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All the News November 21-30, 2003

Posted November 30, 2003:

November 30, 2003 - Autism turns sons into strangers - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Workshop on Development of Clinical Trial Plan for Pandemic Inluenza Vaccines - FDA

Influenza Virus Vaccine - CBER/FDA

November 13, 2003 - Statement of William Egan, Ph.D., Acting Director, Office of Vaccine Research and Review, CBER, FDA Before the Subcommittee on Wellness and Human and Human Rights, U.S. House of Representatives (re: SV40 and polio vaccine) - FDA - "Although scientists have not reached consensus on the potential risks posed by SV40 and whether it may contribute to causing some types of tumors in humans, the one thing we all agree on is that poliovirus vaccine has provided an enormous public health benefit and has practically eradicated this horrible disease. As with all medical products, there are potential known and unknown risks with any vaccine. FDA will continue its efforts to help ensure the safety of all vaccines and protect the public health."

For more on the question of SV40 and polio vaccine go to Scandals: The Institute of Medicine Review Of SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine and Cancer, SV40: an emerging pathogen that's been around for fifty years (BioMedNet - requires registration); Scandals: The Thimerosal/SV40 Connection  - Public Health's Ongoing Scandal; Childhood exposure to simian virus 40-contaminated poliovirus vaccine and risk of AIDS-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; and Oral Presentation of Barbara Loe Fisher before the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness, U.S. House Government Reform Committee on 9/10/03.

Analysis and Characterization of Mercury in Injectable Products - CBER Research Project - FDA (last updated April 2002)

Mercury Compounds in Drugs and Food - CBER/FDA (last updated August 2001)


National Autism Association


National Autism Association - Action Center - action of the week

Visceral - A Medical Research Charity for Intestinal Disease - - "Objects - The objects of Visceral are the promotion of education and research into the study and cure of gastro-intestinally mediated disease, including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and an increasingly common combination of gastrointestinal disease with a regressive developmental disorder (autistic enterocolitis) through making grants to appropriate institutions and individuals."

November 30, 2003 - Japan lags behind in taking measures against measles - The Asahi Shimbun - "Previously, the antibody created from measles vaccination replicated itself whenever the carrier was exposed to the disease. But exposure to measles has decreased as the number of cases of the disease has fallen. Therefore, the antibody simply wears off...Experts also note that vaccines produced in Japan are less effective than in other countries because Japanese drug makers try to minimize side effects. In addition, different types of measles viruses are increasing, and vaccines simply do not work for around 3 percent to 5 percent of people, they say."

For more on this "boosting of immunity" by circulating virus, go to Scandals: Playing With Fire - It's Not EASY To Fool Mother Nature and Scandals: Don't Worry, Be Happy.

For more on how other countries seem to pay more attention to vaccine side effects go to Scandals: Vaccine-related infant deaths - When is enough, enough?

November 30, 2003 - Hospitals kept quiet on cause of infant deaths - Star-Telegram - "Two years later, the hospital learned that Rachel was among dozens of premature babies nationwide after being given E-Ferol Aqueous Solution, an intravenous vitamin E preparation intended to help prevent blindness.  But the hospital didn't notify White of the finding.  In fact, it would be 11 more years before she learned why her daughter died."

Comment:  What else aren't we being told?

November 30, 2003 - Survey finds 1 in 4 five-year-olds have developmental problems - - "DAVID HARDAKER: It seems there's something seriously wrong with our children if a new study from Perth is to be believed. The study of a group of five year olds found that one-quarter have developmental problems which could lead to more serious problems later in life."

Comment:  Can this be true?  If so, how long before this terrible situation is described as "normal", which it may well have become, and dismissed as a problem.  When will what has become normal instead be compared both to what used to be normal and what is optimal?

November 30, 2003 - New Campaign To Market Tough-Sell FluMist - by Sherri Tenpenny, DO - Online Vaccines Conference @

Posted November 29, 2003:

November 28, 2003 - 8M Filipino kids suffer from physical, mental disability - Sun.Star Davao

November 28, 2003 - Ministers told to speed up mental incapacity legislation - - "MPs and peers on a cross-party committee set up to scrutinise the bill said sufferers from problems such as dementia, autism and learning difficulties had already waited too long for the law to be cleared up."

November 29, 2003 - How to scare a US marine - American troops in Liberia refused to take malaria pills, because they fear the side effects more than bullets.  Brendan O'Neill on the undermining of morale - The Spectator

November 26, 2003 - WHO: Work together for SARS vaccine - ChinaDaily

November 27, 2003 - Rabies threatens rare wolf with extinction -

November 27, 2003 - Congress passes sweeping changes - Republican victories spur partisan animosity - AP via The Daily Camera - "With wide bipartisan support, Congress approved a five-year, $15 billion bill proposed by the president to combat AIDS in 14 African and Caribbean nations. Another $5.6 billion over 10 years was set aside to research and stockpile vaccines in response to the threat of bioterrorist attacks."

November 25, 2003 - U.N.: Global AIDS Epidemic Rampant - Newsday via

November 27, 2003 - Europe to issue passports for pets - AP via Yahoo! - "Owners will be able to use a standardized blue booklet stamped with the European Union (news - web sites)'s circle of gold stars, listing vaccinations and certifying the pets are rabies-free."

November 28, 2003 - Scientists warn of coming flu pandemic - Experts recommend world health authorities stockpile vaccine to be ready for new strains of influenza - Knight-Ridder via The Wichita Eagle

November 28, 2003 - Child , 2 seniors, die as flu bug spreads - The Globe and Mail - "Children are particularly vulnerable because flu was mild for several years, not allowing them to build immunity, and because one of the strains is new and particularly virulent...The notion of a universal flu vaccination is recent and immunizing children has not been routine."

November 28, 2003 - Flu threat puts parents on alert  - One child dies in Peterborough from bug - The Globe and Mail - "Despite experts' dire warnings that the world is overdue for a pandemic that will kill millions of people, that is unlikely to occur this year. A pandemic occurs when a strain jumps from animals to humans...'A/Fujian will not cause a pandemic, but that doesn't mean it's benign,' said Robert Webster, a virologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn...the child who died 'did have some underlying medical problems...'

November 27, 2003 - Some Hepatitis B Virus Strains May Cause Increased Liver Damage in Haemodialysis Patients -


November 27, 2003 - Improved Vaccination Procedures Garner New US Aid - IRIN via


November 26, 2003 - New findings implicate cell size controls in a variety of diseases -

November 29, 2003 - Ethics of research involving vulnerable populations - letter - journal article (The Lancet)

November 29, 2003 - The statin wars - letter - journal article (The Lancet)

November 29, 2003 - Let there be light - (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)    "Use of ultraviolet light seemed to result in far fewer symptoms, as well as respiratory and mucosal symptoms than did non-use."

November 29, 2003 - 'Delivery by caesarean section in the first pregnancy could increase the risk of unexplained stillbirth in the second' (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)

November 29, 2003 - The Lancet, Table of Contents

November 29, 2003 - West Nile Virus may have felled Alexander the Great - Dying ravens provide clue to conqueror's swift demise. - Nature

November 28, 2003 - How hepatitis has touched their lives -  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 29, 2003 - Critic of large malpractice awards ordered to pay $800,000 in damages - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 27, 2003 - Ignorance Hampers AIDS Fight in Asia - AP via - "A doctor from Afghanistan stunned a conference on AIDS this month by revealing that he didn't know what the symptoms of the disease were."

