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All the News Posted October 24-26, 2004

Posted October 26, 2004

* ►October 26, 2004 - Gene wars only a few years away, say doctors - There is concern that bio-weapons could be programmed to wipe out specific ethnic groups within five years - Times Online, UK

* ►October 26, 2004 - Report Warns of Failure to Control Biological Weapons (requires registration) - Reuters via Washington Post - "Biological weapons that can wipe out entire populations pose one of the biggest threats to the world today, yet remain almost completely uncontrolled, the British Medical Association said on Monday."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Biological weapons pose biggest threat to world, scientists warn - The Scotsman - "The new report, Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity II, warned that the "window of opportunity" to tackle the spread of these weapons is shrinking fast...Professor Malcolm Dando, the head of Peace Studies at Bradford University, who has studied arms control for 20 years, wrote the report. He said: 'What we are talking about here is the development of a technology which could clearly be misused by terrorists or deranged individuals.'"

* ►October 26, 2004 - Autism - Children's Lives Destroyed - Culture and Community News via - "Children are a National Treasure, their health care and legal rights MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. This is the view of most American people. Mercury induced Autism is indeed "A National Tragedy", that must be addressed and soon."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Officials say most can skip flu shot - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "Studies show the shot generally works well, but its effectiveness can range from 52 to 90 percent depending on the strain of virus and a person's age."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Wacky question, - Rocky Mountain News - "I had a Chiron flu shot last week, the day before that vaccine was found to be contaminated. Is it possible that my shot might not have any effect at all or, even worse, that it might have some bad effect?"

* ►October 26, 2004 - Human and insect diseases link found - The Scotsman - "About a dozen cases of infection by the new bug, Photorhabdus asymbiotica, have been seen in around a dozen people in the United States and Australia. The bug causes pustulant sores to appear on parts of the victim’s body."

►October 26, 2004 - F-111 crews exposed to dangerous chemicals - - "A Defence statement released today says the report found there was an association between chemical exposure and adverse health in some personnel."

►October 26, 2004 - Chiron Grants Nonexclusive HCV License to Roche - Business Wire

►October 26, 2004 - The Dorms May Be Great, but How's the Counseling? (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - ""Since each student has roughly a 50-50 chance of having some symptoms of depression or other problems, I think it has to be part of the consideration in choosing a college," said Dr. Kadison, who is also the author of "College of the Overwhelmed: The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do About It."

►October 26, 2004 - Newron Announces Positive Results With Ralfinamide From Phase II Trial in Neuropathic Pain - PRNewswire via COMTEX via CBS MarketWatch - "Neuropathic pain is a type of chronic pain initiated or caused by a primary lesion of nervous system. While epidemiological studies indicate the incidence of neuropathic pain is 1%, most experts conclude this figure is most certainly an underestimate. Conditions associated with a high incidence of neuropathic pain include diabetes (10%), po{t-herpetic neuralgia (25%) and others. Neuropathic pain does not respond well to conventional pain therapy and may worsen over time."

►October 26, 2004 - Dad's search for cure for rare illness -

►October 26, 2004 - Birth month and brain cancer risk link, new research -

►October 26, 2004 - Nominations Sought for 'Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities' Youth Achievement Award Contest - PRNewswire via Yahoo! - "Nominators should submit an application plus documentation of the candidate's LD or ADHD prior to the contest deadline of Dec. 31, 2004. Applications can be downloaded from the SKLD website at

►October 26, 2004 - Breast-feeding mixup at hospital - Mother given wrong newborn - The Boston Globe - ''Somebody came into my sister-in-law's room and said: 'We need to test you for HIV; this other baby has been exposed to your milk,' which was devastating to her because she wants that milk to go to her son," the sister-in-law said."

►October 26, 2004 - Officials say Maine not prepared in event of large scale attack - AP via Foster's Online

►October 26, 2004
- Europe has close call with deadly bird flu - New Scientist

* ►October 26, 2004 - U.S. flu shot dream scenario turns to nightmare - feature - Reuters AlertNet - "It should have been health officials' dream year -- Americans flocking to clinics, rolling up their sleeves and demanding flu shots...After all, federal health officials had just teamed up to try to roll out the biggest influenza vaccination effort ever and had hoped to inoculate 100 million people...Instead, the reality is a nightmare scenario with frightened senior citizens rolling out of bed at dawn to queue at local grocery stores to get jabs, residents traveling across borders to Mexico and Canada in search of vaccine and politicians demanding answers."

* ►October 26, 2004 - FDA promises quick review of flu plan - Chicago Sun-Times - "The Bush administration on Monday gave a guarded response to Gov. Blagojevich's request to buy flu vaccine from Europe....The vaccine being offered by Ecosse has not been clinically tested on U.S. flu patients, though Blagojevich has said a review of the literature showed its properties are identical to those of the vaccine used in the United States...Federal officials, however, warn that the vaccines might not be safe or effective because they may be made differently than the U.S. flu shot."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Cross-border vaccines carry liability, docs told - CP via CTV - "The organization that insures Canadian doctors is urging them to arm themselves legally if they are giving flu shots to Americans crossing the border because of vaccine shortages in the United States."

►October 26, 2004 - Sick of flu-shot lines, some go to Canada - For those who want the inoculations, it's worth the higher price - Detroit Free Press

* ►October 26, 2004 - U.S. health officials: "Plenty of vaccine down the pipeline" - Detroit Free Press - "'This is not a crisis; this is a challenge,' Dr. Cristina Beato, acting assistant secretary for health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said. She spoke at a media briefing in Detroit, as part of a national tour to educate the public about this season's flu vaccine shortage."

►October 26, 2004 - Counties review remaining flu vaccines - Shots will likely be distributed through Bay Area physicians instead of in public clinics - Oakland Tribune

►October 26, 2004 - Bay Area assesses flu vaccine supplies - Limited availability causes officials to distribute shots on an as-needed basis - Tri-Valley Herald

►October 26, 2004 - Clinics To Ration Scarce Flu Vaccine - Daily Nexus Online

►October 26, 2004 - Fairchild Semiconductor Donates Flu Vaccines to State of Maine - press release - Fairchild Semiconductor via Business Wire

* ►October 26, 2004 - No need for flu shot lines, doctors say - Health and Human Services representatives visit Mishawaka - South Bend Tribune - "Beato and Gellin cited low profitability and concerns about legal liability as reasons that so few companies are interested in making the flu vaccine...They acknowledged that a national tort reform program, called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, does partially shield vaccine-makers from liability and has been in place since 1986. But there are loopholes in the program that need to be closed, they said."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Flu Shots For Children - - "Virginia's Attorney General is warning people to only get flu shots from licensed health care providers. As we told you on 8News last week, there have been reports of unlicensed vendors offering flu shots in area parking lots."

* ►October 26, 2004 - Slim profits hurt flu vaccine supply, U.S. shortages could persist for decade (requires registration) - KRT via Chicago Tribune via Kansas City Star - "'Everybody would like cell culture (technology) next year, but realistically it is more likely 10 years away than one year away,' said Wayne Pisano, executive director of commercial operations for Aventis Pasteur, the world's largest egg-based flu vaccine-maker. 'Egg-based (production) is something we are going to have to live with for the short term'....But researchers and executives caution not to expect a panacea because most clinical trials are in early testing stages and there are no guarantees the new methods will win regulatory approval. Chiron this year began final-stage clinical trials in Europe for a flu vaccine developed using cell lines produced from dog kidneys, while Aventis Pasteur earlier this year signed a deal with a Dutch firm that is trying to diversify its egg-based production with a method using a cell from human retinas."

►October 26, 2004 - Flu vaccine not a necessity for most people, officials say - Being healthy is best defense, nurse says - AP via Winston-Salem Journal

►October 26, 2004 - 22,500 flu shots freed up by state - The Arizona Republic via

►October 26, 2004 - Vaccine shortage not end of world - Public clamoring for hard-to-find flu shots this year is steadily growing toward a fever pitch -- one which state and federal health officials, hospitals and physicians said they're trying to soothe with reassurances. - Scranton Times Tribune - "About 15 percent of the population get the flu each year. Most get over it in a week or two, health officials said."

►October 26, 2004 - The US flu vaccine crisis: a debacle for profit-based medicine - World Socialist Web Site

►October 26, 2004 - Flu Shots Cancelled - South Bay News

►October 26, 2004 - 250 Flu Shots Arrive For Children - Tampa Tribune via

►October 26, 2004 - US ; And now vaccine tourism in US! - - "In a measure of the ridiculous length to which Americans are going in the face of a shortage of flu shots in the country, a ferry company in Washington state is offering a sort of vaccine tourism to the neighbouring Canadian city of Vancouver."

