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Picks of the Day April 23, 2010

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

* ►May 2010 - Identification of broad binding class I HLA supertype epitopes to provide universal coverage of influenza A virus - journal article (Human Immunology)

* ►May 2010 - Protecting children from environmental risks throughout each stage of their childhood (free full text) - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

* ►May 2010 - The promise of exposure science and assessment (free full text) - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

* ►May 2010 - MTBE: A poster child for exposure assessment as central to effective TSCA reform (free full text) - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

* ►May 2010 - Exposure science and the U.S. EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology (free full text) - journal article (Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology)

* ►May 2010 - Systematic genotype–phenotype analysis of autism susceptibility loci implicates additional symptoms to co-occur with autism - journal article (European Journal of Human Genetics)

* ►April 24, 2010 - Improving the conduct of cancer trials in the USA (free full text) - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►April 24, 2010 - Clinical practice: when things go wrong - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►April 24, 2010 - Flu jab fears grow as toddlers hospitalised - Clinical tests were never carried out on the latest seasonal flu vaccine - a first-time combination of seasonal flu with the feared swine flu H1N1 - that has left a baby girl fighting for her life in a Perth hospital and sparked fits, fevers and vomiting in up to 60 toddlers across the country. - The Australian

* ►April 23, 2010 - 44 pupils sick after hepatitis B vaccination - China Daily - "On Thursday morning, 84 pupils got the injection, and some felt ill half an hour later, and 44 had been taken to the hospital as of 5:00 pm, the newspaper said. ... 'The vaccine was transported here by the special refrigerated truck of Jieyang's disease control center,' said Wu Junqiu, head of the disease control center of Huilai county. He said it was impossible that there were any problems in the storage and transportation process of the vaccine, he said."

* ►April 23, 2010 - CSL Biotherapies comments on influenza vaccine paediatric adverse events - CSL Biotherapies via News-Medical.Net

* ►April 23, 2010 - Concerns mount over child flu vaccine - One child remains in a critical condition in hospital and it is suspected dozens of other children in Western Australia have had serious adverse reactions after receiving the influenza vaccine. - - "A West Australian woman says her three children had convulsions and vomiting after receiving the vaccine. She says it was a frightening experience. 'We got home and they were all fine, no symptoms at all, asked the doctor if there would be any, he said there wouldn't be, and then when I was getting ready for bed Olivia all of a sudden went purple from head to toe and just started shaking uncontrollably.'  Parents have criticised the the time it took for the department to stop the vaccine. Janine Hadfield had her child vaccinated just hours before the program was suspended."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Children suffer serious reactions to flu vaccine - Some New Zealand children have suffered serious adverse reactions after being given a seasonal flu vaccine. (includes audio) - Radio New Zealand - "The Ministry of Health says it has received reports that four children in New Zealand have been seriously affected after being given Fluvax."

* ►April 23, 2010 - GPs stop flu vaccine for young children - Queensland Health has moved to stop GPs and vaccine providers from giving all children under the age of five the seasonal flu vaccine.  - The Daily Telegraph, Australia

* ►April 23, 2010 - Flu jab scare sparks call for surveillance system - The number of children suffering adverse reactions after receiving the free seasonal flu vaccine may be severely underestimated because health authorities have no way of monitoring people's reactions, experts say. - - "Peter Collignon, a professor in infectious diseases from the Australian National University, says the seasonal flu vaccine has three components - one of which is swine flu - and children may be reacting badly to receiving a second bout of the flu. 'If you were infected with swine flu itself last year or had been given the swine flu vaccine last November or December or January, if you then get exposed again to a part of the virus, you've already got antibodies and white cells that are turned on to try to fight the virus,' he said. 'Therefore if you get exposed to it again you may have a brisk reaction, where you produce more antibodies and more white cells, which gives you a fever and an inflammatory reaction. 'So one of the possibilities is that the children who have problems is because they already had immunity to the virus and therefore are getting vaccinated again.'  Professor Collignon says health authorities need to better weigh up whether rolling out a vaccination to millions of people around the country will cause more harm than good."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Flu vaccination ban goes national after fever, convulsions in children - - "WA's chief public health officer Tarun Weeramanthri has defended the response time in closing down the state's juvenile flu vaccine program amid revelations that children were presenting with convulsions more than two weeks ago. More than 60 children around the state may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, including fevers, vomiting and febrile convulsions - a type of fit brought on by a high fever.  One child remains in a critical condition in hospital after being given the vaccine."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Fevers in 60 children linked to flu vaccine - AAP via Sydney Morning Herald - "'So whether this is an issue about the combination of antigens ... in this vaccine, which has three parts compared to a single vaccine, is something that TGA is looking at,' Dr Weeramanthri said. 'That's the first time that particular antigen has been included, but one must remember that the strains of flu change regularly and so there are regular changes in the formulation of the flu vaccine.'"

