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Vaccine Injury

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Antibody Titer Law (pdf) -

Association for Vaccine Damaged Children, 67 Shier, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 2H2  Canada  204-895-9192

A Stolen Life - a true story by Marge Grant - "'A Stolen Life', reveals how Jim and Marge Grant, as conscientious and loving parents took their healthy infant son Scott, to their pediatrician for a well baby check up, only to have him literally wilt before their eyes upon receiving a series of DPT baby shots, given to immunize against the diseases: Diphtheria, Pertussis (known as whooping cough) and Tetanus."

Brain Guard MD - Dr. Andrew Moulden

Holly's Law - The Antibody Blood Titer Test - Provides Physicians and Parents with More Knowledge

Ian's Voice - This site is dedicated to giving voice to our son Ian Larsen Gromowski.  Our child died of an adverse reaction to the hepatitis B vaccine.

International Memorial for Vaccine Victims - Honoring those whose lives have been lost or forever changed by vaccination.

JABS - The self-help group for people with vaccine-damaged children

Omnibus Autism Proceeding - Vaccine Program/Office of Special Masters - U.S. Court of Federal Claims

Media vaccine victim stories (by name) -

Medical Legal Cases Evaluated by Dr. Al-Bayati

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) - HRSA

Parent's Voice: Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination

Paul-Ehrlich-Institut - August 11, 2007 - Information on suspected cases of complications and adverse reactions after vaccinations - Reports of suspected cases of vaccine complications pursuant to the Infektionsschutzgesetz (IfSG) (German Protection against Infection Act) and suspected cases of serious adverse events after the use of vaccines pursuant to Section 63b Arzneimittelgesetz (AMG) German Medicinal Products Act, for vaccines authorised in Germany - The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

Review of Adverse Effects of Vaccines (2009) - Institute of Medicine

Vaccine Cases (PUBLISHED) - U.S. Court of Federal Claims
New published decisions will be added periodically, so continue to check this link

Vaccine Cases (UNPUBLISHED) - U.S. Court of Federal Claims
New published decisions will be added periodically, so continue to check this link

VAERS Database Search - MEDALERTS - A Service of the National Vaccine Information Center Providing Online Access to The U.S. Government's VAERS Database -

VAERS - The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

VAERS Web Reporting

VAERS - Search VAERS data - VAERS data is accessible by two mechanisms: by downloading raw data in comma-separated value (CSV) files for import into a database, spreadsheet or text editing program, or by use of the CDC WONDER online search tool.

VIC - Vaccine Injured Children -

VIVE Foundation