Comment:  Maybe the reason this good doctor doesn't know what the symptoms are is because there is not a definitive thing called "AIDS".  Here's what Professor Peter Duesberg had to say about AIDS in his book Inventing the AIDS Virus: "This war has been fought in the name of the virus-AIDS hypothesis, which holds that HIV, the AIDS virus, is a new cause of thirty old diseases, including Kaposi's sarcoma, tuberculosis, dementia, pneumonia, weight loss, diarrhea, leukemia, and twenty-three others (see chapter 6).  If any of these previously known diseases now occurs in a patient who has antibodies against HIV (but rarely ever any HIV), then his or her disease is diagnosed as AIDS and blamed on HIV.  If the same disease occurs in a patient without HIV-antibodies, his or her diseases is diagnosed by its old name and blamed on conventional chemical or microbial causes."

November 28, 2003 - UV Lamps Could Reduce Worker Sickness - AP via "industrialized countries could be reduced by using ultraviolet lamps to kill germs in ventilation systems, new research indicates."

November 28, 2003 - Mandela urges world to fight AIDS like it fought apartheid - AP via CNN - "It will take greater unity and effort to conquer HIV than it took to tear down apartheid, former South African President Nelson Mandela told a host of music celebrities Friday, gathered in Cape Town for an AIDS benefit concert named in his honor."


November 28, 2003 - Flu Outbreak Reported in 39 States - UPI via Medline


November 27, 2003 - Sugar And a Hug Calm Babies Getting Shots - Reuters Health


November 26, 2003 - DNA Vaccine for Ebola Enters Safety Trial - Genome News Network


November 26, 2003 - New Study Shows Overall Increase in HIV Diagnoses - African Americans, Latinos, Gay and Bisexual Men most affected - CDC Press release


Comment: But what if, as some believe, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS? 


November 17, 2003 - CDC News Conference Transcript - Update on Current Influenza Season - CDC - "The strain that we're most concerned about, that is a drift version of H3N2 is called the Fujian strain. It's very similar, it's just drifted a little bit from the Panama strain, and our animal studies suggest that the vaccine will provide cross-protection against this strain. In the past this has happened. It's a very common thing."


November 28, 2003 - Cross species transfer is last straw - Staphylococcus-acquired vancomycin resistance from enterococcal co-isolate - The Scientist

Comment: It’s a shame that prior to deciding to use animal cell cultures in the production of vaccines that the question of cross-species transfer was not investigated.   As we have learned, just in the case of the polio vaccine and SV40 alone, the assumption that such transfer would not occur may well have been mistaken.

For more on the problem of SV40 contamination of the polio vaccine, go to Scandals: The Institute of Medicine Review Of SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine and Cancer.

Posted November 28, 2003:


November 27, 2003 - Designing a dope test for research (requires registration) - BioMedNet - "Scientific misconduct is like doping in sports, says leading biochemist Peter Hans Hofschneider. The scientific community must remain alert to the problem, even small infractions of good working practice should not be tolerated."


Microorganisms and Autoimmunity: Making the Barren Field Fertile? (requires registration) - Nature Reviews Microbiology - "Microorganisms induce strong immune responses, most of which are specific for their encoded antigens. However, microbial infections can also trigger responses against self antigens (autoimmunity), and it has been proposed that this phenomenon could underlie several chronic human diseases, such as type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis."


October 2003 - Death by Medicine -


October 2003 - Death by Medicine (abstract) -


November 28, 2003 - Mercury A Growing Scourge -


Detection and sequencing of measles virus from peripheral mononuclear cells from patients with inflammatory bowel disease and autism. - journal article - "The sequences obtained from the patients with ulcerative colitis and children with autism were consistent with being vaccine strains."

Rett syndrome phenotype following infantile acute encephalopathy. - journal article - "We report on a girl who, at age 2 months, developed an acute encephalopathy with destructive brain damage 12 hours after acellular pertussis vaccination...Months later, the girl manifested a Rett syndrome phenotype."

Considerations in Designing Effective and Safe Vaccination Programs for Dogs -  (Last Updated: 5-May-2000 )


Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines: What We Know And Don't Know - Critter Fixer Pet Hospital, Inc. ™


Colorado State University's Small Animal Vaccination Protocol - - "Our adoption of this routine vaccination program is based on the lack of scientific evidence to support the current practice of annual vaccination and increasing documentation showing that overvaccinating has been associated with harmful side effects. Of particular note in this regard has been the association of autoimmune hemolytic anemia with vaccination in dogs and vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats -- both of which are often fatal."


November 28, 2003 - The Barefoot Doctor Fights AIDS - The New York Times


November 29, 2003 - Lassa fever: epidemiology, clinical features, and social consequences - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - New screening method for newborns can prevent complications - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - Migrants should not be forced to have TB and HIV screening - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - Half of general practices (in England) offer patients complementary medicine - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - Drug company pushes for all children under 2 to be vaccinated against pneumonia - journal article (BMJ)


For another perspective on what might be among the (unexamined?) consequences of this push by a drug company, go to Scandals: Changing Disease Epidemiology Via Vaccines - Are We "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul"?


November 29, 2003 - Drug companies succeed in keeping payments to doctors secret - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - South Africa introduces world's largest AIDS treatment plan - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - Global efforts to control AIDS are "entirely inadequate" - journal article (BMJ)


November 29, 2003 - Nearly 50 000 adults in the United Kingdom now have HIV - journal article (BMJ)


Comment: And what if, as some believe, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS? 


November 29, 2003 - BMJ Table of Contents -


Aluminum -


December 1, 2003 - The Autism Calendar - December 2003 - Schafer Autism report


Sometimes it’s Okay to “Just Say YES” to drugs: Innovations in intervention for autism spectrum disorder - Exceptional Parent Magazine


November 27, 2003 - Working hard at life - Backed by her parents and a few others who believe in her, Stow's Nancy Henn lives productively despite the curse of autism - The Akron Beacon Journal - "Nancy Henn can't daydream on the job.  If she's distracted for even a few minutes, her fragile inner controls may loosen, making her vulnerable to the nightmarish chaos of a broken mind."


Long-term follow up of pneumonia cases - Health and Age (A Novartis Foundation) - "Researchers at the University of Texas have been looking at a group of patients who had pneumonia and have found that even five years after recovery they are more likely to die than those who did not have pneumonia." (December 2003)


Senator Bingaman's Resolution: Expressing the sense of the Senate regarding the anthrax and smallpox vaccines


Aspartame - NO! - website -


November 28, 2003 - Longtime dream spurs fight against paralysis - Washington County sheriff in 2nd term - - "Smith was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare but rapid onset of weakness or paralysis in which the body's immune system typically attacks the body itself...The syndrome can be triggered by vaccinations and it has no known cause or cure. In Smith's case, a flu shot sparked the disease."

Posted November 27, 2003:


November 26, 2003 - Global AIDS epidemic worsens - The Seattle Times

November 27, 2003 - Will Sars flare up again this winter? - The Guardian, UK

November 27, 2003 - Flu zaps N.M. schools - Deadly in Colorado, strain strikes 40 percent of Pojoaque students - Albuquerque Tribune Online

November 27, 2003 - HIV, the disease of mass destruction -

Comment: And what if, as some believe, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS? 

November 27, 2003 - Study: Nitric Oxide Helps Some Preemies -

November 26, 2003 - Alta. unveils plan for next influenza pandemic - - "The Alberta government has issued a dire health warning about the flu. They say when the next pandemic hits, it will make last spring's SARS outbreak look like 'the sniffles.'"