* ►April 23, 2010 - Don't give children flu jab: chief medical officer/ Sydney Morning Herald - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D

* ►April 23, 2010 - Halt flu vaccines to children: chief medical officer - AAP via Sydney Morning Herald

* ►April 23, 2010 - From flu jab to hospital in hours - The West Australian via - "Ms Regan said nurses told her they had been 'blown away' by the number of children presenting with symptoms after having the vaccine. Another mother who brought in her 15-month-old said she was also sceptical about the vaccine but assumed the department 'knew what they were doing'. '(But) I have studied biological sciences and I personally wasn't sure whether it was a good idea,' she said. The Government suspended its free flu vaccine program for under-5s last night amid serious health concerns."

* ►April 23, 2010 - WA kids in flu vaccine alert - The West Australian - "The State Government has suspended its free flu vaccine program for WA children aged under five after 22 children became ill and were taken to Princess Margaret Hospital within hours of having their injections. ... The presentations at PMH were over the past month and it was still unclear if the vaccine was the cause, but at least one child was understood to have become seriously ill. ... Dr Hames confirmed health authorities had closed the free vaccination program for young children as a precaution until tests could be carried out to see if the vaccine was responsible for the spike in reactions."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Child flu vaccine reactions mystery - A leading WA GP who helped launch the state’s childhood flu campaign says it is not yet known if adverse reactions seen were caused by a “bad batch”. - - "However Perth GP Dr Joe Kosterich says the program was unnecessary, and that authorities had created a swine flu 'scare campaign' in a mild flu season. The anti-vaccination lobby would be having a 'field day', he says."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Free flu vaccines suspended for children under five - More than 60 WA children may have had adverse reactions to the flu vaccine, the state's health department says, with one in critical condition. (includes video) - Perth Now - "The Princess Margaret children's hospital (PMH) had reported 44 children under 10 had presented with febrile convulsions, of which 23 related to the paediatric flu vaccine."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Fifteen Qld children suffer reactions to flu shot - The state's chief health officer, Dr Jeannette Young, says 15 young Queensland children have had adverse reactions to the seasonal flu vaccine this year. -

* ►April 23, 2010 - Child flu vaccine reactions mystery - A leading WA GP who helped launch the state’s childhood flu campaign says it is not yet known if adverse reactions seen were caused by a “bad batch”. -

* ►April 23, 2010 - Gates Rethinks His War on Polio (includes video) - Wall Street Journal - "Bill Gates walked into the World Health Organization's headquarters in Geneva—for a meeting in an underground chamber where global pandemics are managed—and was greeted by bad news. Polio was spreading across Africa, even after he gave $700 million to try to wipe out the disease. ... A big hurdle is money. The polio program is $1.4 billion short of the $2.6 billion it needs over next three years. The Gates Foundation will continue its polio grants, but says it can't make up the shortfall."

