain architecture and behavior.'"

* ►August 18, 2009 -  Diet and autism - Parents swear by dietary interventions, but study finds them unlikely to help - Boulder Daily Camera - "Jill Tappert's daughter, Abigail, was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and as she grew, the family began trying dietary strategies, as well as other therapies. At age 4, they tried a gluten-free, casein-free diet, an approach that has been adopted by many families of autistic children, and many have reported good results. For Abigail, now age 6, the GFCF diet as it's commonly abbreviated, had little effect. However, a new diet and supplement program that they began 8 to 10 months ago after seeing Boulder dietitian Judy Converse, has yielded noticeable results, Tappert says."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Autism and the DSM: Time for a Change? By Teresa Conrick - Age of Autism

►August 18, 2009 - Jenny McCarthy: I'd like to see some action behind those words - Left Brain/Right Brain

►August 18, 2009 - Former Major Leaguer adds voice to push for insurance coverage for autism - KWMU Public Broadcasting - "The effort is getting a boost from the Darryl Strawberry Foundation, run by the former Major Leaguer who now lives in St. Louis. Strawberry's sister-in-law is a special education teacher at the Center for Autism Education in O'Fallon, Mo."

* ►August 18, 2009 - The 6 Do's and Don't of Childhood Vaccines - How to avoid vaccine side effects, and keep your child safe from disease without risking other health problems, including autism. By Deirdre Imus - The Daily Green

►August 18, 2009 - Exeter Rite Aid offers shingles vaccinations - Rite Aid offers shingles vaccinations -

►August 18, 2009 - Cases of swine flu higher among city blacks, Hispanics - ‘It’s definitely a very important observation that we need to track,’ said Dr. Alfred DeMaria of the state health department. - The Boston Globe

* ►August 18, 2009 - Tdap Vaccine Will Be Available at Middle School Open Houses - Sixth-grade students must have the vaccine before school starts -

* ►August 18, 2009 - 2009 Flu Vaccination Challenge Begins - With a very challenging flu season ahead, year two of the Joint Commission Resources' Flu Vaccination Challenge has a goal of building on last year's success at raising the flu vaccination rate among U.S. health care workers. - Occupational Health & Safety

* ►August 18, 2009 - Crucell wins $41 million flu contract from U.S. government - Reuters

►August 18, 2009 - Tamiflu Helps But Prevention Is Better - Bernama

►August 18, 2009 - 2009 Meeting Materials of the Blood Products Advisory Committee - FDA

* ►August 18, 2009 - Exclusive: Monsanto chief accuses rival DuPont of deceit - Seed business giant decries tactics as beyond competition - The Washington Times - "The current dust-up between Monsanto and DuPont goes back to DuPont's efforts to stop Monsanto's purchase of Delta & Pine Land. DuPont wanted the Justice Department, which was reviewing the purchase, to reject it on the grounds that it would give Monsanto, their main competitor, an unfair advantage in selling genetically engineered traits to seed companies like Delta & Pine Land. The genetic traits are used to protect cotton from insects and weeds."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Benefit Of Early Detection Of Developmental Language Disorders Cannot Be Proven Due To Lack Of Data - Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care via Medical News Today

* ►August 18, 2009 - Barr recalls batch of oversized ADHD drug - Barr Laboratories has recalled a single batch of the drug detroamphetamine/ amphetamine, used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) after tests revealed that some tablets exceeded weight requirements. -

►August 18, 2009 - 3 Biotechs, 3 Big Pharma Plays for the Coming Generics Boom - Seeking Alpha

►August 18, 2009 - Fewer in U.S. get antibiotics for coughs, colds - Reuters

►August 18, 2009 - Merck offering free meds for uninsured -

►August 18, 2009 - Cialis Goes Up Against Viagra in Hypertension Add-On War - BNET

* ►August 18, 2009 - Back to school shots: Yes or no? - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

►August 18, 2009 - Few kids miss first school day - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - "Only 67 students were excluded from school Monday morning following the recent announcement by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District that children could not be in class without meeting proper vaccination requirements or having a waiver."