November 27, 2003 - SARS vaccine search makes a key advance - - "Drugs to treat SARS and even a vaccine to block the lethal respiratory disease could be available in just a few years with the discovery of the molecular mechanism that allows the virus to invade human cells, an advance achieved with unprecedented speed."

November 27, 2003 - Few willing to pay through the nose for FluMist - Akron Beacon Journal

November 27, 2003 - UN: China has chance to contain spread of HIV/AIDS - China Daily

November 27, 2003 - Cleaning Today's Commercial Produce Imperative To Health - The Ponca City News

November 27, 2003 - Study: First Caesarean increases risk - - "Women who have their first baby by Caesarean section are at significantly higher risk of losing their next baby to an unexplained stillbirth before going into labor, according to a new study...An expert not associated with the study, published in The Lancet medical journal, said the research is important because it suggests hospitals that tend to do a lot of Caesareans might need to consider strategies to reduce them."


November 27, 2003 - Cuba develops 'cheap' Hib vaccine - Cuban scientists have given details of a new vaccine against a bacterium which causes meningitis and pneumonia. - BBC


November 27, 2003 - Officials reject flu risk claims - Claims that the UK may be unprepared if this year's flu season turns into "the big one" have been dismissed by the Department of Health.  - BBC


Incentive Tips - The National Immunization Program - CDC


November 27, 2003 - Thousands sickened in early, severe flu season - Especially virulent strain of virus is cropping up - CNN - "'One of the reported deaths from flu this year was of a child with symptoms that were not consistent with the flu,' said Dr. Ned Calonge, Colorado's chief medical officer...'The loss of this child is tragic, but parents need to know this is a very unusual case, and that there have not been any similar cases in Colorado or Texas, where flu activity has been the worst to date in the United States this year," he said in a statement on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Web site.'"


November 27, 2003 - Drug Company Halts Trials of Procrit - The New York Times


November 27, 2003 - H.I.V. Infections Continue Rise, Study Says - The New York Times


November 27, 2003 - Does Selenium Play A Role In AIDS? -


November 26, 2003 - Polio Eradication: Future Strategies - journal article (Indian Pediatrics) - Letter to the Editor


November 26, 2003 - Polio Eradication in India - journal article (Indian Pediatrics) - Letter to the Editor


November 26, 2003 - Polio Eradication in India - journal article (Indian Pediatrics) - Letter to the Editor


For more on this, go to Scandals: Wanted: Dead or Alive? Is IPV really safer than OPV?


November 26, 2003 - Bush Celebrates Medicare Victory - Next on Agenda: Malpractice-Suit Curbs - The Washington Post


Posted November 26, 2003:

November 26, 2003 - Have MMR jabs, students urged - - "Teenagers are being urged to have the MMR vaccination after an outbreak of mumps among college students."

Thimerosal-Containing Influenza Vaccine - CDC

November 24, 2003 - Warning of mumps epidemic - Worrying rise in number of cases - Belfast Telegraph - "In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Dr Campbell, the province's chief medical officer, said: "Mumps is a leading cause of meningitis, and meningitis is something that is feared by every parent."

Comment:  This is scare tactics at its worst.  Mumps is associated with aseptic, not bacterial meningitis.  Aseptic meningitis rarely is as serious as bacterial meningitis or has long-term complications. For more on this click 1, 2 and 3.   Aseptic meningitis is also thought to have occurred as a result of the mumps and MMR vaccine (e.g., click here).

November 25, 2003 - NEWS SNAP: Acambis Banks WHO Encephalitis Vaccine Deal -

October 28, 2003 - Experimental Vaccine to Prevent Shingles Part of National Study - Canadian Press - "For every 100 kids that get chickenpox, she says five of them will have complications, some extremely serious. Secondary bacterial infections have been known to get into the bloodstream and even cause flesh-eating disease in children or travel to their bones and joints...A cautionary theory has been put forward on the chickenpox vaccine-shingles issue...So the concern is: Will we trade a childhood disease for something that's far worse in adults?"

Comment: Where do they get statistics like the 5 in 100 one above?  Click here to see what they used to say about chickenpox, before there was a vaccine for it.  Go to Rise In Shingles Cases Linked To Universal Chickenpox Vaccine Program, in the Online Vaccines Conference at and Scandals: When is an oops not really an oops?  When you get to solve the problems you cause, and make money doing both! for more on the "chickenpox vaccine-shingles issue".

November 24, 2003 - Autism Treatment Now Offered in Michigan -  Detroit Now - "When a child has autism, a parent is willing to go anywhere and try anything to get help...Thanks to the persistence of one local family, a new breakthrough treatment has just come to Michigan."


November 26, 2003 - Flu outbreak may be shot in arm for hospital profits - The Tennessean


Comment: No comment.


November 26, 2003 - Pay up for insurance, Pa. doctors being told -


November 26, 2003 - Ohio Guardsman refuses anthrax vaccination - The Cleveland Plain Dealer - "An Ohio National Guard member whose unit is scheduled for deployment in January is refusing to be vaccinated against anthrax and could wind up in jail."


November 25, 2003 - Ebola blamed in tragic decline of great apes - Emergency meeting aimed at staving off extinction from disease, poaching, habitat destruction - MSNBC


November 12, 2003 - Laboratory launches Hepatitis C database -


November 26, 2003 - Building a bug from scratch - Scientists report quick progress in synthetic-organism quest - The Houston Chronicle - "Scientists have announced significant progress toward creating an artificial organism that one day may have uses ranging from pollution control to clean energy production."

November 26, 2003 - Flu loosens grip as cases fall - The Herald, UK

Wisconsin Mercury Sourcebook - A Guide To Help Your Community Identify and Reduce Releases of Elemental Mercury - EPA

Comment:  What, no "Mercury Use: Vaccines"?

January 3, 2003 - Get a good night's sleep - The Mayo Clinic via CNN

December 1, 2003 - The Wrong Drug, The Wrong Dose - -  "We learn from our mistakes only if we admit we're making them. And it appears that the medical community is increasingly stepping forward to do just that, according to U.S. Pharmacopeia's fourth annual report of hospital medication errors."

November 26, 2003 - China concern over Sars drugs - A group of experts in China is investigating the side-effects of medication for the Sars virus, after reports that many recovered patients have been suffering bone degeneration. - BBC

November 25, 2003 - Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians - Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian hermit who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for several decades - but is still in perfect health. - BBC - "Followers of Indian holy men and ascetics have often ascribed extraordinary powers to them, but such powers are seldom subject to scientific inspection."

November 21, 2003 - Call to extend life-saving vaccination programme - The Guardian, UK -  "Giving all children a vaccine to protect them against diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia and septicaemia would save 2,000 lives in the UK each year, doctors said today. "

November 24, 2003 - Army Reserve battles an exodus - Branch misses its retention goal by 6.7 percent - The Boston Globe via The Dayton Daily News

Immunization: On the Record - Preventive Measures to Keep Your Children Health - Babies Today


November 25, 2003 - Study Questions New Schizophrenia Drug - Study Says Newer Schizophrenia Drug May Not Be Much Better Than Older and Cheaper Medication - AP via ABC News


For more on this, go to: Up to 20% of drugs may cause unexpected problems and Safety of New Drugs Cannot Be Known for Many Years


November 26, 2003 - U.N. Report Calls Efforts Against AIDS 'Entirely Inadequate'  - The New York Times


Comment: And what if, as some believe, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS? 