* ►April 23, 2010 - GMC Refuse Live Recording Of Dr Myhill's Public Hearing - Dr. Sarah Myhill via The One Click Group

* ►April 23, 2010 - Researchers Announce Pneumococcal Vaccine Profitably Useless - BusinessWeek via The One Click Group

* ►April 23, 2010 - Update: PATH’s HPV vaccine project in India - Over the past few months, a “post-licensure observational study” involving administration of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in India, conducted as part of PATH’s global HPV Vaccines: Evidence for Impact project, has been the focus of allegations from various groups. Recently these have been covered in the press, mainly in India. As a precaution, the Government of India has decided to suspend all public-sector HPV vaccination and to conduct an inquiry to respond to voiced concerns. -

* ►April 23, 2010 - Children's vaccines pulled in United States - Northumberland News

* ►April 23, 2010 - GMC Hearing Update by Martin Walker - Age of Autism - "On Tuesday 13th April and Wednesday 14th April, its 200th day, the hearing sat in order to hear mitigation and assess  'sentencing' arguments on behalf of Professor Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith. Dr Wakefield, disgusted by the clearly biased 'findings on fact' in January, had decided to have no more to do with the hearing."

* ►April 23, 2010 - National Autism Survey: Evaluating Satisfaction With US Government’s Investment and Approach To Investigating Causes of Autism - Age of Autism - "Opinion-poll-unsatisfactory Below is a portion of the detailed report generated from a new survey titled, National Autism Survey Evaluating the Satisfaction With the US Government’s Investment and Approach To Investigating Causes of Autism, by Beth Clay. You can read the Full Report HERE  including charts and graphs."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Adult with Autism: "It takes a community to assist those with autism" - Age of Autism

* ►April 23, 2010 - The Inter-Agency Autism Committee 2010 By Katie Wright - Age of Autism

* ►April 23, 2010 - Friendly Fire in the “War on Disease” By Sandy Gottstein - Age of Autism

* ►April 23, 2010 - Public Invited: NVAC H1N1 Vaccine Safety Report Conference Call - Age of Autism

* ►April 23, 2010 - Study links 1976 'swine flu' shot to stronger immune response to 21st century pandemic flu - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital staff helps investigators gauge the lingering impact of the 1976 vaccine - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital via EurekAlert!

* ►April 23, 2010 - U.S. to WellPoint: Stop dropping breast cancer patients - Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has called on health insurer WellPoint to stop dropping coverage for patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer, calling the practice "deplorable." - Reuters

* ►April 23, 2010 - Pharmaceutical injury alert: FDA slams Pfizer with warnings for deadly clinical trials - Justice News Flash

* ►April 23, 2010 - EL clinics unable to supply vaccinations to babies - Daily Dispatch Online, ZA - "In an e-mail, the parent wrote: “In the last few weeks, all the clinics in East London have run out of stock for vaccination of babies. And it will take at least a month to get the necessary stock. “The clinics are advising mothers to go to private centres to seek vaccination and, as usual, the prices for any vaccination start from around R1500. No normal family can afford this kind of expense when the prices are going up everywhere including electricity, water, rates and food.”

* ►April 23, 2010 - Co-worker: Ivins didn't do it - Frederick News Post - "It is absolutely impossible that Bruce Ivins, accused of mailing anthrax and killing five people in 2001, could have created and cleaned up anthrax spores in the timeline and manner the FBI alleges, Ivins' former co-worker said Thursday."

* ►April 23, 2010 - Allergan Seeks $460K From A Defeated Plaintiff - Pharmalot - "And what a plaintiff. The drugmaker wants to recover $460,000 in legal costs from Dee Spears, who unsuccessfully sued Allergan over the death of her 7-year-old daughter, Kristen, after she was administered a series of therapeutic Botox shots. She sued the drugmaker for $60 million, accusing it of concealing info about the dangers of the drug, which was used to relax the girl’s clenched limbs; she suffered from cerebral palsy (see background)."