►October 26, 2004 - Commissioners to discuss priority plan for vaccine distribution - The Brownsville Herald

►October 26, 2004 - Bay State still short, but not bereft of flu vaccine - Boston Herald

►October 26, 2004 - With flu shots scarce, antivirals in spotlight - Alternative: The drugs can shorten the duration of infection, and are used to prevent it in certain settings - Salt Lake Tribune

►October 26, 2004 - Flu fallout likely to hit firms hard - More sick days expected due to lack of vaccine - The Detroit News

►October 26, 2004 - City Will Get All 140,000 Flu Vaccines On Order - New York Post

►October 26, 2004 - Flu vaccines will arrive late this year - Block Island Times

►October 26, 2004 - Henry Schein 3Q Down on Vaccine Shortage - AP via Forbes

►October 26, 2004 - USDA Awards Avian Influenza Vaccine Contract to Fort Dodge Animal Health - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Center for Veterinary Biologics, has awarded a five-year contract to Fort Dodge Animal Health to develop an avian influenza (AI) vaccine antigen bank for poultry that will house enough antigen to produce 40 million doses of AI vaccine. -

►October 26, 2004 - U.S. Should Stop Exposing Poor to Mercury in White Tuna, Say Advocates - press release -  Mercury Policy Project via

* ►October 26, 2004 - Sontra Announces Promising Initial Human Clinical Results from Transdermal Vaccination Study - SonoPrep Ultrasonic Skin Permeation Device Facilitates Delivery of Antigenic Proteins - press release - Sontra Medical Corporation via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►October 26, 2004 - Inhibitex and Dyax Announce a Collaboration to Develop Monoclonal Antibodies against Enterococci - press release - Inhibitex, Inc. via Business Wire

►October 26, 2004 - Protein Design Labs Enters Agreement to Access Cyntellect's Cell Xpress(TM) Biopharmaceutical Cell Line Development Service - press release - Cyntellect, Inc. via PRNewswire

►October 26, 2004 - Advancements in Modern Biotechnology to Widen Scope and Operating Conditions for Industrial Enzymes - press release - Technical Insights via Business Wire

* ►October 26, 2004 - Does HIV cause AIDS? - Mary Baldwin College forum to explore issue - Augusta Free Press - "A Mary Baldwin College forum will examine the controversial views of a molecular biologist who has challenged the link between HIV and AIDS...Dr. Harvey Bialy of the Institute of Biotechnology at the Autonomous National University of Mexico will speak on Wednesday on the topic of 'HIV is the cause of AIDS: 130,000 peer-reviewed papers, and no proof.'"

►October 26, 2004 - Eating Bushmeat 'Linked to Hiv-Like Virus' - PA News via The Scotsman

►October 26, 2004 - 'Akranti' Causes HIV-Type Virus? - GHP via

►October 26, 2004 - Study Shows Differences in Natural Immunity in Cloned Pigs - Agricultural Research Service via U.S. Department of Agriculture

►October 26, 2004 - Animal Study Suggests Safer Immunization Approach to Alzheimer's - press release - University of Illinois at Chicago via AScribe Newswire

►October 26, 2004 - Russia’s anti-measles program may be disrupted, says official - Itar-Tass - "Program of liquidating measles in Russia by the year 2010 runs the risk of a disruption, says a resolution that the director of the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection, Gennady Onischenko issued Tuesday...He blames the situation on 'an insufficient number of vaccinations of children and the conditions of vaccine transportation and storage that fall short of requirements, especially in Northern Caucasus.'"

►October 26, 2004 - 'Measles is going away' - International vaccination effort takes old - Boston Globe

►October 26, 2004 - Govt aware of measles - Nation Online, Malawi - "The Ministry of Health (MoH) has confirmed that there is an outbreak of measles, a disease which was almost extinct."

►October 26, 2004 - Whooping cough outbreak ends - The Minot Daily News

►October 26, 2004 - Taraba Reacts to Rejection of Polio Vaccines - Vanguard (Lagos) via

►October 26, 2004 - Trans fat is linked to weak intellect - Research on mice points to role of diet in memory; Type of fat common in fast food (requires registration) - Baltimore Sun

* ►November 1, 2004 - CDC refines flu vaccine message, works out allocation plan - Physicians who ordered vaccine from Chiron are urged to line up for Aventis' remaining supply and to check out FluMist. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Translation frustration: When research doesn't reach - The pace of basic science is accelerating, but applying that knowledge to clinical trials is difficult. And findings often remain unavailable to in-the-trenches physicians. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Challenges in state courts: New tort reforms under fire - Physicians and trial lawyers weigh in on reform in West Virginia as physicians in Florida and Ohio closely watch developments in their trial courts. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - CME providers face stricter financial disclosure - The landscape of continuing medical education is poised to change amid new requirements intended to resolve conflicts of interest. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Just because it's new doesn't mean it's best - Scenario: How do you decide whether to prescribe a new drug? -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Physicians have role in political process (opinion) - A message to all physicians from the chair of the AMA Board of Trustees, J. James Rohack, MD. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Hospital care varies widely for chronically ill Medicare patients - Dartmouth Medical School studies show the need for disease management and pay-for-performance programs, CMS chief says. -

* ►November 1, 2004 - Nabbing no-shows: What can you do when patients are absent? - From charging to keeping same-day waiting lists, physicians are attempting to keep missed appointments -- and lost revenue -- to a minimum. -  - "We allot 45 to 60 minutes for a new patient," Dr. Murphy said. "We could see anywhere from three to 10 people for follow-ups during that time."

* ►November 1, 2004 - Lab tests go under a critical microscope - Experts point out that good tests used badly can lead to bad medicine. - - "The positive ANA is diagnostic of nothing," he said. "But every patient who has a positive ANA comes into my office with a diagnosis because they go to the Internet. Then they come to my office saying, 'I have so-and-so disease.' "

►November 1, 2004 - 3 states face marijuana votes on decriminalization, medical treatment - To date, nine states have legalized medical use of the substance. -

►November 1, 2004 - Letters to the Editor (opinion) - KEMPAC: AMNews readers were misled on Senate candidate Dr. Mongiardo -

►November 1, 2004 - States get feds' help with Rx monitoring - More than 90% of all physicians soon could be practicing in a state with prescription monitoring. -

►November 1, 2004 - DOs ready for their close-ups, looking to make their mark on TV- Osteopathic physicians say a letter-writing campaign directed at television producers was also a good way to build camaraderie among DOs. -

►November 1, 2004 - Congress renews visa waiver program for IMGs - A program that helps staff medically underserved communities with international medical graduates has been extended. -

►November 1, 2004 - North Carolina Blues covers medical visits related to obesity - The insurer hopes outpatient benefits and incentives to bariatric surgeons will trim costs. -

►November 1, 2004 - Give health staffing companies a contractual once-over -

►November 1, 2004 - Timely scrutiny of health plan consolidation - After years of plan mergers, a medical society's legal challenge provides the opportunity for one deal to get the proper attention. -

►November 1, 2004 - Program helps doctors who treat addictions - The number of patients becoming addicted to narcotic pain meds outstrips the number of physicians available to treat them. -

►November 2004 - Breathing with Hepatitis - Does exposure to a liver-inflaming virus prevent asthma? (requires subscription) - Scientific American

* ►October 26, 2004 - A closer look at a malaria vaccine trial and controlling HIV-1 viremia - Public Library Of Science via

►October 26, 2004 - Immunity, blood hit by New Delhi pollution - AFP via The Australian - "'We have found that polluted air has also altered immunity and caused blood-related abnormalities among many of the victims tested by us,' an institute official said from the agency's headquarters in the eastern city of Calcutta."
►October 26, 2004 - No links between cancer, vaccines - The Mercury, Australia

* ►October 25, 2004 - Concern over possible monkey virus in Australian polio vaccine - Radio Australia via - "Professor Bruce Robinson from the University of Western Australia says much more research is needed before a link can be confirmed between a contaminated dose of the vaccine and cancer...But the president of the Independent Blood Council, Charles MacKenzie, remains sceptical...'The most terrifying thing about those experts is the same thing was said to haemophiliacs in the 1980s about Hepatitis C and the HIV/ Aids virus,' he said....'They were told all of those things and some of them are now terminally ill.'"

►October 25, 2004 - Expert says SV40 cancer risk small - transcript - AM via

►October 25, 2004 - Tasmanian study finds no link between contaminated polio vaccines and cancer - transcript - The World Today via

►October 25, 2004 - Fed Gov promises investigation into polio vaccine virus SV40 - transcript - AM via

* ►October 25, 2004 - Fear as money: How one company, skirting regulations, turns fear of anthrax into gold - Maker of Anthrax Vaccine Violated Regulations, Experts Believe - Latest: FDA Press Office: Site Promoting Vaccine Paid For By Company Not Necessarily Considered Promotion - The Blue Lemur

* ►October 25, 2004 - TB vaccine passes safety tests - Science and Development Network - "The researchers say that the new vaccine — the first in 80 years — is not intended to replace the existing BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) jab but rather to complement it, providing an immune boost some months later when the effect of BCG can start to wane."

►October 25, 2004 - Illinois Governor Seeks Vaccine Abroad - New York Times via (abstract)

►October 25, 2004 - 1,400 show up for flu vaccines - Durango Herald

►October 25, 2004 - Knox County sets mass flu vaccination clinic (requires registration) - Knoxville News Sentinel

►October 25, 2004 - States sue flu vaccine wholesaler over alleged price-gouging scheme - Court TV

►October 25, 2004 - Lack of Influenza Vaccines Plague Campus, County -

* ►October 25, 2004 - More than 3 Million Flu Shots Ship - Business & Legal Reports via

►October 25, 2004 - Vaden gets more flu vaccine; immunization clinics open to eligible faculty and staff starting Tuesday morning - Stanford Report

►October 25, 2004 - Flu-vaccine shortage tied to tort reform (requires registration) - letter - The Columbus Dispatch

►October 25, 2004 - Price Gouging For Flu Vaccines? - ABC 30 - KFSN

►October 25, 2004 - Feds try to calm fears about flu vaccine shortage - AP via Detroit Free Press

►October 25, 2004 - Feds reassure Hoosiers on flu vaccine - AP via Indianapolis Star

►October 25, 2004 - Thompson: Flu vaccine shortage not a crisis - The Green Bay News-Chronicle

►October 25, 2004 - Gov: State gets 22,500 additional doses of flu vaccine - AP via

* ►October 25, 2004 - Flu shot warnings nothing new - Records show FDA knew years ago that companies were having difficulties meeting health standards - Newsday - "While the government has blamed only one company for unsafe production practices in the current flu vaccine crisis, federal records show health officials knew for years that vaccine makers were having problems meeting federal health standards. Since 2000, Food and Drug Administration officials have warned at least three flu vaccine makers that their plants posed health hazards and did not comply with federal regulations, government records show."