Comment:  And what of the role medical intervention has played in the spread of AIDS in Africa?  For more on this go to Scandals: "But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last." and BD Applauds Senate Action to Prevent Unsafe Medical Practices That Can Cause HIV/AIDS Spread in Africa


November 26, 2003 - FOND DU LAC, WIS.: County sees whooping cough epidemic  - Pioneer Press


Comment:  It can't exactly be blamed on the unvaccinated, given the 99.6% vaccination rate among children in grades K-12.

Combined Vaccines: The Latest in Immunization - Fewer vaccines means less crying for Baby and less stress for Mom and Dad. -

Comment:  But at what cost to the baby's health?

November 25, 2003 - MedImmune Seeks Help In Relaunching FluMist - New Plan to Be Rolled Out in January - The Washington Post

November 26, 2003 - Drug Maker Wyeth Wins Fen-Phen Lawsuit - AP via FindLaw

November 23, 2003 - Hospitals find new medication controls - - "Even though it would have been faster, Dr. David Osborne did not write an order for Ramos's emergency asthma medications. Instead, he logged on to a computer in the middle of the urgent care bay, and ordered Albuterol and Prednisone using software programmed to warn him if Ramos, 38, had dangerous drug allergies. A tiny box popped up: 'No known allergies.'"

November 26, 2003 - WHO welcomes China's advances in development of SARS vaccine -

November 26, 2003 - County cuts price of immunization shots for hepatitis A - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 26, 2003 - Grower fears devastation unless source of virus found - Suprise and dismay at an operation described as a model for cleanliness - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 25, 2003 - Hepatitis outbreak: Viruses can slip across Mexican border - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 24, 2003 - Gov't: Salmonella Declining in Raw Meat - The Herald-Sun

November 24, 2003 - Post-op quality of life bypasses women - The Herald-Sun - "Women in a newly published Duke University Medical Center study had more emotional problems after coronary bypass surgery than did their male counterparts, surprising researchers and leaving them unsure of the reasons for the disparity."

November 26, 2003 - Women Reluctant To Consider Less Frequent Cervical Cancer Screening, Study Finds – journal article via  

November 25, 2003 - Physical Activity In Later Years Helps Women Preserve Functional Abilities – journal article via 

November 25, 2003 - Emory and CDC scientists explore why most breastfed infants of HIV-positive mothers resist  

November 25, 2003 - Italy Launches New AIDS Vaccine Trials - Reuters

November 25, 2003 - 2003 worst ever year for HIV, says UN report  -

November 25, 2003 - Severe strain of flu isn't included in this year's vaccine – AP via Star-Telegram

November 25, 2003 - First applicant for SARS vaccine test in 

November 24, 2003 - WHO reports 24 Ebola cases in Congo – CIDRAP News

November 24, 2003 - Human Ebola vaccine trial begins - Phase I safety test of the multimodal vaccine's DNA component will last 1 year – The Scientist

November 24, 2003 - U.S. Moves To Reduce Ebola Bioterrorism Threat U.S. State Department via

November 23, 2003 - Endless battle against hospital bugs: Dirty tools only half the problem - Safer today than yesterday: Expert – Toronto Star

November 25, 2003 - Vaccinations, Infections May Lower Melanoma Risk – Reuters Health via Medline 

November 25, 2003 - Mononucleosis UPS Risk for HIV Infection – Reuters Health via Medline 

November 26, 2003 - 2001 E. coli outbreak linked to sawdust in air - At least 19 people who had gone to a county fair in Ohio in 2001 fell ill with E. coli after the bacteria apparently spread through sawdust in the air at an exhibition hall -- the first time researchers have connected an outbreak to a contaminated building. – AP via CNN 

November 25, 2003 - U.N.: No end in sight for AIDS epidemic - The AIDS epidemic shows no signs of abating, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, and political action to fight the virus is failing, according to a report released Tuesday. – CNN  

November 25, 2003 - U.N.: AIDS deaths, infections at new highs - Deaths and new cases of HIV/AIDS reached new highs in 2003 and are set to rise further as the epidemic keeps a stranglehold on sub-Saharan Africa and advances across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. – Reuters via CNN

November 26, 2003 - Heart Technique Reportedly Lessens Pain – AP via The Herald-Sun

November 26, 2003 - Calif. Boy Dies After Stem Cell Transplant – AP via The Herald-Sun

November 25, 2003 - Tips for Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables – AP via The Herald-Sun

November 26, 2003 - Mexico Vows Tighter Produce Inspections - AP via


November 25, 2003 - Magnesium sulfate to mothers just prior to delivery of preterm babies may improve outcomes -


November 25, 2003 - Cooking Ensures Safe Vegetables, CDC Says - Cooking the Only Way to Ensure Safe Vegetables, but Keep Fear in Perspective, Experts Say - AP via ABC News


November 25, 2003 - Worst Flu Season in 30 Years Predicted - AP via Yahoo!


November 24, 2003 - Breast Intentions - Burger King has promised to welcome nursing women at their restaurants.  If only they could make their food as healthy as mother's milk - MSNBC


November 26, 2003 - Four Children in Colorado Die From Flu - AP via Yahoo! - ""We had child deaths last year, but not this many and not this close together," Calonge said, adding that he did not know whether the children who died had been vaccinated."


Comment:  Is there something about this flu virus that is making it more dangerous or has something happened to make children more vulnerable to the flu?


November 25, 2003 - Flu bug keeps breaking records - Colo. among states with the most cases -


Posted November 25, 2003:


Combined Vaccines: The Latest in Immunization - -  "'As new vaccines arrive for prevention of disease in children and adults, they are scrutinized with the utmost care to ensure the highest degree of safety," he says.'"


Free Yurko - Welcome to the Yurko Project! -


August 22, 2003 - "FREE ALAN YURKO"... - No Nonsense Commentary by Mary Starrett - "The prosecution said this was proof the baby was shaken to death. But baby Alan died from something else- a toxic cocktail of numerous vaccinations routinely given to babies his age, despite the fact that the baby was born prematurely, after a difficult pregnancy, and even though he suffered from pneumonia, respiratory distress and a host of other life-threatening conditions...Alan Yurko is not alone is his battle. Hundreds, if not thousands of parents and caregivers have been incarcerated because of mistaken SBS diagnoses. These diagnoses are covering up the damage done by vaccines that can mimic what happens when a child is violently battered"

November 25, 2003 - Brain Activity Abnormal in Children with Delayed Speech -

November 25, 2003 - Pertussis, Conquered Yet a Threat - The New York Times


November 24, 2003 - Kansas City clinics inundated with calls after hepatitis C series - Jefferson City News Tribune


December 1, 2003 -Watch the Salsa - A batch of bad scallions at a Chi-Chi's restaurant puts the focus on hepatitis A - Time Online Edition


November 25, 2003 - Beware the new flu strain - Daily News Transcript - "Even though a different strain of the flu has been detected than what the current vaccine protects against, a state public health official said last week the public will still be protected...'There might be some reduced protection but that doesn't mean there's no protection,' said Dr. Susan Lett, medical director of the Department of Public Health immunization program."


November 24, 2003 - Pneumococcal Diseases Update - - "This multi-media webcast reviews the past and current burden of pneumococcal diseases, the evaluation of efficacy of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, the need for continued surveillance for invasive pneumococcal disease, and new data on vaccine efficacy, disease incidence and vaccine supply."


November 23, 2003 - Cuban Vaccine to Help Poor Kids - Wired News

November 24, 2003 - Antigenics Rises - The Motley Fool - "Antigenics is placing big hopes on Oncophage, a personalized cancer vaccine made from a patient's own antigens."

