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"Just a Little Prick" by Peter and Hilary Buter

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           “Just a little Prick”


Published by the Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust.   This 496 page book brings out into the open many of the findings of well-documented research, as well as the sobering experiences of many parents and their children, which need to be considered carefully, before anyone accepts without question the assurances of medical establishments and the powerful profit-driven messages from vested interests.


            The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust would like to make this book readily available to anyone who would like to own a copy. The book will be sent to you airmail which will take between 3 – 7 working days. 


            The Trust has further projects to undertake in the future.  This book is offered as a community service, not as merchandise for sale.  The Trust wishes to make it available to all who would like it, no matter their resources. However, if  …  you would like to make a donation to enable the work of the Trust to continue to be ongoing, a donation would be greatly appreciated.


            Requests for copies can be made by e-mail to:  or


The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust (or RRMT),

25 Harrisville Road,

Tuakau, 2121,

South Auckland,

New Zealand.             Phone : (0064) 92368990.


For people living outside New Zealand, where different currencies are involved, cash donations (bank notes) would be quite acceptable, with conversion being done in New Zealand.  The bank has advised that overseas personal cheques can be accepted. If you would like a receipt for any donation you chose to send, please indicate, and one will be sent, either e-mail, or mail, or with the book.  Normal accounting procedures will be strictly followed, and all acknowledgements and receipt notifications filed.


As of March, the postage rates in NZ dollars (without track and trace) were:

USA/Canada 27.07,  Europe 29.90, UK 25.41, Australia 12.90.  If you live outside those areas, to find the $ NZ postage rates for your country, go to this website, select your location  and put in 1 kg as weight.  That will show you how much it will cost us in postage.


The amount of postage required will show in the results column.


Please address all mail to the address given above. 


Peter and Hilary Butler.