►October 25, 2004 - Flu vaccine shortage fault of FDA - opinion - The Battalion

►October 25, 2004 - Flu shots start Tuesday in 66 counties - AP via

►October 25, 2004 - Flu shot drive-thru triggers massive traffic jam in Arkansas town - AP/CP via

►October 25, 2004 - Health Department works to gauge scope of flu shot problem (requires registration) - AP via Kansas City Star

►October 25, 2004 - Limited number of flu shots available this week - The Brewton Standard

►October 25, 2004 - HHS, DoJ work to help Fla. lawsuit - South Florida Business Journal

►October 25, 2004 - Gov seeks federal OK to buy flu vaccine from Europe - Chicago Sun-Times

►October 25, 2004 - Flu Lottery in Montgomery Co. Draws Thousands - Capital News Service via

►October 25, 2004 - Firefighters hope to get flu vaccine - Union fears crews will get sick more often - Indianapolis Star

►October 25, 2004 - Betsy rips flu hotlines - New York Daily News

►October 25, 2004 - Normal flu levels predicted - Western Mail via

►October 25, 2004 - The nation's flu fiasco - editorial - St. Petersburg Times

►October 25, 2004 - Lives at stake in vaccine issue - Vaccine isn't a very compelling issue for politicians - but it's something to which they need to begin paying attention to before a catastrophe of terrible proportions occurs. - The Daily Mining Gazette

►October 25, 2004 - The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization Announces New Executive Secretary - Medical News Today

►October 25, 2004 - Are drug firms losing interest in vaccines? - Daily News via

►October 25, 2004 - Teens, Parents Alerted to Possibility of Pertussis - Reuters

►October 25, 2004 - Avian influenza – situation in Thailand; additional fatal case confirmed - WHO

►October 25, 2004 - Teenage girl confirmed as being latest Thai victim of bird flu - China Daily

►October 25, 2004 - Lax chicken slaughtering slows ending bird flu in Thailand - Xinhuanet via China View

►October 25, 2004 - Rules scare off vaccine makers - editorial - Indianapolis Star - "Our position is: Government monopoly is a prescription for shortages of flu vaccine and other drugs."

►October 25, 2004 - Vaccine vacuity - commentary - Washington Times

►October 25, 2004 - Should the free market rule production of flu vaccine? - letters - Denver Post

►October 25, 2004 - Employers try to stave off flu - The Daytona Beach News-Journal - "Unable to vaccinate their workers against the flu, employers are resorting to chicken soup, chamomile tea and aromatherapy candles."

►October 25, 2004 - Nation's New Flu Vaccine Totals Reach 61 Million Doses - New York Jewish Times

►October 25, 2004 - Lessons from 1918 influenza outbreak - History's deadliest plague is a reminder -- and a warning - The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History - book review (requires registration) - Charlotte Observer

►October 25, 2004 - Stable liquid technology will enable vaccines to be stored for long periods without refrigeration and reconstitution - A UK vaccine technology that is set to revolutionise the industry has received £950k funding from the Department for International Development (DFID) to bring to production a pentavalent childhood vaccine that can be stored without refrigeration. -

►October 25, 2004 - Young 'need mumps jab' - The Journal via

►October 25, 2004 - Residents tested for exposure to toxic mercury - AP via

* ►October 25, 2004 - New oral vaccine for Alzheimer's disease - Case Western Reserve University via

►October 25, 2004 - India suggests formulation of pressure group on HIV/AIDS - Press Trust of India via Hindustan Times

►October 25, 2004 - Spread of HIV could slow if repeat testing is supported - Blackwell Publishing Ltd. via

►October 25, 2004 - Calypte Biomedical to Begin Shipping HIV-1 Incidence Test - press release - Calypte Biomedical Corporation via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►October 25, 2004 - Botswana winning Aids battle -

►October 25, 2004 - Theratechnologies to present results from its HIV-associated lipodystrophy Phase II study on ThGRF at scientific conferences in the U.S. and Italy - press release - Theratechnologies Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Yahoo!

►October 25, 2004 - Boehringer Ingelheim Submits Marketing Authorisation Application Tipranavir - PRNewswire via Europa Press

►October 25, 2004 - Hepatitis A outbreak reported among gay men in Norway - Aidsmap

►October 25, 2004 - EU accepts BioPartner's interferon as first 'biosimilar' filing - Swiss biopharmaceuticals company BioPartners has filed its first application in Europe for a generic version of interferon alpha, a biological drug. If approved, the 'biosimilar' could be on the market as early as next year. -

►October 25, 2004 - SIGA Technologies to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Techvest 6th Annual Healthcare Conference on ►October 27th - press release - SIGA Technologies via Business Wire via

►October 25, 2004 - Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Provides Tarvacin(TM) IND Update - press release - Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►October 25, 2004 - Gilead Reports Third-Quarter Results, Discontinues Clinical Development of Two HIV drugs - Pharmaceutical Executive

►October 25, 2004 - High commission closed by anthrax scare (requires registration) - AP via The Globe and Mail

►October 25, 2004 - Health officials say flu questions outnumber anthrax queries - AP via Worcester Telegram & Gazette

►October 25, 2004 - UWA Needs Shs182m to Save Hippos From Anthrax - The Monitor (Kampala) via

►October 25, 2004 - Anthrax Hits Kasese, Bushenyi Districts - The Monitor (Kampala) via

►October 25, 2004 - Indonesia imposes isolation after anthrax outbreak confirmed - Xinhuanet via China View

►October 25, 2004 - Pakistan continues to battle with polio -

►October 25, 2004 - IML gets order for Foot and Mouth disease vaccines from Iraq - Press Trust of India

►October 25, 2004 - Drop in meningitis cases - But Ulster rates are still higher than rest of UK - Belfast Telegraph

►October 25, 2004 - 'Act now on biological weapons' - The threat of biological weapons is real and needs to be tackled now, medical experts warn. - BBC

* ►October 25, 2004 - Biological Weapons Threat 'Greater Than Nuclear Or Chemical' - PA News via The Scotsman

►October 25, 2004 - Prof. uses lasers to study brain - Prof. Rosenthal receives $1.4 million grant - The Vanderbilt Hustler

►October 25, 2004 - Parents Deny Son Went Missing During Rosie May Disappearance - PA News via The Scotsman - "He said after the tragedy, Smith, who suffers from a form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome, showed concern for Rosie May and her two brothers, who were left traumatised by their sister’s death."

►October 25, 2004 - Couple Culminates 4,000 Mile Coast-to-Coast Trek in San Francisco to Eliminate Measles Deaths in Africa - press release - American Red Cross Bay Area via Market Wire

►October 25, 2004 - Scientists cite link to poor health - New York Newsday

►October 25, 2004 - The Next Fix - Just as antismoking activists compare tobacco to crack and heroin, the hopes of nicotine 'vaccine' promoters move easily from cigarettes to illegal drugs. - Seed Magazine via

►October 25, 2004 - Bigger Babies run Risk for Leukemia - Journal of the National Cancer Institute via Ivanhoe

►October 25, 2004 - War on Wilson's Disease - Ivanhoe

►October 25, 2004 - Impacts of Newborn Stress - Society for Neuroscience 34th Annual Meeting in San Diego via Ivanhoe

►October 25, 2004 - Health Tip: Group B Strep and Pregnant Women - HealthDay via Forbes

►October 25, 2004 - Use of mercury in religious rituals seen as health danger - The Journal News

►October 25, 2004 - Breakthrough discovery in treating narrowed arteries - A breakthrough discovery by Heart and Stroke Foundation researcher Dr. Michael Kutryk that harnesses the body’s own natural defenses to fight narrowing of the arteries has been recognized as “a glimpse into the future” and “potentially one of the biggest advances in cardiology to date”. -

►October 25, 2004 - Transplant gamble paid off for Winnipeg boy - CanWest News Service via National Post via

►October 25, 2004 - Needle-Free Immunization as Effective as Needle and Syringe Method -

* ►October 24, 2004 - Conflicted medicine Doctors defend ties to drugs they endorse - The Kalamazoo Gazette via

* ►October 24, 2004 - Preschool depression worries experts - Researchers previously thought children's brains weren't developed enough. (requires registration) - The Orange County Register - "Researchers suspect that depression in preschoolers is likely biological and environmental. Some kids, they suspect, may be born with a genetic predisposition to depression, just as some children are born with autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder...But they really don't know...Nor do they know what triggers the depression - in other words, the role of environment."