* ►April 22, 2010 - D.C. City Council Hears About HPV Vaccine Risks - - "On April 21, 2010, NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher and NVIC Director of Research & Patient Safety, Vicky Debold, PhD, RN, testified about HPV vaccine risks at a Washington, D.C. City Council health committee budget hearing. For two years, NVIC has testified to urge funding of education programs in D.C. so parents can make fully informed choices about HPV vaccination, including the right to opt-out of a 2007 D.C. law requiring all sixth grade girls to get three HPV shots."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Revealed: Pfizer's payments to censured doctors - New Scientist - "Our search revealed 26 doctors paid to lecture on the company's drugs whose records include disciplinary actions related to problems with patient care or drug prescribing. We also cross-referenced Pfizer's expert lecturers against US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) records and found another four who have received warning letters over problems with how they conducted drug research."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Indian Tribe Wins Limit on Its DNA Research - Alliance for Human Research Protection - "The case raises fundamental questions about the adequacy of current federal regulations to protect vulnerable populations from exploitation by genetic researchers who acquire blood samples for DNA research without fully disclosing the uses they intend to make of the blood. This precedent-setting case involves the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon who sued the University of Arizona, claiming that its researchers misused their DNA. The University has agreed to pay $700,000 to 41 tribe members--after having spent $1.7 million fighting lawsuits by tribe members who accused the researchers of betrayal of trust and lack of forthrightness."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Indian Tribe Wins Fight to Limit Research of Its DNA (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Researchers and institutions that receive federal funds are required to receive “informed consent” from subjects, ensuring that they understand the risks and benefits before they participate. But such protections were designed primarily for research that carried physical risks, like experimental drug trials or surgery. When it comes to mining DNA, the rules — and the risks — are murkier."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Fungi, caterpillars, plants, bacteria: New frontiers in vaccine production - FierceVaccines

* ►April 22, 2010 - Dendreon Preview: Drama Could Culminate in the First Cancer Vaccine Approval - BNET Pharma Blog

* ►April 22, 2010 - Vaccine fears could be causing disease outbreaks - Deseret News - "While Americans on the whole get their children immunized because they're convinced that vaccines save lives, there are pockets of preventable diseases springing up in some areas where immunization levels are low. And whether the reason is apathy or active resistance, Dr. Paul Offit told health care providers in northern Utah on Thursday the results are predictable."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Doctor warns of need for vaccinations, despite fears of autism - StandardNet - "When you choose to not vaccinate your child, you’re making a decision not just for your child but also for the child sitting next to him or her. That’s what Dr. Paul Offit told public health experts Thursday morning during the Northern Utah Immunization Coalition Conference."

* ►April 22, 2010 - HIV facility inquiry a 'witch hunt': MP - Winnipeg Free Press

* ►April 22, 2010 - Politics played no part in scrapping HIV vaccine centre: Butler-Jones - Canadian Press via CTV

* ►April 22, 2010 - BU School of Medicine researcher receives award from the Hartwell Foundation - Boston University Medical Center via EurekAlert! - "The extraordinary evolutionary diversity of Streptococcus pneumoniae has to date, allowed it to eventually circumvent current vaccines. [Richard] Goldstein proposes a promising alternative vaccine target strategy that would provide universal protection against all known pneumococcal strains. More than 90 pneumococcal variants with differing outer surface capsule structures shave been identified and traced to differences in the polysaccharides (sugars) making up the coating on the outside of the bacteria. The currently available pediatric vaccine consists of 7-13 of the most common capsular polysaccharide variants responsible for disease, but there is growing evidence the highly variable S. pneumonia is now circumventing this vaccine based on the phenomenon of capsular replacement involving infection by capsular variant-types not included in these vaccines."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Pneumococcal vaccine has cut disease among Navajos - The infant pneumococcal vaccine introduced 10 years ago has cut rates of pneumonia, meningitis and other infections among Navajos in the U.S. -- but their risks remain higher than average, a new study finds. - Clinical Infectious Diseases via Reuters - "But, [Dr. Katherine L.] O'Brien's team says, even if that vaccine turns out to be 100-percent effective against all 13 strains, IPD rates among Navajo children younger than 5 will likely stand at about 20 cases per 100,000. The study was partially funded by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures the PCV7 and PCV13 vaccines. O'Brien and a co-author on the study have received grants from the company."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Liquidia closes $25M Series C to fund vaccine delivery tech - FierceVaccines - "Liquidia, which is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, uses its PRINT technology to create nanoparticles that can be used to more precisely deliver vaccine payloads, improving the safety and efficacy of the jab."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Factory for plant-based vaccines announced for Newark - Newark Post - "The two U.S. units of the German research organization teamed up Newark-based iBio, bring the project to the production stage. It could add up to a technological leap forward, since it uses non-genetically modified green plants to produce vaccines."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Autism and Missing? 3 or 30, We're Concerned. Erik Lippmann, Santa Cruz, CA (includes video) - Age of Autism