November 25, 2003 - Researchers seek human volunteers to test SARS drug - Taipei Times

November 25, 2003 - Doctor accused over forged tests - The Scotsman

November 25, 2003 - Dead fetuses' cells used for research by labs nationwide - The Japan Times - "In Japan, cells harvested from aborted fetuses are also used for research into new vaccines, virus development and aging."

November 24, 2003 - National Programme on Immunization Boss, Awosika, Reassures On Safety of Polio Vaccines - Vanguard via

November 24, 2003 - Fond du Lac County sees whooping cough 'epidemic' - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

November 25, 2003 - Flu bug bites hard - New strain also highly contagious, resistant to flu shot  - The Jackson Sun News

November 25, 2003 - Ebola Vaccine Gets A Shot in the Arm - The Washington Post via Newsday

November 25, 2003 - China's pet dogs spur rabies surge - Rabies cases have leapt nearly 63 percent in China in the first nine months of the year as the people's mad affair with pet dogs deepened, the China Daily reports. - Reuters via CNN

November 25, 2003 - Tooth Fairy Award Of The Week - Mayo Clinic Official Wins First Tooth Fairy Award -


November 21, 2003 - Study touts cutting hospital antibiotic use - Dallas Business Journal via bizjournals - "Hospitals nationwide could save more than $1 billion annually by reducing their use of unnecessary antibiotics, while also reducing complications for patients, according to a report sponsored by an Irving-based health care cooperative."


October 29, 2003 - Emerging viruses set to soar - BioMedNet (October 2003)


Persistence of antibiotic resistant bacteria - BioMedNet (October 2003)


November 25, 2003 - Screening: Ups and Downs of Newborn Test - The New York Times - "The expanded medical screening of newborns put into effect by about half the states is catching an increasing number of genetic disorders and making it easier to prevent their most severe consequences, according to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association...But the downside of the expanded screening is the increased stress to parents caused by the many false positive results that the procedure generates, the study found."

November 25, 2003 - Drug Makers Move Closer to Big Victory- The New York Times - "As Congress edged closer to passing a Medicare drug benefit that prohibits the government from using its buying clout to win discounts, one thing was clear: the drug industry appeared on the cusp of an enormous victory, gained in part by millions in political donations and an expensive lobbying campaign."


November 25, 2003 - H.I.V. Secrecy Is Proving Deadly - The New York Times


Vaccines: What's Best for Baby?  - Babies Today - "There are a projected 200 vaccines waiting to come on the medical market in the next decade, and many of them will be for infants and children. Until full and definitive scientific analysis of the risks and benefits of vaccines are made top priority by the FDA, the NVIC and other groups skeptical of vaccinations will most assuredly continue to make their voices heard."


Michael Palmer's vaccine thriller, "Fatal", now available in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


November 21, 2003 - Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated with Green Onions at a Restaurant --- Monaca, Pennsylvania, 2003 - CDC


Posted November 24, 2003:

November 24, 2003 - Is Rubella Vaccination Playing A Role In The Rise In Autism? - By RFD Columnist and Vaccination News editor, Sandy Mintz - Online Vaccines Conference @

November 21, 2003 - Gardens have the potential to improve health, research shows -


Air pollution and case fatality of SARS in the People's Republic of China: An ecologic study - journal article - "Our studies demonstrated a positive association between air pollution and SARS case fatality in Chinese population by utilizing publicly accessible data on SARS statistics and air pollution indices. Although ecologic fallacy and uncontrolled confounding effect might have biased the results, the possibility of a detrimental effect of air pollution on the prognosis of SARS patients deserves further investigation."


The Risk of Childhood Cancer after Neonatal Exposure to Vitamin K (requires registration) - journal article (NEJM) (1993)

November 24, 2003 - Schafer Autism Report


November 20, 2003 - A poxy story - For several hundred years, a type of pox virus known as vaccinia has been saving lives. Today it is still proving useful to medicine - The Economist - "If researchers can discover why vaccinia, and other pox viruses, are so good at evading the efforts of immune cells, they will make a significant advance in understanding the way the human immune system works."

Infections, toxic chemicals and dietary peptides binding to lymphocyte receptors and tissue enzymes are major instigators of autoimmunity in autism. - journal article


October 30, 2003 - New Smallpox Vaccine To Use Aborted Fetal Cell Line, MRC-5 -


Vaccinations...Needed or Not? -


Vaccinations: A Word of Caution for Our Animals – Part I -


Vaccinations: A Word of Caution for Our Animals – Part II -


Vaccine Protocols For Dogs -


They Shoot Horses but Vaccinate Dogs  -


Vaccine-associated immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in the dog. - journal article (1996)

November 24, 2003 - Profit Margins, Death Rates, Drug Patents and HIV/AIDS - FindLaw - "To protect their exorbitant profits, drug companies are fighting the production and distribution of cheap generic versions of patented drugs."


November 24, 2003 - Autism plan buoys hopes for earlier diagnoses, treatment - AP via


November 24, 2003 - Number of Florida children locked up under Baker Act increased 32% in 4 years -


November 21, 2003 - A Few Simple Precautions Can Help Prevent The Flu - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


November 24, 2003 - Flu jab economy 'puts children's lives at risk' - The Telegraph, UK - "Cost-cutting and the phobia over the MMR vaccine have put young people at greater risk of dying from the Fujian strain of flu, a leading virologist said yesterday."


November 23, 2003 - Cuba Produces Key Synthetic Vaccine for Children - Reuters Health via Yahoo!


November 24, 2003 - Schools hit by the flu - Pupils at two public schools in Rutland are being tested to see if a new strain of flu virus has hit the area. - BBC


November 23, 2003 - China will begin testing experimental SARS vaccine next month  - Canadian Press via

November 24, 2003 - AIDS: 'a silent storm' - The Chicago Sun-Times


November 24, 2003 - Senator: Military must review vaccine use - UPI - "A week after the Pentagon acknowledged one soldier's death might have been caused by a vaccine reaction, a U.S. senator is calling on the military to reconsider mandatory anthrax and smallpox vaccinations that he says could be causing "grievous" harm...Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., plans on Tuesday to introduce a "Sense of the Senate" resolution asking Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to review the vaccine program amid growing reports of serious side effects...'An estimated 84 percent of the personnel who had anthrax vaccine shots ... reported having side effects or reactions'..."


November 24, 2003 - A drug that works -- for some: Researchers try to solve mystery of lung cancer medicine -

November 24, 2003 - With dry pipelines, big drugmakers stock up in Japan - Western pharmaceutical makers are turning to Japanese companies that have discovered blockbuster treatments using intuition and low-budget lab work rather than high-tech tools, fueling a debate about the best way to develop drugs. - Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

November 23, 2003 - Citizens use law to pursue drug firms  - Citing unfair competition and weak FDA oversight, consumer coalition sues giant pharmaceutical companies - San Francisco Chronicle


November 21, 2003 - Texas malpractice insurer fails in bid for rate hike - The Houston Chronicle


November 23, 2003 - Hospitals find new medication controls -

December 1, 2003 - Internet site covers disciplinary data from 49 states - Actions from more medical boards have been added to a consumer database tracking physician discipline. -

December 1, 2003 - Ethics committees help with tough choices - A group process can resolve disputes and ease family members' anxiety over refusing or withdrawing care. -


December 1, 2003 - Diet implicated in irritable bowel syndrome - Studies suggest fructose or fat may be the culprits in the gastrointestinal illness, yet physicians say dietary modifications alone are rarely sufficient to eliminate symptoms. -

November 23, 2003 - The Doctors and the Drug Makers (6 Letters) - The New York Times - "Arnold S. Relman portrays how the pharmaceutical industry influences drug costs through its sponsorship of education programs for doctors (Op-Ed, Nov. 18). But as long as health care in this country remains primarily pharmaceutically based, these problems will continue regardless of what program is being financed."