►October 24, 2004 - Diagnosing preschool major depressive disorder (requires registration) - The Orange County Register

►October 24, 2004 - Infection, not lack of oxygen, plays larger role in premature infant brain injury - Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions via

►October 24, 2004 - Reductions in blood oxygen levels in newborns could contribute to ADHD development - Emory University Health Sciences Center via

►October 24, 2004 - OHSU scientists identify key gene that delays female puberty - Additional research may confirm gene also is responsible for early onset of puberty in teenage females. - Oregon Health & Science University via

►October 24, 2004 - Chiron barely makes a splash in Liverpool - USA Today

►October 24, 2004 - 3 Americans wanted for injecting HIV patients with animal vaccine -

►October 24, 2004 - Tyler Hospitals Making Plans For Outbreak of Influenza - Tyler Morning Telegraph via

* ►October 23, 2004 - Diabetes link to child mind drugs - Treating children with anti-psychotic drugs may increase the risk of a condition which leads to diabetes and heart disease, research suggests. - BBC

►October 23, 2004 - European Health Agencies, Using Many Vaccine Suppliers, Are Facing No Shortages - New York Times via (abstract)

►October 23, 2004 - Flu Vaccine Swiped in Merced County - Modesto Bee via (abstract)

* ►October 22, 2004 - Quarantine Used in Iowa to Contain Measles - Reuters Health via (abstract)

* ►October 22, 2004 - Vaccine fevers - National Post via Urban Renaissance Institute - "Americans are being told that a manufacturing problem in a U.K. pharmaceutical plant has led to the U.S. shortage of flu vaccines. Americans aren't being told (and we aren't either) that the real manufacturer at fault is a U.S. government agency, the Centers for Disease Control, along with the World Health Organization and other vaccinate-anything-that-moves ideologues that have fabricated a phony crisis over the flu vaccine."

►October 21, 2004 - Uganda Sets ►November as Child Immunization Month - Xinhua News Agency via (abstract)

►October 21, 2004 - Sick system sparks crisis on vaccine - column - Denver Post

►October 20, 2004 - Vaccine is Hell - book review - BlackNET News via - "In these times of panicked waiting lines for flu vaccine, here comes a new and even more frightening look at the US military’s ill-fated anthrax vaccine program...In 'Vaccine – A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers And Why GI’s Are Only The First Victims,' author Gary Matsumoto tells an amazing, six-year scientific mystery story, unraveled literally strand by strand and lab sample by lab sample. It is a real-life and death CSI show, and perhaps a tragic mistake of gargantuan proportions, affecting thousands if not hundreds of thousands of US fighting men and women."

►October 2004 - Long-Term Persistence of Immunity to Hepatitis B after Vaccination during Infancy in a Country Where Endemicity Is Low - journal article (Journal of Infectious Diseases)

►October 2004 - Temporal and Geographic Stability of the Serogroup-Specific Invasive Disease Potential of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Children - journal article (Journal of Infectious Diseases) 

►October 2004 - Provirus Load in Breast Milk and Risk of Mother-to-Child Transmission of Human T Lymphotropic Virus Type I - journal article (Journal of Infectious Diseases) 

* ►April 2004 - Failure of inactivated influenza A vaccine to protect healthy children aged 6-24 months (pdf) - journal article (Pediatrics International) via - "Conclusion: Inactivated influenza vaccine did not reduce the attack rate of influenza A infection in 6-24 month old children."

*Planning for the 2004-05 influenza vaccination season  by Glen Nowak, Ph.D., Associate Director for Communications, National Immunization Program (pdf)  - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) via - A communication situation analysis to broaden understanding and thinking about influenza vaccination communication - especially when it comes to greatly increasing coverage.

CIDRAP to participate in nasal flu vaccine study - CIDRAP Mission & Activities - "Two CIDRAP staff members, Kris Moore, MD, MPH, and Elizabeth McClure, MD, are preparing to be part of a national multicenter study on the impact of administering FluMist influenza vaccine in the elementary school setting to eligible school-aged children. FluMist, which is given via nasal spray (no shots are involved), is currently licensed for use in children who are at least 5 years of age."

Study of a Flu Vaccine in Children - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) via

Posted October 25, 2004

►November 1, 2004 - The Flu Snafu - A vaccine shortfall grows into a political headache. Who is really to blame? And what is the cure? - TIME Magazine

* ►November 2004 - The varicella-zoster virus open reading frame 63 latency-associated protein is critical for establishment of latency. - journal article (Journal of Virology) - "Thus, ORF63 is not required for VZV to enter ganglia but is the first VZV gene shown to be critical for establishment of latency. Since the present vaccine can reactivate and cause shingles, a VZV vaccine based on the ORF63 mutant virus might be safer."

Comment:  For more on this, go to Scandals: Prescription For Disaster - Is Vaccine Policy A "House of Cards"?, Scandals: When is an oops not really an oops?  When you get to solve the problems you cause, and make money doing both! and Scandals: Playing With Fire - It's Not EASY To Fool Mother Nature

* ►November 2004 - Vaccines administered simultaneously: directions for new combination vaccines based on an historical review of the literature. - journal article (Journal of Infectious Diseases) -"Based on this historical review, combination vaccines worth reconsideration could fill epidemiologic niches in the EPI with, for instance, a measles-yellow fever, a measles-Japanese encephalitis or a pertussis-based paediatric combination rabies vaccine."

►November 2004 - Laboratory investigations are indispensable to monitor the progress of measles elimination-results of the German Measles Sentinel 1999-2003. - journal article (Journal of Clinical Virology)

►November 2004 - Vaccination in humans generates broad T cell cytokine responses. - journal article - (The Journal of Immunology) - "We found significant differences in the patterns of cytokines elicited by vaccination (where IFN-gamma was by far a subdominant response) vs natural infection; in addition, there was fairly significant intersubject variation."

►November 2004 - Global distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes isolated from paediatric patients during 1999-2000 and the in vitro efficacy of telithromycin and comparators. - journal article (Journal of Medical Microbiology)

►November 2004 - Resiquimod: a new immune response modifier with potential as a vaccine adjuvant for Th1 immune responses. - journal article (Antiviral Res)

* ►October 25, 2004 - Companies On the Fence About Biodefense (requires registration) - What will it take to make vaccines and drugs for smallpox, Ebola, and plague look like enticing business prospects? - The Scientist

* ►October 25, 2004 - Rapid Newborn Screening by Mass Spectrometry (requires registration) - New kit tests neonates for a swath of metabolic disorders - The Scientist

* ►October 25, 2004 - The Ailing Brain: A Pressing Need for New Treatments (requires registration) - Research in Alzheimer disease abounds, but the pipeline also looks promising for other neurological and psychiatric conditions - The Scientist

►October 25, 2004 - India Wants to be Your Biotech Source (requires registration) - A greater respect for intellectual property could boost India's ability to compete in 2005 - The Scientist

►October 25, 2004 - Update | UC Berkeley, Samoa to Share Benefit from AIDS Drug (requires registration) - The Scientist

►October 25, 2004 - Life Without Glutamate (requires registration) - A VGLUT1 knockout mouse elucidates glutamate neurotransmission  - The Scientist

►October 25, 2004 - Panbio wins FDA approval for West Nile virus test -

►October 25, 2004 - Mother-to-child HIV transmission tackled - Xinhuanet via China View

►October 25, 2004 - Polio Vaccine Claims Investigated - Radio News via

►October 25, 2004 - Concerns raised over possible polio vaccine contamination -

* ►October 25, 2004 - Guinea pigs in tainted vaccine trials (requires registration) - - "A federal agency used babies in orphanages and children's homes to test a new quadruple antigen vaccination that included polio vaccine possibly contaminated with a monkey virus since linked to cancer...Commonwealth Serum Laboratory records show the trials were carried out on babies as young as three months in five institutions between ►December 1959 and early 1961."

* ►October 25, 2004 - Polio vaccine tested at orphanages (requires registration) - - "CSL research records in the National Archives show that 56 babies under the age of 12 months were used in the Victorian vaccine trials...One baby died of meningitis in August 1960, less than three months after completing a course of three quadruple antigen injections."

* ►October 25, 2004 - The dragon is slain but it's legacy lingers - Polio was stopped in its tracks, but now we must make sure the price was not too high. - editorial -  (requires registration) -

* ►October 25, 2004 - Canadian Vaccine Policy May Become U.S. Model - Program Guarantees Market for Producers (requires registration) - Washington Post - "For example, Ontario -- the largest province, with 12 million people -- offers free flu shots to everyone, while other provinces do so only for specific risk groups, such as people 65 and older, or children 6 to 23 months....Ontario's innovative policy, which began in the 2000-2001 season, has been both successful and wasteful...The year before it began, Ontario used 1.9 million doses to vaccinate 16 percent of its people. The next year, the province ordered 7.9 million doses and vaccinated 5.8 million people. The immunization rate jumped to 44 percent, but 25 percent of the vaccine was discarded....More than 1 million doses went unused in each of the next two years. Last year, the excess was down to 500,000 doses. Coverage was still 44 percent."

►October 25, 2004 - HK starts bird flu strategy -

►October 25, 2004 - Bird-flu scare after eagles smuggled into Belgium - The Independent, UK

►October 25, 2004 - MIT graduate brings high tech to Third World - AP via Arizona Republic via

* ►October 25, 2004 - New vaccine to combat global return of TB - The Independent, UK

* ►October 24, 2004 - New flu strain raises concerns - UPI via The Washington Times - "The new A/Wellington, named for the New Zealand city where the strain first turned up, can diminish the effectiveness of today's vaccine"

* ►October 24, 2004 - Two pictures of health care - Newsday - "How Britain and the United States handled the collapse in supply highlights some sharp differences in the two countries' public health systems. Britain's is regulated and contracted entirely by the government while the United States' remains largely private. As a result, most Britons -- even though the Chiron plant closing cut off nearly 15 percent of their supply -- still can get a free government-sponsored flu shot while many Americans in the at-risk categories may never get theirs this season."

* ►October 24, 2004 - A family's crusade - Carthage couple say mercury agent in vaccines caused son's autism - The Joplin Globe - "He'd always had the brightest, sparkliest eyes," she said. "But then after he got his flu shot, they were flat and lifeless - what I call the 'Stepford look.' He wouldn't look you in the face or make eye contact. It was like there was nobody home."