* ►April 22, 2010 - Poultry disease vaccine brings short-term results but long-term problems - Attenuated live vaccines that protect poultry against Newcastle Disease may be altering the genetic makeup of the wild virus strains, which could make future outbreaks unpredictable and difficult to tackle, according to biologists. - Pennsylvania State University via

* ►April 22, 2010 - Mumps Outbreak is Being Linked to a NE Basketball Tournament - - "Most of us get a vaccine for Mumps when we're little. Even [Dan] Beller says he got both doses of the MMR vaccine. But Dr. Thomas Benzoni, from Mercy Medical Center, says, 'Nothing's fail–proof in my job.' And experts say more people aren't getting the vaccine these days, and that's putting people at risk.  Dr. Benzoni says, 'People can end up permanently having mental problems from mumps, some end up in nursing homes. A number of people end up with deafness, which can be permanent. But if you want to get a guy's attention or a girl's attention, it can also infect the ovaries or testicles and cause them to fade away.' A shocking reminder for everyone to take precaution."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Whooping Cough Outbreak in California Kills Two - Whooping cough, AKA pertussis, on the rise in CA - NBC Bay Area - "Since the start of this year, 219 people have contracted pertussis, and two have died. Both deaths were infants, under 3 months old. One in L.A. county and the other in Fresno county. It's an alarming number, health leaders say, because at this time last year, there were only 118 cases statewide."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Spike In Whooping Cough Cases In California - State Officials Urging Vaccinations - CBS 13

* ►April 22, 2010 - Boy died after NHS staff wrongly diagnosed swine flu - Coroner rules NHS staff's neglect contributed to death of eight-year-old boy, whose rare form of diabetes was diagnosed as swine flu - The Guardian, UK

* ►April 22, 2010 - UN urges Chinese parents to vaccinate children against measles and hepatitis - The United Nations health agency today urged parents in China to protect their children against an early death and long-term liver problems by having them vaccinated against measles and hepatitis B. - UN via Spero News

* ►April 22, 2010 - Waivers for Conflicts of Interest for the May 7, 2010 Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting - There are no Waivers for Conflicts of Interest for the May 7, 2010 meeting. - FDA

* ►April 22, 2010 - Revealed: Pfizer's payments to censured doctors - NewScientist

* ►April 22, 2010 - Lilly's $1 Billion Investment in Health Care Reform (Part One): It's All About Zyprexa - The IN VIVO Blog

* ►April 22, 2010 - Lilly's $1 Billion Investment in Health Care Reform (Part 2): Remember the Upside - The IN VIVO Blog

* ►April 22, 2010 - Colleague Disputes Case Against Anthrax Suspect (requires registration) - The New York Times - "A former Army microbiologist who worked for years with Bruce E. Ivins, whom the F.B.I. has blamed for the anthrax letter attacks that killed five people in 2001, told a National Academy of Sciences panel on Thursday that he believed it was impossible that the deadly spores had been produced undetected in Dr. Ivins’s laboratory, as the F.B.I. asserts."

* ►April 22, 2010 - Ex-USAMRIID Scientist Defends Bruce Ivins Using Back-of-the-Envelope Math - ScienceInsider via

* ►April 22, 2010 - Microbiologist Henry Heine : 2nd interview on Bruce Ivins - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

* ►April 22, 2010 - Deadly airborne fungus in Oregon set to spread - The new, rare strain has killed 1 in 4 infected, researchers say (includes video) - LiveScience via MSNBC

* ►April 22, 2010 - New Deadly Fungus Found in U.S., Has Already Killed Six - Infections from a new strain are unpreventable—and the strain is spreading. - National Geographic