Waters & Kraus ' "Vaccine Injury in the News" -


"Autism Fraud" Power Point - Waters & Kraus, Attorneys at Law


November 4, 2003 - UMHS Response to WXYZ-TV's Vaccines: A Hidden Danger? - University of Michigan Health System


November 23, 2003 - Painkillers 'cause kidney damage' - Taking too many painkillers can damage some people's kidneys permanently, scientists claim. - BBC

November 20, 2003 -Special-ed parents demand compliance - Groups ask for oversight hearing to address complaints - Daily Southtown

November 20, 2003 -Therapeutic nutrition clinic unveils web site to help autistic children - via - "Nutrition Care for Children (NCFC) unveiled its new web site,, to help children with autism, and announced its collaboration with Lorraine Hurley, MD, and Pam Ferro, RN...Judy Converse, a licensed, registered dietitian, founded NCFC in 1999, as a private practice specializing in pediatric nutrition therapies."


November 20, 2003 -Manitoba Public Health Recommends Measures To Deal With Influenza -


November 22, 2003 - Growing up with HIV: AIDS baby reaches adolescence, faces fears of 'coming out' - AP via Yahoo!

November 22, 2003 - Hepatitis case fuels research at Auburn - Using gas to clean produce may prevent some illnesses - AP via


November 21, 2003 - Bill Clinton backs cheap AIDS medicine for Africa - AP via C·Health


November 24, 2003 - Should You Get The Flu Shot? - by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. - Online Vaccines Conference @


November 21, 2003 - Small, But Promising, Advances in War Against Alzheimer's - From drugs to vaccines, progress is reported - HealthDay Reporter


Clinical Trials: Vaccines -


November 23, 2003 - Hope for Aids cure as prostitutes defy virus in the slums - John Carlin reports from Nairobi on the inspirational doctor who turned his back on Oxford and dedicated his life to the desperate search for a drug that will spell the end of a continent's holocaust - The Guardian, UK

November 22, 2003 - City has your flu shot ready and waiting -


November 22, 2003 - Heading North? Don't forget your 'flu shot -


November 22, 2003 - Eli Lilly is acquiring biotech in San Diego -

November 22, 2003 - Flu filling up hospitals; it's 'tip of the iceberg' - Weight of cases is sinking records across metro area - Rocky Mountain News


November 22, 2003 - Baby in Ireland dies of flu -


November 23, 2003 - China planning Sars vaccine tests - BBC


November 23, 2003 - China to Test SARS Vaccine by End-2003 - Reuters

November 23, 2003 - Mumps cases at highest level for a decade - The Independent, UK - "Public health doctors have warned that in some areas, one child in five starting primary school this year was not protected against the disease. The massive rise in mumps cases is a cause of huge concern for health officials who have seen the take-up of the triple measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination drop alarmingly because of health scares."

November 21, 2003 - Officials unsure how onions were tainted - AP via The Topeka Capital-Journal

November 23, 2003 - Pennsylvania Hepatitis A Outbreak Nearing End - The Los Angeles Times (requires subscription)


December 1, 2003 - Diseases of the Mind - Bacteria, viruses and parasites may cause mental illnesses like depression and perhaps even autism and anorexia - MSNBC


Setting Standards in Vaccine Safety - The Brighton Collaboration - "Mission - The Brighton Collaboration is an international voluntary collaboration to facilitate the development, evaluation, and dissemination of high quality information about the safety of human vaccines/Primary aim - To develop globally accepted and implemented standardized case definitions of Adverse Events Following Immunization."


To learn more about whether or not childhood vaccinations have been "ruled out" as a cause of autism, read Congressman Weldon's recent remarks to the Autism Summit Conference.


"The Effect of Dose on Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of ACAM1000 Smallpox Vaccine in Adult Without Previous Smallpox Vaccination - H300-002" - Clinical Trial at the Mayo Clinic


November 24, 2003 - Autism no longer considered a rare condition - Knight Ridder via - "Some parents think that childhood vaccinations are a cause of autism, but that theory has been ruled out by researchers, Yeargin-Allsopp said." (Responses to this article can be sent to Diane Carroll at


Comment: It has only been "ruled out" by some researchers.  For some of the other perspectives on this alleged "ruling out", go to Safe Minds, Scandals: Why We Won't Take No* For An Answer  (*No relationship between MMR and autism) and Scandals: Vaccinations  - Garbage In/Less Than All The Garbage Out?


November 24, 2003 - Modelling measles re-emergence as a result of waning of immunity in vaccinated populations. - journal article

December 1, 2003 - Measles outbreaks spur caution as a forgotten foe returns - Physicians and public health officials are concerned that populations with low vaccination rates could let the disease take root here again. - - "...measles is so contagious that experts believe only vaccination rates near 100% would entirely eliminate the disease from U.S. shores."

Comment:  And yet, even a 100% vaccination rate does not always do the trick... see Measles Outbreak among Vaccinated High School Students -- Illinois - "Editorial Note: This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%."


Posted November 23, 2003:


November 23, 2003 - Food-Borne Illness From Produce on the Rise - The New York Times


November 23, 2003 - Two Nations Fight AIDS - The New York Times


Comment: And what if, as some believe, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS? 


November 18, 2003 - US scientists warn CIA on new generation of biological weapons - AFP via Yahoo! - "These new tools of war were likely to include binary biological agents made up of two components that are relatively harmless separately but that become deadly when combined, according to the CIA account."


Comment:  And what of potential problem re: combination and multiply administered vaccines, as demonstrated in the 1986 Science article, Two avirulent herpes simplex viruses generate lethal recombinants in vivo?  And why has there not been recognition and study of this potentially disastrous problem with vaccines?


Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxoids With Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed, Hepatitis B (Recombinant) & Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccines (pdf) -


November 23, 2003 - Soldiers to sue over new Gulf War syndrome - The Guardian, Uk - "Multiple vaccinations given in the run-up to the conflict are being blamed for chronic pains, stomach problems, rashes, swelling, fever, depression and anxiety...Lawyers and medical experts say the symptoms are identical to those which affected thousands of veterans after the 1991 Gulf conflict."

Posted November 22, 2003:


November 21, 2003 - Flu vaccine is a good option - The Pilot-Independent - "But before going further, let's dispel a couple of myths...First, the influenza vaccine cannot give someone the flu. It's impossible — the vaccine contains no active RNA and is basically an inactive shell of the influenza virus. However, after receiving the vaccine, some people — primarily those receiving it for the first time — experience a low-grade fever or some minor aches."


Comment:  Just out of curiosity, if it contains no active RNA, etc., why is it capable of causing "low-grade fever or some minor aches"?


November 21, 2003 - Biotech: In 2004 Vaccine Made Of Tomatoes And Potatoes -


November 21, 2003 - NIH Produces 32m Polio Vaccine Doses During 2 Years -


November 22, 2003 - China To Help Pak Producing Hepatitis-B Vaccine -


November 22, 2003 - Nation to conduct clinical tests of SARS vaccine soon -


November 21, 2003 - Hepatitis A/B Vaccinations Predicted To Be More Cost-Effective Than Hepatitis B Vaccinations in a High-Risk Population -


November 21, 2003 - Did vaccinations cause my husband's HIV? - letter, The Illinois Leader


November 22, 2003 - Merck Learns Anew the Risks of Focusing on Breakthrough Drugs - The New York Times


November 22, 2003 - Government Makes It Official: Blame Scallions for Outbreak - The New York Times


Toxicity of Thimerosal - An Organic Mercurial Added To Vaccines - Toxic Exposure Study Trust Foundation (T.E.S.T.)


Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma - The Scientist (from "Cancer in Cats and Dogs" - 2000)


November 21, 2003 - Burger King Adopts Breast-Feeding Policy - Burger King Adopts Corporate Policy Allowing Breast-Feeding Day Before 'Nurse-In' - AP via ABC News - "'We want to be a family friendly place," said Rob Doughty, vice president for strategic communications for Miami-based Burger King. "We want to be responsive to our customers, and didn't know this was a big issue. Unfortunately in Utah, it went directly to the press, and we didn't have a chance to take a look at it.'...He said 20 states, including Utah, allow breast-feeding in public."


November 22, 2003 - Vaccine 'would save thousands' - The Scotsman


November 22, 2003 - South Africa boosts funding for HIV/AIDS (requires registration)


November 22, 2003 - Antibiotic development pipeline runs dry - The Lancet (requires subscription)


November 22, 2003 - Influenza  - The Lancet (requires subscription beyond the summary)


November 22, 2003 - The Lancet Table of Contents


November 22, 2003 - Probe calls green onion the culprit - Hepatitis outbreak here traced to salsa - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


November 21, 2003 - FDA stops green onions from 3 Mexican suppliers - Their produce linked to hepatitis outbreaks -  - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


November 21, 2003 - Dad on trial for murder - Infant's last days described (requires fee) - The Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Chandler's parents brought him for a regular checkup the morning of April 29, 2002.  Frankel examined him thorough, and a nurse administered some inoculations.  Chandler had a touch of a stuffy nose, and Frankel suggested saline drops for the stuffiness and recommended Tylenol --- infants sometimes develop a low-grade fever after vaccinations."


Comment:  It looks like it was just hours later that the infant became comatose.....


For more on the question of misdiagnosed SBS, go the the Online SBS conference at


November 21, 2003 - Understanding How Lymph Nodes Respond To Infection May Redefine How Immune System Functions -


Posted November 21, 2003:

November 21, 2003 - Predictors of death in infants hospitalized with pertussis: A case-control study of 16 pertussis deaths in Canada - journal article

November 20, 2003 - New Imaging Reveals ADHD Kids Have Smaller Brain Area - HealthDay Reporter via Yahoo!

November 21, 2003 - How many pediatricians do we need? - journal article

November 20, 2003 - New Evidence Links Inflammation To Venous Disease -

November 21, 2003 - Informed Consent for Medical Procedures* - Local and National Practices - journal article

November 14, 2003 - Outbreak of Severe Rotavirus Gastroenteritis Among Children --- Jamaica, 2003 - CDC

November 21, 2003 - Are pertussis fatalities in infants on the rise? What can be done to prevent them? - journal article

November 21, 2003 - It's time to immunize adolescents and adults against pertussis - journal article

November 21, 2003 - Do Risk Factors for Childhood Infections and Malnutrition Protect Against Asthma? A Study of Brazilian Male Adolescents - journal article - "Conclusions. The present results are consistent with the "hygiene hypothesis," according to which early exposure to infections provides protection against asthma. The policy implications of our findings are unclear given that risk factors for asthma protect against serious childhood diseases in developing countries."

November 21, 2003 - Iron supplementation for breast-fed infants - journal article

November 21, 2003 - FDA Now Urges Caution On SSRI Use in Children - The U.S. FDA appears to have backpedaled a bit, preferring to urge "caution" rather than advising physicians to stop prescribing SSRIs for children. - Psychiatric News

Comment:  Who does this "backpedaling" benefit?  Who does the FDA protect, business or the consumer?

November 21, 2003 - Cost-effectiveness of hepatitis A/B vaccine versus hepatitis B vaccine in public sexually transmitted disease clinics. - journal article

November 21, 2003 - Aspirin: an increased risk for pancreatic cancer? - BioMedNet

November 21, 2003 - Antioxidants for Alzheimer's - BioMedNet

November 21, 2003 - Bio-chip implant arrives for cashless transactions - Announcement at global security confab unveils syringe-injectable ID microchip - WorldNetDaily

November 21, 2003 - Merck stops work on diabetes drug - Star-Ledger

November 21, 2003 - Sun 'protects against cancer' - Staying out of the sun completely may increase your chances of developing cancer, say doctors. - BBC

September 2, 2003 - Study Suggests Low-Dose Mercury Accelerates Autoimmune Disease - University of Maryland

November 21, 2003 - Somewhere Between Scientist and Consumer, The Message Is Lost - Small Times News - "Misinformation had been self-replicating via parents’ Internet newsgroups that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines (collectively known as the MMR) could be a cause of autism – a still largely mysterious condition over which there is some debate on a congenital vs. environmental cause."

Those who want to email the writer of the above editorial can do so at .

November 21, 2003 - Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines; Notice of Meeting - The Federal Register - meeting alert - December 3, 2003

November 20, 2003 - Measles 'Controlled' - This Is Lancashire - "Health officials today said a mini-outbreak of measles was under control - but parents still needed to get their children immunised with the MMR jab."

November 19, 2003 - Insurers needled on vaccines; State eyes immunization funding - The Boston Herald (requires fee)

November 21, 2003 - Medical journal under attack as dissenters seize AIDS platform (requires registration) - - "The BMJ (British Medical Journal) is under fire from AIDS researchers over a series of publications on its website. The postings in question make up a steady stream of unreviewed articles from people who deny that HIV causes AIDS...The dispute crystallizes the conflict between a journal's desire to experiment with open, unmoderated electronic debate and its fundamental obligation to readers to provide them with authentic information, researchers say."

"Vaccination" Against Pregnancy: What You Need To Know - Different Takes: A Publication Of The Population and Development Program At Hampshire College (Winter 2002)

November 21, 2003 - ADHD brain abnormality found -

November 20, 2003 - Malpractice Insurer Seeks 8% Rate Increase - The Tampa Tribune

November 20, 2003 - Doctors, lawyers spar over malpractice costs - Cleveland Plain Dealer - "Doctors blamed lawyers. Lawyers blamed insurance companies. Both adversaries conceded that more data is needed to pinpoint kinks in the system that have belted Ohio doctors with sky-high malpractice costs."

November 21, 2003 - Drugmakers Protect Their Turf - Medicare Bill Represents Success for Pharmaceutical Lobby - The Washington Post - "No industry in negotiations over the $400 billion Medicare prescription drug bill headed to the House floor today outpaced the pharmaceutical lobby in securing a favorable program design and defeating proposals most likely to cut into its profits, according to analysts in and out of the industry."


November 21, 2003 - Schafer Autism Report

November 21, 2003 - Rapid spread of autism baffling - Increase creates a big financial burden for state, summit is told. - The Sacramento Bee - "Autism, the perplexing brain disorder that has been the personal tragedy of thousands of families, is spreading so fast that it is creating a huge financial liability for the government, California experts told a national summit here Thursday...At an average lifetime cost of $4 million each, Rollens said the growth rate represents $44 million a day in long-term state liability."

Comment:  Just exactly how cost-effective are vaccines really,  if they are in any way responsible for the autism epidemic?