* ►October 24, 2004 - Missouri health officials reject link - Official: No scientific evidence of link between autism disorders, childhood vaccines exist - The Joplin Globe - "Karen Porte, a Joplin endrocrinolgist, has had success treating children with autism using human growth hormone. She presented her findings in an autism conference in May, and now is treating children from as far away as Alaska and California....Porte believes that the mercury used in some vaccines could have damaged the pituitary, as well as the brain....'Mercury is a known neurotoxin. There is a vast body of literature that says it's not safe,' she said. 'I'm not against vaccines; vaccines are very important to prevent epidemic illness, but I do believe in safe vaccines. Why would we even want to take the chance of neurodamage in any child when a safe alternative is possible?'"

* ►October 24, 2004 - Recent deaths linked to mysterious brain disease baffles family - AP via Newsday - "New York state has an average of 20 CJD deaths a year. Health officials are still trying to determine whether there is a common thread among the three confirmed cases."

►October 24, 2004 - Tentative accord reached on U.S. beef - The Japan Times

►October 24, 2004 - Another suspected mad cow case found in Mie - Japan Today

►October 24, 2004 - Medical damage caps discussed at forum - AP via The Billings Gazette - "Wyoming's laws regarding medical malpractice have been in place since 1899 and are outdated, said Monger, who is with Partnership to Protect Affordable Healthcare. In 1899 there were no antibiotics, immunizations, AIDS, West Nile virus, personal injury lawyers or HMOs, he said."

►October 24, 2004 - Autistic kids learn from their peers - New York Daily News

►October 24, 2004 - Halifax student gets her dream - Autistic teen wasn't born into royalty, but her classmates felt she was worthy of the crown - Times-Dispatch

►October 24, 2004 - Health regulations could help WHO bid - Participation: Academics said that presenting a revisions to international health regulations was an opportunity for Taiwan help fight against pandemics - Taipei Times

►October 24, 2004 - Trini leads research that deems Aids drug safe - Trinidad & Tobago Express - "Patients who were previously not responding to Interferon showed progress on Lamivudine-after three weeks they remained tolerant and the presence of HBV DNA in some cases had been reduced to "undetectable".

* ►October 24, 2004 - DAFB civilians face 'backdoor draft' - Many of the 1,000 key workers may quit over forced vaccinations  - The News Journal via - "A Department of Defense plan to increase the number of civilian personnel who receive the anthrax vaccine could lead to a mass exodus among the more than 1,000 skilled employees at Dover Air Force Base, union officials say...A labor law expert says the requirement to take the anthrax vaccine may violate the workers' constitutional rights...And a civilian engineering and airfield maintenance team based at Dover, which just received orders to take the controversial shots, is already balking at the requirement."

* ►October 24, 2004 - Scarce flu vaccine not designed for new strain - New Zealand variety worries officials - San Francisco Chronicle - "Like weather forecasters watching tropical storms, epidemiologists for the World Health Organization track the ever-evolving strains of influenza. The predominant flu virus around the globe right now is one called A/Fujian, and the vaccine Americans are seeking today is a perfect match for it...But A/Wellington is gaining ground. Tests suggest that 43 percent of recent New Zealand flu cases spring from the new strain, or variants of it...A/Wellington has even turned up about as far from the South Pacific as is geographically possible: in Norway."

►October 24, 2004 - Newsweek Cover: Flu Fever - 'We're Not Prepared for a Health Crisis ... From Mother Nature or From Biological Terrorism' Says Head of Nonpartisan Group - Flu Epidemic Could Cost $20 Billion This Year, says Harvard Economist - press release - Newsweek via PRNewswire via Yahoo!

►October 24, 2004 - Law suits against flu vaccine rip-off merchants - Medical News Today

* ►October 24, 2004 - National lab working to crack mysteries of dangerous avian flu viruses - CP via

►October 24, 2004 - Vaccine system showing cracks - Shortage of flu shots has health officials seeking a backup plan - AP via Indianapolis Star

►October 24, 2004 - Flu-vaccine politics hit fever pitch (requires registration) - Orlando Sentinel

►October 24, 2004 - More vaccine doses elusive - 1,400 wait in cold to receive flu shots - Lawrence Journal-World

►October 24, 2004 - Officials say more flu shots on way - Officials continue to advise healthy adults and children to forgo getting the vaccine to allow for high-risk groups. (requires registration) - Providence Journal

►October 24, 2004 - Then there was one — Aventis - Swiftwater plant is sole maker of this year's influenza vaccine. Other makers have dropped out due to cost and risk. - The Morning Call

►October 24, 2004 - Estevan Druggist Amazed at Flu Response - AP via

►October 24, 2004 - More Flu Vaccine -

►October 24, 2004 - Response to flu vaccine shortage shows concern for others - opinion - Springfield News-Leader

►October 24, 2004 - Missing the point on flu vaccines - editorial - Press-Journal via

►October 24, 2004 - Public urged to get flu shots - Central News Agency via

►October 24, 2004 - Docs: Prevention is the best medicine - Boston Herald

►October 24, 2004 - Federal health officials visit Minnesota, seeking to calm flu fears (requires registration) - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

►October 24, 2004 - Glitches mar flu hotline - Newsday

►October 24, 2004 - Flu clinics, shots rare -

►October 24, 2004 - Low-income children may have to wait for flu shots (requires registration) - The Columbus Dispatch via Akron Beacon Journal

►October 24, 2004 - Chief health educator says vaccine due - Surgeon general visits Charleston - The Post and Courier via

►October 24, 2004 - Officials say flu vaccine shortage shouldn't cause panic - The Missoulian

►October 24, 2004 - Kin Frightened By Harlen Nursing-Home Flu Outbreak - New York Post

►October 24, 2004 - Flu shot clinic draws 6,000 - San Diego Union-Tribune

►October 24, 2004 - Kerry's Flu-Shot Foul - editorial - New York Post

* ►October 24, 2004 - Interest grows for alternatives as flu vaccine supply is scarce - The Bristol Press - "For example, a University of Connecticut physician and researcher has found that a compound derived from ginseng reduced the chances of flu in an elderly population by 89 percent. Results were published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society."

►October 24, 2004 - State getting fair share of precious vaccine - The Herald-Palladium

►October 24, 2004 - Shortage illustrates precarious balance of flu vaccine system - Suppliers fled the unpredictable market, saying it's too difficult to profit - Houston Chronicle

►October 24, 2004 - UNICEF enlists children - Trick-or-treaters can collect change to help children who benefit from UNICEF programs. - The Free Lance Star via - "The money collected in the trick-or-treat campaign is used to pay for immunization, education, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation for children in 158 countries where UNICEF works."

►October 24, 2004 - Cancer culprit isolated in valley of death -

►October 24, 2004 - Meningitis leaves ex-student grateful for life and facing hard choices (requires registration) - AP via Kansas City Star

►October 24, 2004 - Meningitis survivor stresses vaccination - KU graduate says shot should be required - Lawrence Journal-World

►October 24, 2004 - Dan Marino: Hall of Famer On and Off the Football Field - The Pilot Newspaper - "In 1992, Dan and Claire started the Dan Marino Foundation, whose mission is to impact autism by supporting integrated treatment programs, outreach services and direct research for children with chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities."

►October 24, 2004 - Autistic kids learn from their peers - New York Daily News

►October 24, 2004 - Education and a cure are autism mag goals - New York Daily News

►October 24, 2004 - S.Africa AIDS Group Drops Legal Case on Drug Delays - Reuters

►October 24, 2004 - County health services will hold vaccination drill - Albany Democrat-Herald via Corvallis Gazette-Times

►October 24, 2004 - Researchers show non-matching transplant induces long-term blood type tolerance - CP via

►October 24, 2004 - Pfizer deal could be gravy train for promising Medarex (requires registration) - AP via Miami Herald

►October 24, 2004 - Call for royal commission into polio vaccine (requires registration) -

* ►October 23, 2004 - The day batch 64 entered the bloodstream - A crisis meeting at Parkville in May 1962 was convened following findings that the latest batch of polio vaccine was contaminated with a newly discovered virus. Gary Hughes reports. (requires registration) -
* ►October 23, 2004 - Foundation calls for universal hepatitis B vaccination in UK infants - journal article (BMJ)

►October 23, 2004 - Local health care professionals get dose of flu vaccine mist - The Columbian

►October 23, 2004 - Surgeon General: Flu vaccine shortage is 'artificial' -

►October 23, 2004 - There was a time when we wished all shots were in short supply - column - The Daily Reflector

* ►October 23, 2004 - Baby given MMR jab in health centre error - - "A FOUR-month-old baby was accidentally given the controversial MMR vaccine after a mix-up at a health centre."

* ►October 23, 2004 - U.S. Citizens Flock to Canada for Flu Shots - Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News via - "The Vancouver Airport Medical Clinic, a private clinic at Vancouver International Airport, has vaccinated about 200 Americans. But on Tuesday the clinic stopped selling flu shots to walk-in customers so it could have enough vaccine to meet contracts with businesses at the airport that want their employees vaccinated."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Parents claiming a link between MMR vaccine and autism lose final appeal for legal aid - journal article (BMJ)

* ►October 23, 2004 - 3 flu vaccine distributors subpoenaed (requires registration or subscription) - State Issues Warning Against Profiteering On Shortage Of Supply - AP via The Mercury News  

* ►October 23, 2004 - Eggleston is banking on his determination - South Florida Sun-Sentinel - "These days, as Eggleston campaigns for sheriff and isn't working full-time, his 14-year-old son, Sean, is constantly on his mind. Eggleston blames his son's autism on a vaccination given about 12 years ago. The boy's roughly $5,000-a-month medical and education bills are draining the family's budget. He says he is unable to pay off a nearly $8,000 federal student loan, which has brought criticism from Bradshaw's camp." 

