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Professor Philip Rudnick

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Thank you, Philip, for your considerable insights, vital work, and ongoing support. – Sandy

29 July 07

Dear Sandy,

After retiring as a physical chemistry professor and director of my university's pre-medical program, I've spent considerable time compiling extensive databases on the nutritional prevention and treatment of major medical diseases, principally cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infection and neurodegenerative disease. In the course of this work, it quickly became apparent to me that the subject of pediatric vaccination - the vaccines themselves, vaccine additives and the current inoculation-schedule protocol - raised serious questions, particularly since the health and well-being of children is at stake. It was also apparent that this area had become muddied by a phenomenon that has shockingly pervaded the entire healthcare system, viz., widespread conflict-of-interest ties to Big Pharma monies. Every segment of this system has been compromised – medical researchers, universities (particularly Harvard), medical societies, medical journals, patient-advocacy organizations, bioethicists, “science” organizations, healthcare-policy think tanks (both of the latter veritable fronts for Big Business interests), Big Media, CDC, FDA, NIH, Medline (which censors out non-mainstream medical journals like Pauling's-initiated J. Orthomolecular Medicine), Congress and the Office of the Presidency. Also, to ensure a favorable climate of public opinion for Big Pharma and the Establishment, the public is subjected to highly publicized pronouncements in the media from the various segments of the healthcare system, including ethically challenged “authorities" and “authoritative” medical societies, while dissenting voices are ignored, discredited or suppressed. (In the physical sciences, there are no "authorities". Truth is verifiable experiment. In Medicine, Truth is what the "authorities" or “authoritative” medical societies declare it to be.) For dissenting voices, even the path of “Letters to the Editor” to medical journals is blocked (in this, the NEJM takes first prize, rejecting a “Letter to the Editor” from Pauling - a great medical accolade and feather in their cap - one for the history books.)  

In the midst of such an ethically corrupt and intellectually oppressive environment, I discovered your Vaccination News, an Internet gem of probity and integrity and a precious treasure trove of significant vaccination information not welcomed by the Establishment. The information provided is encyclopedic in scope, as timely as the most recent news flash, and invaluable as a source of dissenting information which cannot be found in any of the media outlets of Big Media or the Medical Establishment. Also, I have particularly valued your repeated call for studies to compare the health status of vaccinated versus never vaccinated children. This proposal, ignored or belittled by the thimerosal-committed authorities, is the one most feared by them. Arguably, they would do everything in their power to ensure it will never be acted on. But your call remains incontestably cogent.

Until just recently, it never occurred to me that the vast, valuable informational resources provided by Vaccination News came at the price of great personal financial sacrifice – I had naively accepted it as a freebie. But the best things in life are not always free. Also, in the best of all possible worlds, your personal savings would not need to be pitted against the billions of dollars of Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment. In the real world, it is. Against such odds, you still valiantly wish to continue your valuable, time-consuming and very special informational service for both a lay and professional audience. I hope those who value a medical information level-playing-field will assist you in doing so.

With best wishes,

Philip Rudnick, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

West Chester University of Pennsylvania