►August 18, 2009 - Back to school means time for shots - ENC Today

►August 18, 2009 - Speaking of Vaccinations . . . - Flu's Not the Only Ill That Might Merit a Preventive Shot (requires registration) - Washington Post

* ►August 18, 2009 - 'Cruise Ship Virus' Vaccine Stems From Tobacco - HealthDay via Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Scientists have developed a vaccine for the common viral infection norovirus from a novel source: a tobacco plant. The new vaccine was 'manufactured' in a tobacco plant using a bioengineered plant virus."

* ►August 18, 2009 - U.S. FDA warns J&J unit over study of new drug - * FDA: unit did not properly monitor records, researchers * Agency withholds name of experimental drug * Shares of J&J barely lower in late morning trade - Reuters

* ►August 18, 2009 - US measles vaccine test in India - The Telegraph, India - "But sources at the Serum Institute of India, Pune, which is collaborating in the project, said they would reserve comment on the clinical trials until they were clear about the status of the project in the US. 'We’d like to first understand exactly what has been achieved in the US before we can discuss clinical trials here,' a source said."

►August 18, 2009 - Protection for your child -

►August 18, 2009 - Antibiotic Scrips for Respiratory Infections Decline - MedPage Today - "The study was funded by the CDC. Authors reported past financial relationships with Wyeth, MedImmune, and Pfizer."

* ►August 18, 2009 - Probing Doctors' Ties to Industry (requires registration) - Washington Post

* ►August 18, 2009 - How Do You Ask Your Doctor if He Gets Paid by the Drug Industry? - Wall Street Journal Health Blog

►August 18, 2009 - Suppression, Libellous And Defamatory Judicial Review Abuse - The One Click Group

►August 18, 2009 - UK Social Worker Probed Over Images - The One Click Group

►August 18, 2009 - Kay Gilderdale And Assisted Suicides In Britain - The One Click Group

►August 18, 2009 - Beware Weasel Words Over UK Disability Living Allowance - The One Click Group

►August 18, 2009 - Uganda: Hungry HIV-positive patients abandon arvs - PlusNews via IRIN

►August 18, 2009 - Researchers look for dietary link to E. coli O157:H7 - Drovers - "Other UNL E. coli research tested several potential control methods for use in feedlots, including feeding a commercially available Lactobacillus acidophilus feed additive. UNL also worked closely with Canadian researchers on a vaccine. Feeding the Lactobacillus acidophilus feed additive reduced fecal shedding of E. coli by about 35 percent, while the vaccination reduced shedding by about 65 percent."

►August 18, 2009 - Canada to Aid Biosecurity in Kyrgyzstan - NTI: Global Security Newswire - "Security is poor at existing laboratories in the former Soviet republic, raising concerns that extremists might be able to acquire disease materials from those sites for use in acts of bioterrorism. Among the problems identified by Canadian officials were the lack of bars or glass in some windows, broken locks on doors and trees that could be used to climb over fences. Conditions within the facilities are also not up to Western safety standards."

►August 18, 2009 - Kate Kelly: "Green" Light Bulbs Have Mercury: Who Knew? - The Huffington Post

 ►August 18, 2009 - How mercury becomes toxic in the environment - Duke University via EurekAlert!

* ►August 17, 2009 - Weighing Possible H1N1 Vaccine Risks - Dr. Jennifer Ashton on Both Sides of Flu Vaccine Coin (includes video) - CBS News

►August 17, 2009 - Report: Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Deadly - MyFox Tampa Bay

►August 17, 2009 - Supervisors hear dire pandemic flu warning - Mohave Daily News

►August 17, 2009 - School Bells Ring in H1N1 Fears - Liveshots Blog via FOX News

►August 17, 2009 - Danbury area health districts get ready for swine flu vaccine - Rell says state's residents will receive free shots - The News-Times

►August 17, 2009 - Crucell wins $300 mln vaccine deals, shares jump - * Key vaccine contracts to deliver sales over 3-year period * Supports company sales outlook * Shares up 3.4 percent - Reuters

►August 17, 2009 - Some facts about the HPV vaccine, Gardasil -

►August 17, 2009 - More than 13,000 children without adequate protection - Western Mail via WalesOnline

* ►August 17, 2009 - District excludes 67 students for not having shot records up to date - The school district has revised upward the number of students excluded for not having up-to-date shot records today. - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

* ►August 17, 2009 - A moral obligation? - Should the U.S. produce enough H1N1 flu vaccine to help developing countries? - Baltimore Sun

* ►August 17, 2009 - CDC Will Host a Strategy Session on the H1N1 Virus on August 29 in Somerville - Call to register for this event - The Somerville News

* ►August 17, 2009 - ‘Don’t let swine flu jab hold MMR fear factor’ - Western Mail via WalesOnline - "Suspicions over the safety of the swine flu vaccine could result in it being regarded with the same mistrust as MMR, Wales’ Shadow Health Minister warned last night. Andrew RT Davies said reports of a warning issued to doctors telling them the jab could lead to an increase in cases of a potentially-fatal nerve disease could put people off having it."