* ►October 23, 2004 - Poor congressional choices - - "Burton is one of the more quirky members of Congress, drawing attention for his scathing attacks on President Clinton when Burton chaired the House Government Reform Committee and for his concern that some childhood vaccines could be linked to autism. But Burton breathed some fresh air into the otherwise hard-right northeast Indiana delegation when he voiced support for allowing Americans to buy lower-priced prescription drugs from Canada. His challenger, Carr, has been ineffectual in both her current and 2002 campaigns. Without a real alternative, 5th District voters should choose Burton."

►October 23, 2004 - 2 more brain fever deaths in Akita; Mushroom link eyed - The Daily Yomiuri - "The man reportedly had eaten a type of edible oyster mushroom, as had one of the two individuals currently in hospital for the same illness, both of whom are experiencing renal problems."

►October 23, 2004 - City has first confirmed case of rabies in 10 years - The Amarillo Globe News

►October 23, 2004 - The Medical Geneticist Finds His Place In The Roll-Call Of Specialists - Khaleej Times - "The medical geneticist functions as a clinician (clinical geneticist) and as a counsellor (genetic counsellor) to assist in primary care, diagnosis and care of individuals with both common and uncommon genetic disorders," says Dr Naveed."

►October 23, 2004 - Stop playing God - Khaleej Times - "Arrogant manipulations have resulted in deformities, distortions, infections, chronic illnesses etc. Any attempt to challenge God�s domain will only end up in disaster."

* ►October 22, 2004 - Vaccine shortage may cost businesses $20 billion - AP via Lawrence Journal-World

* ►October 22, 2004 - Cause unknown for Guillain-Barre syndrome - Monterey County Herald - "Because it can occur without warning following surgery, immunizations and trivial infections, this rare syndrome is dreaded. The cause is unknown."

* ►October 22, 2004 - Ethical analyses of vaccines grown in human cell strains derived from abortion: arguments and Internet search. - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►October 22, 2004 - Mending Minds - The need for child psychiatrists is growing in Indiana and across the country - News-Sentinel via The American Psychiatric Association via

►October 22, 2004 - Self-Reported Frequent Mental Distress Among Adults --- United States, 1993--2001 - CDC

►October 22, 2004 - Northrop tapped for NIH work - Washington Technology - "Northrop Grumman Corp. won a six-year, $29.4 million contract from a National Institutes of Health to develop a database and Web portal to centralize and integrate immunology data, the company said yesterday."

►October 22, 2004 - Polio eradication hopes pinned on 2005 (requires registration or subscription) - Knight Ridder Newspapers via Contra Costa Times

►October 22, 2004 - Strong local and systemic protective immunity induced in the ferret model by an intranasal virosome-formulated influenza subunit vaccine. - journal article (Vaccine)

►October 22, 2004 - Government-Owned Inventions; Availability for Licensing - DHHS via

►October 22, 2004 - Cooperative Agreement for the Surveillance, and Prevention of Birth Defects - DHHS/CDC via

►October 22, 2004 - Elusive Aids Cure Spurs Ingenuity - The Herald (Harare) - - "The gardens, which consist of different kinds of therapeutic herbs, are expected to provide a remedy for HIV and Aids-related illnesses as well as alternative treatment for infectious diseases related to the pandemic."

►October 22, 2004 - Molecular Imaging of Inflammation Processes Using Small-Animal Scanners (full study) - Minerva Biotecnologica via

►October 22, 2004 - Alternative medical treatments gain interest, funding - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via KRT via - "More than a third of Americans use some form of complementary or alternative medicine - treatments or regimens used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, standard Western medicine."

►October 22, 2004 - Researchers Discover Gene Mutations for Parkinson's Disease -

►October 22, 2004 - Law to protect rights of mentally ill in the offing - The Accra Daily Mail, Ghana - "Professor Adomako said the treatment of diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS and Diabetes among others were supported by various organisations with mental health being neglected and appealed for assistance for activities in the unit."

►October 22, 2004 - DURECT Initiates Phase I Trial for Its Proprietary Transdermal Sufentanil Patch - Patch to be Highlighted at ASA 2004 Annual Meeting - PRNewswire-FirstCall via - "DURECT's transdermal sufentanil product is intended to provide extended chronic pain relief for up to seven days, as compared to the three days of relief provided with currently available patches."

►October 22, 2004 - Hollis-Eden Announces Plans to Respond to Department of Health and Human Services' Request for Information -- RFI - Business Wire via - "ARS, also referred to as radiation sickness, is an acute illness caused by high doses of radiation exposure over a significant portion of the body in a relatively short time period."

►October 22, 2004 - Infectious Disease Expert Joins VaxGen's Board of Directors - PRNewswire-FirstCall via

►October 22, 2004 - Satellite imagery assists research - Yale Daily News - "The West Nile virus, researched at the center by Maria Diuk-Wasser, is studied in a similar fashion. She is building a West Nile virus risk map for the state of Connecticut, analyzing the landscape and weather patterns to determine the location of potentially infectious mosquitoes."

►October 22, 2004 - Pungent Onions Make Potent Cancer Fighters - The Stronger the Onion, the Better It May Be for You - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry via WebMD Medical News

►October 22, 2004 - Health Highlights: - Texas, Connecticut Sue Flu Shot Distributors - Researchers Identify Gene Mutation for Parkinson's - Florida Court Refuses Review of Right-to-Die Case - Mens' Weight Affects Sperm Quality - Report Focuses on Oral Sex Transmission of Syphilis - Castro Suffers Fractures from a Fall - Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay via

* ►October 21, 2004 - Prospective Grant of Exclusive License: Human Parvovirus B19 Vaccine - DHHS via - "The technology also describes a vaccine effective against parvovirus B19 infection, consisting of the recombinant capsid proteins. Data from the inventors show that the configuration of the vaccine optimal for eliciting neutralizing antibodies comprises approximately twenty five percent (25%) VP1 and seventy five percent (75%) VP2. In another embodiment, the technology describes the use of parvovirus B19 viral capsids as a gene delivery system for proteins."

►October 21, 2004 - Allergic Reactions Flicked Off - Inactivating molecular signal could shut down response to almost any allergen -

►October 21, 2004 - OHSU study: Bacterial switching mechanism key to survival - Research team determines structural basis underlying metabolic survival technique - Oregon Health & Science University via

* ►October 20, 2004 - Dietary Supplements; Premarket Notification for New Dietary Ingredient Notifications; Public Meeting - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via - "Therefore, FDA is seeking comments from industry, consumers, and other interested members of the public concerning the type, quantity, and quality of information that a notifier should provide in notifications under section 413(a)(2) of the act."

►October 20, 2004 - Notice of Availability of Government-Owned Invention; Available for Licensing - Department of the Navy, DOD via - "Scanned Wavelength Spectroscopic Detector (SWSD) for Identifying Biological Cells and Organisms, Navy Case No. 96,640."

►October 18, 2004 - Availability for Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, or Partially Exclusive Licensing of U.S. Provisional Patent Application Concerning Small Molecule Inhibitors of Botulinum Toxin - Department of the Army, DoD via

* ►October 15, 2004 - Pharmacists' and Patients' Perceptions About Pharmacy-Based Immunizations - U.S. Pharmacist - "Additional barriers viewed by the NIC pharmacists as problematic were both practical in nature (staff support, lack of compensation to the pharmacist, availability of an area within the pharmacy to administer vaccines, support of physicians in the neighborhood, and owner or top management support) and knowledge or skill based (concern about adverse events or reactions from an immunization, concern about legal liability, pharmacists' level of training to administer immunizations). Both IC and NIC pharmacists perceived patient interest in CPB immunizations as the least problematic barrier (mean ~ 2.0)."

►October 15, 2004 - Technical and Non-Financial Assistance to Health Centers: Perinatal/Patient Safety Pilot Health Disparities Collaborative Cooperative Agreement Announcement of Single Source Award - Health Resources and Services Administration, HHS via

►October 15, 2004 - Antiperspirant Drug Products for Over-the-Counter Human Use; Final Monograph; Partial Stay; Reopening of the Administrative Record - FDA, HHS via

* ►October 13, 2004 - Investigation of simian virus 40 large T antigen in 18 autopsied malignant mesothelioma patients in Japan - journal article (Journal of Medical Virology)

►October 5, 2004 - Strain of the western equine encephalitis virus - Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of (Ottawa, CA) via

►October 5, 2004 - Method for treating autoimmune and alloimmune diseases - Vasogen Ireland Limited (Shannon, IE) via

►October 5, 2004 - Method for making humanized antibodies - Genentech, Inc. (South San Francisco, CA) via

►October 5, 2004 - Lentiviral-mediated growth factor gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases - Oxford Biomedica (UK) Limited (Oxford, GB) via

►October 5, 2004 - Interferon-beta fusion proteins and uses - Biogen, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) via

►October 5, 2004 - Porous COX-2 inhibitor matrices and methods of manufacture thereof - Acusphere, Inc. (Watertown, MA) via

►October 5, 2004 - Methods for treating HIV-infected patients by the administration of GM-CSF and a protease inhibitor - Schering AG (Berlin, DE) via

►October 5, 2004 - Leptospira vaccine antigens for the prevention of Leptospirosis - Pfizer Inc. (New York, NY); Pfizer Products Inc. (Groton, CT) via

* ►October 2004 - Severe vasculitic neuropathy following influenza vaccination - journal article (Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry)

* ►October 2004 - Declining incidence of chickenpox in the absence of universal childhood immunisation. - journal article (Archives of Disease in Childhood)

* ►October 2004 - Risk of fatal adverse events associated with 17DD yellow fever vaccine. - journal article (Epidemiol Infect)

►October 2004 - Myopericarditis following smallpox vaccination. - journal article (American Journal of Epidemiology)

►October 2004 - Worsening of seizures by oxcarbazepine in juvenile idiopathic generalized epilepsies. - journal article (Epilepsia)

►October 2004 - ACAM2000 clonal Vero cell culture vaccinia virus (New York City Board of Health strain) - a second-generation smallpox vaccine for biological defense. - journal article (International Journal of Infectious Diseases) - "The vaccines produced major cutaneous reactions and evoked neutralizing antibody and cell-mediated immune responses in the vast majority of subjects and had a reactogenicity profile similar to that of Dryvax((R))."