* ►April 22, 2010 - Exclusive: WellPoint routinely targets breast cancer patients - Shortly after they were diagnosed with breast cancer, each of the women learned that her health insurance had been canceled. There was Yenny Hsu, who lived and worked in Los Angeles. And there was Patricia Reilling, a successful art gallery owner and interior designer from Louisville, Kentucky. - Reuters

* ►April 21, 2010 - Meet the Gardasil Girls: Shania from Australia - - "By the tender age of 12, she had already been selected for the state swim team and handpicked by Swimming W.A. to join a special training squad for the State's elite junior swimmers. Everything she did led her closer to her dream. All of that came to an abrupt halt on August 9, 2009, 9 days after her second injection of Gardasil, when she collapsed in front of hundreds of spectators during a swimming competition. Shania was rushed to the hospital and had to be wheeled in because she was unable to walk. She felt nauseous, had a headache and blurred vision. She complained of being dizzy and hovered on the edge of consciousness. Her asthma, which had been under control for so long that she had forgotten about it, came back with a vengeance. She could hardly breath and was coughing a lot. She had no reflexes and could not stand on her own, much less walk. Shania said her arms and legs 'felt dead.'"

* ►April 21, 2010 - Kid Overdoses in Antipsychotic Trial Caps a History of Screwups at Pfizer - BNET Pharma Blog

* ►April 21, 2010 - Gates: Ignoring malaria vax work was "criminal" - FierceVaccines

* ►April 21, 2010 - H1N1 review calls for special perspective, scientist says - Hindsight can’t cloud assessment of pandemic response, chair of WHO panel asserts - The Globe and Mail - "Harvey Fineberg, who is chairing the World Health Organization's pandemic review committee, said critiquing decisions made last spring, summer and fall based on what is now known about the H1N1 virus won't uncover the lessons the world needs to learn. ...
Still, Dr. Fineberg, who is president of the U.S. Institute of Medicine, said assessing the response based on what was known at the time won't give decision makers a free pass."

* ►April 21, 2010 - Sanofi exec, Novartis pipeline snag vaccine awards - FierceVaccines - "This week saw attendees gather just outside Washington, D.C. for the 2010 World Vaccines Congress to discuss the latest in the vaccine world. Although some attendees couldn't attend because of the ash cloud over Europe, those who made it presented some very interesting material."

* ►April 21, 2010 - 8th Annual Vaccination Week in the Americas Targets 42 Million - Pharmaceutical Processing

* ►April 21, 2010 - School-based programs were effective in improving vaccination rates - Pediatric SuperSite

* ►April 21, 2010 - Two-dose varicella vaccine shows promise in reducing infection - Pediatric SuperSite

* ►April 21, 2010 - Billing processes may hinder school-based vaccination - Pediatric SuperSite

* ►April 20, 2010 - Postvaccination syncope presents problem for adolescents - Because syncope is a common postvaccination adverse event for adolescents and young adults, pediatricians and family physicians who administer vaccinations should consider preventive measures and be familiar with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ recommendations, data presented at the 44th National Immunization Conference suggest. - Pediatric SuperSite

* ►April 20, 2010 - Emergence of new diseases, reemergence of old threats highlight importance of vaccination - Pediatric SuperSite

* ►April 20, 2010 - Jeffrey Smith: Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters - The Huffington Post - "'This study was just routine,' said Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov, in what could end up as the understatement of this century. Surov and his colleagues set out to discover if Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction. What he discovered may uproot a multi-billion dollar industry. After feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups."

* ►April 20, 2010 - National Autism Survey Evaluating the Satisfaction With the US Government’s Investment and Approach To Investigating Causes of Autism, by Beth Clay. (pdf) -

* ►April 19, 2010 - Medical Double Standards in the Third World - Inside Vaccines

* ►April 7, 2010 - Jeffrey Smith: Pseudo-Scientific Defense of GMO Safety is Smoke and Mirrors - The Huffington Post

* ►April 2010 - New genetic associations detected in a host response study to hepatitis B vaccine - journal article (Genes & Immunity)

* ►March 4, 2010 - Does the MMR really prevent Measles? Trying to separate fact from fiction. by Christina England - American Chronicle

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