* ►August 17, 2009 - Author shares son's recovery from autism - Burleson-Crowley Connection - "Like [Jenny] McCarthy, local author Kristi Chrysler of Burleson witnessed her son’s miraculous recovery from autism and shares her family’s story in her book, 'Autism: Recovery Against All Odds.'"

* ►August 17, 2009 - Need to be informed about new vaccine before taking it - letter - Cornwall Standard Freeholder

* ►August 17, 2009 - Should Your Daughter Get the HPV Vaccine? (includes audio) -

►August 17, 2009 - Health department can't explain vaccine delay - The Star via Independent Online

►August 17, 2009 - Department of Health Releases Guidance on Novel H1N1 Influenza for Schools K-12 - Webinars held with school districts statewide in preparation for the upcoming flu season - press release - Pennsylvania Department of Health; Pennsylvania Department of Education via PRNewswire-USNewswire

►August 17, 2009 - Swine flu vaccine linked to deadly breathing disease - Daily Mail, UK

* ►August 17, 2009 - Dr. Manfred Beilharz, Co-Investigator in Australian Influenza Phase 2 Clinical Trial, Interviewed on 6PR Nightline Program Regarding Interferon and Influenza - Marketwire via Yahoo!

►August 17, 2009 - Volusia dog breeder accused of forging vaccination documents - Orlando Sentinel

►August 17, 2009 - Novartis Copy of Bayer's Betaseron MS Drug Wins US Approval - Bloomberg

►August 17, 2009 - It's All in the Timing for Lyme Disease Test - Wall Street Journal

* ►August 17, 2009 - Only a third of nurses willing to have swine flu vaccine: poll - Only a third of nurses have said they are willing to have the vaccine against swine flu amid fears it has not been tested enough, a survey has found. - Telegraph, UK

* ►August 17, 2009 - Don't worry about swine flu vaccines, says WHO - Business Standard - "There’s no need to worry on the safety or efficacy of the anti-swine flu vaccines being currently developed in different countries, said the World Health Organization."

►August 17, 2009 - The truth about the pandemic flu vaccines - What you need to know and are afraid to ask - RenewAmerica

►August 17, 2009 - Preparing for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - journal article (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

* ►August 17, 2009 - Stamford Hospital failed to screen newborn, suit alleges - The Stamford Advocate - "A Darien couple sued Stamford Hospital last week, alleging its failure to perform routine genetic testing caused their newborn son to suffer permanent neurological damage. The child's parents, Patrick and Katharina O'Connor, state in the lawsuit that their son, Peter, was born Aug. 29, 2007, with congenital hypothyroidism. The state Department of Public Health began testing all newborns for the condition in 1976. The condition, caused by genetic mutation, prevents the thyroid from functioning normally. However, treatment within the first month of a newborn's life can prevent long-term problems. If left untreated, congenital hypothyroidism can prevent normal brain or metabolic development. The O'Connors allege that is what happened to Peter. They say his condition went undiagnosed despite the fact that he exhibited problems shortly after his birth and was transferred to intensive care."

►August 17, 2009 - University begins to prepare for H1N1 - The University Daily Kansan

►August 17, 2009 - Collins prepares for budget battle (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►August 17, 2009 - Hog producers battle H1N1 misinformation - Farmers at fair go to great lengths to keep their pigs free of diseases - The State Journal-Register

* ►August 17, 2009 - Developmental Language Disorders at Preschool Age - Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) could via redOrbit

►August 17, 2009 - Physical function, disease activity, and health-related quality-of-life outcomes after 3 years of adalimumab treatment in patients with ankylosing spondylitis - 7th Space

►August 17, 2009 - Vitamin D in dialysis patients. - Nephrology via

►August 17, 2009 - ACR Appropriateness Criteria® vomiting in infants up to 3 months of age. - American College of Radiology via