►October 2004 - Nasopharyngeal pneumococcal carriage after combined pneumococcal conjugate and polysaccharide vaccination in children with a history of recurrent acute otitis media. - journal article (Journal of Infectious Diseases)

►October 2004 - Effectiveness of Hepatitis B vaccination in children of chronic hepatitis B mothers. - journal article (Saudi Medical Journal)

* ►April 28, 2004 - History of Vaccine Regulation - journal article (Journal Of Public Health Policy) - "For some products (e.g. acellular pertussis vaccine) and for potential contaminants, such as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE), no single test has been found to predict clinical efficacy or safety (12). Finally, any test method must be appropriately validated to ensure the reliability of the results on which public health decisions might be based."

* ►2004 - Human Genetics and Responses to Influenza Vaccination : Clinical Implications. - journal article (American Journal of Pharmacogenomics) - "This work revealed that the HLA-DRB1*0701 allele was over represented among persons who fail to mount a neutralizing antibody response. This preliminary finding is important because it potentially identifies a group who may not be protected by current vaccination strategies. Further investigation into the role of HLA polymorphisms and nonresponse to influenza virus vaccination, and vaccination against viruses in general, is clearly required."

►2004 - Global perspectives on vaccine financing - Expert Review of Vaccines - - "Despite the great promise of immunization and recent progress in immunizing children throughout the developing world, a global crisis in vaccine R&D, supply and delivery is faced."

►2004 - Control and lot release of meningococcal group C conjugate vaccines - Expert Review of Vaccines -

Posted October 24, 2004

►November 2004 - Risk Factors for Severe Hyperbilirubinemia in Neonates - journal article (Pediatric Research)

►October 25, 2004 - Gilead Halts Two Drugs For HIV, Reports 'Lighter' Third Quarter - BioWorld Today

►October 24, 2004 - Smuggled eagles had bird flu - AFP via The Australian

►October 24, 2004 - Low prices, weak demand make vaccines unappealing - Government's hard bargaining in effect has hindered production (requires registration) - Dallas Morning News

►October 24, 2004 - What's behind the vanishing vaccines - By being undervalued, immunizations have lost manufacturers (requires registration) - Dallas Morning News

►October 24, 2004 - Preventing the flu - Pacific Daily News via

* ►October 24, 2004 - Virus recruited to kill superbug - The Guardian, UK - "Scientists have created detergents laced with viruses that could rid Britain's hospitals of deadly superbugs that now infect the wards. The researchers hope to begin trials in hospitals in the next few months."

* ►October 24, 2004 - Infected polio jabs to be investigated (requires registration) - - "Australian researchers had found SV40 in mesothelioma tumour samples and cancer cells, The Age reported, noting that Australia has the world's highest rate of the disease."

* ►October 24, 2004 - Cancer panic misplaced (requires registration) - Sun-Herald via - "There was no need to panic that a polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus linked to cancer would cause widespread harm, a leading authority on polio and vaccines said yesterday."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Ape virus linked to lung disease (requires registration) - - "At least one sample from each patient and all the laboratory cells tested positive to the presence of the monkey virus SV40, according to the results published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine in 2000...Australia has the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world...Similar evidence of SV40 in rare lung, brain and blood cancers has been found in overseas studies....The annual American Association for Cancer Research conference was told earlier this year that SV40 was found in half of the tumours in newly diagnosed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cases. Researchers from the University of Texas's cancer centre told the conference that there was no known cause for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which has doubled in incidence in the past 30 years."

Comment:  Be sure and check out the other articles on this topic below and in previous Picks of the DayFor more on this, you can also go to Scandals: The Institute of Medicine Review Of SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine and CancerA highly regarded book, which I was told took 4 years to research and write, has also been recently published titled "The Virus and the Vaccine".  It is available at both Barnes and Noble and

* ►October 23, 2004 - Millions given infected polio vaccine (requires registration) - - "A federal government agency knowingly released polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus in the 1960s that has since been linked to a range of cancers, including mesothelioma...The virus contaminated at least four batches of vaccine totalling almost three million doses between 1956 and 1962...Two of the batches were released after testing positive to contamination. The other two were released before tests could be done. An unknown number of earlier batches were also almost certainly contaminated....An investigation by The Age has found documents from the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories which reveal bosses there released one batch of about 700,000 doses of contaminated vaccine in 1962 on the grounds that 'much vaccine issued in the past was probably similarly contaminated'...Australia's leading experts on the virus, which is known as simian virus 40 or SV40, have found traces of it in human tumour cells and are calling for urgent funding to clarify the links...
Commonwealth Serum Laboratories knew from its own internal research that the monkey virus was a potential cause of cancer in humans. The research, which was never made public, was carried out in August 1962, while contaminated batches of vaccine were still being released. Tests carried out at the time also showed monkey virus contamination of some of the 'seed' polio virus used to produce all Salk polio vaccines between 1956 and 1962."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Vaccine contaminated: report (requires registration) - AAP via - "Commonwealth Serum Laboratories was privatised in 1994...Company spokeswoman Rachel David told the newspaper the company's practices had changed dramatically and the public could be very confident about the quality and safety of vaccines currently being produced...She said the decision to release the contaminated vaccine would have been made after balancing the real risk of a polio epidemic against 'a small theoretical risk' posed by the monkey virus."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Cancer linked to polio vaccine used in the 50s and 60s - transcript -  AM via

* ►October 23, 2004 - Vaccines 'don't increase cancer risk' - AAP via The Australian - "Australia's chief medical officer has moved to reassure people vaccinated against polio in the 1950s and '60s they are not at increased risk of cancer...Almost three million doses of polio vaccine produced between 1956 and 1962 were contaminated by a monkey virus - simian virus 40 (SV40) - linked to a range of cancers, it was reported today."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Polio review launched (requires registration) - AAP via - "Acting Victorian Premier John Thwaites urged people not to be put off having polio vaccinations because of the publicity over contaminated vaccines...'People should absolutely continue with vaccinations,' he said."

* ►October 23, 2004 - Monkey virus link to cancer (requires registration) -

►October 23, 2004 - Govt to investigate infected polio jabs claim (requires registration) -

* ►October 23, 2004 - Craig Says New Law Will Help Stop Litigation Abuse Against Vaccines - Medical News Today - "Chairman Craig will take further steps to ensure more vaccine production in the US - (Boise, Idaho) US Senator Larry Craig announced today that legislation will be signed into law in a few days by President Bush which will help avert future flu vaccine shortages...The bill President Bush is expected to sign expands coverage under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to include vaccinated adults. Since 1986 people hurt by childhood vaccines have been compensated under that federal fund. The U.S. Justice Department reports that since the creation of that law, the compensation fund has paid out in excess of $1.4 billion to nearly 1,800 people. Funding for the program comes from a tax collected on vaccines."

 * ►October 23, 2004 - America's only flu shot factory in high gear - Swiftwater, Pennsylvania: At a closely guarded mountainside factory, a woman plucks a vial from an assembly line and unceremoniously dumps its shimmering contents into what looks like a metal spittoon. - AP via CNN

* ►October 23, 2004 - Vaccine Production Relies on Quaint System (requires registration) - AP via Miami Herald - "Aventis starts making vaccine more than a year in advance, around August on nearly 50 farms throughout Pennsylvania...'They're fairly small operations,' many with only 10,000 birds, said Sam Lee, a 40-year-old chemical engineer who is the company's operations team leader....White leghorn hens are used. The exact type is a company secret. The breeder holding the patent supplies the eggs, which take 21 days to hatch and become chicks."

* ►October 23, 2004 - British plant suffers in flu vaccine fiasco - Chiron workers still feel great pride, but they also fear for their jobs (requires registration) - Kansas City Star

►October 23, 2004 - Surgeon general: There will be more flu vaccine - AP via The Post and Couriervia via The State

►October 23, 2004 - A preventable problem: Lack of foresight led to flu vaccine crisis - editorial - The Register-Guard

►October 23, 2004 - Health Officials Give Update On Flu Vaccine Crisis - More Vaccine Headed To R.I. -

* ►October 23, 2004 - Flu vaccine shortage blamed on conflicts within system (requires registration) - KRT via St. Louis Post-Dispatch via Kansas City Star

►October 23, 2004 - Perry Asks State Health Department To Monitor Flu Virus - - "The Texas Department of Health Services will establish an influenza surveillance system at the request of Gov. Rick Perry."