November 20, 2003 - Africa's Silent Killer - Scatter gains in the battle against AIDS help nurses carry on their work in the face of formidable challenges - "More than a third of adults in Lesotho are infected with HIV or AIDS.  And estimated one in 10 children has the disease.  Life expectancy has dropped from 60 to 49 years old, probably because of AIDS.  Health workers believe the disease is increasing among infants because, Makoae said, 'we just see babies dying maybe after one year, two years.  They don't seem to reach four years.'"

November 20, 2003 - Flu closes schools in Fairplay - Nearly one-third of student population out sick at 3 facilities - Rocky Mountain News


November 12, 2003 - Rep. Markey Calls President Bush's Smallpox Vaccine Compensation Proposal "Vague and Limited" - Press Release


November 18, 2003 - Smallpox Is Bush's Worst Failure. But He Can Fix the Problem. - D.C. Dispatch via - "McGlinchey's article ably details what went wrong: exaggerated fears of the vaccine's side effects; confusing signals from the administration; underfunding; failure to address liability concerns; lack of compensation for health workers made ill by the vaccine or, as a safety precaution, sidelined for up to two weeks after inoculation; above all, the failure from President Bush on down to explain clearly why these vaccinations are important."


Comment:  Were fears of the vaccine's side effects exaggerated, or has a failure to recognize the vaccine's side effects allowed a perception that they were exaggerated?


November 21, 2003 - More hospitals report sterilization problems - CBC Ottawa - "The list of hospitals in Ontario that have used improperly sterilized equipment in medical procedures has grown to seven. The number of people affected is more than 1,350."


Comment:  How much of so-called vaccine-preventable disease is actually caused by medical intervention?  For more on this go to Scandals: "But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last." and BD Applauds Senate Action to Prevent Unsafe Medical Practices That Can Cause HIV/AIDS Spread in Africa

November 14, 2003 - Scientists Create Bacteria-Eating Virus - AFP via The Discovery Channel


November 12, 2003 - An Aetna InteliHealth/Harvard Medical School Look At The News -- The Hepatitis A Outbreak/What Is The Doctor's Reaction? - AP via and  - "As much worry as these outbreaks cause for affected communities, it is important to recognize that most hepatitis A is quite mild and harmless."


November 20, 2003 - U.S. prison shipped blood to Canada despite serious safety problems - Canadian Press via


November 20, 2003 - Sultan Declines Comment On Polio Vaccine Crisis Until . . . - Daily Trust via


November 20, 2003 - Lewis And Clark Notes Reveal History Of Human Impacts - - "Prior to the arrival of Columbus in the Americas around 1500, the estimates of Native American population in North America ranged from 2 million to 3.8 million people. But by the time major western settlement by Europeans began in the 1800s, up to 90 percent of the Native Americans may have died from smallpox, measles and other diseases that had already swept the continent after being introduced by Europeans."

Comment: What will be the long-term effect of efforts to control disease transmission via vaccines?  Might such efforts re-create the vulnerability experienced by "virgin populations" in the past?

November 20, 2003 - Smallpox In Europe Selected For Genetic Mutation That Confers Resistance To HIV Infection -

November 20, 2003 - Chi-Chi's asks bankruptcy court for permission to pay hepatitis victims - AP via NEPA News via

November 21, 2003 - GP gave patients out-of-date vaccines - The Scotsman - "A health trust launched an investigation yesterday after it emerged a GP had administered out-of-date vaccines to more than 200 people...The GP involved at the surgery in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, also admitted the vaccines, administered over a two-year period, were stored at incorrect temperatures."

Comment:  How often does this happen that the public does not find out about?  How often is it assumed vaccination was responsible for a disease decline that it could not have been?

November 21, 2003 - F-D-A bans scallions from Mexican firms linked to hepatitis A outbreak - AP via WGRZ-TV-Buffalo

November 20, 2003 - 5 Confirmed Cases Of Whooping Cough In Cass Co. - School Superintendent Says District Taking Precautions -

November 19, 2003 - Drug Proven To Benefit Heart Attack Victims Vastly Underused -

November 22, 2003 - Antiretroviral therapy increases risk of heart attack - journal article (BMJ)

November 20, 2003 - Emory scientists find marker for long-term immunity - - "Scientists at the Emory Vaccine Center and The Scripps Research Institute have found a way to identify which of the T cells generated after a viral infection can persist and confer protective immunity. Because these long-lived cells protect against reinfection by "remembering" the prior pathogen, they are called memory T cells. This discovery about the specific mechanisms of long-term immunity could help scientists develop more effective vaccines against challenging infections."

Comment:  What does this say about current methods of determining vaccine-induced immunity?

November 21, 2003 - AIDS Vaccine Still Alive as Booster After Second Failure in Thailand - Science Magazine

November 20, 2003 - Pentagon insists vaccine deaths rare - But family of medic who died wants changes in procedure - AP via MSNBC - "Moses Lacy once accused the Pentagon of a vaccine cover-up. Now, seven months after his daughter’s death following five military-issued shots, Lacy hopes officials finally are taking his concerns about vaccine safety seriously...Some veterans groups critical of government handling of illness in people who served in the Gulf War and the Iraq conflict said they believe the smallpox or anthrax vaccines likely were the culprit in Rachael Lacy’s death — and that the Pentagon knew that all along."

November 19, 2003 - Hospital group works to reduce drug errors - UPI via Medline

November 19, 2003 - Flu season starts early, but vaccine supplies plentiful - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 20, 2003 - Hepatitis outbreak in Beaver County running out of gas - State officials still won't say danger has passed - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

November 20, 2003 - U.S. Syphilis Rate Up for Second Year - AP via The Herald-Sun  

November 19, 2003 - Canada Scaling Back SARS Screening - AP via The Herald-Sun  

November 20, 2003 - Panel Suggests Electronic Health Records - AP via The Herald-Sun  

November 21, 2003 - Man Dies During Weight-Reduction Surgery - AP via The Herald-Sun

November 21, 2003 - Villagers Contract AIDS From Blood Sale - AP via The Herald-Sun

November 21, 2003 - 'I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy' - Hepatitis A sickens more than 540 people - AP via CNN - "The three deaths have shocked western Pennsylvanians, because health authorities have been saying that hepatitis A is usually not fatal and normally runs its course in a few weeks after causing such symptoms as fever, jaundice, nausea and abdominal pain...State Health Department spokesman Richard McGarvey said there does not appear to be anything surprising statistically about this outbreak. The fatality rate for hepatitis A is one to three deaths per 1,000 cases, though it rises to 18 per 1,000 for those over 50, and higher for those with chronic liver problems, McGarvey said."


November 19, 2003 - Clues may lead to best cancer treatments - Doctors may soon begin looking for compounds that will tell them which cancer patients will be best helped by certain treatments such as drugs or radiotherapy, researchers reported on Wednesday. - Reuters via CNN


November 20, 2003 - AIDS treatments may up heart attack risk - The powerful drugs that beat back the AIDS virus may have a deadly drawback -- they may increase the risk of heart attack, according to a study in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine. - Reuters via CNN - But what if HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, as many believe?


November 14, 2003 - U.S. Germ Detection System Active in 31 Cities - Reuters Health via Medline


November 21, 2003 - Association of human leukocyte antigen with outcomes of infectious diseases: the streptococcal experience. - journal article - "These findings underscore the role of host genetic factors in determining the outcome of serious infections and warrants further investigations into how the same or different genetic factors affect susceptibility to other emerging and re-emerging pathogens."

November 14, 2003 - Health Canada: SARS screening 'useless' - UPI via Medline


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