* ►August 17, 2009 - Bioethecist R. Alta Charo Comes To FDA After Stints On IoM Drug Safety Group, NIH Embryo Research Panel - Bioethicist R. Alta Charo has made many recommendations about how FDA should structure its oversight functions, and beginning Aug. 31 she may get a chance to work on implementing them. She's joining FDA as a senior advisor, reporting to Assistant Commissioner for Policy David Horowitz. - The RPM Report

►August 17, 2009 - CMS Administrator Search: Harvard’s Lee Would Bring Unique Profile - As naming of CMS head drags on, here’s a look at one potential candidate for the job with the diverse background that fits the Obama Administration’s requirements for the job. - The RPM Report

►August 17, 2009 - India upgrades its disease surveillance network - Microbiologist Udaiveer Rana talks about the country's revamped disease institute. - news (Nature)

►August 17, 2009 - Irrigation reform needed in Asia - Farms must feed a growing population with a minimal impact on the environment. - news (Nature)

►August 17, 2009 - Big Pharma, Polar Bears, and the Need to Specialize - IN VIVO Blog

►August 17, 2009 - Blood pressure drug reverses MS symptoms in mice - Reuters - "Lab tests found the generic drug lisinopril, developed by Merck (MRK.N) and sold as Prinivil or Tensopril, prevented paralysis in mice with a form of MS."

►August 17, 2009 - 3 On Your Side: Free Prescription Drugs From Merck - CBS 3

* ►August 16, 2009 -  Pneumonic Plague Enters Heilongjiang, Nine Hospitalized - Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times

►August 16, 2009 - Nationwide, schools prepare to set up flu-shot clinics - AP via Newsday

►August 16, 2009 - Volunteers sought to help if H1N1 flu resurges - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

* ►August 16, 2009 - Rockledge Teen Dies Of H1N1 Virus - Tiphani Corley Battled Swine Flu Since July (includes video) -

* ►August 16, 2009 - Receive Free Neurological Disorder with Your Swine Flu Vaccination - TreeHugger

* ►August 16, 2009 - Part 1: H1N1 weapon of mass destruction vaccine and human experimentation -

►August 16, 2009 - It’s time to label H1N1 flu as is really is - editorial - Guelph Mercury - "Pork farmers and one of the nation’s biggest newsrooms, the CBC, just can’t see eye to eye on what to call the H1N1 flu, popularly (but erroneously, say some farmers) dubbed swine flu. So now, the corporation’s ombudsman is being asked to settle the matter. On the farming side, the charge is being led by Gordon Sloan. He’s a semi-retired provincial employee who lives in Guelph and has agricultural roots and farm relatives near Chatham. Sloan is attempting something that’s eluded others - namely, getting farmer-friendly terminology accepted at the highest media level, in hopes other scribes will follow."

* ►August 15, 2009 - H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Obama Revives Bush-Era Militarized Quarantine Regulations by Tom Burghardt -

►August 13, 2009 - Black Tea May Fight Diabetes - Long known for its antioxidants, immune boosting and, most recently, antihypertensive properties, black tea could have another health benefit. Black tea may be used to control diabetes, according to a study in the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists. - Institute of Food Technologists via ScienceDaily

* ►August 13, 2009 - Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine: Not Just for Younger Women (requires registration) (video) - Lancet via Medscape

* ►August 11, 2009 - Rapid immune responses may make booster vaccine useful during pertussis outbreaks - Infectious Disease News

* ►August 7, 2009 - ACIP Updates Recommendations for Routine Poliovirus Vaccination (requires registration) - MMWR via Medscape

* ►August 1, 2009 - Committee Weighs H1N1 Vaccination Concerns - Family Practice News

►August 1, 2009 - HIV/AIDS and the law: no consensus in sight - Some laws may be hindering prevention efforts around the world. - Infectious Disease News

►August 2009 - Risk of Bacterial or Herpes Simplex Virus Meningitis/Encephalitis in Children With Complex Febrile Seizures - journal article (Pediatric Emergency Care)

* ►July 29, 2009 - NBI seizes P4M worth of fake flu vaccines -

►2009 - International Health Regulations (IHR) - Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - WHO

How to abate child's fear of getting needle - The Province via


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