►October 23, 2004 - Americans take flu ferry to get vaccine in B.C. (includes video) - CTV

►October 23, 2004 - Poll shows concern over flu risk - AP via USA Today

►October 23, 2004 - County gets 4,000 extra flu vaccines - Lodi News-Sentinel

►October 23, 2004 - Amid vaccine shortage, state identifies possible flu cases - AP via Newsday

►October 23, 2004 - City's first flu outbreak reported as vaccinations suspended - AP via Newsday

►October 23, 2004 - Flu vaccine reassigned - AP via Indianapolis Star - "Seeking to address complaints of preferential treatment, Republican congressional leaders said Friday that 3,000 doses of flu vaccine intended for lawmakers, aides and other Capitol employees would instead be given to Washington's municipal health department and hospitals."

►October 23, 2004 - FluMist vaccine hard to find in South Sound - The Olympian - "One of the downsides of FluMist is that it needs to be stored in very cold temperatures and must be discarded if allowed to thaw for more than 24 hours."

►October 23, 2004 - Health department has no flu vaccine this year - Mooresville/Decatur Times

►October 23, 2004 - With flu vaccine in short supply, employers take the offensive - Some companies are offering tests, immunity boosters, hand sanitizers, antiviral medications. - USA Today via Indianapolis Star

►October 23, 2004 - State to ship vaccine Monday - Mobile County to receive 4,120 doses, while Baldwin County will get 1,430 doses - Mobile Register via

►October 23, 2004 - 1.5 million more flu shots are possible for Michigan - Detroit Free Press

►October 23, 2004 - Officials: Flu shot shortage no crisis - Offering assurances but few details, they said the U.S. would not take over the vaccine supply. (requires registration) - Philadelphia Inquirer via

►October 23, 2004 - Gym has flu shots, care home doesn't - Despite guidelines, nobody regulating vaccine distribution - Arizona Republic via

►October 23, 2004 - New shipments of flu vaccine on way - Denver Post

►October 23, 2004 - Only two Bears got flu vaccines - AP via Los Angeles Daily News

►October 23, 2004 - Capitol employees' flu vaccines sent elsewhere - Amid shortage, politicians, public issue complaints - AP via Boston Globe

►October 23, 2004 - Why so many obstacles to vaccination? - Even when vaccine is plentiful, it's hard for many to get a flu shot - column - (requires registration) - Charlotte Observer

►October 23, 2004 - Area nursing homes await flu shots - The Seattle Times

►October 23, 2004 - Vaccine crisis frustrates and angers doctors (requires registration) - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

►October 23, 2004 - FDA eyeing surplus Canadian flu vaccine - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

* ►October 23, 2004 - Shortage of kids' flu shots hits state - Some of the youngest won't get recommended second dose - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "Because all the doses for children 3 years and younger were made by Aventis, it's unclear why those shipments have been held up, said Jan Hicks-Thomson, the state's vaccination program manager...Doses for young children are half the size of adult doses and contain only trace amounts of thimerosal, a preservative some have linked to autism....Dr. Mark Greenfield, a Burien pediatrician, said his office has enough vaccine to give at least one and maybe two shots to his youngest patients. Still, he's not especially concerned about children 6 to 23 months skipping their second booster...'I haven't seen over the last 20 years (in practice) a large number of kids in that age range who've ended up in the hospital from the flu,' Greenfield said...'I don't feel there's an extremely high risk just from being 6 to 23 months old.'"

►October 23, 2004 - Doctors' notes needed for children's flu shots - High-risk children 2 and older will be turned away without note - Sun Herald

* ►October 23, 2004 - Fever over flu crisis grips U.S. (requires registration) - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "In a poll of 600 physicians last week, 60 percent of them reported that patients who had never asked for the flu shot before were asking for it this year, according to the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion. Traffic at the new Web site, launched in late September by flu-clinic company Maxim Health Systems, has soared 3,800 percent, with most of the visits made by people over 55."

►October 23, 2004 - Mercury probe - At least two state agencies are investigating the New England Gas Co. after a break-in at a Pawtucket facility where mercury was stored. - The Pawtucket Times via

►October 23, 2004 - Vet noticed exposure to mercury -

►October 23, 2004 - Six die in suspected anthrax case in Indonesia - Reuters via

►October 23, 2004 - Anthrax Drill-a-Go -

* ►October 23, 2004 - Squalene still used, author says - Book cites tests done by Tulane scientist - The News Journal via - "The military is still conducting illegal experiments on troops at Dover Air Force Base and elsewhere - and has done so for more than a decade - according to the author of a book published this week...In his book, 'Vaccine A,' published by Basic Books, Gary Matsumoto says the government since 1987 has injected soldiers with an anthrax vaccine containing squalene to increase its potency."

►October 23, 2004 - Whooping cough numbers decline - Quad-City Times

►October 23, 2004 - MMR Row Blamed For Huge Mumps Increase - News & Star, UK

►October 23, 2004 - Hepatitis B, The health menace that has to be confronted. - Amankwa, Kwame via

►October 23, 2004 - Asian community warned over HIV - Surrinder found she was HIV positive six months ago. - BBC

►October 23, 2004 - Zambia to boost free AIDS treatment - president - Reuters AlertNet

►October 23, 2004 - Locally-made drug for HIV/AIDS makes debut  - Vietnam News Agency

►October 23, 2004 - Missionaries find S. Africa slow on AIDS - Attitudes must change, they say - Arizona Republic via

* ►October 22, 2004 - Easing bio-security on flu virus raises concerns - AP via CTV - "The decision by a team of U.S. researchers to ease bio-security precautions for a reconstituted version of the 1918 pandemic flu virus - the most lethal killing machine in viral history - is sparking debate within the international scientific community...Fears that a genetically engineered cousin of the virus responsible for the infamous Spanish flu might accidentally escape from a lab have led to calls within the scientific world for a international meeting to iron out the conditions under which it can be studied."

* ►October 22, 2004 - Time-honored tips, herbal remedies may help fight flu virus (requires registration) - The Post & Courier via

►October 22, 2004 - State to get 107,500 doses of flu vaccine, official says - Baxter Bulletin - "Dr. Fay Boozman, director of the Arkansas Department of Health, announced this week the state will have 107,500 doses of vaccine for the 2004-05 flu season."

►October 22, 2004 - Research and Markets: More than 110 (Monoclonal Antibody) mAb Products Currently in Clinical Trials and Likely to Play Important Role in Advancement of the Field - press release - Research and Markets via PRNewswire via Yahoo!

►October 22, 2004 - HIV infections up in Japan - UPI via Washington Times

►October 22, 2004 - HIV drug sales boost Gilead Sciences profits - San Mateo County Times

►October 22, 2004 - Bacteria-Killing Vs. Bacteria-Inhibiting Drugs In Treating Infections - Infectious Diseases Society Of America via ScienceDaily

►October 22, 2004 - Three Churchill County youths contract meningitis -

►October 22, 2004 - Unmasking Cancer ; Immune System Helped to Recognize Tumors -

►October 22, 2004 - Tracing Flu Vaccine Shortage from Liverpool to U.S. (includes audio) - All Things Considered via NPR

►October 22, 2004 - California subpoenas flu shot distributors - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "California authorities subpoenaed three flu vaccine distributors Friday as part of an investigation into whether medical supply companies are taking advantage of the supply shortage."

►October 22, 2004 - Get drugmakers' attention with both carrot and stick - Flu vaccine shortage shows need for incentives, prods - Houston Chronicle

►October 22, 2004 - Advice on Vaccine Shortage Is Lacking, Local Officials Say (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►October 22, 2004 - Officials, leaders discuss dangers of mercury spill - The Delphos Herald

►October 22, 2004 - Study Looking Into Mercury Levels In Humans -

►October 22, 2004 - Childhood Cancer's Ties to Breast Cancer - Annals of Internal Medicine via Ivanhoe

►October 22, 2004 -  Down's syndrome theory shattered - Scientists believe they have disproved a 30-year-old notion of what causes Down's syndrome. - BBC

►October 22, 2004 - Vaccine fevers: Immunization ideologues are manufacturing artificial demand for the flu vaccine -- and may be harming public health in the process (requires subscription) - National Post

►October 21, 2004 - Estrogen Therapy for Tall Teens Linked to Fertility Problems - HealthDay via Yahoo!

►October 21, 2004 - Schizophrenia risk higher in children of older fathers - Paternal age and schizophrenia: a population based cohort study BMJ Online First - BMJ via

►August 2004 - Topically Applied Sunflower Seed Oil Prevents Invasive Bacterial Infections in Preterm Infants in Egypt: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial - journal article (Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal)

►August 2004 - The Seven-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Reduces Tympanostomy Tube Placement in Children - journal article (Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal)

►August 2004 - Elimination of Racial Differences in Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Young Children After Introduction of the Conjugate Pneumococcal Vaccine - journal article (Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal)

* H-440.970 Religious Exemptions from Immunizations. (requires acceptance of conditions) - American Medical Association Policy Finder via - "Since religious/philosophic exemptions from immunizations endanger not only the health of the unvaccinated individual, but also the health of those in his or her group and the community at large, the AMA (1) encourages state medical associations to seek removal of such exemptions in statutes requiring mandatory immunizations; (2) encourages physicians and state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to inform religious groups and others who object to immunizations of the benefits of vaccinations and the risk to their own health and that of the general public if they refuse to accept them; and (3) encourages state and local medical associations to work with public health officials to develop contingency plans for controlling outbreaks in exempt populations and to intensify efforts to achieve high immunization rates in communities where groups having religious exemptions from immunizations reside."


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